67 Yendon No 2 Road, Buninyong VIC 3357

Use and development of group accommodation and business identification signage

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 3 months earlier.

(Source: Ballarat City Council, reference PLP/2020/332)


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  1. K Christensen commented

    I wish to lodge my concern for and absolute disapproval of the proposed development at 67 Yendon No 2 Rd, Buninyong. It is not appropriate environmentally or aesthetically to this area of great natural beauty. People have chosen to make their homes on and around Mount Buninyong because it is such a quiet, unspoiled and natural rural environment, free from commercialisation and over-development. Areas like this are rare and disappearing. It is important to allow such areas to be protected from developments such as the one in this proposal. We residents rely on the council to look after us and the natural environment of Mount Buninyong, keeping it out of the hands of commercial developers. I have lived on the mount for 22 years and this is the most significant threat (other than bushfire) there has ever been. Please look after Mt Buninyong and do not allow a commercial development which will seriously negatively impact the amenity of residents, locals and wildlife.

  2. Mr Mike lake Dr Glenice Wood commented

    We wish to object in the strongest terms to this proposal to build 4 habitable barrels,and a shipping container on the southern lower slope of Mt. Buninyong (610m). These are an extensive commercial development in a Rural Living Zone .The visual impact of these barrels,for residents and the many visitors, will be a brutalistic eyesore.The area on and around the Mount is characterised by farmhouses and family dwellings. Regulations ,surely,do not permit multiple dwellings on one property never mind a clutch of large steel barrels and a shipping container. The Vertigo Sky Barrel Cabins(according to the lodged Application) are large ...8.62m H,5.2m W ,8m L ,built in grey Colourbond and set 10.7m above natural ground level. They will be clearly visible "nested on the crest",to West bound traffic as well as other points around the area. It has been reported that one of the developers (David Penman,Clifftops@Hepburn) has made disparaging comments about existing buildings in the area. He should perhaps visit the area and view the existing residences which include substantial and important historic homesteads. I would invite Mr Penman and his fellow developers (Mr Sean O'Keefe ,Southern Cross Town Planning) to visit at their convenience. The Cultural Heritage Management Plan(CHMP) appears to approve the development but also notes that the 'crest of the rise" is an "area of archaeological sensitivity" and "likely to contain aboriginal cultural heritage "(artifacts). There is,also, a significant Aboriginal artifact within 150 m ,E. of the proposed development.
    Mt. Buninyong is a rare, treed and elevated,site of natural beauty in this region and should not a target for this crass commercial invasion. The area has an extensive population of native mammals (Wallabies,Echidnas ),reptiles and birds including raptors such as such as Wedgetail Eagles,Whistling kites and Hawks .We note that the application ,appears to make no mention of wildlife preservation and bare mention of landscape impact.We would respectfully request that the council ,as a matter of urgency, begin a thorough consultation process with all residents and stakeholders and rigorously scrutinise this development

  3. Donna and Peter Thomson commented

    We would like to lodge our objection to the proposed development PLP2020332 at 67 Yendon No.2 Road, Buninyong.
    Mt Buninyong is deemed a Rural Living Zone and as such, this proposal is in direct conflict with the RLZ environment.
    Under RLZ provisions, only one dwelling is permitted on the land and must be 2ha.
    This proposed site is 4.1ha. and is seeking approval for six dwellings, however is not highlighting the additional proposed Glamp style tent accommodation as included on the Test Site location Plan.
    This is a direct breach of the RZL provision.
    Also of serious concern is the inclusion on the application of 'Wind Towers' that are noted on the CHMP and land capability report.
    The Developers have submitted a Test Site Location Plan that also includes Wind Towers, significant car parking space, Event space and 'Glamtainers'.
    Glamtainers are tent-style accommodation.
    These proposed additions create significant amenity impacts such as noise, dust, rubbish, traffic, impacts on the roads to the site and waste water disposal concerns.
    With the proposed addition of so many extra people potentially attending events and/or staying in various levels of accommodation within a 4.1ha. location, the risk of excessive sewage into the underground natural water supply from which our farm totally relies on, is at risk of contamination.
    In addition to not aligning with the RLZ provisions, the proposed site is on the highest point of the land and the visual impact of the 16.1m high barrel style accommodation and potential wind towers does not fit in with the natural landscape of the area and is completely out of character within the rural environment.
    The land is in a bushfire prone area, with no public pathways or emergency access in or out to accommodate additional short stay visitors in the event of a bushfire. The surrounding land does not have any public pathways and as a result is not a safe, accessible area for tourists.
    My grandparents and parents grew up on Mt Buninyong and lived and farmed the land. Their absolute priority was to manage the land with the greatest of respect to Mt Buninyong and the surrounding area for future generations. We are the future, as are our children and it is our community responsibility as custodians to continue to preserve the historical significance and the natural beauty of this rare and unique mountain and surrounding area as our predecessors have managed to do for the past 100 years, and the original custodians of the land before that.
    It is the Ballarat Councils responsibility to support the local community and all of Ballarat and preserve such a pristine and environmentally significant landscape.
    We will not have a second chance here so lets get it right now. Please keep the current and future planned properties in line with the objectives of the Rural Living Zone.

  4. Jan Anderson commented

    As a past resident of Buninyong for 16 years and now a frequent visitor I strongly object to this planning application.
    This area is mostly tranquil farmland, planned pods will have a huge detrimental visual effect.
    Consideration needs to be given to surrounding permanent residents who have chosen this area for tranquility and farming. Impacts such as noise, traffic, rubbish and potential glare from large glassed areas are totally unfair to existing residents.
    Also the area has a potential to be seriously affected by bush fires - what is being implemented to deal with this situation should it arise?
    Whilst the pods themselves are an interesting idea this area does not do them justice.

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