3989 Lakeside Parade, Jordan Springs NSW 2747

Construction of a Single Storey Building for a Pub and Associated on Site Parking Spaces, Drainage and Landscaping Works

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Penrith City Council, reference DA20/0509)


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  1. Patrick Attard commented

    To Whom it May Concern,
    I oppose the proposed Development of The PUB at 3989 Lakeside Parade, Jordan Springs for the following reasons:

    1. Presently, there are two Licensed Premises in Jordan Springs that provide access to Alcohol, but no Gaming Facilities.
    It may be noted that there are more than 15 alcohol and/or gaming outlets including Clubs, Pubs, Taverns, Restaurants, Hotels and retail Liquor Outlets that are within 15 minutes-drive from the proposed Jordan Springs Tavern (cnr. Lakeside Parade and Jubilee Drive, Jordan Springs. All these outlets provide alcohol and some are also gaming venues.
    The following data, based on Liquor & Gaming LiveData, shows statistical data about alcohol-related risks in NSW communities, generated on Friday, 14 August 2020 Suburb of Jordan Springs Report. The following is a summary of the Jordan Springs Profile as detailed in Liquor & Gaming LiveData.
    Note: All data pertaining to 2020 only covers the period January to March 2020.

    2. Alcohol related domestic assault.

    The 2020 count (7) for Jordan Springs is already nearly half of that for 2019 (15), even though this only covers the first quarter of the year. This situation will be expected to worsen by the end of the year. It is also reasonable to conclude that this terrible problem will be become even worse, by the presence of the proposed tavern in Jordan Springs.

    3 Alcohol related non-domestic assault. T

    The 2020 count (4) for Jordan Springs is well over that for 2019 (1), even though this only covers the first quarter of the year. This count will very likely get worse by the end of the year. It is also reasonable to conclude that the presence of the proposed tavern in Jordan Springs will increase the risk of more assaults.

    4 Alcohol attributable hospitalization (NB: No data available for 2019, 2020).

    The hospitalization rate in the Penrith LGA, increased in the period from 549.9 (2014) to 564.5 (2018). This is also higher than the Major Cities of Australia Average. It is also reasonable to conclude that this data set will be worsened by the presence of the proposed tavern in Jordan Springs.

    5 Alcohol-attributable death (NB: No data available for 2019, 2020).

    Data is only available for Penrith LGA, Major Cities and NSW (average). The data for Penrith LGA is consistently higher than the Major Cities of Australia Average. It is also reasonable to conclude that this data will be made worse by the addition of the proposed tavern in Jordan Springs.

    6 Late night alcohol-related non-domestic assault.

    The 2020 count for Jordan Springs (3) is already higher than that for 2019 (0) and 2018 (1), even though this only covers the first quarter of the year. Again, this situation will be expected to worsen by the end of the year. The presence of the proposed tavern in Jordan Springs will increase the risk of this problem.

    7 Alcohol-related non-domestic serious assault.

    There was 1 reported incident in 2019.

    8 Alcohol-related offensive conduct

    There were no reported incidents in the period 2018 to 2020’

    9 Malicious damage to property

    There were 64 reported incidents in 2018, 47 in 2019 and 44 in the first quarter of 2020.

    I am also very concerned about the following issues relating to the presence of Taverns, Pubs and Clubs.

    a) Gambling Problems

    Extract from report published by The BBC NEWS By Phil Mercer BBC News, Sydney 18 December 2017.

    There's a ripple effect, where corrosive habits can impinge on friends and family, according to Dr Charles Livingstone, a gambling researcher at Monash University in Melbourne. It is estimated that 200,000 Australians have a "high-level problem" with gambling, while up to twice as many more have difficulties at a "lower level". "We far exceed any other country on Earth and the reason for that is because we have so many gambling opportunities," Dr Livingstone says. Australians spend on average about A$1,300 per capita a year on gambling, he says. The next highest is around A$600 in Singapore.

    Mr. Costello (Alliance for Gambling Reform) believes that gambling stress pushes more than 400 Australians to suicide each year, a figure that has been given credence by Australia's Productivity Commission. Mr. Costello mostly blames devices that are "built for addiction, releasing the dopamine (a mood-setting chemical) that hits your brain with the force of cocaine."
    They are the machines that anti-gambling campaigners in Australia say have the addictive "force of cocaine" that are fueling an avalanche of debt, divorce and misery.

    b) Extracts from report prepared by Ogilvy Illumination Strategic communications research: Prevalence of Gambling and Problem Gambling in New South Wales.

    This report contains the results from the 2011 survey (N=10,000 adults) of the prevalence of gambling and problem gambling in New South Wales (NSW). The research was undertaken by Ogilvy Illumination on behalf of the NSW Government.

    The survey found that 65% of the NSW population had participated in at least one gambling activity in the last 12 months.

    The most popular gambling activity was lotteries (41%) followed by instant scratch tickets (28%), gaming machines (27%), horse-greyhound races (24%), Keno (14%), sports betting (8%), table games in a casino (7%) and casino or pokies-style games on the Internet (2%).

    Problem gambling was measured using the Problem Gambling Severity Index. The survey classified 0.8% of adults as problem gamblers, 2.9% as moderate risk gamblers and 8.4% as low risk gamblers.

    Characteristics of problem/moderate risk gamblers

    In terms of gambling behaviour, this group gambled on the widest range of activities. Thirty-four per cent of the combined problem/moderate risk group participated in five or more gambling activities in the last year, compared with only 7% of non-problem gamblers. The problem/moderate risk group also gambled for longer sessions on gaming machines and Internet casino/pokies games, especially on the latter where 87% of problem/moderate risk gamblers gambled for at least an hour, compared with 32% of non-problem gamblers.

    The problem/moderate risk group also gambled more frequently on gaming machines, where 50% of gaming machine players in this group gambled once a week or more compared with 29% of low risk and 8% of nonproblem gamblers. A similar pattern was seen for Keno (25%, 14% and 6% respectively) and betting on horse and greyhound races (28%, 23% and 9% respectively).

    As found in other studies, the problem/moderate risk gamblers were far more likely than non-problem gamblers to drink alcohol while gambling and four times more likely to self-report an alcohol problem. They were also more likely to normally gamble during the evening (5pm to midnight).

    As one indicator of harm, the problem/moderate risk group was four times as likely as the non-problem gambler group to report that gambling had led to an important relationship breakdown.

    I hope you will consider my submission. I am happy to provide more details to support my arguments.

    Sincerely Yours

    Patrick Attard

  2. Marie vial commented

    My partner and I are looking forward to the licensed premises being built in Jordan springs. The company behind the build/management are trusted and well established and no doubt will ensure the community safety during the running of the business.
    Jordan Springs currently has no real community gathering location and I believe the building of the license premises with the outdoor area will assist in building community bonds and assist in neighbours getting to know each other.

  3. Andrew Smith commented

    To Penrith City Council,

    I am a resident of Jordan Springs who wishes to oppose the development of the pub in its current format. The location chosen is in close proximity to a retirement community, a proposed nursing home, and several high-density residential towers.

    The proposed trading hours to cease at 3 am most nights will entice anti-social behaviour, create excessive noise pollution and possibly contribute to problem gambling and alcohol abuse for local residents. There are several options already within a few km of Jordan Springs where people can access those facilities. One point to consider is the close proximity to the lake, what measures are in place to ensure patrons of this pub won't head to the lake afterwards and cause excessive noise for the Geneva tower residents? What would happen if an intoxicated person were to fall into the lake late at night?

    Jordan Springs will benefit from more dining options and family safe places to entertain, however, there is no need for licensed premises to open until 3 am and provide alcohol and gambling services in the middle of a suburban area.

    The residents that live close to the proposed location have the right to quiet enjoyment of their home. There are already consistent issues of anti-social behaviour at the nearby shopping centre and lake that causes problems for residents, I submit that this pub will only increase this issue for residents. Put yourself in the shoes of a resident of the retirement community, nursing home or Geneva tower - how would you feel about excessive noise and anti-social behaviour every week with no possible escape from it? These people have spent their life savings to live in a quiet, safe and family-friendly area. We would welcome more cafes and restaurants, but this pub is not something that belongs in this suburb.

    Thank you for considering my comments on this development application.

  4. Concerned JS resident commented

    I oppose to the pub being built in Jordan Springs. I feel it will put the community & our children at multiple risks. I support the comments of Patrick Attard. The pub is too close to residential areas. Please consult the community further as I feel there are large number of residents who oppose the Pub but do not know how to safely speak up about it.

  5. Scott Corbett commented

    I can't wait for a licensed establishment within walking distance of my home. So tired of having to count my drinks and then having to guess if I'm under the limit to drive home. Please approve this so we can have a safe way of enjoying our weekends without having to drive to the nearest local, or having to rely on courtesy buses and such.

  6. David Kenyon commented

    As a resident of Jordan Springs, I am fully supportive of this development application.

    It will boost social interactions amongst the community. It’s location in close proximity to the over 55’s community nearby will help boost morale of the residents who may be retired. The Dam Hotel in Hamlyn Terrace is also situated next to a retirement home village. There are minimal complaints from the residents.

    As a shift worker, I welcome the extended trading hours. The extended trading hours will allow me to stop in for a quiet drink after finishing work late before heading home.

    During the current COVID19 pandemic, having additional venues goes towards assisting the entire Penrith community with social distancing, rather then just pushing people into other venues that can be at or over their allowed capacity under the Covid19 Regulations.

  7. jenny grosvenor commented

    I support the DA or a licensed premises in Jordan Springs. The two licensed premises are small restaurants that don't cater for the larger population. People of Jordan springs deserve to have a place where they can go as community, enjoy a few drinks and employ local people to work in Jordan springs. There are alot of facilities for the kids but the adults need a place to go and relax as well. These premises encourage mingling of local residents which doesn't happen much in our area. I agree we need a safe place to enjoy without the need to drive anywhere

  8. Coleen Brennen commented

    To Penrith City Council,

    I am a resident of Jordan Springs who wishes to endorse the development of the Jordan Springs Tavern in its current format AND at it's proposed location.It's close proximity to a retirement community, a proposed nursing home, and several high-density residential towers is perfect for access by that specific demographic. It will ensure they can meet other residents of a very close knit , vibrant and growing community, in a safe and entertaining environment.
    The proposed trading hours to cease at 3 am most nights will ensure the "younger" generation also have somewhere to socialise in, which enhances the great mix of ages in the community. Currently there is no where close enough for them to go that ensures they can drink responsibly without having to add additional costs for Ubers/taxi's or run the risk of drink driving.
    The close proximity to the lake will give the Proposed Pub a very relaxed and serine country feel and enhance the feel/vibe of the suggested design. Jordan Springs will benefit from more dining options and family safe places to entertain, which the Tavern will certainly provide.

    I know the majority of the residents are extremely excited about the New JS Tavern, as can be seen on the multiple Community Facebook pages. Yes there will be a handful who aren't happy, but they certainly don't reflect the views of the lovely people of not only Jordan Springs, but the surrounds.

    Thank you for considering my comments on this development application.

  9. Kate commented

    We fully support the DA for Jordan Springs Tavern. We look forward being able to walk down with our family! No negative feedback from us!

  10. Stephen McLean commented

    I support this development. Jordan Springs needs a place that locals can go, meet up, and relax with some cold drinks

  11. peter tease commented

    Fantastic can’t wait great for the community and local employment

  12. Rohan Hitch commented

    Cannot wait for the development of the pub as a long term resident it is overdue!

  13. Clinton Lewin commented

    I oppose the construction of a Tavern in Jordan Springs, the Overlander Hotel on Richmond Rd Penrith is only 5 minutes from the suburb.
    Gambling is a major contributing factor for family violence, divorce and separation within the community and Penrith does not need another gambling house.

  14. Jess commented

    As a resident of Jordan Springs with a young family I fully support this development. It will be amazing to have a venue where we can take the kids for lunch or dinner and allow them to play within the playground getting built on site. I just hope it is fully gated being near a road. Its a fantastic opportunity for our local community and it will also help creat jobs locally. This pub is long overdue and I am sure it will be welcomed by most of the community.

  15. Jackie Parkin commented

    I am a resident of Jordan Springs and support the application for a family orientated pub in this lovely little community. Currently there is nowhere within JS where we can celebrate with family and friends over lunch/dinner while the kids can have fun and mum and dad can have a drink or two. I hear some of the reasons for opposing however I don’t believe domestic violence will necessarily increase as these people will always access alcohol. The statistics on DV increasing in 2020 is due to COVID-19 and hopefully be the time a pub is built and operational COVID-19 will be under control and a vaccine or treatment available.

  16. Stephen Farnworth commented

    As a resident of Jordan Springs, I fully support the application for a Jordan Springs Tavern. I think we need to stop seeing pubs as ‘drinking holes’ or as ‘dens of Iniquity’, but more as a social environment that brings communities together such as ‘ Trivia Nights’ or other community events.
    I would like to bring to your attention a report undertaken by CAMRA who champions the benefits of community pubs and calls for Government to recognise the positive impacts they have on health and wellbeing. It follows research last year linking the existence of pubs in rural areas with increased community cohesion and social engagement.
    Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) and conducted by Oxford University Professor Robin Dunbar who says 'friendship and community are probably the two most important factors influencing our health and wellbeing'. As such the report claims that - at least compared to those who frequent town centre pubs - community pub goers are significantly happier, socialise more and are less likely to drink to excess. Encouraging community pubs should therefore be prioritised at a time when the 'digital revolution' threatens the level of face to face social interaction.
    www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au - state the following
    - Having friends and other social connections is good for your health and wellbeing.
    - Being lonely or isolated can affect your mental and physical health.
    - Older people who remain connected with others and have strong relationships are likely to have a better quality of life.
    Of course council needs to consider the applications plan for ‘noise levels’, ‘traffic management’ and other environmental issues. But I’m sure the Laundy family will build a tavern that will enhance social cohesion and appreciation for the cultural diversity of the Jordan Springs community.

  17. Kim Roberts commented

    I support the tavern as a bar worker for 30yrs ..I feel the statement of alcohol related deaths is usually people drinking at home not going out.as long as it is managed properly it could be a great asset. Though I do feel 1am finish weekdays more appropriate

  18. Matt Planer commented

    I look forward to the proposed tavern application for Jordan springs , not only will it add a place to catch up with close family and friends , a place to have a drink and the occasional punt and be able to walk home safely. The company involved in the application are also very professional and well known for giving back to the community through sponsorship etc of local sporting and fundraising.

  19. Peter Williams commented

    Cant wait for this development to being.
    Much needed for the community.

  20. James Koerner commented

    Hello, I wish to make my formal opposition to the proposed "pub" at Lakeside Parade, Jordan Springs.

    Firstly I'd like to note that there are 48 car parking spaces proposed at the premises. If 2.5 people are estimated to be in each vehicle then 120 patrons will have direct parking at the venue, given the capacity is 472 patrons I ask where the extra 352 people are meant to park? Even if you say that an extra 240 people will walk in from close proximity still a deficit of 112 people or approx. 44 vehicles. Those will likely be parking at the nearby shopping centre or parking along the single road in and out within reasonable distance into Jordan Springs. Surely it has been noted with the recent upgrade of the Northern Road that peak hours (as well as the umpteenth number of traffic lights) are still causing major congestion in the area. I don't see any version of traffic flow in the area that would be conducive to stress levels by adding in another centralised gathering point on that single entry avenue. Placing all of the frequent amenities on the main road in or out of the community is just another example of profits before planning.

    As far as patrons are concerned, surely the proximity to a retirement village has raised some eyebrows as far as noise pollution goes, let alone the foot traffic. The west side of Jordan Springs bordering The Northern Road is already considered by insurance companies as a high risk area due to the Cranebrook public housing. By placing the pub within such close proximity to the already high risk area it invites foot traffic to traverse the retirement village and the other residential establishments between. There is already an established link between alcohol consumption and anti-social behavior, surely the Peachtree Hotel, Red Cow, Australian Arms, Tattersalls, Bavarian, Gaels Club, Overlander as well as the many take-away bottle shops within 4kms would suffice for those wishing to partake? Just taking a short glance at the Jordan Springs Facebook page will show several instances where anti-social behavior has contributed to the insurance premiums and angst of residents.

    The detrimental effects of gambling, which Australia already holds the crown for as far as pokies per person goes, should also be noted. What possible validation could the inclusion of 25 poker machines, besides the tax revenue, be in the application for this establishment? Certainly not encouraging a family friendly landscape. Nor a "togetherness" or "sense of community". The ABC just released an article on poker machines and their effects, it staggers me that this is still a surprise to this day.

    I'm all for a gathering point for the community to enjoy the company of each other and eat and enjoy a social drink if that's what certain people choose. However a so called "pub" is not the approach, certainly not when backed up with poker machines, proximity to public housing, proximity to a retirement village and a poorly designed and thought out traffic/parking plan.

    Curtailing the operating hours of the proposal to reasonable closing times (ie. before 9pm) would, in my opinion only, limit the instances of antisocial behavior. However, a better social study would obviously provide more concrete evidence.

    I also don't understand why the establishment requires a take-away alcohol service? As previously stated the many bottle shops, as well as the one adjoining Woolworths not 100 metres away, surely provide this service. A row of "hole-in-the-wall" restaurants with outside dining would surely service the community better than a pub with poker machines.

    At the very least I urge you to reconsider the gaming licence/approval for this establishment, the public housing proximity and the traffic plan.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  21. Liz Munn commented

    I am a long time resident of JS and hope to be in the future I am all for this development it’s about time we had somewhere to go to relax unwind and enjoy the good ol pub feed please approve this establishment for us and future JS residents ....

  22. latisa medic commented

    i approve the building of the pub in jordan springs not only will it boost employment in the area it is also something we dont have in this substantial estate it is also pointed out to be built as a family friendly environment which would be great for all residents to have a bite to eat and let kids play

  23. Mary Kessanis commented

    I cant wait for tavern the built. I fully support this

  24. Anne Whitehouse commented

    I fully support the application. We need a good community venue. Of course the hotel will need to manage poor behaviour as they do at all of their other hotels. The Laundy portfolio includes a range of classy properties with a family focus, there will be employment opportunities for locals and a reduced rusk of people making poor decisions driving home from Penrith venues.
    What I do object to are the signs that some people have put up in the suburb. This is visual pollution. Thanks for considering my views

  25. Mohit Regmi commented

    We need a pub. We are social being with kids and big family all around penrith. Pub will play a vital role in family gathering. Pub doesn't mean alcohol and stress to a community. It has far more advantages than disadvantages.
    Thank you

  26. Adam Mathews commented

    As a owner in Jordan Springs I approve for the tavern to be built. It will create a space that locals can visit and be safe for families.

  27. Calla Hilse commented


    Im a home owner in Jordan Springs and disapproved a tavern from being established in Jordan Springs. Approving the construction of the proposed tavern will affect the community of Jordan Springs in a negatively manner.

    Jordan Springs is a fairly new suburb that is quiet and peaceful after 10pm when the local Woolworths closes. There is a lake which is situated in the heart of Jordan Springs and the foolish behaviour may increase unforeseen incidents. A tavern is likely to disrupt the tranquillity of the lake due to the increase in loud noise and anti-social behaviour from alcohol sales. An increase in intoxicated behaviour may lead to increase emergency staff and damaged of wildlife vegetation that lies adjacent to the desired location of the tavern.

    Property sales may decrease from the inappropriate behaviour and extended noise population from occurring a tavern in close proximity to community’s and family living in residential area. A tavern would be more appropriate to have closer to central Penrith and allow residents to relax and enjoy the serenity of this lakeside community.

    I am aware investors want to build up communities and suburbs however, the negative impacts of building a tavern far outweigh the positive ones.

    Kind Regards

    Calla Hilse

  28. Georgia commented

    Dear Penrith Council,

    I endorse and highly look forward to the addition of a pub within Jordan Springs. This will be a great boost to the local economy and create jobs for residents of Jordan springs. While there are great take away options, there currently isn’t anywhere in Jordan Springs that I would take my family out for a celebratory meal, or even just for a dinner out. Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, etc are all celebrated in Penrith city. Likewise, if we are meeting any friends for a meal we always go to where they live. It would be nice to have the option to have guests meet us in our community.

    Not to mention giving people of all ages the opportunity to meet others in the community. For up and coming artists to have the opportunity to play their live music to a supportive audience. For those freshly finishing school to have job opportunities closer to home. For the economy in general, with the hit of covid there have been so many job losses.

    Thank you for your consideration.


  29. On Board commented

    To whom it may concern,

    I am a resident of Jordan Springs who resides 600m from the proposed location of the pub and support the decision of a local tavern being proposed for the site on the corner of Lakeside and Jubilee.

    I also expect it will be made to adhere to strict guidelines to ensure resident safety and comfort to not provide extreme noise pollution to neighbouring dwellings, something I am sure developers and future management will maintain.

    As long as the Jordan Springs Tavern is respectful and mindful, I cannot see why anyone would be opposed to a local club which can support sports and social clubs, fundraising opportunities as well as community support and living. Can’t wait to see what comes of it!

  30. Ashley commented

    Build the pub more local jobs from construction through to the pub opening. More jobs are needed especially now. Plus the pokies would be good to escape from domestic chores on a Sunday afternoon.

  31. Lauren commented

    As a resident of Jordan Springs I would love the addition of a pub to our suburb.

  32. Anonymous commented

    I oppose the proposed development of a public tavern in Jordan Springs.

    As at current, there are in excess of 15 public houses in Penrith and its neighbouring suburbs. The most proximate to Jordan Springs’ residents is around 3.5km from the centre of Jordan Springs. Accordingly, there is no necessity to the development being approved.

    Secondly, the proposed development does not provide for adequate parking which will negatively impact the availability of street parking. I support and adopt the submissions in respect of same of James Koerner above.

    Further, the proposed development will impact on nearby residents’ right to quiet enjoyment of their home. This is of particular concern noting the extended trading hours which have been proposed, and noting that the proposed development is in close proximity to a retirement village.

    Given the current crime statistics for the local area, I also submit that by approving the public tavern, residents would be placed at risk of disorderly conduct offences, which increase directly in correlation to proximity to public houses.

    My opposition to the Tavern however is squarely linked to the social context in which the Tavern is proposed to operate. Crime data for the area indicates that Jordan Springs sits in an area that has elevated in incidences of:

    1. Assault (currently increasing at a rate of over 20% year, and 42.2 per 100,000 population higher than the State average).
    2. Theft (21.4 per 100,000 population higher than the state average)
    3. Sexual Offences (6.6 per 100,000 population higher than the state average)
    4. Drug offences (28.3 per 100,000 population higher than the state average and currently increasing at a rate of 54.2%).

    There is already an established body of research that indicates that there is an association between the density of onsite premises and crime, and in those circumstances I would urge Council to act proactively and protectively by declining the development application.

  33. Manimala Balakumar commented

    I as a parent of young kids do not want a pub in our locality providing easy and provoking access to alcohol near residential area.
    We have a lot of vandalism happening to public parks and amenities at the moment. Adding a pub to this locality is going to worsen it.
    School is around. It will not be a right thing to have around the lakes where there is no protection for people walking. There is definitely going to be an increase in crime. I do not support the idea of pub in residential area near schools. Terrible planning.

  34. Ashwar Kumaraguru commented

    Im looking forward to having a pub in this suburb. Its such a thriving community and I believe having this would allow the community to have more options having a meal and drink close to home.

  35. Kristin commented

    As a resident of JS & living approximately 500m from the proposed Tavern, I’m beyond excited for this development.

    The development will see a large increase of property value, which in turn brings more residents.

    We’re super excited to finally have a place to interact/socialise with other community members & finally make some new friends.

    We have some really hard working men & woman in Jordan Springs & a nice cold beverage with some locals after a hard days work, sounds perfect!

    Can’t wait to see this development push forward.


    Two very happy JS residents

  36. Ali Mezher commented

    I am a resident of Jordan Springs
    I oppose the proposed development of PUB at Jordan Springs.
    This proposal will have a major negative impact on our lifestyle and safety:
    Anti-social behaviour, noise and domestic violence.
    The area is well served for pubs and liquor outlets.

  37. Aiman Jajo commented

    Hi there,
    I'm an owner of a property within 500m of the proposed pub, and have kids, and I don't support the building of this establishment, as it will bring an unnecessary problems to JS. As it stands there are already signs of troubled young individuals starting to cause problems in our suburb. Add alcohol and gambling problems to this mix and we have a recipe for disaster.

  38. Gary C commented

    My wife and I are residents of Jordan Springs East and support the proposed development of a pub in Jordan Springs. I believe the comments above me that cite total number statistics increases from 2019 to 2020 are misleading as the amount of residents and homes built in the area has gone up so naturally total numbers of statistical occurances will increase. I also appreciate that whilst there may be a few licensed premises within a 15 minute drive of Jordan Springs, I for one will not want to be driving any amount of minutes after having visited a licensed premise. This proposed pub location is a 20minute walk from Jordan Springs East, which is a manageable distance, but being asked to walk any further than this to reach one of the already established licensed premises is too much.

  39. Sharon McBride commented

    I’m for the hotel at Jordan Springs but not for the location.
    Putting a hotel next to a retirement village is incredibly bad planning. It was there first and people bought into it for peace and quiet.
    We want the pub ... but find a more suitable location.

  40. Sharon Fulton commented

    I am for the proposed pub however not the location. It is too close to residential buildings and there are plenty of larger plots of land further within Jordan Springs that the pub can utilise.

  41. Anonymous commented

    As a resident of Jordan Springs and living approximately 3 minutes walk away from the proposed area. I strongly disapprove of this development

    It is not the pub itself that I am concerned about, but the proximity to
    - The public housing in Cranebrook which has already proven to be an issue for those living in the front of the estate and an increase in crime from people walking through to Woolworths (yes I'm aware there is also JS residents who don't obey the law but the crime statistics at the front of the estate are much higher than those further away)
    - The over 55s village. I would be extremely upset if I had purchased in this estate only to find out a pub opening til 3am was going right next door
    - My own residence. I can see there are people living close by who support the proposal but I doubt that the majority of supporters are in such close proximity.

    There is also no adequate parking on-site, for a suburb that already struggles to fit two cars down one street this will be a disaster!

    I am not opposed to a pub in Jordan Springs, but the location is NOT right

    I have a young family and whilst the intentions of the establishment might be for a family venue, they have no control of those who have visited once they leave the premises

    If the pub goes ahead, we are seriously considering leaving the suburb

  42. Jamie G commented

    I am for the pub, Yes there are some a short drive away, but I don’t want to go elsewhere, I want a local pub for Jordan springs, the point of a local pub is somewhere I can walk and take my family for a good pub feed and a couple of schooners.

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