85 Anzac Ave West Ryde NSW 2114

Demolition of existing dwelling and associated structures and construction of a five (5) storey, 26 room boarding house under the provisions of SEPP Affordable Housing.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Ryde, reference LDA2020/0273)


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  1. Honey Davies commented

    5 storey building on a quiet residential street... definitely NOT. This application should NOT be approved. This developer has been knocked back at other locations in the area. Inappropriate and not needed on that street.

  2. Rob commented

    Appears to be an appropriate location with the density of apartments nearby, how many rooms is it & parking spots?

  3. Chris commented

    Is Council seriously considering approving a 5 storey boarding house on this street? What an obscene proposal. Consign this proposal to the rubbish bin where it belongs..

  4. Vicki Johnson commented

    A five story development in this location seems a bit over the top especially as it is to be a boarding house. The Ryde area has already seen enough over development and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. There is another large development planned for Blaxland Rd.
    If this development is to be a boarding house how many bedrooms are there going to be and how many people will it accommodate? Is there to be parking provided on site?
    My understanding of a “boarding house” is something quite a bit smaller than this proposal. There is very little to no thought given to increased traffic, lack of infrastructure and the growing problem of supplying water to an ever expanding city.

  5. ElizabethLH commented

    The number of storeys is excessive for the area.

    As previous comments have noted,there is little detail accompanying the application including the number of boarding rooms planned, off street parking and associated infrastructure ie common rooms, facilities and landscaping.

    Is there overshadowing of neighbouring properties due excessive height and the potential for loss of privacy also due excessive height and development?

  6. Gabriel Anne Lawrence commented

    The northern light will be robbed by a five-story building from the premises to the south. All other unit blocks on this street which are built on a single allotment, are capped at 3 stories. Those with 4 stories are on double blocks and for good reason in that the light will fall on the unites in the next southern allotment. No one should have to live their winters without sunshine because of greed, ill-conceived urban planning, or entitled politics.

  7. Barbara Buining commented

    This application should be rejected as a 5 story building is entirely inappropriate among a residential street with homes limited to no more than 2 stories in height.

  8. Geoff Hudson commented

    I'm opposed to this development.

    While i think that the urban renewal of West Ryde is inevitable, developments of this size and scale should be limited to the streets directly surrounding the train station. Expanding this size of development into nearby suburban streets will ruin the nature of the neighbourhood.

    A building of 5 stories will totally dominate the adjacent properties and change the nature of the street. Limiting the development to a maximum of 3 stories would be a good compromise.

  9. barbara Johnson Johnson commented

    I , too , am totally opposed to the inappropriate size of this development. I agree with Mr.Hudson's summing up.

  10. MMK commented

    This is purely a money making development. I am sure the applicant is not going to live in or near the development. The neighbours around that over-development will have their quality of life changed forever. There will be extra traffic and noise, and the height of the building will overshadow the houses near it, depriving them of sunlight inside their homes and in their gardens. Established plants will suffer with reduced sunlight, ruining peoples' gardens. The five story development will affect the privacy of its neighbours as the inhabitants will be able to look into peoples' usually private backyards. I would hope that Ryde City Council would respect its residents and turn down this application as being inappropriate in this location. Unfortunately, the Land and Environment Court may over rule......again!

  11. David James commented

    This is a totally inappropriate development for a rather beautiful suburban part of West Ryde. The existing house should be preserved for its heritage character and not treated as a developer’s opportunity for profit. Enough is enough and it’s about time governments respected the existing owners in this suburb and rejected such out of character quick money making ideas.

  12. Y Shan commented

    I completely disagree with the propose development plan. I agree with the summary from other people. The size of the development is inappropriate, the noise and traffic introduced will significantly affect residents living around, and the shadow it causes will permanently affect the neighbors.

    Anyone in charge of the approval, please consider if you were the neighbor, would you like to have a five-floor boarding house next to your house?

    This proposal should NOT be submitted, as it is just a waste of time to everyone, and should be rejected immediately.

  13. R Coakley commented

    I agree with all comments above and completely against this proposal. 5 storeys is beyond ths size of any other houses in close proxomity. If this is to built it will ruin the current atomopshere and environment the community is trying hard to keep as the area is already beginning to be taken over by new developments.

  14. Ruth Perram commented

    This is an outrageous proposal for a residential street. Although there are currently some 2-3 multi-storey developments in the street, 5 storeys is excessive. This proposal is for a 26 room boarding house. I totally agree with the comments submitted by residents opposing this development. I would add that boarding houses tend to cater for a transient population and this does not always promote a sense of community. If you are concerned about this proposal the details of the application are below. Fact Sheets relating to Boarding Houses are also available on the council site. Submissions close on 9th September. At least 10 submissions need to be made for this to be considered a 'contentious development' which then goes before the Independent Planning Panel.

    Application Details
    Application ID LDA2020/0273
    Application Description Demolition of existing dwelling and associated structures and construction of a five (5) storey, 26 room boarding house under the provisions of SEPP Affordable Housing.
    Group Development Application
    Category Residential
    Applicant Name(s) Yuying Wu
    Status Current
    Closing Date 09/09/2020
    Property Details
    Property Address 85 Anzac Ave WEST RYDE NSW 2114
    Property Legal Description Lot 28 DP 10102

  15. Dorothy Rogers commented

    I am against this proposal. 5 stories is excessive in a residential street.

  16. Elizabeth LH commented

    There are 15 resident comments thus far, all opposing the development as it stands

  17. Jason Rumble commented

    This is a disgusting example of over-development. 5 Storeys is excessive and will ruin both the exisiting steetscape and completely overshadow the neighbouring properties (both the small house on 1 side and 3 storey block on the other.

    Potentially up to 26 additional vehicles trying to find parking near the building will severely impact the street and of course the developers don't even need to consider appropriate parking because they just 'presume' all residents will use public transport...which we know is not a valid approach.

    I am absolutely in opposition to such a monstrosity being built in this area.

  18. Lizzie Tang commented


    This boarding house is planned to house:

    • Up to 47 students and 1 manager;

    • 6 parking spaces and 6 motor cycle and bicycle racks

    It will take 1.5-2 years to construct.

    What does this mean for the residence of West Ryde?

    Commuter parking

    If you live on Anzac Avenue, you may note that parking is already difficult due to the overflow from the commuter parking. Parking is generally insufficient at the best of times and quite often commuters come to Anzac Avenue and surrounding roads from surrounding suburbs which do not have access to a train station to find a spot before hopping on the train. Suburbs like Rydalmere, Melrose Park, Ermington, Ryde and Putney are all within driving distance of West Ryde Station.

    A boarding house with 47 students will increase the demand for on street parking and will directly negatively impact your on street options for you and any of your guests.

    The developer has provided a Traffic and Parking Assessment Report which states that "There will not be any adverse traffic implications" and the 6 car spaces "will be adequate for the circumstances". The report fails to mention the usual traffic and commuter overflow from West Ryde Station, noting that the report was conducted in June 2020, during COVID where traffic and parking are dramatically reduced due to commuters being encouraged to work from home.

    From personal experience, I know that during peak hour, there is no street parking available on Anzac Avenue. Often I would leave to get a coffee and come back to no street parking options with all spots being taken by 7.30am.


    The Development Application states that the "contemporary architectural style of the building and choice of materials may not be the same as … the buildings in the vicinity, the (building) achieve(s) an urban character that is in harmony with the buildings around it" (page 20 of the Statement of Environment Effects)

    We submit that the façade of the building, both street facing and the rear, have the character of an urban car parking station (without enough car spaces!).

    Fifth floor

    The proposed 5 storey height is greater than the surrounding buildings heights (and significantly higher than the house adjoining at 87 Anzac Avenue), and current proposed height exceeds the 11.5m statutory building height under the Ryde Local Environmental Plan 2014. The developer has made submissions to request the height limit be varied to allow the fifth floor on the basis that it will provide more affordable housing.

    The whole building will also block all natural sunlight from 87 Anzac Avenue for most of the day in accordance with the Shadow Diagrams allowing some sunshine at 3pm. As the owner of 87 Anzac and being seniors, our quality of life will be significantly impacted by the lack of sunlight.

    Student housing

    While we agree that housing affordability is necessary for Sydney, it is not suitable for Anzac Avenue, West Ryde. Our street prides itself on being family focussed and with the recent upgrade of Anzac Park, the suburb in general is very family oriented. The type of behaviour exhibited by students would not be in line with the local community feeling. The suburb is home to many older and retired residents as well.

    The building itself does not have sufficient space for all students to socialise. We guarantee you will see many students seeking the open space of Anzac Park after hours and socialising at night. We guarantee you will see more litter in and around the park as a result. Being short term residents, Students are not mindful of their neighbours and we guarantee you will see unwanted behaviour.

    What can you do?

    Whilst this does seem overwhelming, if Council receives a significant number of objections, we can together make a difference. There will be no repercussions if you put pen to paper, but if you don’t, you will have no further opportunity to make a difference.

    We ask that you assist us in writing to Council and lodging an objection to this development application. Every voice counts, so please help us make sure that all of our voices are heard.

    Here is the important information:

    Submissions close on 9 September 2020, so please ensure that you make your objection as soon as possible. Send an email, letter or drop your letter to the (Top) Ryde Library after hours chute.

    Here are some tips for what to write:

    1. Ensure your name, address and contact details are mentioned, if you remain anonymous, your objection will carry less or little weight. Also include the date of the letter.

    2. Add the details of the proposed development: "85 Anzac Avenue, West Ryde LDA 2020/2073"

    Here is a sample letter:

    Attention Madeline Thomas
    By email: cityofryde@ryde.nsw.gov.au

    Dear Ms Thomas,

    I write to you as a concerned resident of ….[insert your home address]. I would like to object to the proposed development for the following reasons:

    a. I am a retiree, my quality of life will be negatively impacted by this proposed development;

    b. Our street is a quiet street and the constant noise of construction and dust will negatively impact my physical and mental health. A smaller building would have a shorter construction period;

    c. The proposed use as a boarding house will result in unwanted noise and behaviour of students and their socialising (loud music).

    d. Anzac Park will be a local hotspot for young adults seeking space and night time activities and drinking due to the limited size of the social areas in the boarding house.

    e. Short term resident means that they do not pride themselves on the appearance or safety local the neighbourhood. They do not have any interest in being neighbourly or keeping the streets clean.

    f. Parking and traffic issues, when people resume working full time, the impact on the parking on the street will be significant. The Traffic and Parking Assessment report was completed during COVID and did not account for the usual traffic and parking overflow from the commuter parking. Victoria Road is heavily congested during peak hours and the additional strain on traffic will be felt by all local residents.

    Thank you.

    Signed: (Full name)
    Date: (date)
    Here are some links to the plans and useful information regarding train statistics:


  19. Lorraine Russo commented

    Ryde Council, you are turning our once beautiful suburb into a ghetto. This planned development for 85 Anzac Avenue West Ryde will degrade the area with short term residents, more parking congestion and general mayhem on the roads due to the increased number of cars turning into this proposed student accommodation. I am very concerned at the constant destruction I see everywhere in Ryde. The development of Melrose Park is disgusting, the Herring Road developments near Macquarie Centre are
    Horrendous. Please do not approve the proposed student development in Anzac Avenue West Ryde. Have some pride in our area and refrain from turning it into an ugly ghetto for the sake of developers money.

  20. Concerned Resident commented

    West Ryde already has its fair share of affordable accommodation. This is the second boarding house, possibly more, recently erected on the city side of West Ryde railway. There are already lot of social housing dwellings on this side of the station.This move will ensure the neighbourhood remains at a low value and could very well increase social disadvantage problems in the area. Rather than segregating the West Ryde community from its wealthier neighbours, City of Ryde Council should promote a shift towards a more gentrified mix of economic wealth and resources to boost the local economy and add value to the lagging property prices for housing.I have lived here for over ten years and the value of my property has barely budged compared to other areas within Sydney. This move will further disadvantage property owners and local businesses. I won't be reelecting current council members if this plan goes ahead.

  21. Concerned Resident commented

    I am strongly against this proposed development. Social housing should be spread out over multiple suburbs, or if the intention is to have social housing in one suburb, then spread them out across the whole suburb. This will bring down the value of property in the surrounding area and add to the potential social disadvantage problems on the eastern side of the railway line. Current council members will not be getting my vote if this proposal goes ahead.

  22. Liz McNally commented

    -the bulk and scale of the design is excessive for the area. The proposed height
    exceeds the 11.5m statutory building height under the Ryde Local Environmental Plan
    --the design of the building is completely unsympathetic to the existing housing stock
    and streetscape in Anzac Ave.
    -the facade of the proposed building resembles a car park rather than an appropriate
    urban design for a residential area
    -parking provisions are totally inadequate ( 6 parking spaces, 6 bicycle/motor cycle
    spaces) for a 26 room development
    - existing parking problems will be exacerbated by the proposed development
    which will lead to greater traffic congestion and will impact negatively on residents in
    terms of increased on-street parking
    -the immediately adjacent home in 87 Anzac Ave will be severely impacted by the
    proposed development
    -transient populations of people do nor contribute to a sense of community and
    understandably are not invested in the long term interests of residents or the area
    -I totally reject the applicant's proposal on the grounds that it constitutes inappropriate
    development for a residential area

  23. Jane Goodman commented

    West Ryde is WAY OVER developed ... not even mentioning the OVER development in Meadowbank. I disagree with this proposed development. West Ryde is over populated and doesn't have the infrastructure.

  24. Janet Irmler commented

    I object to the proposed development of a 5-storey student boarding house.

    5-storeys is too high for this residential area. It would not only be an eyesore but the area doesn’t have the infrastructure for this type of development. I understand this development can take up to 47 students but with only 4 parking spaces. Plan smarter in a more appropriate area. The Ryde area in general is overdeveloped and overpopulated, more people in this residential area would be a complete disruption to our community.

  25. Claire E commented

    I am strongly opposed to the development. The proposal has insufficient parking, does not match the aesthetic of the street and will severely impact access to sunlight.
    The boarding house residence common area should have a requisite 3 hours of daylight in winter. But what about the surrounding residences? Should we not also be entitled to 3 hours of sunshine. The proposed building exceeds current buildings by a significant margin and will significantly impact my access to light.
    Additionally the acoustic report conveys alarming details of surrounding residence being impacted by common room noise travel. Recommendations to remove the noise are insufficient.
    The transient nature and lack of a minimum stay will change the tone of the neighbourhood and area. There is a nice community feel that is likely to alter drastically with the inclusion of transient accomodation. The proposed building is intended to service Mac Uni but there are no direct transport links to the uni. The proposal is absurd.

  26. Kate Z commented

    I would like to object to the proposed development at 85 Anzac Avenue - the lastest in a series of council approvals designed to benefit property developers over the community.

    The proposed facade is jarring, and characterless, and seeks to push a large number of people into a small block of land (note the need to breach the statutory building limit). The continual approval of buildings of this nature, is destroying the character of the suburb.

    If the council actually cares for the suburb they have a duty to protect, they will not facilitate such over-development. People do not want to live in or around concrete jungles, they are forced to do so. Protecting the light, space and nature of west ryde, a growing rarity in Sydney, will ensure the worth of the suburb is maintained, and continues to grow in the future.

  27. Belinda commented

    Is there a Public Protest organised for this? There should be! There is already four social housing developments on the block of the proposed development site. Another development of this type will adversely affect property prices, parking, and noise and neighbourhood appeal. It’s not right for one suburb to get more than its fair share of social/affordable housing. We need to picket Ryde council to stop the concentration of poverty in small geographical locale. If council members lived in the immediate area they wouldn’t be supporting the proposal! It’s Completely unacceptable!!

  28. Brian Hastings commented

    1. Objection that the building height exceeds, by over one-third, the statutory building height prescribed under Ryde Local Environmental Plan 2014 for this location.
    The City of Ryde Height of Buildings Map Sheet HOB_003: shows the building height limit for 85 Anzac Avenue and generally that side of the street is 11.5 metres. However, LDA2020/0273 shows a proposed building height of 15.95 metres. This is 3.45 metres above the allowable limit in the Ryde Local Environmental Plan 2014 for this location.
    Notwithstanding that clause 29(4) of the ARH SEPP provides a source of power for a consent authority to vary a development standard without the need for a written request under Clause 4.6 of Ryde Local Environmental Plan 2014; this 38.6% exceedance of the allowable height limit is over one-third higher than the 11.5 metres permitted for this location. As such it is significantly out of character with the surrounding neighbourhood.
    This major non-compliance to the allowable height limit will impact on the amenity of the neighbours in terms of reduced privacy, excessive shadowing, increased light pollution at night and the increased potential for noise transmission from the top level communal open space to the wider neighbourhood.

    2. Objection that the justification basis for the LDA2020/0273 is for Student accommodation, however there is no requirement to enforce this or limit the maximum stay of future residents.
    The proposed student accommodation is claimed to provide modern and convenient short term accommodation as an alternative (acknowledging the required minimum 3 month stay under the ARH SEPP) form of low cost rental housing for students. Prior to entering into an Occupancy Agreement, the Boarding House Manager is to confirm with a prospective resident that they are obligated to reside within the boarding room for a period of no less than three months.
    However there is no requirement that the residents are in fact students. There is also no requirement for a maximum length of stay. Therefore the assumptions and calculations relating to students for LDA2020/0273 are invalid as they assume the residents are students, when in fact the residents could be more representative of the general population who are seeking low cost rental housing.

    3. Objection that there is insufficient on-site parking provided for the proposed number of rooms. Re. State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009
    As a resident of Anzac Avenue since 1997, I have extensive experience of the local car parking and traffic issues for our household and visitors. On street car parking in Anzac Avenue is normally fully occupied during weekdays due to commuters utilising West Ryde Rail Station. Car parking in Anzac Avenue is also normally fully occupied at nights when residents return home from work or study.
    The ARHSEPP requirements for 27 rooms at a rate of 0.5 car spaces per boarding room, results in a total of 13.5 spaces being required. Four car spaces are proposed to be provided on-site (including an accessible space). This does not satisfy the numerical parking requirement as detailed in SEPP subclause 29(2).
    Notwithstanding that a dedicated car share is proposed, along with provision of a shared car, the Traffic and Parking Assessment (20056) references locations in proximity of Randwick to UNSW. This reference is not considered valid for 85 Anzac Avenue. The nearest education facility that would be a candidate for student accommodation is Macquarie University, which is over 6km away and there is no direct bus route. This journey by car is much more attractive. The nearest TAFE colleges (Ryde and Meadowbank) are more than 800m away and are considered unlikely to be a candidate for student accommodation due to the part time nature of their mostly artisan courses.
    As mentioned in Objection 2 above, there is no requirement for the boarding house residents to be limited to students. Therefore the reference used (i.e. the UNSW student precinct of Randwick) to justify not meeting the numerical parking requirement as detailed in SEPP subclause 29(2), is not justified.
    Without a specific requirement that the proposed boarding house residents be students, they could be more representative of the general Ryde population. The community profile published by Ryde Council https://profile.id.com.au/ryde/car-ownership shows that in 2016: 41% of households in Ryde had access to two or more motor vehicles. Even if only half of the proposed rooms had access to a motor vehicle that would equate to about 14 car spaces being required (this is consistent with the ARHSEPP requirements).
    For the above mentioned reasons, it is considered almost certain, that with 27 rooms, more than 4 car spaces will be required. Unless there is more on-site parking or less overall residents, this would result in a significant increase in cars requiring parking on Anzac Avenue (up to 10 additional car spaces). This would add to local traffic congestion, impact on local road safety and detract from the local amenity by reducing available parking for the existing residents and visitors.

    4. Objection to the layout and design
    It is noted that none of the buildings in this part of Anzac Avenue exceed the 11.5 metres height limit (Ref Objection 1). The proposed development has communal open space on the top level that overlooks Anzac Avenue from a height of approximately 15 metres. Despite the proposed setback the potential effects from this layout would be reduced privacy and a detrimental effect to our amenity for quiet enjoyment.
    Consideration should be given to reducing the building height and flipping the top level floor plan (180 degrees) to put the manager’s residence at the front to reduce the potential for noise transmission out to the street.

    5. Objection that there are no facilities for residents who smoke or an enforceable management plan to prevent smoking to drift onto the street area.
    The Plan of Management House Rules state in part: “The premises is smoke-free and as such, smoking is not permitted inside the rooms or in any communal recreation or common areas and any open space of the building.” Whilst this itself is not objectionable, there is no requirement or management plan for where smokers can smoke and how they dispose of their cigarette butts.
    It is noted that ‘No Smoking’ or ‘Smoke Free Premises’ signage is to be displayed in all common areas of the premises. However it is highly likely that the number of residents that smoke will be consistent with community averages. The 2019 National Drug Strategy Household Survey report showed that an average 11% of Australians smoke daily. At this rate and with 47 residents there would be approximately 5 residents who smoke. The average number of cigarettes per day for Australia is 13. Therefore there would be a requirement to provide disposal facilities for approximately 65 (5 x 13) cigarette butts per day and a total of 23,725 butts per year. However there is no requirement for this in the Plan of Management.
    Ref: https://www.aihw.gov.au/getmedia/7ebfd47a-9063-4ae0-b22f-1aeff56a30dc/aihw-phe-270-Chapter2-Tobacco.pdf.aspx
    In addition to the potential for littering of cigarette butts, there would be a significant increase in the number of people smoking in the vicinity of Anzac Avenue (outside the boarding house). This is considered to be a public health risk for local residents and will certainly have a negative impact on our local amenity. For my wife who suffers from asthma it would mean closing our windows and doors to avoid passive smoke. This also has the detrimental effect of preventing fresh air in our front bedroom, further aggravating her symptoms. In addition it is highly likely that smoking on the street will be a social activity and will involve additional noise as smokers converse into the night.
    6. This DA is on the border of the high density and low density residential zone. As such the full effects of the exceedances in building height, lack of parking, overshadowing, increased noise, increased traffic and the safety issue of passive smoke inhalation will be felt by residents in a low density residential zone. This DA is inappropriate, unacceptable and should be rejected in it's entirety.

  29. Elizabeth LH commented

    The summary by Brian Hastie is detailed and to the point. The community has responded and rejected the proposal.

    Taking these points and the arguments submitted by others, this proposal cannot be sustained.

  30. Jeanne commented

    G'day! The community has obviously opposed to this proposal. Am curious as to what the next step is?

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