8 Deschamps Street, Lilydale VIC 3140

Buildings and works to construct eight dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Yarra Ranges Shire Council, reference YR-2020/555)


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  1. Michael Poynter commented

    Objections Re- Application to build 6x3 story and 2x2 story units at 8 Deschamps Street, Lilydale VIC 3140
    As a neighbour I have always expected no 8 be developed into multi unit development (after the owners previous application to develop into car park was rejected, which I would have welcomed being approved) and considering many other recent developments, expected perhaps up to 6 x 2 story approval. Therefore shading my east most of the morning.
    But 6 x 9m high 3 story units 2.5m from my buildings east walls will block my entire morning sun. Plus with such a high density address, all with at least 2 cars, the inevitable spill over into the street of parked cars, will further congest an already overcrowded street scape, which is also a bus route with issues for larger and emergency vehicles. Plus the funeral home will eventually flood the street with parked vehicles, as has happened in past,
    Obviously an over high building 2.5m from my walls will somewhat crowd my premises and considerably affect my resale values in future.
    9m high 3 story units are not compatible with neighbourhood values.
    Plus a will then be less that 50m away from possibly 32 new neighbours, something I never considered when purchasing in Yarra Valley.
    I strongly object to this proposal.

  2. Robyn Colson commented

    Objections Re- Application to build 6x3 story and 2x2 story units at 8 Deschamps Street, Lilydale VIC 3140
    My property is next door to the proposed development above and I STRONGLY OBJECT to the current planned development for the following reasons:-
    1. The overcrowding in Deschamps Street is already a long time issue due to parking from the funeral parlour services which will be further compounded with such a development size
    2. My property has solar power which will be severely impacted by 3 storey units
    3. The units both sides of No 8 Deschamps Street are half the size and height of the proposed development with sunlight and airflow quality being diminished.
    4. Such a high density development as proposed for No 8 is only suitable for inner city areas where the infrastructure can cope. As yet Lilydale CANNOT, and it will be some long time, if ever, that it will.
    5. Such a development is probably going to have a negative affect on property values in the area which in turn will affect the $ amount in rates that council will ultimately collect.
    6. Consideration needs to be given to emergency vehicle access, which is already difficult, due to the lack of parking for occupants in the street, as it will be further impacted in an emergency if this development goes ahead in its current form.

  3. Paula Molino commented

    Objections Re- Application to build 6x3 story and 2x2 story units at 8 Deschamps Street, Lilydale VIC 3140

    I am a resident of Deschamps Street Lilydale with a single story home.

    I believe the proposed 8 unit site with 6 x 3 (9m high building) story and 2 x 2 story high would be intimidating to those homes around this site, especially my single story neighbour's that are positioned on either side of this towering dwelling. Blocking sunlight and taking away any privacy they may currently have.

    I am also concerned about the impact these dwellings will have on the ongoing parking situation we have in Deschamps Street.
    Deschamps Street is already congested with traffic and parked cars. We already have to cater for the existing traffic, including buses and trucks. Deschamps street also caters for the customers of the funeral home. During the Funeral Homes service times Deschamps Street can be a dangerous area to navigate and at times difficult to easily access our driveways.

    I am also concerned regarding the affect this dwelling will have on my property and the impact it will have on the future value of my home.

    I strongly hope that this proposal in re considered for the comfort, appearance and safety of all in Deschamps Street.

  4. Sandra Williams commented

    Objections Re- Application to build 6x3 story and 2x2 story units at 8 Deschamps Street, Lilydale VIC 3140 As a unit owner at 6 Deschamps Street I will lose massive amounts of afternoon daylight due to the proposed horizontal positioning of these townhouses. These townhouses will have verandas built; measuring 2 meters approx. off the fence line of 6 Deschamps Street also the height of proposed town houses at 8 Deschamps Street will be 9 meters high approx. The units at 6 Deschamps Street are half the size (4 meters approx.) of the proposed planning and therefore will be towered over.
    My unit in particular will lose all privacy & sunlight, being in a constant shadow of towering buildings at all times of the day, my gardens will not get any light, added to this will be the noise from the verandas during use (talking, music, scraping of outdoor furniture) as this unit will face proposed townhouses. We already face major issues re parking on Deschamps Street, if 8 town houses are built & insufficient garage/car parking spaces are provided we will have more cars parked on the street.
    The above parking issues have been raised numerous times with council with no immediate help. This also brings to mind accessibility of emergency vehicles, if this goes ahead and we have more parking on the street where does it leave us and our lives! You must also factor in the funeral home & its insufficient parking that overflows into Deschamps Street, blocking driveways with no consideration for home occupiers/local residents, sadly the plans for car parking at number 8 was rejected but made very good sense to me.
    I am not opposed to units being built at number 8, its inevitable but please I urge you to consider the building of town houses & take in the concerns of current residents on Deschamps Street.

  5. Noel and Marion Lodge commented

    Re 8 Deschamps St. Buildings and works to construct eight dwellings (town houses).

    We strongly object to the proposed development at 8 Deschamps Street for these reasons:

    1. The development is completely out of character with the whole street (too high and too many units).

    2. Nos. 10 and 6 would be severely affected, both in privacy and shade.

    3. In spite of the garages in the plan, there will still be residents' cars parked in the street. (Many families have more than one vehicle).

    4. Deschamps Street is already experiencing severe congestion at the Cave Hill Road end, especially during funerals. We live at No.17 and quite often find it a very tight squeeze to exit our driveway. And then, only one-way traffic is possible. The proposed development will make this significantly worse.

    The Council could dramatically improve the parking situation by reconsidering the proposal to turn No 8 into a funeral car park.

    We submit that the current proposal is completely unacceptable.

  6. Jenny White commented

    The issue isn't with building on the site at #8 Deshamps Street Lilydale it's the height I object too (albeit still within legal limits)and number of units proposed, it is more suited to inner city living. These structures are going to severely impact the amount of daylight that reaches existing homes, it will also have considerable consequence regarding privacy and noise limits as balconies will barely be 2 metres from dividing fenceline. There are concerns already with regard to access for Emergency vehicles (still under consideration I believe) this will only be exacerbated if these units go ahead further adding to concerns of residents safety. There is going to be spillover from new units into the already congested narrow street. I implore you to consider these objections very carefully and make your decisions wisely, this isn't just a financial undertaking it's a personal one also not just the noise and privacy but from the possible loss of life if access of Emergency vehicles cannot be gained due to spillover from units with insufficient parking. This is of great concern to me as my sister lives next to proposed site.
    Thank you

  7. Julie self commented

    Re 8 Deschamps St. Buildings and works to construct eight dwellings (town houses). I strongly object to this project.
    As my son and a friend lives in this street I feel these units are certainly not suited in this area , the street is already a hazard with cars parked in the street and emergency vehicles not able to get down this street safety and efficiency if an emergency arises. I strongly hope the council takes this into account and rejects these town houses, for the sake of the safety and privacy of home owners who live in Deschamps st .

  8. Kathryn Collier commented

    The height of the proposed buildings in particular the height will severely impact the sunlight and subsequent shading in neighbouring properties, this will impact the efficiency of solar installations and this style of density is completely inappropriate in the outer suburb if Lilydale. In addition, it will infringe parking and create unnecessary congestion. I object to this proposal.

  9. Linda Clifford commented

    Linda Clifford
    Objections Re- Application to build 6x3 story and 2x2 story units at 8 Deschamps Street, Lilydale VIC 3140
    Parking is a concern being the overflow from the 8 units allocated 1 car per unit onsite would put more vehicles on the kerbside creating further congestion on the street that is already a dangerous place to park due to the narrow street.
    The height of the buildings will impact on the health of the surrounding buildings being they would be be subject to far less direct sunlight and restricted air flow with the towering buildings overshadowing current neighbouring buildings with the probability of mould becoming a problem inside and garden health will also suffer with these changes.

  10. James Collett commented

    I am writing to lodge an objection to the proposed 6 x three-storey plus 2 x two-storey unit development at 8 Deschamps Street, Lilydale.

    Deschamps Street is a quiet suburban street that has offered good quality of life to its residents. In recent years, an emerging issue on the street has been the amount of cars taking up roadside parking, functionally creating a one-lane street. These cars often belong to residents with more than one car per household. However, compounding the issue is that residents have also been instructed that roadside parking is to be prioritised for a private business operating on the corner, Bill Matthews Funeral Services. Prior to 2020 lockdown restrictions, use of the street in aid of this private business regularly impacted residents, and will likely continue to do so once restrictions lift.

    Building a new eight-residence development on Deschamps Street will increase vehicle overcrowding dramatically, as well as negatively affecting the views and light level experienced by residents. In addition, immediate neighbours will have their privacy compromised and be affected by increased noise, and residents of the development will have to endure the quality of life issues associated with packing eight households onto a single block of land, where infrastructure and building regulations have not been planned in advance to accommodate this. The high population density caused by the proposed development would be more characteristic of inner metropolitan areas, and the problems arising from packing too many people together are the reason many seek to move from these areas to communities like Lilydale in the first place.

    A development of three single-storey units would be in keeping with the surrounding blocks. This would maintain the liveability of the street in the longer term for all residents, rather than catering to the bank balance of just one.

  11. Julie Lancaster commented

    I am writing to lodge an objection to the proposed 6 x three-storey plus 2 x two-storey unit development at 8 Deschamps Street, Lilydale.
    I have been asked to write on behalf of our tenant in the neighbouring unit who now has large concerns about the reduction of sun and particularly the lack of parking that may occur. We understand varying units are built and have no objection, but to build 8 units with 3 storeys in an already high trafficked area seems unrealistic. There is already a lack of street parking for extra residents and visitors, especially when the funeral parlour is in use. Surely units must be built in accordance with the current street landscape and demographics. The current residents should also be kept in mind as they are the ones that have to deal with an overcrowded street line that is used by buses, possibly emergency vehicles and the like.

  12. Alex MacGregor commented

    Objections Re - Application to build 6x3 story and 2x2 story units at 8 Deschamps Street, Lilydale VIC 3140

    As a long term resident of Deschamps Street, Lilydale, I oppose the building of x 8 double and triple storey townhouses at 8 Deschamps Street, Lilydale.

    Access down the street is extremely difficult at times with cars parked on both sides of the streets. The original proposal to use the site for car parking for the funeral home certainly makes more sense to me and alleviating access to the street.

    People visiting the Funeral parlour do not take into account the inconvenience they cause residents to access / exit their driveways.

    I believe that their is NO place in Lilydale for triple height townhouses that cause noise and sunlight restrictions to nearby neighbours.

    I would appreciate if you consider my objections to the building of 8 units at this location.

  13. Philomena Sawyer commented

    What are Yarra Ranges Shire Council thinking? Lilydale is NOT an inner city which have the infrastructure and resources to deal with 'High Density Housing'. Why is Yarra Ranges Shire Council even considering allowing 2 and 3 storey units in an area where traffic and parking particularly during school pick up and drop off is a nightmare and Council are considering adding to this daily debacle Moreover is the developer being made to provide at a minimum of 2 X off street parking spots for each proposed town house? Furthermore viewing the plans it would appear that the units abutting this development stand to lose their privacy and some their access to sunlight for the major part of the year. The veranda's are also of concern for all the above reasons and also noise to residents of adjoining properties. The current residents need to be considered in any development application above the almighty dollar and it is about time that Lilydale cease pursuing building on every postage stamp size blocks of vacant land without first providing the infrastructure and resources needed for what is in essence High Density Housing in a Low/Medium density area that is Lilydale. We choose to live in Lilydale because it is NOT inner city. Please councillors and staff reject this development.

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