1071-1081 Hoddle Street East Melbourne 3002

Demolition of the existing buildings on-site, construction of a multi-storey apartment building and construction of a multi-storey mixed use building, use of the land as a medical centre and office an

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: Melbourne City Council, reference TP-2020-502)


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  1. David McCubbin commented

    A pity.

    A pity that such a beautiful building will be replaced by another steel and glass box.

    The tragedy here is not so much one era displacing another, but the absence of imagination, and dully predictable outcome.

    In as much as Vicroads blithely allows the desecration of our shared ecological heritage at Ararat, so Melbourne City Council approves once again the lowest common denominator on the only criteria that counts in this City... Money.

  2. Katherine Edwards commented

    Please reconsider, this is a unique and indispensable Modernist vessel representing the quality and craftsmanship of Australian mid century architecture - and intrinsically tied to the story of Marvellous Melbourne. At the very least you could leave the facade intact, not only is it a tourist draw card but is a visually commanding, iconic modernist streetscape. Please reconsider, The last thing Melbourne needs is yet another poorly conceived steel and glass multi-level soulless building! and especially in the heart of our historic gem, East Melbourne.

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