13 Edward Street, Upper Ferntree Gully VIC 3156

Use and development of the land for a retirement village (part 3 storeys and part 4 storeys) and vegetation removal

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 7 months earlier.

(Source: Knox City Council, reference P/2019/7512)


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  1. Michelle Cahill commented

    No way. You have to be joking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Helen Croucher commented

    A multi storey building should not be allowed in the area. The will overlook multiple neighbouring properties and will cause traffic congestion on a narrow suburban street. The block of land also is subject to flooding and has a large easement. Where can I view the plans for this application? It also does not fit into the profile of foothills properties.

  3. Danielle Mack commented

    This is a inappropriate development for this area. It should be no more then two stories high. When council were planning an overhaul of the Upper Ferntree Gully strip the plans were knocked back by residents because we refused the new hight limits they were proposing. I guarantee no residents in Upper Ferntree Gully want developments any higher then two stories. It is grossly out of character for this area and they need to amend the plans or find a more suitable location out of the Hills!

  4. Leonie Parkinson commented

    Clearly, this is a brilliant, essential proposal
    to inject vital new life and meet the needs to the Upper Ferntree Gully area in the 21st Century.

    But not thwarted by the constant objectors living in the past too.

  5. Donna Nicol commented

    No no and no! I am a resident of this street and can tell you that there is already far to much traffic as it is with a Hospital, Rehabilitation Centre, Nursing home and Sports club (cricket/footy) with in 200 meters of each other. There is already not enough parking. It’s crazy on the weekends (pre covid). This would cause much more chaos in the street as the side the site is on is already no parking. A four story building would be an absolute eye sore positioned right in the middle of single level residential area. I can’t believe the council would consider such an application.

  6. Adele Greenwood commented

    Development is not always bad if in the right place with infrastructure to support it but this proposal is obscene! The local train stations are already at capacity (pre covid) and the local streets definitely could not handel an extra 70-140 cars. Upwey is already a busseling town and this would put strain on its car parking and traffic flow. I would like to dispute such a large development. 5 or 10 units would be more reasonable.

  7. Janine Wood commented

    I think this is a great idea. However the location is wrong. This will be an eyesore in the community and the privacy of all residents properties will be gone. Edward St is already a busy street with hospital parking and on the weekends it is even busier when there are sporting activities on. This cannot go ahead at all

  8. Matilda Summerton commented

    Without a doubt, for the betterment of area--
    and with Hospital nearby including facilities -
    plus, a vulnerable aging population
    this must be accepted for our community and future.

  9. Bert Verhoeven commented

    Two storeys should be the limit in this area. If this is allowed, it won't be long before multistorey appartments are being built.

  10. John Morgan commented

    This will be totally inappropriate for the area, traffic in Edward St can be bad enough without building this monstrosity on a block of land that that becomes near enough to a swamp during winter. This will only make parking and travelling worse for the residents, nurses, hospital staff and visitors to the Angliss Hospital.

  11. Henrietta P. Davis commented

    If this not approved
    our kids would never forgive us.

  12. Morgan Shae commented

    As some of these seem developer false positives, and a comment here is not an effective objection, are any neighbours going to file actual council objections?

  13. Rob Willard commented

    This development of a private retirement village (NOT AN AGED CARE FACILITY) is going to have terrible impact on the local traffic which is already pushed to the limits with local sporting, school and the hospital. There are no benefits at all to the local community with a development such as this.
    The multi storey design of this proposal will impact all surrounding homes losing all privacy in their properties.
    This land is extremely prone to flooding and I would suggest that any soil testing will show that a development of that size could not be built on the land.
    Totally out of character to the area.
    I will be lodging a formal objection.

  14. John Young commented

    Morgan Shae, objection lodged. Traffic congestion, stormwater run off, 4 stories!! cited as main objections. Having been financially disadvantaged by the last 100 year storm in 2016, I don’t want a future storm to impact us.

  15. Rona Kendra commented

    STRONGLY RECOMMEND this as our street is rather non descript, our dreadful outdated looking street except for a few residences; Certainly need better developments addressing retirement for people, certainly most welcome.

  16. John Morgan commented

    This will be totally inappropriate for the area, traffic in Edward St can be bad enough without building this monstrosity on a block of land that that becomes near enough to a swamp during winter. This will only make parking and travelling worse for the residents, nurses, hospital staff and visitors to the Angliss Hospital.

  17. commented
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  18. perri clow commented

    Objections sent via email and snail mail

  19. Theo commented

    We have to be careful and see through some people who comment are actually proponents and somehow connected to the project, saying that who would want to have that monstrosity next to them or even in the street in this area which is bound or close proximity to the Dandenong Ranges. We need to keep large projects out of the area unless is absolutely necessary and doesn't detract from the environment of this unique setting.
    The area consists of larger blocks and substantially treed where possible in the Upper Ferntree Gully area where the valley runs up to Upwey.
    Amenities, parking in the narrow streets is a problem, consider the Hospital near by.we do not need more of this, developers excuses, oh there's a hospital nearby so whats one extra large building, so the next and the next eventually the area is overtaken and converted to a large business and multistory residential area and the uniqueness of the area will be lost in history forever.

  20. Nicolette Laurent commented

    All in all for our area
    I'm in favour for this planning application.

  21. Sean S commented

    Yes this is much needed. There are very few retirement villages. Like it or not Upper Ferntree Gully needs more higher density living options. Especially this close to major amenities.

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