28 Hunt Road, Burpengary QLD 4505

Reconfiguring a Lot - Development Permit for Subdivision (9 into 157 Lots + 1 Balance Lot in 4 Stages)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 29 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Moreton Bay Regional Council, reference 2020/41289/V3RL)


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  1. Jenny vanHolst Pellekaan commented

    Dear MBRC
    I am writing to you as a concerned resident of Burpengary “Hideaway Estate” of the latest proposal by Developers Osprey /Cedarwoods Property Pty Ltd, for Hunt Road, Burpengary.
    I am particularly concerned with the following aspects of this application to council.

    1. Excessive Clearing of Habitat
    • Within this 24 hectare property there are Koala Protection Overlay areas, established old habitat trees used by koalas and a significant degree of Koalas located within this acreage. There is also many other known species like flying foxes, possums, powerful owls, black cockatoo’s, kangaroos, bandicoots, echidnas, green tree frogs, and many native bird species, that call this place home.
    • The developers have mapped out 8 Koalas within this area, but there are many more here as advised to me by Moreton Bay Koala Rescue (MBKR).
    • In my discussions with MBKR they advised me that :
    o Koalas will call a specific tree their home, you cannot relocate them, they will return to the same tree.
    o You cannot plant a new tree for them as they won’t like it until it’s at least 5 years old.
    o Even if they are relocated, they will attempt to return to the same tree putting them in direct conflict with the development, traffic and dogs
    • The Developer is planning to remove a significant proportion of the Koalas Habitat including 40+ significant Habitat Trees some of which comprise a Koala Corridor which currently feeds down behind properties on the eastern side of Blackbutt Court and into protected bushland.
    • Since the January Bushfires, where we saw a loss of over a billion animals, this has propelled the importance to protect every Koala and known vulnerable species including the powerful owl.
    • Shouldn’t we be protecting every area that has these marsupials living within them?
    • If MBRC is receiving over $55 million from the Government for Environmental protection and restoration and $1.2 million from Ratepayers within the Local Moreton Bay Region, to buy back property and establish Koala habitat, wouldn’t it make sense to leave the Habitat there in the first place.
    • MBKR advised the death toll for koalas in the Moreton Bay region for the last two months is 25, including 2 on Lindsay Road killed by cars. They also advise there were 4 rescued on Clarke Road and 3 rescued in Hunt Road over last 6 months. Additionally, we have recently seen the closure of Sweeney Reserve Dog off leash area by our Mayor, Peter Flannery, after a Koala was mauled by a dog, killing its baby
    . (refer https://www.facebook.com/moretonbaykoalarescue/posts/3081925955210250)
    • By placing over 1000 residents, 326 houses, back to back living within the Koalas territory will have a dramatic effect on their existence. Imagine the amount of traffic, cars and dogs this will generate and will no doubt kill the remaining Koalas we have within this area.
    • The developer is not proposing any separation (e.g. fencing) between the development and retained bushland, are we to believe that of the nearly 150 proposed houses to be established that they will have no impact?
    • The developer proposes handing out a pamphlet to new residents on “how to live with koalas”; this is too little too late and not good enough to help in the preservation of this delicate species.
    • The current mapping of Koalas, Morayfield south, has shown over 600 Koalas are located within this Moreton Bay Region and falling quickly.
    • Previously, MBRC was responsible for passing the planning scheme with little Residents consultation and interests skewed towards the Developer.
    • Previous Councillor for Division 12 did not support the residents at all and was in favour of developer. A highlighted issue was Robbs road, Blewers road, and Clark roads, 2018, where a main problem of these developers was that they actually cleared every bit of vegetation prior to DA being lodged. The developers disregarded all aspects of Environmental planning and where happy to cope a fine, it remains in court. The Clark road clearing, there was a koala killed in this process.
    • The inadequate weight given to preservation of habitat and consideration of impacts on surrounding residences, by old MBRC, was very concerning and now this concern is giving weight to our current situation.
    • MBRC is responsible for enforcing the mapping overlays, enhancing and protecting the habitat and koalas bushland rehabilitation.
    • MBRC should be pushing to create a Koala Park in Morayfield South Region. This park would be within a suburb of acreage properties within protection overlays like Hunt Road.
    • The Developers did only an online search of the wildlife within a 5km radius of this site, and have failed to give a true indication of the diversity of wildlife that is currently residing within this area, including threatened species (e.g the koala and the powerful owl).
    • The proposed site also has mapping of Endangered Remnant vegetation which spans across lots 12 to 20 (the majority of this area). The Vegetation Management Act 1999 – Protects “Essential Habitat and vegetation where listed threatened species have been known to occur.
    • Vegetation on the site includes koala food trees e.g.:
    o Scribbly Gum
    o Pink Bloodwood
    o Grey Ironbark
    o Blackbutt

    2. Over-development of Hunt Road. Strain on Existing Infrastructure.

    • The proposed houses on the northern side of the Road will be significantly OUT OF CHARACTER from those of the southern side of Hunt Road, both in respect to the proposed lot sizes (250-450m2 c.f. 2000-8000m2) and frontage along Hunt Road.
    • Nothing the Developers have provided shows any detail of the proposed street frontage to Hunt Road and we expect them to erect a 6 foot fence to enclose the proposed “enclave” (the developer’s word) that will contrast with the semi-rural and generally low fenced properties on the southern side of Hunt Road.
    • The Application doesn’t respect or reflect the existing character of Hunt Road
    • We believe any development proposal should be modified to provide larger block sizing to remain in character with the current semi-rural landscape. Such as those in nearby Colleen Crescent or the Hideaway Estate or in developments like the Eastwood Property development (44 Nemeth Road, Burpengary East) where block sizing is in the order 3000m2.
    • The Traffic demand survey for Hunt/Lindsay road used in the development application was carried out on 16th June 2020, when Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were in place and does not accurately portray traffic numbers. They use an assumption for “normal” traffic based on number measured in a pandemic that has not occurred within most of our lifetimes.
    • An extra 4 access points of traffic will put further strain to Hunt Road commuters
    • The Hunt Road/Lindsay Road Intersection at present is limited in its ability to control turning cars in peak times, and the right turn at the Lindsay Road Railway underpass (into O’Brien Road) is already significantly impacted with traffic during peak hours.
    • This intersection catches all traffic From Morayfield South.
    • There are no new Bus stops or Train stations proposed for the area. The Burpengary train station park and ride is already at capacity (prior to Covid 19).
    • Morayfield south is not yet serviced by all Local Government networks, including appropriate roads for the massive volume of traffic this development will bring, sustainable water pressure and sewerage along with adequate power.
    • Increased crime due to over densification and under development of community infrastructure including schools, recreational facilities etc, and the shoulder to shoulder housing providing the residents with no options for relaxing in their own back yards. Nothing but high fences, small houses to look at, neighbourhood noise, problem dogs and traffic to listen too.
    • Morayfield South/Burpengary is not anticipated by Government for being required to be developed until 2035, given the total lack of vital infrastructure,
    this development is suggesting.

    Given the strain on our current at capacity infrastructure/roads, the destruction of Koala Habitat (matters of environmental significate bushland) and other species habitat, I cannot see how this development can be approved. I am appalled that the proposed number of tiny dwellings would be allowed to be developed within this Semi Rural community on Hunt Road.
    I was under the impression that the Morayfield south “Emerging community” was proposed to grow southwards from Morayfield and not commence with small lots from the south. I am not against development just development that is inappropriate for the semi-rural and bush like environment of Hunt Road.
    We did not buy into this semi-rural environment, and place over 10 years of improvements into our properties, to live next door to an urban sprawl. This development disregards the protection of our iconic koala and the many other venerable flora and fauna habitats, it also diminishes the character of this semi-rural suburb and the lifestyle which we all have grown to love.
    I believe, that MBRC needs to listen to the Rate payers that have chosen and paid for this acreage lifestyle. This healthy ecosystem should be protected at all costs.
    I am more than happy to discuss these above matters and will be seeking to arrange a meeting with you soon.
    Thank you for your time and look forward to discussing the proposed Hunt Road, Burpengary developments with you further.

    Kind regards
    Jenny van Holst Pellekaan
    43 Glorious drive
    Ph 0405568560
    07 540978133

  2. Mr J Wittaker commented

    Dear Assessment Manager Moreton Bay Regional Council

    Development Application 2020/41289/V3RL

    Property Locations:
    76 Hunt Road, BURPENGARY QLD 4505
    70 Hunt Road, BURPENGARY QLD 4505
    64 Hunt Road, BURPENGARY QLD 4505
    56-60 Hunt Road, BURPENGARY QLD 4505
    52 Hunt Road, BURPENGARY QLD 4505
    46 Hunt Road, BURPENGARY QLD 4505
    40 Hunt Road, BURPENGARY QLD 4505
    32-36 Hunt Road, BURPENGARY QLD 4505
    28 Hunt Road, BURPENGARY QLD 4505

    The MBRC is responsible for opening the floodgates to the destruction of koala forests and woodlands diminishing their natural habitat which have exposed our Australian marsupial to the very real possibility of extinction.
    In recent years there has been a massive spike in the destruction of koala forests in the Morton Bay area. The rate of tree clearing has tripled in the MBRC since amalgamation. With MBRC ignoring mapping protection overlays on many vital areas. More than 5000 hectares of koala habitat has been bulldozed in the MBRC districts, which translates to a rate of about 14 football fields a day.

    The koala is designated as vulnerable to extinction under commonwealth and state law. WWF-Australia have estimated there were likely less than 12,000 koalas left in QLD with the MBRC area and Morayfield south having one of the healthiest populations. Yet at the current rate, Koalas are on track to be extinct in the state by as early as 2030. We have to stop this excessive tree-clearing if we want to keep koalas alive in the wild for future generations. We Rate payers need to demand that MBRC urgently strengthen the laws or at least respect the mapping habitat protection overlays to ensure koalas and other threatened native animals are given the protections they need.
    Satellite imagery analysis has confirmed the dire predictions of the government's own advisers, who warned that if MBRC did not stop approving applications such as the one proposed in application for 28 Hunt Road (reference 2020/41289/V3RL) it will permit the bulldozing of 99 per cent of all identified koala habitat on private land in the MBRC area on a scale we have not seen for more than 70 years. We need to protect our native wildlife habitat now, do we want to be the generation that allowed MBRC and the land baron developers to make the Koala extinct in the Morton Bay area?

    We wish to make you aware of a number of strong objections that numerous residents of Morayfield South have with regard to the proposed Material Change of Use -
    We object to the proposed Subdivision of 9 lots into a staggering high density157 Lots
    On what is prime rural residential land.
    We object to the destruction of the healthy urban ecosystem these lots and this area has, this part of Morayfield South is typical of an older rural residential area, as well as having large densities of mature large trees and occasional watercourse it is also home to a wide variety of native bird and wildlife. Koalas, Kangaroos are often seen in this area.
    The endangered black cockatoo, powerful owl and many other birds often feed and live in the vegetation found in the area the developers want to clear cut.

    2019-2020 was the worst year for Australian wildlife since the arrival of European settlement.
    With over a Billion Australian native animals are said to have died in Australia's bushfires alone.
    Researchers studies have stated an additional104 million native animals, birds and reptiles have died or will die as a result of the clearing of native vegetation approved by the QLD and local governments (such as MBRC) between 1998 and 2020".
    Morayfield south is still rich in biodiversity and has a healthy urban ecosystem supporting endangered species such as echidnas; koalas; possums and gliders; kangaroos, wallabies and rat-kangaroos; bandicoots; antechinuses, dunnarts and other carnivorous marsupials; native mice and rats. Along with a vast varied bird, bat and reptile population.

    Surely after such death, destruction and native wildlife species being pushed to the brink of extinction MBRC would seize upon the opportunity to protect what wildlife and habitat we have remaining??
    This healthy urban ecosystem is already under duress with the slash and burn, clear cutting of neighbouring lots but the whole suburb is not yet totally destroyed.
    The very reason why we brought into a master planned acreage properties suburb was not to have what the developers and MBRC are trying to force onto us now.
    We brought into Morayfield south for the acreage residential healthy ecosystem lifestyle, not high density housing, shopping centres and petrol stations.
    The last thing this area needs is any form is any more high density housing. The anti-social and criminal behaviour that these types of housing estates attract is also something that this area does not want and should be kept within the boundaries of the Morayfield Caboolture area already planned for high density housing where proper policing of these areas is achieved more efficiently and cost effectively by police services.
    Water Run Off & Flooding
    The Morton Bay shire already has some of the worst water quality in its creeks, rivers and catchment areas in Queensland ultimately affecting the water quality of Moreton Bay. Some experts believe this poor water quality is due to the over development of our area. The destruction of almost 100% of the vegetation on this site and replacing it with a surface that is impervious to water penetration will only add to the run off and carrying with it all the pollutants that a commercial/retail and high density residential site will produce. The delicate wetlands ecosystems of the area that are not far from the rear of this property would be directly affected by run off pollution from this site, flowing onto other areas of Morayfield and Burpengary and eventually contributing to the pollution of Morton bay .
    The MBRC web site even states the following:” Water is a scarce and essential naturel resource. Conserving and maintaining water quality is especially important in Australia. Preventing or reducing water pollution protects our water quality and is essential to maintaining the health of our environment and our own quality of life.”
    The close proximity of a vital water way to this type of high density housing polluting our water ways has not been adequately addressed.

    Traffic congestion
    The proposed development is on a busy road the risks of an accident are very real.
    The road infrastructure for the area is already at saturation point.
    Bottlenecks already occur daily along all roads servicing Lindsay road, Oaky flat, Walkers Road etc. The surrounding roads are then used as rat runs as commuters try to find any possible access out of the area.
    This puts the residents of Morayfield south at unnecessary risk to this type of congestion.
    Infill Developments of this type will only increase the road saturation as it will deviate traffic away from the purpose built suburbs closer to Morayfield and Caboolture centre that already have the required public transport and road infrastructure..
    The risk to other people using Hunt road along with all other roads around the proposed development will increase, with the increase of traffic in the area along with traffic turning in and exiting traffic. The additional noise and light pollution along visual and vehicle pollution as a result of the additional traffic will have a negative impact directly on us, our neighbours and the areas wildlife. The proposed plans and the Morayfield South road infrastructure do not allow for the amount of traffic that a development of this type would generate, it is unreasonable for the rate payers of MBRC to have to bear the additional road infrastructure costs and local road repairs cost that a development of this type would require.

    It is also unreasonable for the residents of Morayfield South to have to waste more of their time gridlocked in traffic due to high density developments being built in areas where the road infrastructure is insufficient to bear the load. Approval of such developments as the proposed will make commuting through Morayfield south a traffic congestion nightmare.

    Every route in Morayfield South will be over capacity if MBRC continue to approve these and other types of in fill applications.

    We the residents of Morayfield south didn’t purchase our properties here to have MBRC over approve housing estates in our suburb. We chose to purchase in a suburb that had space and a healthy urban ecosystem. If MBRC continue to approve developments of this nature Morayfield South will become one the most congested suburbs in the whole region.
    MBRC has a obligation to the residents that already call Morayfield South home and are employed to preserving our chosen lifestyle and native urban ecosystem.
    We don’t want grid lock traffic, semi tanker fuel and delivery trucks throughout our suburb.

    What about our rights?
    We paid good money for our properties and the reason we purchased a acreage residential block was for the lifestyle opportunities MBRC was offering.

    I and others believe MBRC should encourage developments that create places and spaces which meet the needs and provide land choices of all people (not just the destructive high density living developments that this application propose) are visually attractive, safe, accessible, functional and fully funded by the developer, be inclusive for people and wildlife, have their own distinctive identity which maintains our acreage properties local character.

    The acreage properties of Morayfield South living in harmony with our native wild life present MBRC an incredible opportunity to protect and commercially promote this unique type of lifestyle and accommodation choices.
    How many suburbs do you know of close to amenities in MBRC area that still have Koala's, kangaroos, Echidna, Bandicoots along with masses of native birds on their properties daily?

    All which are protected species by law!
    But what’s the point of protecting the species if council doesn't protect the habitat they need to survive.

    If the proposed development went ahead our lifestyle and the area’s wildlife habitat would be lost forever to the detriment of us and our future generations!

    We believe this application proposal to contravene MBRC own guidance as it is to the detriment of the quality, character and amenity value of our suburb.

    Council have an obligation to plan our suburbs considering all aspects of that suburb including its wildlife and the residents that actually live there.

    Not just the developer who lives nowhere near the slum they propose.

    I believe the residents that live in Morayfield south are not against proper development of the area.
    But are against the over-development, slum type developments that this application want and MBRC are considering for our suburb, this type of infill development is much better suited to areas closer to Morayfield and Caboolture centre where transport and other infrastructure already exists. Council has the opportunity to develop Morayfield South into a purpose built affordable acreage suburb not just another Brisbane outer suburb high density dormitory rental slum suburb with all the issues and social problems that come with them.
    MBRC needs to learn from the mistakes councils like Logan and Ipswich have made approving so many high density rental developments in their area and the dangerous social issues those suburbs now have to live with daily.

    Morayfield South has some of the best acreage properties left in Southeast Qld, why does council not consider a quality purpose built acreage suburb with homes on 5,4,3,2,1, half or three quarter acre blocks. Look at the “hideaway estate” off Hunt road as a great example, or the small acreage estate just finished on Hauton Road that blends in perfectly with the suburb.

    It is now time to ensure our native woodlands, the native wildlife that relies on them for their habitats, are afforded much better protection. It’s time for MBRC to show the community it is putting in place reforms leading to land clearing rates falling significantly. However, it is crucial that remaining habitat including regrowth is retained within the urban and peri urban footprint. Koala surveys undertaken over many years confirm the importance of retaining this type of ‘mature’ vegetation for the remaining residential koala populations. These sites also become ‘sinks’ for displaced koalas and other wildlife coming from areas previously cleared for development and its related infrastructure.

    By MBRC approving applications of this nature council is destroying our lifestyle, the current residents of Morayfield south already have to fight our way through traffic gridlock every morning and every afternoon wasting valuable time we should be spending with family, at work or at play.

    There are already areas in Morayfield north and Caboolture that are much more suited for this type of development with adequate road infrastructure already built capable of moving the traffic that this type of development would produce.

    It makes total sense to keep this type of high density housing within the original Centre of Caboolture and Morayfield area for so many valid reasons eg; public safety, proper road infrastructure, public transport, pollution control, security.
    Protecting our native wildlife’s environment and habitat along with protecting the place where we live along side that native wildlife i a healthy urban ecosystem.

    Thank you for your time please consider our points very carefully before approving this application and others like it. Because once MBRC has made the Koala extinct in Morayfield there is no going back.

    Mr J Wittaker
    Morayfield South resident.

  3. Raewyn Brundell commented

    Opposing 28 Hunt Road Burpengary, Qld Development by Cedar Woods
    I live in the Hide Away Estate heritage blocks opposite the proposed development subdivision. I oppose the development based on the proposed high density built up area and lack of consideration to support the local endangered koalas, possums, rare echidna’s, blue tongue lizards to list a few of our rare wildlife living within our area. We have rare Powerful Owls who have adapted to living along Hunt Road area. In fact we have reported to Council Wildlife Atlas a young family of Powerful Owls living in 3 houses on Hunt Road.

    In the past I was a Koala rescuer and the longest volunteer at Australia zoo and it was devastating the number of koalas attacked by dogs, hit by cars, koalas inside peoples houses as know where to live within our shire. The Development plan is a death warrant to the current wildlife in the Hunt Road area.

    I believe the Developer has not taken into consideration the wildlife and not established a supportive heritage covenant such as fencing where animals can get through to wildlife corridors. Plus lack of wildlife corridors to join the existing corridor around the Hide Away area. I’d like to point out at the eastern side of Hunt Road the railway runs along Lindsay Road where there will be further developments to Morayfield. It is a quandary how the endangered koalas and wildlife will survive! I strongly support Moreton Bay Regional Council to get involved and support wildlife along Hunt Road with the $1.8 million funding environmental land buyback program to protect strategic wildlife corridors, koala habitat and greenspace.

    It is expected their will be 350-1000 additional cars on top of the existing residents solely congesting Hunt Road. In the event of a fire, has there been a safety evacuation strategy undertaken? There will be 1000’s of residents who solely rely on Hunt Road as an evacuation route. It is Councils role to ensure our safety and I would like to know and feel comfortable prior development commences in our community.

    A current factor, Hunt is overly congested and unsafe as traffic currently backs up at the Lindsay Road and O’Brien Road intersection during school pickup times. There have been a number of accidents at this intersection and I am concerned with additional traffic this will significantly place people’s safety at risk.

    The current development plans epic a high density built up area and I’m concerned about drainage into Burpengary creek as there are low lying flood prone areas and additional drainage volume will exacerbate flood areas. I’d like to know where all the excess rain water is going to drain and impact to the creek?
    FYI, below the proposed area at O’Brien and Lindsay Road intersection it floods under the bridge even though drainage was put in place by Council. It is not sufficient to support high rainfalls and will not support the development area drainage aswell.

    As a resident I am concerned about the increase of traffic noise which will be a living environment disturbance.
    Are there footpaths on Hunt Road planned?
    Are there additional road lighting planned? Previous Council 10+ years ago opposed requests for additional lighting on Lindsay Road based on resident disturbance.
    Are there public buses and an additional train stop within walking distance planned?

    In brief I strongly oppose the development plans and request the current Council to review the DA assessable status which does not require any public consultation. At this point I feel it is Councils job to get involved and answer questions and instigate measures to ensure we live in a safe community. I have so many questions but due to the assessable status of the development I feel it is unfair that the community was not consulted.

    I understand Councillor Tony Latter response to the Cedar Woods Burpengary Estate (letter on 28th July) supports affordable homes at the expense of wildlife and fauna, inadvertently supporting families living on top of each other as though we are in the 17th Century. Surely an affordable home can be on a decent block of land with trees and adjoining wildlife corridor to meet the surrounding Hideaway corridor. A balanced approach of large blocks along Hunt Road that gradually get smaller to the shoeboxes proposed toward Morayfield business area. I think this is an acceptable compromise which residents and wildlife could live happily and safe within.

    Raewyn Brundell
    Resident who loves living in the Hide Away Estate

  4. Grant Pickerin commented

    I am writing as a concerned resident, my family and I have lived on Hunt Road in Burpengary for the past five years.
    We received a flyer in the mail about a proposed development.
    DA number:2020/41289/V3RL.
    After looking at the plans this development is totally unsuited to this area.
    My family and many others object to this and all other high density housing projects in Morayfield South. We need to stop the destruction of vital wildlife habitats.
    Environmental experts have said any clearing projects in Morayfield south will increase pressure on one of the state’s healthiest Koala populations to the point of extinction.
    MBRC is responsible for enforcing the mapping overlays, they should be protecting and enhancing the habitats of our Native Wildlife.
    Small parts of the area is mapped as Koala Bushland Habitat and Koala Bushland Rehabilitation Habitat.
    This whole area currently protects critically endangered native species.
    The destruction of Morayfield Souths healthy ecosystem by MBRC and developers needs to stop.
    Once these habitats are gone many species of Australian wildlife will be extinct from Morayfield South.
    The Morayfield South Koala’s are a precious wild Koala colony virtually on Brisbane’s backdoor.
    Their protection and welfare should be a matter of pride and joy for the whole of the MBRC.
    There are also Kangaroo’s, Bandicoots, Echidna and an array of Birdlife that call the area home.
    There has already been Blocks clear cut by Fairland Group on Clarke road and Robbs road (Morayfield) a few years ago destroying entire ecosystems. There are nine, five acre blocks have been cleared of all vegetation prior to DA being lodged, Not one tree is left.
    I find this disgusting that there are not stronger penalties. To return the stripped area to the way it was it could take decades.
    This type of high density development is not suited to this area.

  5. Katrina Trentham commented

    We moved to the area 5 years ago to live in a rural environment where we can enjoy the wildlife, peace and quiet.
    Currently the roads are not coping with the excess traffic and the schools are at full capacity.
    Council are just looking to increase their income through rates and line their own pockets.
    To consider this development is an absolute disgrace and Council should be ashamed of themselves!!! Destroying the area and the environment and taking away families homes and lifestyles!!!

  6. M Stewart commented

    We like a lot of others in the area bought in this area for the semi rural lifestyle and this is slowly being eroded by developers and the council in general, there is plenty of undeveloped areas that should be developed long before they are allowed to subdivide existing land. The council need to consider the lifestyles we have all bought before they focus on rates and revenue. If you want the area to be known as high density, unliveable and high crime you are heading in the right direction

  7. Trish Couper commented

    Trish Couper.
    I have lived in Hunt Road for almost 29 years, because I wanted to live in a rural location. I am totally opposed to the development planned for 28 Hunt Rd. It is certainly not suitable for this area for so many reasons. I used to see kangaroos and wallabies, lots of koalas and other native wildlife and birds.Now they are being killed by the almost non stop traffic which uses Hunt Rd as a rat run.I have to keep my front door closed because of the excessive traffic noise. Imagine all the extra noise and traffic if this developement goes ahead. There are no shops or schools in walking distance of Hunt Rd. and the nearest railway station is too far to walk to.
    Surely someone at MBRC can see how wrong it would be to destroy the wildĺife habitat we have in our area. Not to mention the flooding under the railway bridge and lack of amenities.

  8. Emergency Services Worker commented

    I fully understand the concern of those objecting to development of the northern side of Hunt Road Burpengary. No argument from me at all.

    However may I draw the attention of those residing in the Hide Away Estate who mention the future traffic issues, if the development goes ahead... Whilst I also agree with their assumptions and views, there has been an ongoing issue with speeding traffic, both cars and motorcycles, travelling way over the posted speed limit on Hunt Road for years right up to this day, and God knows how bad it will become if the development is approved. The speeding traffic problem appeared to increase after the Hideaway was populated some years ago now.

    Many of these speeding vehicles actually belong to residents already residing in the HIde Away Estate. Not all, I will agree, most are very safe and law abiding drivers, but many speeding drivers currently do live in this Estate, and I respectfully suggest that they "clean up their own backyard" where speeding in a vehicle is concerned, before ranting, (quite correctly), about traffic and safety issues with any future development.
    I support their views absolutely, but are any of these people also guilty of traffic offences on a daily basis on Hunt Road, yet choose to ignore or not wake up and modify their own driving "habits" which are dangerous. The 70kph posted sign is the MAXIMUM speed allowed when safe, if it is not safe at the time, the law states you must drive at a safer lower speed, not the maximum posted. It is not rocket science.

    Do not whinge if you get a fine, do not carry on like spoilt brats towards police issuing the fine. If your driving was safe, and did not come to attention of police, you would not be "wearing" any fine.
    In reality, the speed limit should be 60 kph on Hunt Road right now. Then some drivers who habitually speed might do 70, ( as most exceed the limit by over 10kph), instead of their usual 80 to 90kph, motorcycles even more.

    I say all this because Hunt Road, even now, can be a death trap, due to excessively speeding vehicles, and is only a standard two way carriageway in any case, it is not designed for carrying hundreds of extra vehicles a day moving in and out of a proposed residential development of over 300 dwellings, regardless of how many entries and exits it is built with. The road is simply too narrow.

  9. D.Henderson commented

    Dear Assessment Manager Moreton Bay Regional Council
    Development Application 2020/41289/V3RL

    I’m writing to you as a concerned resident on Hunt Road and I’m astonished the original application wasn’t quashed when the new council took power as this application was made during and time in which the previous council was being investigated on a number of potential corruption issues and still hasn’t been resolved as you would be well aware still being processed through the courts and this DA should never got to this stage and rejected until it had and/or the new Council had full consultation with the residence of Hunt road and surrounding areas that would be personally impacted financially and also the emotional impacted this has on many of these residence as well.
    I’ve re-viewed the 100 day speech of this council and everything leads me to think this new council is hearing what our shire needs from the people who voted this council in and not those who do not “the developers” which have no idea about the impact this has on locals or future impact overall of surrounding areas.
    I too moved to the area because I wanted to enjoy the life style of a bush surrounding like most other residence here and share the beautiful part of the shire and they have also expressed to you concerns on how this will impact this area and I understand what housing is proposed in this development and it makes me angry the Developers feel that the new generation residence are only entitle to this type of compact living as future land sizes reduce which I strongly disagree with as the next generation should have the same opportunities we all had which is the dream of buying a house to bring their children up and share in community spirit and lifestyle and isn’t that what everyone wants for the next generation and I’m all for expansion and development for the shire and welcome any ideas to increase housing, employment and self-worth for everyone but this DA is none of those and council needs all residence be able to contribute in making this shire better and a place in which others outside the area feel they want to live.
    I believe if council was to be pro-active and complete their own study of the area and conduct a fair and open assessment prior to the decision rather than post approval of a DA council will conclude this application to be inappropriate for this area and would agree that further consultation with all residence of Hunt road and surrounding areas is a must and we’re all prepared to work with council to see not just good development strategies for the area but opportunities for future growth in other areas as well so please listen to the people “not developers” who don’t know our shire.
    I wrote this letter not just for myself as a resident but also as a father of children that will be soon looking for their own peace of paradise in the shire and like others the same don’t they deserve more than what’s proposed in this DA

    Moreton Bay Shire "working together"

  10. Karen Wittaker commented

    Dear MBRC
    I would like MBRC to accept my objection to application number 41289 and hope that MBRC will reject it in its entirety.
    MBRC needs to protect the remaining vital habitat in Morayfield South.
    That MBRC are considering applications numbers 34253, 39429, 39646 and 41289 all for this same area is outrageous.
    How can MBRC actually be considering the willing destruction of a whole healthy urban ecosystem, along with the deaths of All the native wildlife that require that habitat to exists?
    Only to be replaced by over 1500 houses in a high density slum. Haven't we as a people learnt anything from what councils in the past have permitted to be approved?all under the names of " Progress" "Development" or "Growth".
    How is the total destruction of a healthy urban ecosystem and the forced extinction of so many native animals " Progress" "Development" or "Growth"???
    What about the rights of the people that have worked hard and paid for the right to live alongside that healthy urban ecosystem and the native wildlife?
    The acreage properties in the pocket from Anderson road south down to Hunt road including Clark, Robbs, Blewers and Hauton Roads provides crucial habitat for some of our regions and nations most endangered native wildlife. Species such as the Koala, Bandicoot, great owl, Echidnas, Tawny Frogmouths, Quoll's, Pygmy Possum, Eastern Curlew's along with Turtles and platypus in Burpengary creeks and its runoffs.
    Their is so much native wildlife currently hanging on to survival in Morayfield south that needs councils help in protecting them and their habitat.
    NOT MBRC being reason why those species are now extinct.
    The only wild life that will be left in Morayfield south if the developers are not stopped by MBRC are going to be the pest introduced toads, sparrows and starlings.
    Wont that be a proud moment for MBRC councillors, when you can stand up and proudly state that you were part of the organisation that made extinct so many Australian native species in the MBRC area.

    The mistrust from Morayfield south residents on how MBRC and its elected councillors have dealt with our suburb in the past has left deep scars and a general lack of confidence that MBRC will do whats right for the native wildlife, and the residents that purchased a acreage lifestyle in Morayfield south, and choose to live alongside our native wildlife in a healthy urban ecosystem.
    A prime example is one of the below conditions that were part of application number 34253 submitted by the corrupt developer Fairland Group (you should ask our ex councillor all about his dealings with them)
    The below conditions which clearly state that there are vital areas of habitat to be protected and not cleared were totally ignored by Fairland group and MBRC as Fairland group went through one week end with several massive swamp bulldozers and clear cut 45 acres of forested habitat.
    NO one from MBRC lifted a finger to stop them, even after multiple calls were made that they were clearing trees with NO wildlife spotters, in a area where Koalas were often seen and most importantly been told by MBRC NOT to clear any habitat vegetation.
    MBRC have you ever wondered why so very few residents have any faith in what MBRC and its councillors do?
    The condition read:
    "Environmental Planning 15. Although the proposed development is not within the Environmental Areas high value area, over 3 hectares of native vegetation exists across the 5 lots. In particular existing Lots 21, 23, 24, 29 and 34 has over three hectares of vegetation at the rear of the properties. Performance Outcome PO57 of the Reconfiguring a Lot Code (Emerging Community Zone - Transition Precinct) requires the retention of native vegetation by incorporating native vegetation and habitat trees into the subdivision design. Whilst this area is not mapped it would potentially form part of a local corridor connection from east to west in the local area structure plan. The lot plan should include detail around how the development will provide safe unimpeded and ongoing wildlife movement. The lot plan should also ensure habitat trees are located outside the development footprint and attempt to retain those in the streetscape, road reserves and front and backyards. (a) Provide an amended lot design that incorporates the larger stands of native vegetation and ensures the development footprint is outside areas that contain Information Request – Development Application No. DA/34253/2017/V3RL Page 9 habitat trees. (b) Provide a Vegetation Management Plan that identifies on a lot plan all Habitat Trees and Non-Juvenile Koala Habitat Trees. (c) Provide a Fauna Management Plan that details procedures for dealing with fauna prior and during vegetation clearing and treatment of fauna on site.

    20           No Loss of Fauna Habitat

                    Development does not result in the loss of fauna habitat.

                    Where development does result in the loss of a Habitat Tree, development will provide replacement fauna nesting boxes at the following rate:

    1.            One (1) nest box for every hollow removed; or

    2.            Where hollows have not yet formed in trees greater than 80cm in diameter at 1.3m height, three (3) nest boxes are required for every habitat tree removed."

    MBRC on those blocks:
    Show me the NO loss of Fauna Habitat??
    Show me the nest boxes for every hollow removed??
    Show me the remaining trees to even attach the nest boxes to?
    Show me where The Fairland group have been punished for the illegal clearing carried out that was directly responsible for the death of a Koala.
    Show me where Fairland has carried out the replanting of the Koala habitat trees the Fairland group destroyed?

    Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) and Queensland’s State Department of Environment and Science (DES) have more than enough evidence proving that koalas are declining at an escalating rate across their natural range in this state. This decline is well recognised across the Moreton Bay region as well. All government departments at a regional and state level know this decline relates predominantly to the ongoing destruction and fragmentation of habitat crucial to providing food, shelter and dispersal opportunities for koalas and all native wildlife utilising the same ecosystem.
    Ongoing clearing and fragmenting of koala habitat has resulted in the reclassification of this unique marsupial on a Federal level from “common” to “vulnerable”. It is now considered to be “threatened” across its natural range in Queensland. Any impact on koalas or the habitat upon which they depend is a Matter of ‘Local, State’ and ‘National Environmental Significance’ deserving serious attention.
    Many Morayfield residents  believe it is time to address the failings of all the koala conservation and management plans that have been put in place to date at a MBRC regional and state level as well as at a federal level.
    All we see as the primary measure of success for the entire regulatory scheme so far, appears to be how quickly project approvals can be done by MBRC.
    Evidence suggests that the focus of all levels of government is pro development and the environment “be hanged”. In these perilous times such an attitude is unacceptable.
    Now is the time for MBRC and the State Government to play more than “token lip service” to koala conservation and actually make a commitment to retain koala habitat. Without retaining the koala food trees and other natives the koala cannot survive.
    There is an urgent need to focus on protection and recovery of vulnerable, threatened and endangered species and ecological communities. A greater effort is required to ensure that development of any sort for any purpose has no net negative impact on koalas or the habitat upon which they depend.
    This is clearly not the case in the Hunt, Blewers, Robbs and Clark road applications.

    Did MBRC Know Hunt Rd has had a nesting pair of powerful owls for several years now?
    The powerful owl is listed number 2 after the koala in the MBRC most endangered and at risk of extinction list.
    Yet MBRC are supporting the destruction of the vital habitat both need to survive.
    Total hypocrisy, so saddening that our elected officials are only concerned about making the land barons more money.

    As stated this pocket of vital and healthy urban ecosystem that supports so much native wild life living along side residents that have chosen and paid dearly for the right to do so needs to be protected at all costs.
    Why cant MBRC build suburbs that have a variation in the types of land options provided for land owners?
    Why is MBRC only interested in approving cheap high density housing?
    Surely MBRC can see that the total everlasting destruction and extinction of this vital healthy urban ecosystem along with all its native wildlife is not worth the profits MBRC will be giving the land baron developers, nor the extra rates that MBRC will be able to charge.
    When there is so much to loose that can never be brought back.
    That any additional income in local and state taxes that the proposed developments may bring will be nothing in comparison to the additional cost on the state and local governments in policing the crime these high density housing estates being proposed produce.
    If allowed to go ahead this area will become a blight in MBRC area for decades to come.
    Some all ready call this area the Logan of the north, cheap high density housing applications like these will prove them right.
    Any short term monetary gains for MBRC will be quickly lost on trying to cover for the cost of the lacking infrastructure the area has while constantly trying to protect he rest of the shire.

    There are so many areas on the eastern side of the Bruce Hwy that have already been cleared of commercial pine tree plantations, these areas are perfect for the developments being proposed. there has been no native ecosystem or wildlife in those areas since the plantations were planted 70 years ago.
    The pine plantations have been cleared there is no native vegetation or habitat or wildlife.
    There are no land owners on that old pine plantation land who have paid with their own hard earned money for the right to live in a native forested acreage property alongside a healthy native urban ecosystem full of native Australian wildlife.
    Why does not MBRC encourage the developers to build their high density housing estates on the land that already has NO environmental value???
    MBRC I voted in the recent election for a council that spoke about the environmental wealth our area has.
    You were right when you spoke of environmental wealth, the remaining urban ecosystem that Morayfield south has left is of SO much more value in its current state than bulldozed, clear cut and covered in cheap high density housing.
    Wouldn't it be a proud moment if MBRC were influential in protecting Morayfield south's urban ecosystem, wildlife and helped develop it into a model suburb for the world to come and see how a urban ecosystem can live alongside acreage properties.
    Residents Proud to be part of a local council that prides its self in having multiple choices for housing and land purchases.
    Not just the high density housing estates MBRC are so actively approving now.  
    Yes there are areas in MBRC that can support that type of housing, but that is not here in Morayfield south.
    As stated those type of developments are much more suited for land that has no environmental value such as ex pine plantations.

    There is an urgent need to retain any area identified as containing particularly high value and medium value koala habitat on any ‘map of koala habitat values’ as that term is defined in Schedule 24 of the Planning Regulation 2017 (Qld). This retention should extend to include the Commonwealth Species of National Environmental Significance Maps of known to occur or likely to occur koala habitat, trimmed to include only remnant forest and high value regrowth forest more than 10- 15 years old and 11% foliage projective cover or greater.
    There is also a need to protect all of the 299 regional ecosystems that either have one or more koala records associated with them or one of a list of 13 verified food trees species to include only remnant forest and high value regrowth forest more than 15 years old and 11% foliage projective cover or greater. This should be undertaken at the very least if MBRC is to sustain and conserve its koala population.
    All of these actions are doable and the positive benefits to the koala, other wildlife and the community are not only achievable but beneficial.
    Habitat loss is the leading cause of the population declines of koalas in Queensland. In addition, the fragmentation of koala habitat exposes koalas to the compounding threats of disease, starvation, car strikes and dog attacks.
    The battle to prevent koalas from going extinct will be lost unless MBRC take urgent and comprehensive action to halt this crisis. Koala habitat should be protected from clearing, regardless of the purpose.

    Thanks for listening I hope you will consider a different point of view to that of the land developer.

    I'm still hoping that MBRC will do the right thing and be the voice for the native wildlife, its healthy urban ecosystem and the residents that love living alongside that wildlife.

    Mrs Karen Wittaker.

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