62 Crinan Street, Hurlstone Park NSW 2193

Demolition of exitsing structures including tree removal and the construction of a two storey, 40 place child care centre over a basement car park containing seven spaces

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 10 months ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Canterbury-Bankstown Council, reference DA-565/2020)


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  1. Colin Dent commented

    I strongly object to this development. There are too many child care centres in Hurlstone Park. This is not in keeping with the heritage buildings on Crinan St. The traffic issues and noise from children all day for the neighbours is not fair.

  2. Tim Carroll commented

    This development is completely unsuited to this space. There is never any spare parking in that area anyway and the added cars every morning and every evening would add to an already busy area.
    There are also many childcare spaces in this area.

  3. Laura commented

    Inner West Council have already approved a 40 space child care centre as part of a hideous, over-height 5 storey development on the corner of Watkin Street and Canterbury Road, Hurlstone Park - about 400 metres from this proposed D.A. How many empty child care centres do greedy councils think we need?

  4. Nicole commented

    There are three childcare centres in Hurlstone Park already, so what is the justification for another? Also, the streets around the station for at least 500 a metre circumference have virtually no parking already. A childcare centre draws a large number of vehicles at dropoff and pickup times, 5 days a week. Where are these vehicles going to park at these times? Seven car spaces will not even cover the number of staff required to run this centre.

  5. Deirdre Ferguson commented

    And more trees to be cut down. There is little green space in this area and most trees are in yards. What a poor environment for children to play in.

  6. Lilly Gamerson commented

    There are 4 child care centres less than 500 metres away from the proposed on this DA, a modern building would ruin the heritage feeling that this street has.

  7. Derya Kusoglu commented

    I strongly oppose this development. Why to destroy an old building to make a new childcare, whereas there are already many childcare centres in Hurlstone Park? There are also always available free parking spots. We don't need a car park.This new building would completely change the village atmosphere on Crinan Street. Please respect the existing warm feeling that this street has.

  8. Mark commented

    I support this development application. A 2 storey building with basement car parking is not overdevelopment and in keeping with the scale and character surrounds of the area. Many of those are opposed are just self interested older people who are opposed to any reasonable expansion of housing and social infrastructure in the area (childcare centers, metro trains etc). Its about time the council started doing what is right for future generations, and working parents rather than pandering to a few self interested loony tune baby boomers. With COVID19 we have a unique opportunity with slow population growth driven by border closures to catch up and resolve our infrastructure deficit.

  9. Joseph commented

    I strongly object to this DA. The traffic snarls that this would bring to this beautiful street would be a disaster.

    I presume all the underground parking would be for staff, leaving on street parking for family drop off and pick up. Parking on Crinan is already difficult as it is.

    With four other childcare centres including one already DA approved a few hundred meters away there is no need for another.

    Over developing our beautiful streets is ruining our local community heritage!


  10. Bonnie commented

    I strongly object this DA. There are already 5 childcare centres within walking distance of this proposed DA. It has been reported in 2017 that there was an oversupply of childcare in the inner-city and middle-ring suburbs of Sydney. Parking along this street is shared between residents as well as commuters leaving their cars parked for public transport use. Adding a childcare means higher foot traffic as well as traffic to a road that is already busy. In order for this childcare to remain within appropriate noise levels they will require an operational management plan that limits outdoor play time, where a small number of children are permitted outside at any one time. This restricted play time approach limits the ability of children to play and often becomes an ongoing compliance and enforcement matter for the council.

  11. Bea Jay commented

    Please do not go ahead with this development. I live in Crinan Street and we don’t need a day care Centre here. It is a very busy street with no spare parking and there are already ample day centers in the vicinity

  12. R & J commented

    We object to this development due to the impact it will have on the suburb, traffic flow and safety.

    Seven parking spaces will be pretty much taken up by staff, therefore parents will be doing most drop-offs and pick-ups in the street. There is only limited street parking. This will cause the parents/children to be crossing the street, which in peak times is busy and the cars travel at maximal speed along that stretch of road. Parents will be doing U-turns etc. to get to parking, creating further dangerous hazards.

    There does not appear to be a need for another childcare centre in this area - to fill their vacancies the centre will be accepting kids from other areas which will no doubt be being driven there.

    Besides the above safety concerns this development will have a significant impact on traffic congestion on Crinan St during peak times, particularly at the Canterbury Rd traffic light intersection. Already, we regularly see unsafe driving, with people driving too fast and running red lights in order to get through this intersection.

    Please decline this application.

  13. Michele Vandersander commented

    It is my opinion that this development will have an adverse effect on traffic flow in this street. With commuter & residents cars parked on both sides of the road it only allows for one car travelling in each direction. With parents dropping off children at a child care centre (which does not constitute stopping but parking the car - usually double parking) Crinan St will resemble a car park during peak periods and will cause significant traffic delays which are likely to cause bottlenecks throughout the local area.

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