391-393 Anzac Parade Kingsford NSW 2032

Construction of an eighteen (18) storey mixed-use development comprising ground / first / second floor commercial and a boarding house comprising 399 boarding rooms and a manager’s room, basement parking, public plaza, pedestrian through-site links, signage, earthworks, landscaping and associated works (variations to building height and FSR standards of the RLEP 2012).

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 7 days earlier.

(Source: Randwick City Council, reference DA/311/2020)


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  1. Michael Wright commented

    This looks to be the first wave of the K2K Kensington and Kingsford Town Centres Planning Proposal implemented. A 399 room boarding house is not ground breaking urban renewal & not the creation of a "ideas hub with new community centres, exhibition spaces and an Innovation Centre designed to encourage creative start-up businesses".
    It is a dramatic expansion of the decades long creep of boarding houses and student accommodation into all areas of Kingsford.
    Is a 399 room boarding house even required in these times with COVID-19 restricting students at the uni?
    I object to this development one the follow grounds:
    * height at 18 stories is way too much
    * number of rooms is way to much - at 399
    * congestion caused by volume of people in this small area
    * need for 399 boarding house?
    * lack of developers levy to assist with impacts.
    * unsightly extreme development not in fitting with character of Kingsford
    Please reject this application

  2. Lorna Whitwam commented

    I also object to 18 stories, it's way too high and will look out of place in the area.

  3. Darryl commented

    I am also objecting to the construction of this 399 room development. Three hundred and ninety nine ???? Insane.. this government has totally lost it.. Shame on you.

  4. Judy Eriksson commented

    There are so many boarding houses being build from Kensington through to Randwick. Developers are allowed a lot of leeway when building this type of accommodation under the so called social housing. We all know that the only way affordable social house can happen in these areas are if Gov. build them. 399 rooms total disgrace. Getto’s of tomorrow are come to your neighbour hood. My fellow rate payers start taking an interest in your local area and make some noise to show we the community have a say in how we want our suburbs to look like into the future. It’s time for a change when we next go to VOTE Enough is Enough

  5. Lisa Walpole commented

    Randwick Council.
    Please oppose this DA. The 35 room boarding house at Corner of Meeks and Willis st has remained half empty since it opened 18mths ago. Even less occupants since COVID .The area does not need more over priced tiny boarding house rooms. Students don"t want to live in them. The light rail is empty and the residents are only just recovering from the massive disruption, noise and dirt we have had to endure for the last 2 years for that unnecessary infrastructure that was forced on us.
    I'd imagine there will be more road closures at the nineways for this to be built and there is already huge delays from around peak hrs at that intersection.
    There are no other 18 story buildings in the area and it should stay that way. These huge high-rise developments across mascot and Zetland are all only half full. It's blatant over development and needs to stop.

  6. Joyce Li commented

    Given the cutrrent COVID situation, I don't think a huge shared boarding facility is good for the future from the public health point of view. Look at the Melbourne public housing problem. 399 rooms in one building with shared facilities could be a hazard for sure if any health crisis like this happen in the future!

  7. guiovany commented

    the rental prices combined with tenant income profiles means that many are being delivered at a price point that is not affordable to low-income households. Once completed, room rents could be $425-$450 a week, compared with perhaps an apartment for $ 650.This will provide less parking spaces for people living close boarding houses as well as increase the demand for and impact on street parking in Kingsford

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