196 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065, VIC

Variation of Licence

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  1. David McCormack commented

    I would like to lodge an objection to the variance to the hotels licence to reduce the number of crowd controllers at this venue when they engage an acoustic performer/ performers.

    The venue has a long history of disruptive behaviour, particularly after 12 am and beyond 3.00 am. This includes fighting, noise and vandalism in nearby streets. From what I recall, its was the subject of a stabbing incident some years back.

    The venues history would indicate that rather than reduce the number of crowd controllers, the venue should be increasing them.

    The venue and surrounding residents need more control rather than less as I see this as a ploy to reduce numbers until 3.00 am when I feel that the acoustic performer has long gone home and the taped music is thumping till 3.00 am when the trouble starts.

    I actually do not recall acoustic being a preferred music option at this venue.

  2. Sarah Maddison commented

    I would like to object to this variance to the hotel's license.

    Reducing crowd controllers at this venue would pose a serious security and public safety risk. I have previously visited the venue to request that they pay greater attention to their RSA obligations, as it is not unusual to have highly inebriated patrons in the streets between 12 and 3am, creating high levels of risk for both themselves and others. As neighbours, we routinely see patrons stagger into the road, damage public infrastructure such as fire hydrants, damage private property including cars, vomit in the street, etc. If anything, they need more staff to manage this situation as they seem to be unable to manage or appropriately regulate the amount of alcohol consumed by their patrons.

  3. Peter from Fitzroy commented

    The day the Perserverance hosts acoustic gigs will the day there will be pigs, rather than bats, flying over in the evening. Don't let them decrease security!

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