123 Ray Road Epping NSW 2121

Development Application - 123 Ray Road, EPPING NSW 2121 - Section 4.56 modification to approved DA/366/2016 for demolition and construction of a boarding house containing 15 boarding rooms and a manager's room. The modifications include a reconfiguration of the internal layout, increased floor area and building footprint, changes to floor levels and relocation of the bin/waste storage area.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference DA/366/2016/A)


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  1. lauren k commented

    I object to the modifications proposed in this DA. Despite the submission claiming there is no major change from the previously approved DA, the height of the building is significantly higher and the actual building itself is bigger.
    This submission tries to cover up the fact that in all aspects, east, west and south elevation they have increased the size of the building by raising the roof, and the only thing they have kept same from original DA is the street elevation.
    Please consider the substantial impact in privacy of the surrounding neighbours by having a bigger and taller building than what was initially approved.

    Please have a look at this submission carefully as they are trying to approve a different building to what was initially approved.

  2. S Dale commented

    The standard for affordable housing was revised in 2019, in areas zoned R2 low density is for a maximum of 12 rooms per site why isn't this reflected in the modification? There should be 0.5 parking spaces per boarding room with at least 1 parking space for persons employed by the premises.
    This DA is for 16 double rooms and 1 communal rooms - clearly this is in violation of the ARHSEPP?

  3. Jillian B commented

    Please urgently reconsider the proposal to build a boarding house on Ray Rd. This is a residential street with mostly single dwellings in a very family friendly suburb. There are two day care centres on this street and this raises valid safety concerns for parents and care providers. There are also potential COVID/pandemic management type concerns for transient and temporary house guests sharing living areas and bathroom facilities. For occupant health and child safety reasons, this proposal must be rejected.

  4. Jules T commented

    This proposal is not appropriate for the suburb of Epping. It is particularly inappropriate for a street that includes two daycare centres. Will the Council give all residents on the street DA approval to build a three storey home? No? Then reject this proposal also.

  5. Mary S commented

    I have some real concerns with this proposal. Potential strangers living on a temporary basis in close quarters sharing kitchen and bathroom facilities? Have we learned nothing from the recent global pandemic? How will you isolate infected people in the boarding house? How will you deep clean surfaces when residents come and go on a frequent basis? This is a health management issue. The world will change after COVID-19 is over and there's no guarantee there won't be another pandemic. Overcrowding in confined areas contributed to the recent outbreak, and here we are proposing to build shared double room boarding houses!

  6. Andrew chen commented

    I am strongly object to this proposal to build a boarding house. Please think about our neighbourhood safeties once this boarding house been build. If this place able to build a 2.3 storey boarding house. The whole street should able to...then the whole Epping community get destroy. Please look after our residents here.

  7. Cass commented

    A boarding house on Ray Road is neither an appropriate nor justifiable development for Epping. Please take into serious consideration the nature of this residential and family oriented suburb. The location of this boarding house does not make any sense as it is not near the train station or amenities, and the also the inevitable encroachment into the neighbouring propertiesā€˜ privacy.

    Why is the boarding house deemed suitable for this location and what is it about the location that justifies an approval of a development that is at odds with the rest of the street and even the whole of epping.

  8. Jack commented

    I thoroughly object to a boarding house being built on Ray Road, Epping. The demographic of the area is mainly families and quite a handful of elderly couples. Building a boarding house here will impair the livelihood of the area with a surge of short term visitors, be it locals or foreigners. This area is a residential area and it should stay that way.

    The increase in young tenants will also affect the residences around them be it by loud noises or by hygiene ethics. This will impact the houses directly around the boarding house to decrease in value and encourage residents to leave. Then, this will snowball to create another opportunity for another boarding house to be built next to it. When will it end?

    Please reconsider this proposal for the sake of the residents of Epping. Thank you.

  9. Neil Donovan commented

    Please reconsider the proposal to build a boarding house on Ray Rd. This is a residential street with single dwellings in a family friendly suburb. There are two day care centres on this street and this development raises safety concerns for parents and care providers. There are also potential health concerns for transient and temporary house guests sharing living areas and bathroom facilities. For occupant health and child safety reasons, this proposal must be rejected. The current pandemic demonstrates why such a development is inappropriate and dangerous as a precedent.

  10. local resident commented

    The proposed DA may not be compliant with existing codes in the area in terms of open space and deep soil for plantings. If the modifications to the design are to improve amenity of residents, then the first modification is to reduce the number of rooms so that each can be larger or have greater amenity within the rooms. This type of development is very different from the existing landuse of single family residential and because of its increased height (sides and back), will intrude on the privacy of neighbours.

  11. Helen commented

    Please reconsider the modifications proposed in this submission. The original plan already had serious impact on the neighbourhood and characteristic of Epping, and now the proposed changes will have even more of an impact to the area.
    If they want to build this boarding house, they need to stick to the original approved plan and not be trying to make it bigger!

  12. Allan Y commented

    As a medical practitioner, I oppose this proposal on the grounds that it does not meet current health requirements. Self-isolation in the same room as another tenant while sharing a kitchen/bathroom is not good practise.
    As a resident, I oppose this proposal on the grounds that a three storey building amongst single/double storey dwellings will intrude on neighbourhood privacy.
    As a grandparent, I oppose this proposal on the grounds that it is unsafe for a boarding house of this nature to exist on the same street as a daycare centre.
    Approval of this plan is irresponsible. Please reconsider and reject the proposal.

  13. Sue Simmonds commented

    I am strongly opposed to this boarding house. Allan Y and the other respondents have listed all the reasons very well why this should not go ahead. For the health and safety of residents and children in the day care centres, as well as that of the potential boarding house residents, this application should be denied. I feel for those people who live near this site. They should not have to put up with such a large and totally unsuitable building near them. It is probably too late to block it entirely, but Council could at least deny the changes in the current application. It should never have been approved in the first place.

  14. Joshua Tan commented

    123 Ray Road Epping NSW 2121
    I strongly object to any proposal to build a 2 to 3-storey boarding house on any street zoned as residential precinct. In this case for 123 Ray Street, how could it be appropriate or justifiable for a boarding house development especially when the immediate neighbourhood are all single/double-storey residential dwellings? Firstly the lot size is of a standard lot no larger than the neighbouring lots. Surely we need to consider the substantial impact to the privacy of the surrounding neighbours if such boarding house were to be built. The peaceful, quiet and friendly neighbourhood will forever be lost following the arrival of a group of young and mostly short term visitors (be it locals or foreigners) in the neighbourhood. The increase of mainly young, transient and temporary house guests / tenants will also greatly affect the residences around them through higher traffic count, and car & noise pollution typically associated with over-crowdedness. I also question whether such a boarding house development is a wise project under the current COVID/pandemic concerns especially when overcrowding in confined areas has been attributed to the recent outbreak.

  15. lauren commented

    Please be aware that the parramatta council doesnt' have access or will accept the comments posted on this website, and its best to email the council directly to express your objections at this address;

    Please remember to write the title as DA/366/2016/A
    and state your name and address.

    Thank you

  16. Joshua Tan commented

    Thank you for your comment and suggestion.
    I will send my objection to the Parramatta Council as suggested.
    Kind regards,

  17. Y Y commented

    Hey Guys,
    as my understanding, once the DA is approved, its unlikely to be withdrawn unless the owner agrees to do so.
    i guess we can just object to the modification of the DA which was approved in 2017. but the boarding house will be built anyway.
    Is there anything we can do at this stage?

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