1 Railway Rd Meadowbank NSW 2114

Demolition of existing structures and construction of a mixed use development comprising four buildings ranging in height between 6 and 7 storeys over 3 basement levels. The mix uses will contain 133 residential apartments, a boarding house with 162 rooms and 4,255m² of commercial floor space. Parking for 419 cars is proposed. The application will be referred to the Sydney North Planning Panel constituted under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 for determination as the capital investment value exceeds $30 million.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 2 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Ryde, reference LDA2020/0199)


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  1. Honey Davies commented

    Definitely NOT... There is way too much over development as it is in the area with little or no upgrade to services or green spaces. The addition of this nightmare at that location will only add to an already further congested traffic for the area. The roads are already becoming a rat run. I do not support this development.

  2. Huw Edwards commented

    I strongly oppose this development. There is no capacity for existing infrastructure to absorb this and no ability to scale to meet the need given the constraints of the site and suburb and the education precinct next door.

    While I support affordable housing, I also question the location of a large boarding house next to the education precinct.

    Please listen to the existing residents for once and block this type of development. That space could be redeveloped into a much more appropriate medium density residential and commercial mix and still be profitable.

  3. Margaret Westbrook commented

    I agree with the comment above and would also add real concern over the 162 room boarding house. The new education precinct is very close by and there is going to be a lot of extra traffic with parents dropping children off to school, I do not think it would be suitable place for a boarding house.

  4. Alex Macapagal commented

    I agree with all the comments above. Meadowbank is already over crowded with developments. The roads need improvement; the train system is infrequent for the amount of commuters and more apartments will further problems with this situation.

    Whomever has the last decision in this should really listen to the community and take action to not allow anymore residential developments in Meadowbank until they make improvements on the I frastructure to support the planned growth in the suburb.

    I would really be disappointed if this planned development was to go ahead.

  5. ElizabethLH commented

    Social housing is important in a diverse community. This developmenthowever is pushing the envelope for commercial gain in an overdeveloped section of Sydney.

    While close to public transport links, the impact on the local amenity, due to cars from this proposal, will increase the burden that local residents face with the present poorly designed road network.

    Too much development with no local improvements to infrastructure. Listen to the residents who have to live with this.

  6. Wendy Merkel commented

    I strongly object to this proposed development. Meadowbank is already hugely over developed with highly congested roads and simply cannot accommodate yet another monstrous development.

  7. Tim Heyer commented

    Speaking as someone who actually lives in the area, i definitely support this DA as it will provide a much needed boost to the railway station precinct, a proper supermarket (which will help take cars off the road going to Top Ryde), and some shops for locals. I believe this develop to be consistent with the needs of the community, as outlined in the meadowbank education precinct to upgrade the commercial area around the station.

  8. Rodney Morrison commented

    We are totally opposed to the above development on the following grounds:
    -SIZE-It is an over development of a size and concentration which will have a detrimental impact upon the local area. The development will have an imposing impact on the skyline and will dominate the area.
    -ROADS/TRAFFIC/PARKING- The current road structure is fragile with constant congestion and carries a burden from 'rat runners' using the area as a shortcut.The addition of parking of 419 cars will only make the situation untenable.
    The Transport Planning Summary states "Although it is difficult to predict what measures might be achievable until the building is occupied, the above paragraphs provide a framework for the development and implementation of a future travel plan for the site.
    On the basis of all such measures being fully incorporated into the development, it is anticipated that the subject site would generate significantly less traffic than other mixed-use development sites in the vicinity. Subsequently, this would have the positive effect in reducing the traffic impact associated with the proposed development on the surrounding road network."
    The report admits they do not know the impact upon travel plan for the site and rests on the premise that it will be better than other mixed use developments. This provides no confidence as to the adverse impact the development will have, let alone the impact of the school and TAFE changes.
    The area already has street parking problems and this development will make parking impossible. Many TAFE students drive because of varying work locations and need to carry tools and need parking to attend TAFE.
    -RETAIL- Given that the two major retail stores in Meadowbank have closed, ie Aldi and Fruit Market, one has to question the need for retail, given that two major shopping centres, Top Ryde and Rhodes exist within 1-2klms.
    -BOARDING HOUSE- The development of a Boarding House is not in keeping with the housing arrangements in the area which is family orientated and no case has been made out for such a use.
    SUMMARY - The proposal is an over development in a suburb with a fragile infrastructure that justified a recent freeze on development for good reason. If it proceeds it will see the amenity of the community deteriorate. The area has already seen massive development and needs to cope with the existing situation together with the new TAFE proposal.

  9. Sue Walker commented

    As a local resident I strongly object to this development. It is totally inappropriate to locate a boarding house in a family area next to a large educational precinct.
    The area is also already overdeveloped. The addition of so many extra cars on the already congested roads is untenable.

  10. Sarah Page commented

    I find it utterly incomprehensible that this development was even allowed to reach this stage. As a woman and an owner resident in Meadowbank I rather enjoy the fact that I feel relatively safe walking home if I get either the train or the bus home. I certainly wouldn’t if a ‘boarding house’ was right next to my preferred transport. We are talking potentially about some 'residents' of the boarding house that may be rapists, paedophiles, muggers etc that have been convicted of their crimes looking to rehabilitate. I completely understand their right to a new start after they have served their time but not opposite a children’s area or next to a residential transport hub. The Council seems to agree given you have made a lot of references to safety protocols in your plans for that development. In the next few years the area next to the station will be an Education Precinct. There will be a lot of children in that precinct. Unbelievable. I assume men won’t feel particularly safe either but I can definitely say women and children won’t. Reject this bid.

  11. John Boyle commented

    A boarding house development, within an education precinct, thus presenting an opportunity for “stranger danger?" NO!
    Such an inappropriate development should not be considered for this education precinct location.

    Furthermore, this inappropriate development is proposed for an area that is already highly congested and overdeveloped.

  12. Nadine A commented

    Wow, we're really going for the 'undesirables' angle here? You do know that there's already a boarding house on Bank st, right? People deserve more affordable housing options, many of those on low income do not have the means to own a car, therefore proximity to public transport is of great importance. Also I would have thought affordable accommodation for tertiary students (lets not forget that the education precinct includes TAFE) would be beneficial. Many boarding house residents are just ordinary people who find it difficult to afford traditional rents, or whose lifestyle is better suited to shared accommodation.

    Do a Google search for The Conversation's article "Don’t fear boarding houses: they’re probably not what you think". Modern boarding house developments have more in common with micro apartments.

    Nobody has to love this proposal (lets be fair, there has been a lot of development in the area recently, although this revised proposal's 6-7 storeys is in keeping with existing developments on the road). But no need to stoke unfounded fears.

    Also the station could benefit from more retail options provided by this development. The IGA lacks variety, especially in fresh produce, and Top Ryde and Rhodes are not convenient for those who rely on public transport.

  13. Elizabeth LH commented

    Nadine A has made some excellent points. Well reasoned, well supported and balanced argument. Breath of fresh air.

    As she says though, no one has to love this proposal but as some have done, resorting to unfounded scaremongering is a nasty game. We need to stick to evidence.

    Traffic impacts.
    Height and density in station precinct.

  14. James G commented

    There is a reason the standard photo they showed in nearly every Sydney Morning Herald article about over-development for the last 5 years was Meadowbank. It wasn't because it's been a well planned suburb.

    The reality is Meadowbank has been severely over developed over the past 15 years with no meaningful infrastructure investment to offset it and no live integrated plan to even identify the need for infrastructure. In fact the only significant infrastructure built recently was to address the fact that continued poor planning lead to issues with the Water supply to the Suburb.

    Please do no rely on the Developer's assessment. You just need to look at publicly available data on Meadowbank. It's all out there - roads are overloaded, rail is at up to 180% capacity at peak, vacancy rates are high, property prices are down, and severe building compliance issues are common and widely reported. This is all a google search away.

    However once again we see the facts ignored with a development going for approval based on an an assessment that specifically does not need to refer to any other development either completed or approved. If all development in the area was assessed in an integrated way the true picture of the impacts could be understood, but this has never occurred for the suburb or surrounding area. I know because I have read every major DA for the past 10 years.

    The result of this system is that virtually no individual development ever makes a big enough impact to be stopped in the eyes of the planning authorities and so the collective impact is never recognized. How can planning occur when every decision is taken in isolation?

    I'll also address other supposedly positive aspects of the development, starting with the additional Retail. As the planning panel would know there is already a Woolworths planned for the Suburb, and both Rhodes (and West Ryde) are 2 minutes by train with Rhodes having a large retail space directly in front of the station opening soon. So this is no argument in its favor and was at best a very weak one.

    Finally while affordable housing is fine in theory, I would question the need for it given that the Holdmark development is still half empty and that rents are dropping and will likely continue to drop for at least the next couple of years while International travel is limited. It also needs to be pointed out that the Bank st Boarding House ended up been an incredibly poor quality eye sore. Despite media spin and some exceptions, this is the common result of Boarding house developments since the government incentives which encourage cramming as many rooms as possible in were introduced. This needs to be addressed if this part of the development proceedes.

    I would finally also like to highlight it is now 15 years of heavy development in the suburb. It is all well and good to expect residents to live with jackhammers and heavy trucks for a year or two, but after 10+ years they are due a reprieve.

    Only those with the commercial motivation to ignore reality at the expense of the local residents would support a development of this magnitude. The actual residents of Meadowbank are sick and tired of it.

  15. Sid commented

    This scope of this proposal does not consider transportation and accessibility within the Meadowbank area. Constitution Road is already severely congested within peak hours and has poor walking accessibility, with limited scope to expand the pathway to the station.

    Pre COVID-19, the T9 Northern Line already experienced congestion by the time trains approached Meadowbank, and offered an unsatisfactory 15min frequency, and is extremely slow on approach to stations such as Strathfield and Central. Prior to any further development, this train line should be converted to a single deck, high frequency metro that will be able to seamlessly integrate with the future Metro West at North Strathfield, as well as the Metro Northwest at Epping. The existing, double deck trains with limited doors are simply not fit for purpose in suburban areas, particularly areas such as Meadowbank and Rhodes.

    A redevelopment of the commercial precinct around the station would be very welcome, particularly through development of a major supermarket + amenities such as gyms/cafes. This would reduce the need to commute by car to West Ryde, Top Ryde or Rhodes. The existing Shepherd's Bay Plaza is quite unsatisfactory, and is not well maintained nor has access to quality amenities.

    However, there is absolutely no need for further residential development in Meadowbank, there is already plenty of supply within the suburb. Any further residential development will simply add to the traffic and train congestion, and there does not seem to be any scope to improve both of these aspects.

  16. Vic commented

    The proposal is inappropriate for this area.
    According to my observation, more than 30 percent of the new buildings in the area is not occupied, with the economic damage caused by the COVID19, there is no way we can digest the number of units proposed.
    Traffic around the proposed site is already horrendous, especially during peak hours. Streets and roads around the area have zero feasibility of being upgraded. A development of this size would only cause serious trouble.
    Public transport is not frequent enough, and capacity is very close to its limit, getting on a train at peak hours is becoming a mission impossible.
    And I DO NOT want a boarding house next door! It is not in line with the 200m investment in the education precinct.
    I understand the council needs the project to create jobs, but there are other options. Use this as an opportunity, invest in workspaces and business where students from TAFE can try their hands on after school, in new technology areas so we can actually attract well-educated people to the area. This is the secret of prosperity. Not a million units with renters who drink days and nights and steal things.

  17. Shail commented

    When I say people that I live in Meadowbank, the first thing they say is that "its like a legoworld" and the Ryde council had made very efforts to make it look like that. Just look at Rhodes and Meadowbank, you will see the difference. Even though Rhodes has high rise apartments, it has well maintained roads, parks, parking places, shopping centre. But when you come to Meadowbank its just like blocks of houses placed on top of each other. Most of the apartments build in Meadowbank lacks in quality has been built by substandard builder who after completing the project just fix 1 lane of the road as if the other lane was not broken due to their construction work. I don't understand how the Ryde council can't see all these cheap works done by builders. The council can't even fix the solar lights on the Meadowbank walking tracks which rarely works. Another development of this magnitude is just a blunder. The roads are congested, trains packed and still they come up with new development projects without even fixing the existing issues. Just learn something from city of Canada Bay on how they have maintained Rhodes and try to implement something similar. Meadowbank already have sufficient grocery stores and what we need is Restaurants and Cafes and no more residential units. People who want Woolworths at their door-step can find a house in Top Ryde shopping centre and leave Meadowbank a place to live peacefully. Opening a boarding house in this area will make this place very unsafe. There will be people drinking all along the river and meadowbank park and no way the residents will feel safe to go for a walk in the night. For the last 4 years, I have always woke up with the sound of construction and after all this Holdmark buildings, I thought that this is over. But how come the Ryde council will let me sleep peacefully and hence they come up with another big development project. I would request to the council to atleast consider the issues faced by the existing residents and stop this new development without any hesitation.

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