11-17 Ardlie St Westmeadows VIC 3049

Development of land for a hotel including a licensed venue (sports bar) and basement level car parking, partial demolition and works to a building within the heritage overlay for a food and drink premises (cafe) and arts and craft centre, and a reduction in car parking requirements.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 5 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Hume City Council, reference P22962)


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  1. Terry Clifton commented

    A licensed premises (including sports bar) hardly seems to fit with a food and drink premises (cafe) and arts and craft centre. Is the hotel (Westmeadows Tavern) opposite staying where it is? Surely we don't need two hotels in the village.

  2. Kaylene Wilson commented

    We have enough gambling premises in Westmeadows with the Westmeadows Tavern across the road already operating. This is a heritage building & should remain as such. It has great heritage significance to Westmeadows as it was the Original Broadmeadows Shire Offices. All too often we sell our history to developers.

  3. Gerry Maughan commented

    Westmeadows will look like Collins St Too many cars if this goes ahead Roads are small as it is
    Tavern can handle all these requirements

  4. Amy Gorecki commented

    This does not sound like it fits with the look and feel of the village. We already have the Tavern across the road and Gladstone Park hotel nearby. The space should be reserved for something that services the whole community, keeping our wonderful village in tact.

  5. Sarah Hua commented

    Something functional and useful needs to be done with the space. It does not look appealing now and looks like a squatters house. There is a kids park and daycare centre and something needs to be done with that space. Happy someone has taken on that task!

  6. Steve commented

    About time Westmeadows starts getting a facelift. Bring it on

  7. Radha Fayad commented

    It would be a great shame to lose another classic beautiful property in the area. Westmeadows/Attwood is notorious for its country-like feel and ANOTHER tavern would be a blight on that reputation. A food or community space would be the most beneficial use of the space. A wonderful opportunity for sports group hire or general recreation along with a cafe/restaurant space.

  8. Lucy Wings commented

    A sports bar means gaming facilities of which there is already one across the road. Please think of the community and what we need. We want good food and to retain our community feel.
    No sports bar and no underground car park!
    We want a good restaurant or pub with great food. Somewhere we can take our kids, sit outside and NO GAMBLING.

  9. Matthew Wings commented

    A sports bar would have to be the worst thing that could be built here. Anything this idea would introduce is already present in the area. We do not need more alcohol and gambling. The village needs more services which reflect the feel of the area and should build on the success of businesses like Mayflour which are transforming this area into something special and an area more focussed on families rather than the damaging effects of gambling.

  10. Lucia Milburn commented

    This is a terrible idea, there is a hotel across the road, caravan park a few meters up on the same road and airport hotels close by. This is certainly not in keeping with the community at this location. What about the heritage building that will be obscured by this ultra modern hotel, it will be an eyesore and certainly won’t be used by locals. Neither is there a further need for another alcohol establishment when there is already one there and IGA up the road. This won’t do well and will possibly affect the surrounding businesses

  11. Melissa Spano commented

    Westmeadows has a beautiful village atmosphere.
    The beautiful building needs to be preserved and used for a function centre for small gatherings weddings etc this would not inhibit all the other business in the area and complement the area as well as create jobs.
    Please think outside the box,think about the beautiful homes in Essendon and Moonee Ponds like Ascot House that are sucessful businesses and beautify the area.
    Also being so close to the airport it could be used for conferences and seminars.
    Our Area has so much potential and the value is only going to increase due to all the commercial developments proposed near the airport.
    Please no more developments which tear away our history.
    Town houses with no period features and just rendered boxes are destroying the area.
    I am all for development but any buildings, town homes,hotels etc must have guidelines that fit in with the areas history and surroundings and essentially increase the areas profile and create local jobs as well as preserve our unique village.

  12. Melissa Wings commented

    Westmeadows is a warm and inviting village, with a country feel. It is unique and has a deep-rooted history that needs to be upheld and complimented with any developments that are planned for the area. Westmeadows has seen its fair share of development over time and we do need to move with the times. However, we don't need to completely strip our suburb of its greatest appeal and charm. In the most recent time, the extension and development of the Fawkner St strip have proven that development can be a welcome addition and done tastefully. For example, the additional shops behind IGA, including a reasonably sized restaurant, health facilities, and other community-centered inclusions have added appeal to the area, without compromising the integrity.

    The location in question is unsuitable for the size of development that is being proposed. Do we need an ostentatious eyesore spoiling the town feel? I don't believe we do. This proposal is taking Westmeadows in the wrong direction. Let's not repeat what has happened in the past, areas are overdeveloped, with little consultation and consideration to the needs of the community who are directly affected by these changes.

  13. Steve Paslawdkyj commented

    All for the development of this space into something useful for the community but whatever is built here shouldn’t detract from what we have already, it should enhance it. We don’t need a multi-level sports bar in this location, or in our community at all.

  14. donna harvey commented

    Absolutely no way to another gaming venue in our small community. This is a historic and unique building which should be honoured and developed with its' history in mind. The area is a sensitive natural environment and any development should keep this in mind. The site is part of our history and should be celebrated (not decimated). Would the current owner consider the spaces as a 'period' filming site for much needed Victorian based film and drama shows? This site and the surrounding area would lend itself to this kind of revenue creating activity. Given that film and tv often group locations together the many sites in this area could be a real attraction.

  15. Deborah Burgess commented

    As a local resident I strongly object to this development. A multi story hotel will destroy the public amenity of the surrounding area. This development is modern in design and does not fit in with the Village character. This area is the entry point to beautiful parkland that is enjoyed by many families. The additional traffic will make the area unsafe for young children. And as for the reduction in parking requirements, we do not want a private hotel using our public car spaces. The parking at the rear of this site is to service the Preschool and recreational users.
    This site should be a single story development only that respects the heritage of the area.

  16. Nicole commented

    We don’t need another licence premise due to the fact that it will be opposite. Long standing hotel in the area, another cafe is not needed either.
    The child care centre is also across the road.
    Surely there is something better we can use such a beautiful building that will be fit for the area and the community.

  17. Anthony commented

    Been a resident of Westmeadows my whole life. We all love the country vibe of the place.

    I’d love to see the old building turned into a lovely period hall to host functions and turn the rest of the land into garden space with an option to have small farmers market stalls either weekly or monthly, were us locals can buy from people selling locally made products or food. Gives an opportunity for employment while giving back something to the community and keeping with our village vibe.

  18. June McIntosh commented

    This development is totally inappropriate for our area. The historic buildings of Westmeadows have been compromised enough already.
    Partial demolition of the old Shire Offices should not be allowed.
    We do not need a sports bar opposite the already existing Tavern and such a building would greatly detract from the country atmosphere of the area around the creek.
    It would be great if the building and surrounds could become an arts/crafts precinct with a cafe and outdoor seating.
    Westmeadows has a unique village atmosphere which would be lost if the proposed development goes ahead.

  19. C commented

    I formally object to this plan, Westmeadows does not need another bar. Please do not develop this site at all. Leave it as it is, a historical site.

  20. Deb Lancaster commented

    This building is not in a style which would suit our beautiful area. Gambling is a serious issue for many people. The Westmeadows Tavern has gambling machines and so does Gladstone Park Hotel. Please do no allow this horrible building spoil our street scape.

  21. Mario Lonigro commented

    What an eyesore! Not only will this severely damage the historical integrity of this unique area, but it will also severely impact the local community who utilise that space daily.

    This planning development is not suitable for this area, and by allowing such a development to go ahead councillors will do so to the detriment of hundreds, if not thousands of locals who will be adversely affected by such a development.

  22. Kerrie Smith commented

    Please do not allow another historical building to be adversely altered or worst of all, destroyed.
    There already is a hotel and gaming across the road and there are very few historical buildings remaining in our “village” community.
    Victoria (and Australia for that matter ) seem to hold little regard for historical buildings unlike the beautiful cities of Europe :(
    An upgrade of the building to be utilised as a community hub of sorts would be fabulous for the area!

  23. Lyn Harwood commented

    I’m not one for not encouraging new developments, but this really leaves me speechless! I have lived in Westmeadows since 1993 and the one part that I and my friends enjoy is our community atmosphere, we are so lucky living in a suburb of melb so close to great amenities and still close to the CBD yet feels like country. This development is so far from that it’s not funny! I truly hope that council will come to their senses and not let this go through as I feel it would be disastrous for our community!

  24. Aldo Saidel commented

    What a terrible proposal.
    We already have a gaming venue across the road at the Westmeadows Tavern as well as at the Gladstone Park Hotel nearby.
    We certainly do not need another gaming venue across the road from the existing one!
    The proposed design does not fit in with the country feel of West Meadows which all of us residents love.
    It would destroy the country feel of Westmeadows/Attwood.
    Please do not allow this to go ahead.

  25. Ebony Young commented

    I object to this planning development, it does not fit the feel and need of the community. We already have the tavern across the road and other hotels and motels with similar amenities nearby. The local area roads will not be able to deal with the volume of traffic a venue like this will produce. Please consider what the community says about this proposal and think about what an eyesore it will be to the residents. People choose Westmeadows for the village/ country town feel. We do need a development for the sake of development which will alienate the local community resulting in an eyesore that will be boycotted by residents for not listening to their views and opinions on this matter.

  26. Jessica Appleyard commented

    I object to this 5 storey construction in Ardlie St. This will significantly impact traffic in the area, something which current infrastructure is not equipped to handle. The entrance to the preschool and local sporting club facilities will be detrimentally affected by this structure. The structure will also overshadow the historical Westmeadows bridge and is not in keeping with the look and feel of surrounding areas.

  27. Patricia Bradbury commented

    I have just moved to Westmeadows solely for the village atmosphere. It's like being in the country but within reach of town. There is already a motel up the road on Ardlie St one way, another on Mickleham Road the other way and a hotel across the road. Surely the surrounding areas of Gladstone Park and Airport West service the sports bar demand already? Such an ugly building in the middle of our quaint village is a huge mistake. Huge....
    Please reconsider what will be a blight on the landscape. I'm all for progress, but at what cost to the community?

  28. Miranda O’Connell-Lever commented

    The Westmeadows village has character and a close knit community feel with diverse businesses including a hotel, motel and numerous dining options. This business does not offer any diversity to the current offerings.
    The architecture of the proposal is incongruent with the historic feel of the village and surrounds.
    The area is already plagued with traffic issues resulting from insufficient capacity on Mickleham Rd which sees outlying areas using Ardlie, Raleigh and Fawkner streets as alternative routes. This proposed business will increase the traffic congestion and safety issues already problematic.
    The close proximity to children’s facilities and kindergartens is also of major concern due to traffic flow and other behaviours associated with hotels.
    I strongly object to the application proceeding.

  29. Kimberley Spiteri commented

    I object to this proposal. This is a disgusting addition to what has always been a very beautiful little town centre. The village is full of character with its historic charm and this eyesore is removing that character all of the residents love from the area. Please reconsider how this development will proceed and ensure it ties in with the look and feel of the area. As it is, it will ruin our little village.

  30. Maegan Caldwell commented

    That large eye sore does not fit in to the appeal of the westmeadows community. It will destroy the surrounding area. What about the community childcare and park? What will happen to them? The idea of a cafe/restaurant/art gallery/even a plants nursery sound nice but why a ugly tower with hotel rooms? Should remain at a 1 level building.

  31. adam norrish commented

    We dont need this disgusting building in westmeadows... we already have everything it offers within a few hundred metres of it... Your all dunb and money hungry... This suburb is beautiful as it is... You dont need to ruin with something stupid like this...

  32. Andreas Nicolaou commented

    I formally object to this eyesore, Westmeadows does not need monstrosity! Please do not develop this site at all. I hope the money hungry council comes to their senses before ruining another beautiful piece of Westmeadows history.

  33. Charlotte Powell commented

    I do not support this proposal. It does not suit our area which has a lovely country/community feel to it. There is already a pub and a hotel in close proximity so there is no need for something else. It is ugly and unnecessary will increase local traffic and this is the last thing or beautiful little town needs, there are already places you can stay and gamble very close so makes no sense at all.

  34. Michelle Latham commented

    This proposal is not in keeping with the area. Please look at other options. The reason we love Westmeadows is the country atmosphere and village feel of the area. The Westy pub already provides gaming and there is already accomodation down the road which I doubt is fully booked a further 5 storey accommodation is totally unwarranted.The propsal of an art space and cafe is wonderful but keep the development to a ground level and garden space would be more in keeping with the current village feel.

  35. Rochelle Loney commented

    I am all for the area being developed but surely the design can be changed to reflect the area in which its being built. Love to see who the developer is!

  36. Frances drough commented

    Absolutely disgusting that is definitely not the right chose of building what are you thinking it's an eye sores why don't you bring that beautiful historical charm back to life and create a lovely eatery with out doors facilitate ,children friendly that can be enjoyed by all, that monstrosity Is the going to create so much more traffic around our kinder and daycares and playgrounds it's not safe at all for our children and adults , traffic is bad enough now don't make it more dangerous for our community and besides we don't need another gambling venue people are struggling as it is
    We have a beautiful little town a rare one that everyone adores , don't destroy it , please do think about what will happen to our quaint little peace of paradise if this goes up , do yourself a favour visit our little community and see have many children and parents enjoy our parklands and surroundings areas can't see that behind you desks
    Please reconsider Not happy at all like all the others

  37. Tricia Northeast commented

    The Village - Westmeadows holds a wonderful village atmosphere and this proposed building works are against the theme and needs of the environment. This building is intending to cause partial demolition of a building in within a Heritage Overlay and this should not be allowed.

  38. Stacey Boyd commented

    The building is far too tall which will overlook a lot of areas where children train for sports and exercise, and go to kindergarten.. who knows the clientele that will go to this hotel and watch over our children! I do not believe there will be arts and crafts in the original building it’s just a ploy to try and get the community to agree to this monstrosity! The building does not and will not ever look appropriate in the old village town we have and would like to keep for our future generations.

  39. Sarah Sawbridgeworth commented

    I object to this disgusting building being added to the westmeadows village. We already have the services that are being proposed within 100 metres from the location. Use the money towards something the community wants not what you think will make you more money. Because you watch us locals stay far away from it.

  40. Josephine Fabri commented

    I strongly object to the proposed building on a number of grounds: destruction of habitat to the varied wildlife of the area during and after construction; construction vehicles cannot possibly preserve any aboriginal artefacts that may be on the site; national trust has protected the area to maintain the facade and historical appearance of this area; high volume traffic would be hazardous to children who use the many facilities around that site; unfair and unwanted competition to established local businesses - Old Broady Hotel, Best Western Hotel, the caravan park, cafes and restaurants in that village; not enough parking for the casual traffic that the proposed building would generate.

    Obviously this is a decision that is being made based on significant amounts of money being paid to council but this historical area cannot support such an endeavour. Please pass on to all the governing bodies appropriate to, and responsible for, the preservation of this much loved village.

  41. Kate Williams commented

    I strongly object to a 5 story hotel/gaming venue being built in this location. There is literally a gaming venue and pub across the road and a hotel/motel on the same street already. There is absolutely no need for another especially so close to kindergartens, childcare centre and playgrounds. The building design itself is for lack of a nicer word ugly and doesnt fit at all with the beautiful country feel of the suburb.

  42. Sarah commented

    I formally object. This building is too high for the area and an absolute eyesore. We live opposite and the whole development with majorly impact our village feel that we hold so dear. This is outrageous!

  43. Liana Keenan commented

    Was there even a brief for this project that reflected anything for local aesthetics of our Westmeadows village? We have a unique urban/country feel suburb with plentiful parklands that tie us all to the village’s timeless appeal. Did the designers look at our bridge at all for inspiration? The design statements don’t explain how they have respect to the original land owners or the heritage building!
    While our local pub needs a desperate make over I am not opposed to concept of a licensed venue as I haven’t seen a better purpose proposed however the design is putrid and will change the landscape of our village for its demise to the areas appeal.
    On another note there is a childcare centre next door and across the road and children and elderly participate in activity and sports in this area at the reserve oval and playground, what controls will be in place for their safety?

  44. Sylvana commented

    Apart from the proposed building itself not suiting the area , another gambling facility is definitely not required in the area . Perhaps money could be spent on upgrading the Westmeadows Tavern and keeping that in our Village. I totally disagree with allowing such a development in the area and destroying the heritage Westmeadows has, let alone the roads will not be able to handle the traffic this eyesore will bring.. A definite NO from me .

  45. Julia Stephens commented

    I am formally objecting to the proposed over-development of such a beautiful and unique part of Westmeadows.

    Surely the absolute number 1 consideration for anything at this location, would be that it fits within the community and setting.

    Instead what is proposed is something that it looks like the rear of A hospital, with zero architectural appeal. It will raise traffic, and reduce on street parking. Once it’s gone, we’ll never get it back.

    We have a right to protest that our beautiful, peaceful suburb is maintained.

    I moved into this area because I thought it was a hidden treasure, with lots of history and a beautiful ambiance, a feeling that everyone local shares. This development will completely change that.

    There’s not even an attempt to work with the Natural surroundings and maintain any of the Westmeadows feel in this development. It feels like the Property developer hasn’t visited the site, as the hotel is so at odds with everything else.

    And Why so much concrete??

    Surely we can do better than this.

  46. Sharon Barry commented

    I strongly object to the planned development of a 5 story venue, which looks very much like a hospital, in Ardlie St.
    Westmeadows is a delightful area with a country like feel and this proposal does not fit with the atmosphere of the area at all.
    Surely any new development would need to encompass what's already existing which is what makes this area a hidden gem and unique. A two story blue stone building with balcony including a tapas bar, local art and local talented musicians would be far more suitable. Please don't ruin our beautiful area.

  47. Scott Cook commented

    This does not fit in with the Westmeadows country town atmosphere. It will ruin the local area. Please reject this and leave our suburb alone.

  48. Petronella Sampson commented

    I object to this proposal as it is not in keeping inline with the local area. The proposal is not of heritage value, there is already a pub located opposite of the site, there is accommodation just 100 metres up the road, it is to high for the area and it takes away the beauty of the local fauna and environment. The building is heritage listed but will be destroyed by the proposed development.

  49. Stacey Paterson commented

    This area has a heritage overlay and this proposal would not be fitting for that especially with so many stories.

  50. Christine Lancaster commented

    This is a GROSS overdevelopment of this site. We live in a country style village surrounded by nature, wildlife and heritage sites. There is no need for multiple accommodation/gaming venues in the area, let alone two across the street from each other. Further, the design seems to detract from the historical value of the existing buildings rather than add to them. I strongly object.

  51. Robin Fothergill commented

    I have lived In Westmeadows for over 30 years. We moved here because of the beautiful country feel Westmeadows has; its gorgeous old buildings & bridges & the other amenities that Westmeadows offers. I cannot fathom why the Hume Council would approve such a monstrosity of a building. The building would be an eyesore & completely take away from the ambience of the area. We have a lot of children that utilise the sports ground directly behind the proposed site and let’s not forget about the kindergarten there also. I don’t believe any real consideration has been given to how the building will look & do we really need another gambling venue, especially in our current climate. Just because something can be built on a site doesn’t mean it should be. The residents of Westmeadows demand to be heard.

  52. Taryn drough commented

    I object to this structure and proposal. This does not fit in with the overall community that Westmeadows has. The development is too modern. It is surrounded with child cares, kindergartens and play grounds. We are blessed to be living around a village that has character and history. Do not destroy that by adding in this hideous design. Please re consider as all residents within our community are very unhappy!

  53. Jo Doyle commented

    We do not need such a hideous, modern, four story complex in our quaint, country style village! It doesn’t suit the atmosphere and vibe that we love about our suburb! We locals live in a little hidden gem of Melbourne so don’t ruin it!!

  54. DOREEN FARRUGIA commented

    Having been a resident of this area for sometime I very much appreciate the quiet village atmosphere and the lovely country feel we manage to be able to have surrounding us.
    I strongly object to the proposed multi story complex for the Ardlie Street site. Consideration needs to be given to the fact the Ardlie Street site (historic Shire Buildings ), the Blue Stone Bridge & the old Pub are all structures dating back to the 1870s... I don't understand why someone would contemplate putting a multi storey modern building on that site …. Hume Council you really need to stop and listen to the people of Westmeadows we are not happy

  55. Margaret Peachey commented

    I cannot understand why as a council you would even contemplate approving such a horrible building that does nothing to enhance the local village feel of Westmeadows. As a resident Iam not in favour of this development at all and feel as a council you should be behind your residents 100% and say no to this development

  56. Liz Tektonopoulos commented

    It appears ridiculous to build another hotel in the Westmeadows area considering there is already the Westmeadows Tavern, Best Western, Gladstone Park Hotel and the Melbourne Airport Hotel in Tullamarine. Look a further 5 or 6 kilometres north and you have a suburb with basically no facilities, no sports bar or tavern, minimal dining options or accommodation. Greenvale is accessible via Sunbury/Oaklands Rd, so why not build a hotel near Somerton Rd and provide more growth and infrastructure to this forgotten community.

  57. Kelli Brown commented

    This proposed development does not fit with the beautiful aesthetic of Westmeadows/Attwood the design pays no respect to it's surrounds.
    This type of development is out of place and not needed there is already similar establishment across the road and yes it needs to be refurbished and updated however it still fits with the community feel.
    There are childcare centres and local sports grounds used by many children and adults and I'm wondering what impact this development will have on those not to mention the traffic congestion
    Has there been a traffic impact statement done?
    For larger developments, a traffic impact statement should be available. This report outlines the impact the development will have on the local traffic network and will detail the truck and vehicle movements for the site.
    What about the noise acoustics report
    Where there is a potential noise impact of the development on surrounding neighbors
    Is this information available to all residents?? I strongly advise all Westmeadows/Attwood residents to vehemently oppose this development

  58. Nathan commented

    You have got to be kidding, this proposed building will not suit the local community it looks like a cheap dump and does just not fit in, shame on the Hume Council for even considering, there is already a pub across the road and at Gladstone Park, Airport West, Roxburgh Park etc we do not need this to ruin our beautiful suburb.

  59. Donna Fagan commented

    As A Fairley new resident of Westmeadows I strongly object to this eyesore being built....there is no place for this type of building nor a hotel in this little village. So wrong of Hume Council if they go ahead and approve this horrible building.

  60. Kerry Johnson commented

    I totally object to this eye sore which would destroy our old village vibe. Its also too close to the kindergarten and sports field where traffic is already a concern at times. Why also have another hotel/sports bar across the road from the Westmeadows Tavern which already supplies enough gambling and alcohol.

  61. Karen Hoctor commented

    I oppose this development as this proposed building is totally inappropriate for the area and would ruin the "village" look. I also agree with all the other negative comments regarding this proposal.

  62. Jeff Almond commented

    Come on Hume Council, another betting complex, Really ?
    Not only will this building detract from the ambience of the village but will create more gambling addiction for the community.
    This is your opportunity to produce a landmark for Westmeadows by redeveloping the existing heritage building with a visitors centre and museum.
    The Westmeadows hotel is in need of an upgrade as it is looking tired.

  63. Donna Gibson commented

    I object to this development, as a long time resident of this village (more than 50 years) I can honestly say that this development is not in keeping with the village atmosphere. Surely, this historic site could be put to much better use for the local community.

  64. Tony Campion commented

    As a resident for 50 years+, It was a lovely place to grow up in and now what do our children have to look forward to, more gambling and alcohol!! Definitely not in keeping with the area or excess traffic that will be created. Shame shame shame.

  65. Donald Gibson commented

    I can't believe that this is even being considered. A 5 storey sportsbar complex has no place in a family village. Also a building that is 5 storeys high is not in keeping with the character of this area. Very disappointed.

  66. Michael Wilson commented

    What a potentially corrupt, and disgraceful proposal. One can only assume that there are conflicts of interest here at some level. Attention Hume Council.... This is why residents don’t trust decision makers. This proposal should be shut down ASAP.

  67. Scott Gick commented

    Totally against this development, it does not fit within the current village aesthetic and lifestyle. There is already a pub/ gaming facility across the road- we don’t need 2 in the same area, especially across the road from one another. Development is 5 storeys high, total eyesore and totally inappropriate for this village community with a heritage feel. The proposed venue will be a traffic disaster, added congestion on what would be a very busy intersection if this went ahead. Too close to childcare and the park/ sports oval to have a potential busy congested local street.

  68. Anthony commented

    If this development is to go ahead it would be nice to see a larger multi use function space avalaible for the community to use. A book able place for parties etc.

  69. Melanie Brooks commented

    Totally inappropriate development!
    -considering the municipality has demonstrated high levels of gambling and many alternative gaming venues in the area (one right across the road) this seems unnecessary and detrimental to the community
    -the style of the building is visually not consistent with the heritage of the area
    -the building at 5 levels high is not consistent with the existing infrastructure
    -an additional hotel is not beneficial to the local community, especially given there are many others in the area

  70. Laura Alcazar Carlus commented

    This is so ugly and unnecessary with the pub across the road. Build something for the community to enjoy, something that fits in with the surroundings and locals. We don’t want this ugly thing in our village!

  71. Betty Nicolaou commented

    As residents of WestMeadows/ Attwood we have made a conscious decision to live here to escape the trappings of city life. There is a place for high rise buildings, sports bars, underground car parks & galleries, it’s called THE CITY!!
    We are a HERITAGE zoned area for a reason!!
    Relocate your construction to where it belongs!!!

  72. Deb Williams commented

    I don’t believe a 5 storey, accomodation based building fits within the urban feel of Westmeadows Village. The area should be developed & the existing buildings made into the hero’s of the area. A cafe/courtyard with plant nursery that shows the history of the area is more suitable & would add & enhance the area. Another eatery with outdoor seating that families, friends & visitors can enjoy would thrive in this spot. What is proposed is overdevelopment, the building process would have a negative impact on the area, the indigenous artefacts would be destroyed but I’m extremely concerned that the historical blue stone building will be lost & all its history with it.

  73. Bob Clinch commented

    This project is out of keeping with the overall look and feel of the village, I have purchased 2 properties in this area because of its small village atmosphere.
    This building will do nothing for the heritage listed building as the proposed building will over shadow it.
    I have been a local for the past 50 years, I see another gaming and hotel facility not a great addition to our community.

  74. Rick Byers commented

    I have lived in Attwood for 30 years and the value and charm of this area is the village feel of the Attwood/Westmeadows area. It is rare that I visit any of the businesses here without meeting and talking to people I know well. I have spent 20 years coaching Auskick at the Ardlie Street oval, coached at the Westmeadows F.C. and am currently involved with the Attwood Community House. Many people here would not realise that Ardlie Street was the original road to Sydney. The Bluestone buildings, the bridge, stables, and the jail next to the kindergarten are all part of the that infrastructure as the first stop out of Melbourne. A 5 storey building simply DOES NOT BELONG here!

    There are very few positives from this proposal. There is no place for another gaming venue and simply no need for another Bar in this area. The additional traffic created will cause mayhem at the Adlie Street intersection and the massive risk for the many kids using the oval for cricket, football and other sports as well as kinder kids from drivers who are completely unfamiliar with the area should not be underestimated.

    What changes does the council propose to the stone bridge to facilitate this additional traffic?

    I hope the council and it's officers seriously consider this building proposal and realise that the size and scope are completely out of proportion with the character of this area and reject this development as most of the residents in this area have already done so.

  75. Betty Bianchi commented

    We who live here in Westmeadows love the area, the surroundings, the tranquility, the history. We do not want a monstrosity being put up in our neighbourhood. We need to preserve these buildings and not consistently tear them down just to put up something that we do not need. We have have enough gambling issues already we don’t more do as to make the government richer. Please do not allow this disgusting building to go ahead.
    Betty Bianchi

  76. John Mackieson commented

    Perhaps I am being cynical, but I suspect the developer has put forward this outrageously absurd proposal deliberately so that when it is rejected it will propose something only half as ugly and inappropriate with the expectation a permit will be granted.

  77. C Miller commented

    Old Westmeadows is a quiet residential area with a small local shopping strip and limited parking. The area is well known for its multiple parks, walking trails, children’s sporting and play areas interspersed with many well established homes and a number of historic buildings. Not only does the proposal require the partial demolition of a historic building the old shire hall, the proposed sports bar will also impose a distinctly modern glass monstrosity next to two of the most historic icons of the area, the bluestone bridge designed by the same man E McIver and the Westmeadows tavern.

    The proposed building is completely out of character with the area it will be forced upon, it is also right besides a venue that serves the same purpose, the sale of alcohol and a gaming venue. Our community doesn’t need another hotel/bar with gaming, we are surrounded by these businesses, with at least six venues within a 5 - 10km area of this part of the Hume LGA.

    We need residential land with historic buildings to be saved from the wreaking ball and used for the benefit of the local community not to be sacrificed to developers who’s only concern is how much profit they can make. They don’t live here, they are only looking to prey on the local residents. This is the sort of development that should be located in a commercial area not amongst peoples homes.

    Even if the local council is convinced that the shire hall is of limited historic value and not worth saving there is the larger social issue of imposing further disintegration of our local and society values. Hume is one of the most socially disadvantaged LGAs within Victoria, with all of the issues of unemployment, crime, alcohol dependence and family violence that come with this title. I would appeal to the planning department to truely consider if the local residents in this small residential area need another venue actively dispensing alcohol and encouraging them to bet on sports outcomes.

  78. Renee Finocchiaro commented

    This proposal does not fit with the nature of the Westmeadows Village. With the Westmeadows Tavern directly across the road and Gladstone Park Hotel only 2km up the road, how does another pub and sports bar fit the needs of the community?

    There are so many other useful projects that this current building could be used for:
    * As others have pointed out, renovating the current building and using it as a conference centre, hiring out for functions,
    * Using it as an educational hub for schools to teach students about the history of this gorgeous little town.
    * Tea Rooms, High Tea, Gelati Bar, Multicultural Dessert and Pastry Bar - something to bring people to the area. Leaving the space around the building means that there will be enough space for a garden for outdoor dining and parking, rather than relying on the existing parking.

    If you do decide to let this sports bar/hotel go ahead, i would prefer to see the height capped no taller than 3 or 4 stories to allow for underground parking and to not infringe on the rest of the village. The facade should also be revised- to fit in with the area, residents may be more inclined to accept it if it had a faux historical facade - rather than the ultra-modern facade. The modern facade, which fits in with the recent upgrades undertaken in Broadmeadows, does not belong in this small, country-like village.

    With holiday accommodation available at the Gladstone Park Hotel, the Airport Caravan Park, the Best Western and Quality Hotel, not to mention the other hotels located in and around the airport, most of the rooms in this new hotel would remain vacant - there is absolutely no need for it to be such a big and overpowering building.

  79. C. Fielder commented

    This development could not be more inappropriate if it tried. It in no way, shape or form fits the area or brings anything to it. This is councils opportunity to create a magnificent space that has purpose. This is 2020!! Surely the days of revolting, over-sized, poorly thought out delevopments are behind us.
    I am honestly floored that this is even being considered as a possibility for that site.

  80. Georgia Vellucci commented

    There are so many other types of premises that would do well in this area. A café, somewhere to have breakfast, lunch, catch up with friends over a coffee,. grab an ice cream that could be considered and will do very well considering theres not a lot else like it in the area.
    Particularly since its located backing on to recreational facilities and parks where people gather in droves.
    Why not make the area trendy like other suburbs and offer a development that will be welcomed by all and built tastefully to fit in with the current landscape rather than a hideous building that like it belongs in an industrial estate with office space and a crappy bar at the bottom.
    Not only is there a tavern/bar across the road for this very purpose look at what we are lacking and cater for that.
    I know id be there all the time as would so many locals that need to travel to another suburb to sit in a café.
    The council really needs to consider how development benefits the community economically, aesthetically and based on what the community is and has been longing for for many years now to really value add to the area and keep in with the 'theme'

  81. Lauren Trajkovski commented

    This is a waste of so many potential useful businesses that could be occupying this space. There is a lack of development in Westmeadows when compared to other surrounding suburbs and this is not the development we need.

    This space could be better used for the community, a space the community would use, a cafe strip is much needed, there is currently no where to go for brunch and catch up with friends and family. Other suburbs are thriving with an abundance of cafes and local hang out spots and we are being left behind. This proposed development is the last thing we need in this area!

    Also, it won’t even suit the vibe of the area? It appear to be a major eye sore and will stand out amongst the cute little village we currently have, a waste of space and will add
    No value to the community and residents !

  82. Nicole commented

    This is not need, today I enjoyed a coffee in the park and commented to my girlfriend how beautiful our area is. If this eye saw is built, I would of been looking at its ugly structure.
    We have a hotel, we have a pub, we have 2 cafes that we support. We do not need or want this built in our community.
    Please keep this area nature driven, not build something that will not be supported.

  83. Jacky O'Sullivan commented

    I do not support this proposal. It doesn't suit our area which has a lovely country/community feel to it. We need to preserve these historical buildings and not consistently tear them down just to put up something that we do not need. What a bloody eyesore it will be and really 5 storey! Surely something that blends in with the environment and incorporates the old shire building would be more appropriate.

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