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483 North Road Ormond VIC 3204

Partial demolition and carrying out of works on land affected by a Heritage Overlay and alteration to existing liquor licence for increase in patron numbers, alteration of hours and alteration of red line plan.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Glen Eira, reference GE/CP-33565/2020)


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  1. Andrew Urban commented

    The noise coming from this venue (pre-covid-19 restrictions) is loud and reaches my house which is two streets away. I can only imagine how loud it is for residents closer to the venue. They have live bands playing which is the main reason for the noise and it attracts a lot of patrons from around Melbourne. However, the area behind 483 North Rd Ormond is completely residential and making noise up to 3am in the morning is my main concern. In my opinion, the venue should be forbidden from operating as a live venue at all at this location - disturbing the peace of the local residents for their own selfish gains. I understand this would be a problem for their business model but well bad luck - they need to move to more industrial area. If I started operating my chain saw at 11 pm at night, I'm sure that I would be in trouble with neighbours, with the law, and with the police. So why should it be different for them. The other problem which I am already experiencing is the decrease in available parking near my house which could further exacerbated with an increase in capacity of this venue. If this proposal were to be accepted with restricted hours of live music, then what provision is there for this to be parking availability - perhaps increased car parking at Ormond Station (State Government approval) and residential parking permits elsewhere in the immediate area. In summary, this venue has been operating for some time and is doing quite well up until now. Expansion of the venue appears to be motivated by greed at the expense of the neighbouring community.

  2. Miriam Baxt commented

    While there is a lack of live music venues in S.E. Melbourne, this location is inappropriate. An extension of opening hours is not appropriate considering the proximity of housing.
    I am unhappy about drunken behaviour in our local streets late at night/early mornings.
    EPA noise laws are quite specific.
    Perhaps the [new] owners need to relocate the business to a far more appropriate locale - perhaps Cochranes Rd.

  3. Sophia T commented

    My housemates and I are excited by the proposed changes to On Top bar and support them fully. We moved into the area at the start of the year and have been eagerly awaiting it's reopening. The promise of "getting on the beers" has kept us optimistic through the course of this pandemic.

    Such a development would bring even more life a section of North Road that is currently underdeveloped. It would also engage a currently lacklustre live music scene south of the Yarra.

    As patrons of other venues by the same owners, we have found them accomodating of the surrounding community. Other patron demographics include families with young children enjoying a meal and older members of the community enjoying drinks with friends.

    In the opinion of one of the housemates, a practicing transport planner, given its proximity to Ormond station, "anyone that drives to On Top is an immense fool or a very unfortunate designated driver". Thus we don't believe that the development will drastically affect the parking situation in surrounding streets.

    We support fun, local business and merrymaking and are excited for this venue to return, better than ever.

  4. Miriam Baxt commented

    I am stunned that GECC totally ignored all objections to the 3am licence extension. In the planning meeting, all objectors continued to state their objections.
    This blatantly inappropriate decision notice now goes to VCAT.

  5. George P. commented

    I don't know what the problem with Miriam is. I was also present at the council meeting and all councillors including the objectors were given the opportunity of putting their views forward. I think Miriam fails to acknowledge that this is not going to be a night club venue. This venue is intended to also have a large focus on dining for families and also some light entertainment. The people who are running the business are proven hospitality operators in the area and run tight and clean operations also keeping in line with local residents and the neighbourhood. I am sure they are going to do a great job and bring some life in what is a dull part of the street. Give them a go!!!!

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