60 Carlton Parade, Carlton NSW 2218

Review of determination of DA-2018/82 for alterations to the existing commercial premises fronting Carlton Parade, and alterations and additions to the rear resulting in a three storey boarding house with 18 rooms and parking at the rear

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 12 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Bayside Council (Rockdale), reference S82-2020/3)


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  1. Denise Mitford commented

    I am definitely opposing this application as we have a School of Arts on the Corner of Argyle Street and Short Street where many children are having lessons there. These classes are not only at daytime but nights as well and especially weekends. I do not agree that is the right area for this type of. proposal.
    Denise Mitford
    President of the School of Arts band on behalf of
    The Trustees and the Committee.

  2. Pat Wedes commented

    I do agree with Denise Mitford, the Arts have been there for many years helping young children and adults keep the Arts evolving. They are an important part also to our community I get that. Carlton is a legendary suburb of southern Sydney with room for everyone. A boarding house is not an ideal fit only for this specific location only.

  3. Nil commented

    I am so over lovely historical buildings being demolished or amended purely for money making ventures in Sydney. It is only a matter of years before Sydney (and predominantly the St George area) turns into a ghetto..time to move out of this state...horrible.

  4. suzanne o'connor commented

    I totally disagree with the construction of a ‘ Boarding House ‘ on this location . As units and apartment buildings are failing to sell developers seem to be looking to another way of making money .
    A boarding house is supposed to provide budget accommodation for people on a lower income . Supposedly . Mostly these rooms are let out at $400 per week ! This is unaffordable for people on pensions and low incomes . A two bedroom apartment can be rented for a little more .
    The token of a ‘ live in manager ‘ Is not viable . Will the manager be supervising residents 24/7 . I think not . And with so many proposed occupants who will make sure there is no anti social behaviour, noise and other problems with a multi room boarding house .
    Another major problem will be garbage disposal. How many bins and where will they be located ?
    I foresee great problems ahead for this Tiny charming area of Carlton,should this development proceed .

  5. Michele Wilson commented

    I totally agree with all comments opposing this boarding house development. This does not provide affordable housing as the rent is too high to be for low income tenants. Also note that if the boarding house is less than 20 rooms, there is no onsite manager. The developers are deliberately setting the room number to 19 so that they don't need to have a manager onsite.
    Take a look at DA-2018/209 and the most recent amendment DA-2018/209A - I live next door to this boarding house development currently being built. We petitioned our community when this DA was submitted and submitted over 60 objections. This still made no difference - council suggested it be approved to an independent panel who had final say, and they also approved it on the basis that we should not be discriminating against lower socio-economic groups. And now that the boarding house is almost finished, the developer has put in a 'minor' modification asking to put single beds into every room when it was originally approved as double bedded rooms except for one single.
    No matter how many objections you submit, council do not care about upsetting the dynamics of the community. They approved the boarding house in Prospect Street Carlton despite having received over 60 objections. They simply do not care.
    All I can suggest is that you submit as many objections as possible and hope for the best.

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