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The use and development of a local Town Centre comprising of three (3) mixed used buildings for retail, dining, medical and recreation uses, apartment dwellings with associated open space and carparking; the use and development of townhouse dwellings and home office dwellings; and a reduction in the number of car parking spaces required under Clause 52.06-5

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(Source: Wyndham City Council, reference WYP12190/20)


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  1. Jazeer Nijamudeen commented

    Allura Estate Local Residents request to be thoroughly consulted on the application. The Allura Estate Town Centre was intended to have a much larger shopping centre that is presently anticipated. 100s of Allura Estate Residents are strongly opposed to the reduction of car parking in the area and the reduction of commercial shop space in favour of high density housing or excessive residential development. If the developer consults with local residents and ensuresthat residents concerns are heard, its likely to minimise objections to this application.

  2. Pranav Sinha commented

    All of Allura Estate Local Residents were promised a local shopping center, at least this is what we were told while buying land/properties in Allura by Stockland, and now number of Townhouses and dwellings have been proposed to built instead of a proposed shopping center, this is a scathing behavior by Stockland/Woolworths/Current Developer. The traffic around this property will no doubt quadruple the local traffic, and reduction in car park will definitely make things worse.

  3. Sameer commented

    Proposed 4 story apartments may cause privacy issues to residents of Bradshaw Street and ventilation could also be concern. Hope these issues are considered / consulted before approving the plan.

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