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6 Gilda Court, Rowville VIC 3178

The construction of four (4) double storey and six (6) single storey dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 4 months earlier.

(Source: Knox City Council, reference P/2019/7444)


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  1. Stephen Mead commented

    You have got to be kidding me. High density townhouses in such a tiny court?... Don't be ridiculous.

    With 65% of households in Knox having 2-3 cars or more that could mean over 33 cars trying to find parking in that court if they don't include double garaging spots .

    Utter nonsense

  2. Robyn Ross commented

    Knox council is turning the area into another future Hong Kong. It's utterly disgraceful. There is no consideration given to the ratepayers and the state government, through VCAT, is no better. Daniel Andrews can retire to his farm whilst the rest of us have to contend with high density over populated chaos.

  3. Herb Mackay commented

    The land area is massive and should be able to accommodate the proposed number of dwellings, however I would be concerned with the potential number of additional vehicles (11 dwellings 2 vehicles) at least 22 vehicle movements in this court. Kids in the court would no longer be able to play safely.

  4. Rodney commented

    One of the reasons I bought in Rowville many years ago was for the low density housing. I put up with a lack of public transport and extra travel time to enjoy the space. I would have gone to the inner suburbs if I wanted to smell my neighbours breakfast or hear them fart with the compensation being able to jump on a train to go to work. Rowville’s roads and infrastructure can not support over development we have no public transport and that means the only option is cars. As it is Bergins road and Wellington roads are car parks.
    Complacency and being accomodating is how we got into this mess we are in today!

  5. Gregory Ross Parnaby commented

    Here we go again.
    Original plans advertised in March were for 11 dwellings, after more than 20 objections lodged with council applicant has lodged revised plans for 10 dwellings a reduction of just one!!!
    I am sure the local residents will be loud and clear in their objection to this development.
    Consider this, the proposed development is for 10 dwellings in Gilda court, in addition to the current construction of 5 dwellings at 1 Magdalena, a further 8 dwellings just around the corner in Magdalena court have just been advertised and a further 6 dwellings proposed for 17 Trisha drive. That is 29 new dwellings within 300 metres.

    Gilda court is a short court of just 11 existing Family Homes doubling the length of the court and an additional 10 dwellings is unacceptable.

    Rowville is fast becoming the "Development Capital" of Melbourne. To all Residents of Rowville, When the Rowville Rail eventually comes we will be living in a high density residential jungle. Be careful what you wish for.
    Power to the People

  6. Vanessa Charles commented

    This location is not suited to 10 townhouses. The court is extremely small, therefore access is going to be an issue.

    There is also a 6 townhouse development being built currently at 1 Magdalena Place and an additional 8 townhouses trying to get permits at 11 Magdalena Place. This is far too many new homes for this estate. Clauscen Drive and Trisha Drive are already becoming more congested with traffic cutting between Bergins and Wellington Roads, this area simply hasn’t been built to host this type of traffic.

    Finally, our estate is spacious and boasts beautiful parklands and walking areas for everyone to enjoy. Over populating it is going to increase risk to pedestrians and infringe on the community spaces, with all of these extra residents our parks will also become less enjoyable.

    For the sake of all who have invested in this area, please do not allow such a big development to take place. I realise Knox council stands to profit from the additional rates that can be charged for each dwelling, but I sincerely hope that is not the primary consideration for this application.

  7. Harry Fletcher commented

    I don't think it appropriate to cram so many dwellings into such a small space. We purchased in this area many years ago attracted by the spacious blocks and ease of access. In recent years the increase in traffic has been major concern such that at normal peak times in the morning it has been impossible to turn into Clausen drive from Liberty Av. and then to Wellington road. Sometimes being delayed 20 minutes or more. That's not counting the through traffic from Bergins through Liberty and to Wellington. The recent Magdelana approvals (and pending) as well as Gilda Court will potentially add up more than 30 cars to the area overnight and the roads can't handle it.

  8. Stephen Mead commented

    I am concerned that during Stage 4 lockdown, builders and investors are taking advantage of the inability of Council to 'get the word out' that these dreadful planning applications are being considered.

    Yes we have to consider multiple-homes on the large blocks which are dotted around Rowville. But that does not include cramming in as many as they can fit into one block.
    Whilst it may 'tick planning boxes' it doesn't take into account the amenity to the area and the dreadful impact to those who bought in Rowville for the quiet and space it provided.

    If they want to build these mini-slums then the builders need to be required to provide -

    1. Enough parking for future use - onsite. E.G. Minimum double garage for the current occupants for each unit and then at least 4 more parking spots per unit to accommodate visitors and extra vehicles owned by the residents. And not a high rise car park monstrosity.

    2. The banning of all commercial vehicles - except small tradie 'utes' which can fit in a standard car parking spot and for delivery purposes.

    3. Ban all residents (and friends) from parking within 250 metres of their residency if the 'extra' car park is full.

    4. Provision of a community park on the block - available to all local residents.

    5. Ban renting of these units. Owner occupiers only - so they get to experience the joy of living in the area they created.

    6. No Locked gate security provisions at the entrance.

    I am sure others can think of more.

  9. Karen Elliot commented

    David & Karen Elliot

    We have lived at 6 Gilda Court for 23 years, during that time we have seen much development, roads, walking tracks, houses, schools, health services and shopping centres. All to the betterment of Rowville.

    Please consider the facts before the hysteria.

    We look forward to happily living our retirement at the same address in the proposed development.

    The term "mini slum" is ignorant and abhorrent.

  10. Ka commented

    The proposed development is subdividing the land into small blocks ranging from 222sqm to 360sqm (not counting common areas / driveway / bins storage area etc). This is what we called “mini-slums” considering the existing dwellings in Rowville with average land size of over 700sqm.
    This proposal for townhouses is in the wrong location, Gilda Court is way too small / too short to accommodate for such a huge development. The court carriageway is about 6m wide from kerb to kerb, so only allow for single side off-street parking.
    For myself, I have lived in this sort of townhouses in the past and there are many reasons for people to move away from these places and suburbs;
    1. Insufficient parking spaces – I used to live in a 3-bedroom townhouse with a single garage, but our household had three vehicles. The visitor car parking spaces are, as it says “for visitors only” not for residents. The paved area outside our garage was a common property area, not for parking. So at the end we had to park our two other vehicles off the street. The current capacity on Gilda Court will not be able to accommodate the extra vehicles from this development of any size.
    2. Waste bin management – this development application states that a PRIVATELY OWNED waste collection company will vacated their large collection trucks on Gilda Court as it cannot enter safely into the development. So instead of affecting the townhouse owners, the existing residents are going to be suffered.
    3. Many other reasons to oppose this development but I have listed them with my objection to Knox City Council…

  11. Herb Mackay commented

    Car parking will surely be an issue for the neighbouring properties in that part of the court as resident and visitors cars park in the court. This is unfair for the locals.
    Vehicle access out that area to the main roads during peak times is slow so more cars will exacerbate the situation.

    The subject property is a massive piece of land so perhaps the court could be extended into this land with only 4 or so reasonable sized blocks for single dwellings.

  12. Russell commented

    KE, I'm tipping you will move. This development hardly falls in the same category as the others you mentioned which are services. You will get disruption from noise, traffic and inconsiderate neighbours as it is just a fact of life condensed and cheaper dwellings are more likely to attract that type of person.

  13. Elizabeth commented

    I find it very interesting that KE has not addressed the issue of extra cars in the court as a result of this development.
    You and DE have been the first to report cars to council, for obstructing your truck coming in and out of the court over the last few years. Door knocking on residents homes telling them to move their vehicles which were legally parked, making many to resort to parking on the nature strip to try solve the problem, then further fined by council!
    So to propose a subdivision on your property, that exacerbates the problem seems to be ludicrous.

  14. Karen Elliot commented

    Elizabeth again the truth gets in the way of a good story.
    Instead of the hype and hysteria your time would be better spent organizing the Council be contacted with reference of paved parking areas be installed in the court as in many other roads, streets and courts in this estate.
    I do not and have never owned a TRUCK. yes once I knocked on a neighbours door to have a car moved which was almost in the middle of the street and there was not enough room for me to get my commodore through, it does not take much effort to park so people are able to maneuver through!
    I personally have never reported anyone for how or where they park their vehicle.
    My Husband did complain about a car that was parked across the footpath and nature-strip impeding pedestrians.
    If you ave a legitimate complaint fair enough but please look at the plans, there are 5 guest parking spots as well as parking for residents.

  15. Stephen Mead commented

    I would commend Ms. Elliot for highlighting the enormous traffic difficulties already being experienced in Gilda Crt. If the Crt is already experiencing significant challenges with lack of space due to 'overcrowding' by vehicles it adds further evidence that this planning proposal is not suitable for this area.

  16. Elizabeth commented

    I support Stephen Meads comment, and apologise to KE, it was a ute, and you have several with yours and your sons utes. I personally have been door knocked on more that 1 occasion by DE, and advised by him that he has reported my car on the nature strip, which I parked initially because of his complaining. So thank you once again KE for drawing attention to the fact that there is a problem in Gilda court with clear access and limited parking already, and has been for years as families in the court have 'grown' and one would assume that will also happen with the families on the proposed development.
    So they will probably need 4 spots each totalling 44 extra spots.

  17. Ka commented

    A note to all residents in Rowville / City of Knox, especially around Gilda Court area. Knox City Council had refused to grant a permit for the application of 10 dwellings on 8 February 2021. However, an application for review to Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) had been made by the applicant and scheduled for a major case hearing on 22nd and 23th November 21.
    The CLOSING DATE for objectors to lodge statement of grounds with VCAT is 22 July 2021 (as the closing date by which a statement of grounds must be given to VCAT, the responsible authority "Knox City Council" and the applicant.)

  18. Vanessa Hall commented

    Ka good luck with it! As VCAT approved a 18 townhouse development in Taylors Lane on only 6000m2 I think a year ago after the council tried to stop it twice...

  19. Michelle commented

    Car parking will be impossible.

    The block next door to us was subdivided into only 3. The front unit is being rented to students, there is at least 6 cars to the one unit. It has made living here very frustrating.

    Don’t assume two cars per house. There is 10 amongst the three units here.

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