33 Boyd Street, Tweed Heads NSW 2485

Residential flat building comprising 40 units for social housing (NRPP)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 10 months ago. It was received by them 23 days earlier.

(Source: Tweed Shire Council, reference DA19/0865)


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  1. Hayden Ledwidge commented

    Hi Council.

    Please no more social housing on Boyd St. We already have 25-27 Boyd as Social Housing and Fred's place at number 9 Boyd. Every day there's someone destroying property, screaming, littering etc. I appreciate we need affordable housing, but I do not believe it should all be so condensed. There's plenty of land in South and West Tweed.

  2. Angela Griffiths commented

    Hi Council,
    It would be highly detrimental to the area to have more social housing, there are already social problems associated with the social housing we have as well as from other walks of life, however, if Council plan to go ahead with it, then they will need to detail how the social problems we already have will be dealt with eg. how many more Police will be stationed in Tweed (please detail exact numbers) and are there plans to have an extra Police station at Banora Point to free up existing Tweed Police, thereby shortening the call-out times when Police are needed; will there be day and night foot patrols around Tweed by Police to curb so much of the lawlessness that currently is not addressed at all. Can you please address your plans for more Policemen, more patrols, more Police Stations, and detail how offenders will be dealt with, if you want to put more social housing in Tweed. Also, what are the plans for more public transport, more street cleaning, more public toilet cleaning, more frequent rubbish bin collections, to name but a few thoughts. You cannot simply bring in more and more social housing, you have to address everything that goes with it. I'm sure you would have thought about it and planned ahead, so perhaps you can let us residents know, and then we can make an informed opinion about more social housing.

  3. John Mync commented

    Dear Council,
    I oppose the development on the grounds that support services are inadequate.
    I find that police response to crimes being committed here that I and others report to police are already not dealt with in an appropriate timeframe.
    I can only see increased lawlessness resulting from those housed in this type of development in this area.
    As well, I can foresee how stretched ambulance services will be because of the resulting increase in callouts dealing with overdoses, stabbings, bashings etc.
    The ambulances will be more tied up mainly with ferrying time between Tweed Heads and the new and distant hospital in Kingscliff. I pity someone here having a stroke or heart attack waiting for a critical emergency response.
    I think the development is not appropriate where proposed but should be sited closer to the new hospital.

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