79 & 81-83 Wattletree Road, Armadale VIC 3143

Construction of a multi-dwelling development in a Residential Growth Zone and a Design and Development Overlay and creation of a new access to a road in a Road Zone, Category 1, and the removal of an easement.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Stonnington, reference 1001/19)


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  1. John Nieuwenhuysen commented

    This is a heavy overbuilding of the site, with far too many stories

  2. Mary Conway commented

    Five storeys is far too high for this area, which consists mostly of single/double storey buildings. Demolishing these lovely old houses for such a huge development is disgraceful.

  3. John Tabbagh commented

    I would like to object to the height of the proposed building. At 5 stories it will be much higher than the existing 2 story buildings in close proximity. It will detract from the character of this strip. We need to prevent tall buildings like this to preserve the charm, style and character of this precinct otherwise it will become like Toorak Rd in the Forrest Hill area of South Yarra.

  4. Kelly Butcher commented

    This proposed building is far too high. It will overwhelm the smaller homes that are in close proximity. More cars will be added to an already over congested suburb. One of the reasons Armadale has dropped from 4th to 27th as Melbourne’s most liveable suburb.

  5. Alex Yusupov commented

    This is a very high development for the area. It will cause congestion and overwhelm the surrounding dwellings.

  6. Wendy John commented

    I wish to strongly object to the height and density of this development , lack of appropriate green space and ineffective car parking allowance.
    This proposal is for excessive high density and will set a precedent for others in height, poor energy consumption, and overcrowding .

    The area is already congested. It will become more so and heighten the risk for pedestrians, cycling and car accidents.

    The effect on neighbouring streets will be overshadowing, overlooking and more, ugly, out of character, views.

    We have seen South Yarra become so over developed. It has sacrificed many trees, any effective green space and hence all character. This has already started in Malvern/Armadale and needs strict review and change from council and state government.

  7. Kelly Butcher commented

    The impact of excess traffic along Wattletree Road caused by the overdevelopment of apartment blocks along Malvern Road and Wattletree Road will only be exacerbated if the development of high density blocks of flats is allowed to continue. During peak driving times, it is nearly impossible to get out of my driveway as traffic is backed up from Dandenong Road. The pollution is appalling. Green space is now more important than ever. Developers and others in power wrongly believe that a roof garden is “green space”. Agree with you Wendy John. South Yarra has been totally destroyed by overdevelopment. Please don’t let it happen here.

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  8. Alex Yusupov commented

    This is a very high development for the area. It will cause congestion and overwhelm the surrounding dwellings.

  9. MS LEONIE M WOOD commented

    Please, not five stories! Graduated development, that does not overshadow or dominate, is far preferable.

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