132-136 Kavanagh Street Southbank 3006

Application for planning permit pa1900715

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 10 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Melbourne City Council, reference TPMR-2019-29)


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  1. Kieren Malone commented

    The demolishment of the park will deprive families, children and local businesses of a vital place to meet, exercise and play. Over the past few months, this park has been the only place where locals have been able to congregate and escape the restrictions that isolation has placed on them. There are multiple empty buildings across the street that could be used for the same purpose that the council proposes. Please don't deprive us of our park!

  2. David Greasley commented

    This park is one of the only green spaces in Southbank that gets direct sunlight. It is inconceivable that this would be taken away, it is an asset to the local community and has been highlighted by the covid restrictions and the thousands of us who live in apartments and need a communal open space. It is now more popular than ever and it would be a huge detriment and loss to our local community. It is terrible planning by the government that has left us in this situation of only one open, sunny space for tens of thousands of local residents and would be a neglect of duty to take what is left away. It can't be replaced. Please come down and look for yourself to see what we would be loosing and such a high density urban area.

  3. John Anderson commented

    The construction of yet another tall building in the area will have a multitude of negative effects on the area, including reduction in existing property value and a rise in 'short term' accommodation, which leads to lower rental affordability.

    Even more worrying, however, is the loss of a significant proportion of the open space available to the public. Southbank has among the lowest proportion of residents with private outdoor facilities, and the shared facilities in many buildings are sadly lacking.

    The Boyd Community Park took far too long to build, but once it was finally open, it became a welcome and necessary part in many people's daily lives. Despite the fact that the park is the only park of its size in the area, you plan allow for a large building which will reduce the park's usability, and decrease the natural light and outlook even further?

    To build yet another glass and concrete private high rise in the area would be a horrific mistake on the behalf of the council, and one that cannot be readily undone. The reduction in open space will have a demonstrable impact on resident well-being, and subsequently, productivity. This will have negative flow on effects for the local area and Melbourne's economy.

    If you want to continue to spout that Melbourne is among the most livable cities in the world, you had best consider what that actually means, and keep the Boyd Park intact. Allowing this construction would be a horrible misstep, especially in the lead-up to the local government elections.

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