45 - 53 Oxford Street Epping NSW 2121

Development Application - 43-53 Oxford Street, EPPING NSW 2121 - 16 storey mixed use seniors living tower comprising 14 assisted living apartments, 20 care apartments, 60-bed residential aged care facility, 96 independent seniors living units and ancillary offices/retail; 155 car parking spaces in 4 basement levels; signage zones; landscaping; site amalgamation; public domain works; demolition of existing buildings and tree removal. This seniors living development is proposed pursuant to State Environmental Planning Policy (Housing for Seniors or People with a Disability) 2004. This application will be determined by the Sydney Central City Planning Panel.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 10 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference DA/646/2019)


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  1. Matt Mushalik commented

    NSW treasurer Dominic Perrottet mentioned in a recent budget hearing an
    energy challenge in NSW (which means it's a big problem). At a forum on 25/9/2019 in Epping I asked the treasurer:
    "Where will the electric power come from for the many apartment and
    office towers being built in Epping and the whole Sydney area?"
    He answered by referring to contacts he has with Matt Canavan, meaning he wants more coal fired power plants. Now we have all these bush fire emergencies.

    I asked this energy question already twice at Greater Sydney Commission panel
    meetings in Rydalmere but the Chairwoman was completely disinterested.
    The Parramatta Council itself did some calculations for the Parramatta
    CBD, where peak demand will go up by almost 200 MW, compared to the
    existing load. The value of apartments will go down when load shedding starts.

  2. Thomas So commented

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Hope you are well.

    I am the resident of Epping. I would like to share my opinions and feedbacks for the proposed development: - a new aged care and senior living development at 43-53 Oxford Street, Epping NSW 2121.

    In fact, I just noticed that I missed the 11 Dec submission deadline. However, I would like to write this email to express my concern.

    First of all, high rise building is definitely not suitable for aged care and assisted living for seniors. Imagine when there is fire or false alarm, how can we expect old people walking stairs from unit to the ground as elevator not allow to use? This is extremely dangerous and not safe for elderly to walk up or down in staircase within a high rise bldg. This is dangerous as it will induce heart problem and leg or joint problem. No electricity is a common issue Imagine when there is no electricity especially during thunderstorm or bushfire, how can you allow elderly living in darkness? Some of them may need to live with medical equipment and this is unsafe for them without power supply? In my view, this is extremely dangerous and inconvenient for elderly to live in high rise building.

    Also, I found that Epping do not have enough public facilities such as parks, walk path and leisure areas for local community use. If there is an aged care center built in Epping, the elderly do not have enough space for walk and exercise. In fact, lots of local residents comment there are not enough public facilities for the local community use such as library, parks, pool and basketball court etc. As you notice that there are lots of people living in Epping now; especially around Cliff road, Carlingford road, Oxford St, Cambridge St and Essex street etc. I cannot imagine if another high rise building for aged care, how are we going to occupy the additional peoples? Where are the facilities for everyone use?

    If aged care home is a must to build, this is important to consider the safety as this is the first priority. Also “easy to access” and “sufficient space” for them to walk and exercise are important. High rise building is a completely wrong idea for elderly. In my view, two to max three floors unit complex is most preferred for aged home. Please take a look the elderly home in Beecroft area. I never have seen a high rise building to be used for aged care.

    Another important issue –“traffic”. Currently there are lots of units around Epping area and more residential buildings to be built near Essex Street, Norfolk road, Oxford Street, Langston Street and Forest Grove etc. We have no room to move and bad traffic jam if this is going to happen. Personally I found it so difficult to find a car park. Also, the roundabout near Oxford and Chester Street always busy especially during the morning and after school finished hours.

    Honestly, this is truly too many apartments in Epping. For example, the high rise apartment in Oxford St, Cambridge St, and coming up Langston St. I think they have already affected the local community and created lots of negative impacts to the residential zone.

    Please kindly consider the above and reject the proposal (DA/646/2019) in the favor of the residents in Epping and the local community thanks.

    Thanks for your time and much appreciated. All the best!

    Happy New Year!

    Kind regards,

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