Lot 890 Lakeview Promenade Newport QLD 4020

Reconfiguring a Lot - Development Permit for Subdivision (1 into 2 Lots and Access Easements), Material Change of Use - Development Permit for Multiple Dwelling (73 dwellings - Stage 1) and Material Change of Use - Development Permit for Multiple Dwelling (53 dwellings - Stage 2)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 16 days ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Moreton Bay Regional Council, reference 2019/39704/V23R)


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  1. Martin Wombold commented

    The proposed location for this development creates a significant safety risk to the residents and members of public visiting the Livvis Place Playground. The playground is extremely popular, however severely lacks parking facilities. This results in people parking along and the surrounding streets. The development will bring 200+ additional motor vehicles along this tiny intersection which is a disaster waiting to happen. The intersection of Lakeview Promenade and Aqua St is nowhere near large enough to cater for the significant increase in traffic flow.
    Additionally, people who purchased land from Stockland in this area did so under the assumption that they would not have a 7 story tower looking down into their backyards.
    This development is simply not necessary for the area and should not be approved to proceed.

  2. Carolyn Tulic commented

    We are moving from Sydney to Newport to escape the mass population issues and will be very disappointed to find a proposal of this nature on our back door.
    The streets and land sizes certainly are not suitable for such a development. I bought into here thinking it would be a lovely low rise beach development.

  3. Arlene Diaz commented

    Newport is such a wonderful place, why do they have to spoil it with so many high rise buildings. We have lived on the Peninsula since 1980 and Newport for the last 15 years where the traffic wasn’t too bad on Boardman & Griffith Rd, but as it is the traffic is horrendous so imagine what it will be if Stockland have their way. I am not against progress but there is a place for everything.

  4. Julie Smith commented

    Residents of Newport/Redcliffe voted this council in on the understanding the current town plan would be followed as is. Developers constantly challenge the plan. The residents should be able to trust the council to abide by the current planning laws and not be put in a position of having to write to council over these changes lest it be thought we approve of them. Why can't we just stick to town plan as was voted on?

  5. Deirdre Carty commented

    Boardman Road / Klinger Road / Anzac Avenue intersections have been a major congestion problem for years and there does not seem to be any solution to alleviate this. ( Opening up Nathan Road sorts a separate issue ) It beggars belief that an application should be considered that will make the situation worse. We have paid for a strategic plan so why change without giving people a say on it. Allowing the go-ahead here sets a precedent. That area is a community style area and parking bays would be welcome there

  6. Margaret M Cruickshank commented

    There is a need to keep some areas low density in Redcliffe. We already have so many high rises in Clontarf and Redcliffe and Scarborough which are not filled to capacity. The streets in Newport have not been built with expansion of population in mind. They are at capacity now and wont cope with a larger influx of commuters. It would be a real shame to block residents' breeze, views and sunlight with a development of this size in what has always been the quietest suburb in Redcliffe. Let's not ruin what makes Newport a unique part of Redcliffe city.

  7. Andrew commented

    We have a town plan which has been put forward for our future and the future of our community. We need to know that we have an elected Council that will abide by the plan and reconfirm to developers what can and cannot be built.
    Increasing the already high density living and adding to the road congestion does not equal an increase in living standards.
    Traffic congestion in the Boardman Rd/ Anzac Ave/Nathan road is already significantly worse and a visual blight in our area. Don’t allow proposals that will make an already poor situation worse.
    This represents an opportunity for the Councillor’s to be seen to support the local community and be heard when rejecting this unwanted developer’s proposal.

  8. Nicole D commented

    When purchasing my land with Stockland, the proposed high rises were indicated to not be as tall as the retirement living building. Given minimal parking around the area and the amount of intersections/ streets with tight roads for traffic. Upping the amount of able living options in an already populated area will cause more issues of not only traffic but accidents.

    Had this plan been indicated to be more than originally proposed, I would have strongly considered not purchasing within this area. This is a perfect opportunity for council members to fight to avoid similar issues in the North lakes precinct.

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