Mitre 10 499 Portrush Road Glenunga SA 5064

Schedule 10 development - Demolition of all existing structures and staged construction of a freestanding supermarket (ALDI)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 5 months ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: City of Burnside, reference 180\1006\19)


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  1. David Strachan commented

    We have enough good shopping supermarkets nearby.
    Also would cause traffic problems on very congested Portrush Road.

  2. Liz Ayers commented

    No way? I know it’s likely already agreed but. Seriously an Aldi with all the increased traffic that such a store will bring. It is a business that is on a huge growth and expansion trajectory and this site is an access nightmare just as a small mitre10.

    It is opposite the access street to a school which is so large it’s numbers are capped. It is surrounded by local family owned businesses who already struggle with parking and access for customers.
    It is beside exceptionally busy bus stops with children who commute to and from school.
    It also faces a pedestrian crossing which is used by these same children and parents.
    This is definitely not the site for a very popular and busy supermarket.
    Please think this through and be fair to the local community.

  3. Carol Hopkins commented

    (1) There's an Aldi on Kensington Road (or The Parade). Do we need another supermarket in this area?
    (2) Portrush Rush Road is difficult and dangerous at the best of times: consider the number of near misses as cars become almost stationery on Portrush Road in order to turn left into the Dan Murphy's/Tony & Mark's/fastfood shops. The site is lower than the street level, forcing vehicles to slow dramatically to get over the gutter safely.
    (3) Let's not forget the cyclists who still use the road (even without the cycling lane), the semis that come thundering down there with little room for braking, and the buses (that have to stop on the road because there's no off-road bus zone to pull into).
    This is a difficult and dangerous proposition.
    Carol Hopkins

  4. Dave commented

    Please, no. We have Tony and Marks, Drakes,Foodland,Coles and Burnside village all within 1km of this site. Not to mention an Aldi on Magill Road and Belair Road. We really do not need another supermarket in this spot.
    As others have indicated it is a difficult access, and a congested spot. It is a downhill section of Portrush Road with people already suddenly braking when they realise there is a speed camera.
    Often two lanes have to merge into one due to cars parked outside shops here.
    It is a death waiting to happen.
    Aldi are destination shops, they are not merely supermarkets but attract transient shopper looking for their specials and to stock up on some products. They are by nature very busy and this is just the wrong spot for it.

    I know Burnside Council will be looking to attract Aldi but it is not the best decision for the community.

  5. George Brown commented

    Many posters here have very bad memories. There was a Bi Lo supermarket on this exact location over 30 years ago. There was no public moaning then - oh wait, no internet! It’s very easy to post I’ll informed comments without any real research.

  6. Liz commented

    Bi Lo was a very different business model to Aldi. It failed.
    30 years ago there was no speed camera, no Dan Murphy no Tony and Mark. The school was a third of its size. The road handled half the traffic it does now.
    Times have changed. This spot is just dangerous for an Aldi, given the access concerns. Now likely they will have plans to access it from the back street where they have purchased adjacent houses. If they block access from Portrush, then that’s a compromise.

  7. Diana Liu commented

    Yes, time has changed. Instead of everyone saying no, no, no, how about being more open-minded and thinking about solutions? How about, say, widening the roads? Building a bridge mid-air to allow parents and children to safely cross the streets? In addition, think about this, how often do people go to Mitre 10? How often do people visit Aldi? The current design and the landscape of the spot is the root problem. Having a pedestrian crossing so close to Hay Road is a even bigger issue. Because of the fact that the location of the pedestrian crossing presents a big threat to drivers, i.e., especially if people try to merge with the main road from Hay Road by accelerating quickly, hence, this existing ill-thought-through decision has increased the likelyhood of having sudden breaks. How come no one thought about suggesting moving the pedestrian crossing either north or even better, south for 10 or 20 meters to align with the road layout / T-junction? Why does this pedestrian crossing have to be literally right in the middle of a busy spot? Please be fair to the others within the same local community.

  8. Tracy Wilkinson commented

    I am a mother of 3 sons who eat me out of everything and I am pleading with you to please bring Aldi to Glenunga. I am a home a home owner in Glenunga and I am currently driving to Aldi Mitcham.
    Is it signatures you need? If it is, let me know and I will get them.

    Kind Regards

  9. Liz commented


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