165-165A Canterbury Road, Heathmont VIC 3135

Construction of a four-storey building containing a medical centre, retail premises (shop), food and drink premises (restaurant), 26 apartments, associated at-grade and basement car parking, removal of vegetation and alteration of access to a road in a Road Zone, Category 1

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 months ago. It was received by them 9 months earlier.

(Source: Maroondah City Council, reference M/2019/14)


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  1. Graham Dawson commented

    Four storeys is simply far too many in an area where the maximum number along that strip already is two. I applaud the application and turning a derelict site into something useful. However, please be aware of the area and it’s distinctive style as a village and community. We are not an inner city suburb or Ringwood, where high rise seem to be the normal these days. Please keep the building in character with the rest of the area!

  2. Margaret H commented

    Developers are trying to change our suburbs into multi storeys in some cases dog boxes which is not good or acceptable for the local residents in the long term who want and need to live within environmental, mindful & healthy communities.

    We will enough have multi storeys along Maroondah Highways without changing the character of the smaller green/garden suburban areas within Maroondah.
    We need to look at livability to suit all residents not only those who build these multi storeys and of course leave the changes for the local residents to deal with after they moved on to their next project.

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