1470 Wellington Road, Lysterfield VIC 3156

The use and development of a place of worship, associated earthworks and vegetation removal

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 months ago. It was received by them 7 months earlier.

(Source: Knox City Council, reference P/2019/6074)


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  1. Robyn Bryant commented

    I would like to object to the planning application for 1470 Wellington Road. My objection is that this a green wedge. It feels like the green wedge is under attack from many angles at the moment. I cannot understand it. Does the council not care about preserving this lovely area that was deemed a green wedge??

  2. Anita Nikora commented

    I would like to object to the planning application for 1470 Wellington Road. My objection is that not only is this a green wedge but also that the traffic congestion is already crippled at school and work times.

    It is not clear why a green wedge can even be encroached up by placing structures that will create a further high density of people and traffic.

    People have bought their homes in the green wedge areas precisely for the reason that a green wedge area is safe from being built up. If this is changed because the council is revenue raising then it constitutes false advertising and a breach of contract for all residents as the basis of their decision has been revoked which would be unlawful.

  3. Karyn Peverill commented

    I would like to object to this proposal for a large venue on 1470 Wellington Road.

    My primary reasons for objection are as follows:

    1. Traffic flow. Traffic flow along Wellington Road is problematic at the best of times, with significant delays along the stretch of road near Glen Road. This section of road is a single lane each way, with no opportunity to overtake. This will result in vehicles queued back past Kelletts Road in a north-west direction. At capacity this venue may hold 256 vehicles which is a problem.

    2. Safety. Following on from the traffic flow, the area mentioned does not have street lights and is difficult to see oncoming traffic in the mornings during winter when facing east. During evenings, the sun glare at Kellets Road intersection of Wellington Road is problematic given the likely direction of travel and will increase the number of accidents.

    3. Wildlife. As a green wedge area, this location is full of kangaroos and wombats. The impact on these by the increase of traffic is not welcomed. This area should be kept clear of development of this size.

    4. Fire Risk. Increasing the number of people in the area during the fire season increases fire risk. Many fires are started by people polluting the area with cigarettes.

  4. Karen Wyatt commented

    I would like to object to the proposed plans for 1470 Wellington Road.

    While I am not concerned about a place of worship being erected what is most concerning is the proposed car park area which will be visible from our property obstructing the views of the local landscape. Surely this proposal is in breach of the Environmental Significance Overlay and the Signicifcant Landscape Overlay that are in this area. As property owners we are unable to develop our properties due to these overlays and yet the proposal includes a very large 256 car car park. This will impact the local landscape and the wild life in the area. Further Wellington Road is unable to sustain the traffic as it currently is without the extra traffic this development will bring.

  5. Jenny Anderson commented

    I don’t object to anyone wanting to build on their own parcel of land no matter what it is zoned. If the property is sitting there bare with no purpose, no life, no homes, no gardens then it becomes a dead useless eyesore. There is to much vast land serving no purpose. How can we create a functioning community if we can not put use to our lands that we purchase because a self righteous person wants to oppose it. I believe all apposing to the progression of land thriving and growing into useful properties should move to areas where there is no human population. The other option maybe to use the land for rubbish waste maybe that way this may please the opposing minority.

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