107 Church Road Bethania QLD 4205

Multiple Dwelling (65 Townhouses) and Building Works Assessable against the Planning Scheme (Demolition of Heritage Structures)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 6 months ago. It was received by them 17 days earlier.

(Source: Logan City Council, reference MCUI-27/2019)


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  1. Toni Last commented

    This is hardly in keeping with the existing neighbour hood. Houses we could understand but to build 65 extra townhouses with a potential 120 extra vehicles, on this part of Church Road will result in a traffic nightmare for the rest of the the residents that live in and off the street, with only one entry and exit piont and the school traffic from the Lutheren school, the main intersection is allready an issue to negotiate during school drop off and pick up.
    There are confirmed fire ant nests within 350mt of 107 church road so what will the soil management program be? And are all parties concerned aware of this?
    We talk to people that live on Station road past the rail lines who have the same issue of road infrastructure that is not designed to take this sort of traffic, when will council consider this when approving these sorts of developments? And with the amount of open undeveloped land in this area, this can only become a much bigger problem with future construction projects.
    So good bye to beautiful Church Road, what a shame.

  2. Lisa Doak commented

    I am extremely concerned with the plans for this block of land. The road is not equipped for this volume of traffic. The intersection at the top of Church and Station Roads are already dangerous, congested and ill planned for the amount of town houses being crammed along station Rd and over the train line. Church rd is already busy and congested during school times, funerals, church services ect due to 2 churches and a school on our street. The traffic generated by 65 townhouses will turn a suburban street into a commuters nightmare.
    The proposal to continue Church rd through to Edens Landing via the park will exacerbate congestion further with traffic cutting through from Edens Landing.
    The zoning of the area is actually low density residential and it is zoned for this for very good reason. The property borders a sewerage treatment plant with dangerous levels of Acid Sulfate throughout the surrounding areas. It is a Bushfire hazard area with a buffer. It is next to Heritage listed sites and borders Ridgewood Reserve. The property and surrounding area floods considerably and lets not forget proximity to a rail corridor.
    There are confirmed reports of fire ants in our street as we have had them on our property. It seems Council and Phillip Usher Development want to cash in yet again by cramming as many townhouses as possible onto a piece of land in order to furnish their own pockets financially. There is no consideration for surrounding infrastructure, residents, safetly and wildlife.
    I would also like to know how a Council whose officials have all been sacked is able to make decisions on development in a community with no Council representation. Who is making these decisions within a Council with no official Councillors, only stand ins holding together a broken entity until the next election. The current Town Planners are obviously deeply steeped in corruption with a history of approving a controversial crematorium right next to a busy overpass that virtually passes over the building and in the middle of suburbia with a school less that 5mins walk away.
    This has everything to do with greed with nothing constructive to the living standards of a community.

  3. Victoria Ross commented

    I object to the proposal for 65 townhouses to be built at the end of Church rd.
    This will seriously impact the environment and residents and owners' right to enjoy our lifestyles we are used to. The destruction by stealth of all the trees for the Station Road units and the impact of the builders and the erection and filling of the 120+ units have already had negative impacts on Church and Station roads and roads and intersections in the vicinity. This gives even less reasons to accept these 65 unnecessary town houses.

    Church road cannot deal with the impact of 65 townhouses in a street designed for houses. At a minimum of 2 residents per townhouse, 130 extra residents and their vehicles will seriously impact current house residents' quiet enjoyment of their environment and access to greenspace and the natural environment.
    I believe it will devalue our lifestyles and house prices and wonder who on the council, in which we have no representation, could even contemplate such an adverse proposal for this Division's residents.
    Negative impacts, such as those stated by myself and others include; Fire ants, floods, the railway maintenence issues and hugely increased volume of trucks, eath moving equipment and motor vehicles, noise and increased population and change in the demographic of this neighborhood .
    The school, church and cemetery and street will lose all contemplative ambience.

    I heard about the proposal to push Church rd. into Eden's Landing 30 years ago, but was assured this would not happen, for all the obvious reasons already noted.
    Positive impacts? None, except those for greedy self- serving developers . Let us vote on this according to the standpoint on this issue of the new councillors elected in the next elections early next year.

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