1-3 Turner Court, Portarlington, VIC

Construction of Three (3) Dwellings, One Exceeding 7.5m in Height and Three (3) Lot Subdivision

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 5 months ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: City of Greater Geelong, reference 467/2019)


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  1. Tina Shaw commented

    As a local I am fed up with all these townhouses being erected.
    MAJORITY of locals do not want this monstrosetie in Portarlington.
    This is a quiet, relaxed suburb and the amount of greedy land owners ruining Portarlington for monetary gain is just saddening to us all.
    Please keep Portarlington simple.

  2. rebecca commented

    Way too big a development next to our beautiful historical heritage listed Mill. It will cut out all sunshine to the mill and hide it

    Totally inappropriate for the position

    Sympathetic development is what is required in this quaint village we live in

    People want to move here because it lacks the monolithic monotone of ocean grove and torquay.

    Please keep our town quaint and full of lovely small buildings. The rise development has been supported by locals because it has blended in.

    It is concernig that such a huge set of building's is proposed for this site.

  3. Anne commented

    I agree with both Rebecca and Tina,
    The reason we brought in Portarlington as because it was a beautiful place which had not be effected by large buildings/Townhouses etc.
    In the last few years they seem to be going up everywhere.
    Is what is so wrong is that there is no consideration for other houses surrounding these buildings as far as losing their views which they have always had.
    The Councils really needs to put a stop to all these buildings getting through
    It is ruining what should still be a beautiful seaside town.

  4. Wuzz commented

    The land on which the Mill Managers House was built eg 1-3 Turner Crt is culturally significant not only to Portarlington but to the whole of the Bellarine. This area built on in the 1860s is a archaeological site and should be investigated further before 3 Hampton Houses are allowed to be built. This type of development is too big for this area.Stop this unnecessary greed.

  5. Gemma Tobschall commented

    If COGG doesn't stop this overdevelopment in Portarlington, what once used to be a beautiful little fishing village will become another St Kilda. The ambience of this area has been the drawcard for the majority of people who left Melbourne to get away from the rat race of suburbia and enjoy the atmosphere of this place. Sadly it is changing by the influx of these type of projects. This is a very small court, not a main road. There are only a few homes and they complement the old Mill, a heritage listed folk museum which is open to the public. Don't spoil it.

  6. Jan Clark commented

    This Application for 3 townhouses in Turner Street is outside the REGULATED HEIGHT OF 7.5m which is outlined in Schedule 14 of the Design and Development Overlay for Residential Coastal Frontages.

    To ensure that new development reflects the rhythm of existing building spacing and provides for visual permeability when viewed from the coastal and from the street;
    it would be a precedent for other buildings to exceed the 7.5 m height regulation, leaving it open for other buildings to exceed the 7.5m height. This development is also out of character to the surrounding buildings.

    To ensure that new development is compatible with the existing scale and bulk of buildings in the surrounding streetscape and coastal setting I oppose this application in the most strongest manner and hope Council reflects my views and reject this application

  7. shirley anne oneill commented

    I completely agree with Wuz there definitely needs to be investigation into the cultural and archaeological areas of Turner Crt. It is very disturbing to witness the way developers are mobilising themselves into Portarlington witb this latest outrageous inappropriate development in Turner Crt. being a perfect example Back to drawing board please.

  8. Rebecca Buchanan commented

    As a local of Portarlington for the last 10 years I am concerned about the increasing amount of inappropriate developments that are being proposed, and being carried out in our small seaside town.
    This proposed development for 1-3 Turner street is just another example of greedy people trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of a block by overcrowding with houses all close to boundaries. This specific site is in a quiet court and is next to a historical building and I believe three units is excessive.
    I was heartened when hearing The Bellarine had been deemed an area of significance. I read the City of Greater Geelong's objectives to protect and enhance the current coastal towns from inappropriate development. To preserve the individual character, identity and role of each Bellarine township. Unfortunately I am still seeing developments that are not in keeping with a small coastal feel. They are excessively big or crowded and are in considerate of fellow neighbours need for space and light, not only views.
    Portarlington is such a beautiful town and could be developed appropriately and in a sympathetic way to maintain a relaxed coastal feel. Also respecting local historical buildings, unlike what is being built next to the old Grand hotel currently.
    I would like to see action not just words from the City of Greater Geelong.

  9. Jenifer Gibbs commented

    The proposed construction of three residences at 1-3 Turner Court Portarlington is inappropriate particularly as it relates to the building which abuts 5 Turner Court. The proposed structure is planned to be 8.3M high (1.5M higher than number 5) and just 1M from the shared boundary along three quarters of its length. This will result in loss of view and in the middle months of the calendar year would over-shadow any solar panels in situ. The plans include predicted shadow overlays for September only; the Council should request such for the month of June which would give a true effect of the proposed building height.

    Further, such a large building so close to the Turner Court boundary will detract from the visitor arrival view of the Old Mill which is Heritage listed. Given the long history and various uses of the Old Mill, it is also possible that there could be archaeological deposits but the plans make no mention of surveys to be done.

    While shown on the plans, the 150 year old palm tree adjacent to the building site is at possible risk of root damage during construction works.

  10. Robyn Hope commented

    We are against the development of No 1-3 Turner Court which will ruin the quiet relaxed ambience that now exists. If this development gains approval there will be nothing to halt further greedy developers.

    In addition the residents of No. 5 have solar panels which will be greatly effected by the height of the proposed units.
    Turner Court has limited car parking at present for residents, visitors, and people visiting the popular Mill. Further development will choke this area.

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