8 Second Avenue Kingswood NSW 2747

Demolition of Existing Structures & Construction of Two (2) Storey Boarding House containing 20 Boarding Rooms (Including Manages Room) & Basement Car Parking

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Penrith City Council, reference DA19/0317)


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  1. MRS LYNDY RASTALL commented

    We the residents of Kingswood are totally fed up with Penrirh Council allowing these unsightly horrid boarding houses to cluster our family area . We live in Edith st Kingswood are are constantly fighting Council about boarding houses . There is already 3 in Manning possible soon to be more . Another 2-3 in Second Ave also more to be built . Unfortunately the boarders who live in these premises are not all good folk . For example in Manning St we've had a stabbing out the front of one B/H,, a death due a drug overdose . Last week 6-7 Police cars 3 with sniffer dogs and Police helicopter . Last night again Police and another helicopter .The traffic is far more of a problem along with boarders street parking . We have a school , 6 preschools , a University , a Tafe also a Nursing Home . Homeless people dont need ANY of these facilities .
    Penrith Mayor needs urgently to ask State Planning to reverse our FAMILY FRIENDLY AREA back to R2 , as we always were . Stop now ,,, NO MORE B/H FOR THIS AREA .
    If Council don't do something urgently the crime will escalate out of control and Kingswood will become a huge SLUM AREA . We original and younger folk of Kingswood just want to live our lives with dignity and respect , along with a peacefull life in an homely area we have lived in for 45 years we call HOME .
    I thank you for this opportunity to voice my thoughts hopefully you don't find this offensive ,, but we residents feel totally disrespected also we feel very uncomfortable regarding our safety and security .
    Thank you regards LYNDY RASTALL

  2. Samantha commented

    I agree- we are crowded enough as is it. Traffic is crazy around school times- superise there isn’t any accidents.

  3. Rosetta commented

    Dear Ms Bennett,
    Reference is made to the Notice of Proposed Development from Council dated 16 May 2019 regarding the proposed Demolition of Existing Structures & Construction of a Two storey Boarding House at 8 Second Avenue Kingswood NSW 2747
    Please be advised of the objections held by our household with regard to this proposal:
    1. Over Supply of Community and Boarding House Facilities within Kingswood
    We believe that there is an existing over-supply of boarding houses within the Kingswood area and do not agree that an additional boarding house will help alleviate the issue of low cost housing across Sydney region..
    Of particular concern are the 200 or so existing unlicensed boarding houses (of approximately 455 or so in NSW), most of which are reportedly mismanaged and with ongoing concerns. We feel that Council should address these issues and provide ongoing targeted assistance for residents of boarding houses, before introducing additional boarding houses to the area.
    We consider that low cost housing for vulnerable people is a matter for all Municipalities, given the burden that it has on the existing community. As indicated below, there are significant concerns that need to be addressed with the current boarding house crisis, rather than exacerbating an already grossly inadequate situation.

    2. Impact of Proposed Boarding House on Community
    An additional boarding house in the area will have significant repercussions for the existing local community.
    Second Avenue and surrounding streets have a number of government and boarding house accommodation facilities. There have been significant issues surrounding criminal activity, domestic violence and drug/ alcohol abuse, resulting in numerous police and ambulance attendances. Our concern is that an additional and inadequately supported boarding house will further disrupt the community which consists mainly of young families and elderly residents.
    Beyond the very real threat to community cohesion, a boarding house, which purports to house up to 20 residents will no doubt result in increased traffic in an already congested street, increased noise and loitering at all hours of the day and night. It will also result in a de valuation of properties in the street, given the stigma and problems which generally attach to boarding houses.
    3. Impact of Boarding House Residents
    It is well documented that boarding houses have traditionally provided transient and inadequate accommodation for people of lower socio-economic backgrounds, with mental & intellectual disabilities and/or or drug and alcohol issues, elderly males and ex-prisoners, without adequate social support systems.
    Sub- standard living conditions, neglect, physical & sexual assault, compromised safety, health and wellbeing of boarding house residents have not been uncommon complaints for residents. A chronic lack of adequate social services to meet the needs of these people has meant that their basic human rights have been neglected.
    Despite well intentioned initiatives by governments and Council to address some of these problems, it is our understanding that proposed legislative reforms, only go so far, and do not address the crucial issue of appropriate support services for these people.
    This is concerning and raises questions about how well managed this proposed boarding house will be, particularly on the ‘’spend’’ for expertise staffing, should the application be approved.
    Beyond a new building, we feel that there are insufficient checks and oversight requirements to guarantee the protection of its residents and the existing surrounding community for such a proposal to proceed.
    Should a change to the existing approval be desired by the applicant, we request that Council impose the required Council process, which would include community consultation.

    For the reasons mentioned above, we object to the applicant’s proposal of subdividing the proposed development site and building a boarding house.
    We kindly request that we be kept informed of matters concerning this application.

    Thank you for considering our application. We look forward to receiving your written response with regard to our concerns raised above

    Thank you

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