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1 Jackson Road, Wantirna South VIC 3152

The construction of a four-storey apartment building (16 dwellings), associated basement car parking and the reduction in the car parking requirements at Clause 52.06

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 2 months earlier.

(Source: Knox City Council, reference P/2019/6016)


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  1. Jane Citizen commented

    Jackson road is already congested every day. There is time limit parking on the street and often car overstay their time limit. The council at best is very slow to have those who overstay booked for others to park. Also 16 dwelling could translate to 16 or more cars in the street especially if there is a reduction in car parking requirements on the property. Unless all those living in the 16 dwellings are single and only have 1 car the street will be flooded with extra cars. Other properties on the street have at best 2 or 3 cars already.

    What is the point of having clause 52.06 if almost all constructions seek a reduction and always seem to get it?

  2. Knox Resident of 45 years commented

    Clause 52.06 allows for reduction in parking through the recent amendment.
    Residences within Residential Growth Zones should move out into Neighbourhood Zone areas if they are not happy living here and don't like to see people and cars.
    There are many individuals and families that need the close amenities, transport, shops and are happy with live in dense developed areas.
    We, as the residence of Jackson Road, all support this development, and any future high density developments within Residential Growth Zones and Local Living Areas.

  3. Jane Citizen commented

    The constriction is for four-storey apartment buildings (16 dwellings). I say double that, triple that. Make it a 10 story apartment. The more the merry. (Infact that entire area should have muti-story buildings, not just 2 or 4 townhouses on a block). Yes we need dense development areas. Do it here. BUT. Dig a basement car park, 2-3-4-5 levels deep. Hide the cars so as to not already add to the congestion of cars parked on the street and if needed the emergency services can pass through the street unimpeded, unlike right now.

    If you want happy living, you don't need cars on the street, hide them, make it a one way street, extend the footpath, add green grass, more trees, put seating, make it so that more people can sit outside and see each other.

    You just don't get the point. More people, less cars, but for the cars that will be there, have enough car spots off street so emergency services can pass through.

    Knox Resident of 52 years

  4. David commented

    You guys should do a spell check before submitting your comments.

    If you think parking in this street is a problem, have you not been walking around the area and checked out the parking problem near Knoxia (Lynne Street) or St Andrews and Maison.
    Has anyone noticed that the rubbish bins in this area aren't being emptied in the mornings now. Why not? Building works at Maison and the St Andrews School has clogged the roads.
    The rubbish is now being collected (sensibly) outside the dreaded school drop off/pickup times.
    Hopefully the CFA have long hoses because they will have little chance of finding anywhere to park or even get access to some streets.

    Good luck people.

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