19 Belmore Street, Arncliffe NSW 2205

17-19 Belmore Street, ARNCLIFFE NSW 2205 - Demolition of existing building and construction of five (5) storey mixed use building, containing ground floor commercial, 10 residential apartments, 43 boarding rooms and 3 levels of basement carparking

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 2 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Bayside Council (Rockdale), reference DA-2019/105)


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  1. Penelope Martin commented

    Concerns over over development
    Need to hold onto some of our heritage
    Concerns over parking
    Concerns over inter-structure
    Concerns congestion on the streets
    Concerns over the need for more hospitals etc to accommodate all the new residents
    Need more trains/ buses

  2. Yiorgos Crespis commented

    Intersection at Belmore St and Station street needs pedestrian crossing. Very unsafe.
    Tree planting required along Belmore street. This could be done as ‘islands’ in lieu of a few parking spots.

  3. Yiorgos Crespis commented

    43 boarding rooms is totally unacceptable.
    What happened to high class accomodation??? Bayside 2036 says that Council is currently spending $m’s in developing guidelines for high class accomodation in the area East of the Station. This is ridiculous. MUST not be approved. There will be protests.
    Noting that work has already start and the building half demolished!!!!

  4. Eliza Water commented

    Concerned infrastructure is not keeping up with development in the area. What improvements to the suburb are council making to accomodate all these new residents? Upgrades to parks? Pedestrian friendly access to public transport? Parking plan management? All the major improvements in the area appear to be happening around the waterfront (wealthier areas like Brighton, dolls point, ramsgate etc.) This is obviously deeply unfair for the suburbs bearing the brunt of construction. Very problematic application in this regard.

  5. James D commented

    Demolishion has already begun on what can only be described as a deeply flawed project. Belmore Street is a small one way thoroughfare which provides important access to Arncliffe shops and station. Congestion caused by this high density building will be of great hindrance to locals. In an area with numerous boarding house developments already - this is going to anger residents greatly who feel that there is over development occurring with zero benefits for the local area.

  6. James Norris commented

    I am not against development -in many instances it is beneficial. The problem with the proposed development at 17 Belmore St. Arncliffe is that it is not a suitable development for this area.!!
    The surrounding shops & business in the immediate area (Firth St./Arncliffe Station) are 2 storey early century buildings -I can remember when there was talk of restoring these older buildings as they do represent historical significance -in fact if done well this could be very beneficial to the suburb of Arncliffe (a bit of 'spit & polish' would do Arncliffe no harm). The proposed development is far too big for this narrow one way thoroughfare as correctly pointed out by 'James D'. Solely for this reason & the fact the proposed development will be 5 storeys + 3 levels basement parking means that any normal human being on the basis of common sense would deem this development to be unsuitable for the area! I also find questionable the goal of the developer; To me this looks like a cheap and nasty boarding house 'dressed up' with a commercial space & few apartments thrown into the mix. Also there are no documents to view. ie. designs, parking management plans, benefits to community etc I note that demolition has already begun on a Sunday -this follows the trend of past unfavorable developments that were plagued with issues from start to finish. Therefore for the above outlined reasons and in conjunction with fellow concerned residents I deem the current proposal at 17-19 Belmore Street Arncliffe should be rejected.

  7. Ann commented

    This development is far to big for the area. Is this street even zoned for five stories. Why all of a sudden a boarding houses being proposed for the Rockdale area? We have more than enough people here in the area as it is, traffic is a nightmare and public transport it already crowded. Please don't approve this application.

  8. wendi aylward commented

    I am opposed to this development. Increasing mid/high density development on a way one street with high pedestrian usage disregards current usage of the street and has no benefit to local residents. The building itself has historical significance and should be kept. mid/high density should be kept in areas such as Wolli Creek and Rockdale which has already past the point of no return. The Arncliffe shopping precinct including Belmore St are set up in a village style setting which local enjoy and will be lost if this proceeds.

  9. Han Chung commented

    The building should have heritage value and should not be demolished

  10. Matt M. commented

    It is time that the Bayside Council seriously listened and paid more attention to the constituents. Development approvals should be in line with the landscape of the suburb and not approved just for revenue raising. Not only is our area becoming another sky rise, morbid habitat however, council members lack common sense when it comes to ensuring our suburbs remain beautiful and have personality. I for one do not want to live surrounded by sky rise developments where there is no infrastructure to support all these residents. Furthermore, it risks ghettos forming. Also, if council had half a brain they would ensure that all suburbs are clean, developments are done within 2 years of approval otherwise fines are imposed, beautifying them via flowers/greenery, fining anybody who leaves a boat on the footpath or outside their home (there are marinas to house boats). I want to live in a beautiful suburb where the value of my home goes up not down due to lack of common sense decisions.
    This development lacks any thought into the surrounding area and it is far too big.

  11. Yiorgos Crespis commented

    Who will operate the boarding house?
    Do they have any experience doing this?
    Do they have management plans, processes? Are they approved by the NSW government to run a boarding house?
    This will become a ghetto.

  12. Mark Taylor commented

    Arncliffe has such potential to be a cute, smart shopping village showcasing its lovely old character buildings. Pls don’t let it turn into Wolli Creek with soulless high rise..

  13. Noah Faber commented

    Is such a large building really necessary? If they have the budget to build something so huge and out of place, couldn’t they at least keep the current building’s facade to preserve the historical charm of the street?

  14. Maree Mehmet commented

    This DA must be a joke right?? How on earth can 40 boarding houses fit onto that land space? And how are they allowed to demolish a historical building (over 100 yrs old). How will this small area's infrastructure accommodate such a concentrated population increase without a serious traffic incident/fatality?

    Why are the developers not exploiting the property in a positive way, leveraging the significant character potential of this area instead?

    I suggest the council seriously rethink what they will permit for this application, considering the potential for a beautiful cafe/antique/boutique precinct. Arncliffe is perfectly placed given the federation style construction across the suburb. It would both increase revenue to the area as well as raise land value. This corner of Arncliffe is crying out for historically-sympathetic development.

    I am a resident of Belmore St and strongly object to this appalling development application. Can the Council not show some respect and gumption like their northern counterparts (e.g., Kuring-Gai Council)? Or does the Southside only want to attract lower socio-economic residents and remain a "poor cousin".

    It's time for our Council to step up and plan what is possible with such beautiful architecture simply sitting there. Because once it has gone, there is no return.

  15. Eva Harrison commented

    I’m sure so far you have read majority of the comments that so many residents disagree the DA to be approved from council. First of all, Belmore Street is a one-way street. Lots of parents send and pick up their kids on this street. The accident rates definitely will increase if the DA passed. Even now many irresponsible drivers drive the opposite way although they have been informed. Secondly, Arncliffe doesn’t have enough shops, recreations, good infrastructures and easy transportations (often trains halt on weekends due to mainanence) whereas Rockdale and Wolli Creek have large shopping facilities and easy transportations to access. It would make much sense to have accommodations development in Wolli Creek or Rockdale. The accommodation business would not have enough demands at 17-19 Belmore Street thus not worth in a long run. Please reconsider this project again for both local residents and the future business.

  16. Tiffany commented

    It is very disappointing that this building has already started without proper consultation with the community. Whilst I support development, this will be the second boarding house being erected in a small area. Traffic and transport can sustain the increased density. The community shopping precinct needs a face lift, the local parks need to be invested in, and trains need to come more often so as to ensure that these boarding houses properly support residents and ensure a positive inclusion with the community.

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