20B Weedon Road Artarmon NSW 2064.

Removal of 2 Trees and pruning of 1 Tree

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Willoughby City Council, reference TVPA-2019/101)


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  1. Lou commented

    All trees and shrubs must be kept as they provide; oxygen for all living creatures, shade from sunlight, habitats for living creatures and beautification of our neighbourhood. Only when trees and shrubs threaten lives, do they need to be trimmed or removed.

  2. Simon Dixon commented

    Hi, I subscribed to the alerts and note "Lou" has made word for word the same comment on other applications such as Mabel Street tree removal.
    Appear to be some other agenda other than assessing each property separately.

  3. Rob Scott commented

    I've read a comment by Simon Dixon.

    Whilst we all should love trees, and we need them, some trees need to go. I too have been receiving Planning Alerts for a number of years. There seems to be a small number of people besides "Lou" who respectively care and make comments/objections about tree removals, people like David Grover, Jenkins Peter J, Peter Jenkins and Peter Hayes. Interestingly their objections are not always about trees in the same suburb or streets close to each objection. Yes they may care about the environment, but how can these people be honestly objective if they are not familiar with that particular home.

    I know of a lady who planted a tree (pine) for Christmas in front of her living room, on a water front property, that was 40 years ago, imagine that tree now, no view now, what would be the chance of having that removed?

    Its now a stage in my life that I will NOT plant a tree on my property, in fear that I may never be able to remove it in the future. Am I the only one with this thought? Yes council needs to encourage planting of trees, but also be a lot more amenable for removal. Maybe a register that you register planting a tree, and if so you can remove it without any consequence or fees to gain approval to remove.

    "Why grow dope when you can plant a greenie?"

  4. Doug Lemon commented

    I totally agree with Rob Scott’s comentd.

  5. Peter S commented

    I completely agree with Rob Scott. There are too many people making objections without assessing the merits of the application. These people are diminishing the value of Planning Alerts as their comments add absolutely no value.

    If you want to provide your comments about a particular application make sure you assess the application on the merits of that application. Generic comments do not in any way help council make a decision.

    I also ask Willoughby City Council to stop putting every tree application for public comment. Every other council has clearly documented guidelines meaning that public consultation is not necessary. With the escalating anger shown by some of these perpetual objectors, I fear for the safety of any making an application.

  6. C Duffy commented

    I 100% agree with the comments above. There is a giant pine tree in our neighbours place that’s most likely been there 50+ years as she has been there for 64 years that hangs over our driveway and the falling needles and bats are ruining our two cars. She has tried to remove the tree 3 times as it’s also lifting up her path and she is in a wheelchair so makes it hard to get out and the council have rejected it because of rejections from the community so each night we have to put car covers on and save up for a carport all because of a tree that does more harm than good!

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