31 Cobham Ave Melrose Park NSW 2114

Home business - Tattoo parlour in conduction with ground floor commercial space

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 5 months ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: City of Ryde, reference LDA2019/0078)


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  1. Mathew Stulic commented

    Melrose Park is a predominantly residential area. The City of Ryde section of Melrose Park is a quiet, family-oriented suburb. Many residents have made it their home and invested in the area based on these fundamental characteristics of the suburb. A proposal to develop a "tattoo" parlour is fundamentally incompatible with the present character of the suburb. The significant risk to the character of our suburb is that undesirable elements infiltrate the streets on which we live and in which our kids play. This will (among other things) decrease property values and the general amenity and reputation of the area. Any approval of this development application would be an outrageous development that would cause many in our community significant distress. This application simply must be rejected.

  2. Jennifer Small commented

    The City of Ryde suburb of Melrose Park is a residential area with a mix of working families as well as retirees who enjoy the various walking and cycling paths. The playing fields and homes are within close proximity to this proposed development of a 'tattoo parlour.' Many school aged children walk past on their way to and from school, the TAFE, the railway, bus and ferry stations. The increased evening, late night traffic, noise and parking issues is not in keeping with the aesthetics of the family friendly suburb. This development would bring an unneeded element as well as possibly anti-social behaviour to the streets and avenues of Melrose Park. This application needs to be rejected.

  3. John Douglas commented

    In 1928 the area described as the "Golf Links Estate", known as Melrose Park, was planned and approved by Ryde Council. This was planned as residential area of about 450 houses surrounding a golf course.

    Since that time Melrose Park has come under unwanted & sustained attacks.

    1. 1978 Ryde Council places RE1 zoning on private land in Melrose Park
    2. 1982 Roads & Martime moves private property boundaries landward, now found to be a violation of Certificates of Title in Melrose Park.
    3. 2002 to 2011 Department of Planning acquires 11 properties at sub market values in Melrose Park, exploiting elderly Melrose Park residents.
    4. 2005 the NSW Geographic Names Board ( with the knowledge of Councils) approves "boundary "creep" enabling developers to profit by using Melrose Park" to build thousands of apartments in this once quiet suburb.
    5. 2018, Melrose Park residents in Wharf Rd are threatened with acquisition of a portion of their land being resumed for the Parramatta Light Rail project. Since moved to Waratah St.

    Role forward to 2019, Ryde Council entertains the approval of a Tattoo parlour in Melrose Park.

    Councillors, planners, developers & politicians be warned residents of Melrose Park are not happy. Please consider this application carefully and inlight of the above history of a formerly quiet & safe suburb of Ryde.

  4. Vince Cusumano commented

    This as a quiet residential neighbourhood is an inappropriate place to have a tattoo parlour. This type of business is better suited to a shopping centre of commercial/industrial estate.
    The former site was a corner shop and the new site has been used as a residential dwelling.
    The Tattoo parlour is not acceptable here and I would not support this application

  5. Patricia Galvin commented

    I oppose this development application. We do not need it. This is a quite leafy suburb with lots of children attending the local Melrose Park School around the corner from the proposed development. It is not appropriate to have a Tattoo parlour in this area.

  6. P Smith commented

    I oppose this DA. While the site may be zoned for commercial use a tattoo parlour is totally inappropriate. This quiet residential area is already suffering from increased traffic , parking issues and trucks most of which is a result of the development activities in the area. There is a primary close by and consequently many school children would walk by. While tattoo parlours may be legitimate businesses their links to crime is well known - to the point legislation had to be put in place to try and manage this.

    Council is urged to reject this DA based on the simple fact the community does not want it

  7. C commented

    I would like to raise my objection to having a tattoo parlour on the corner of Cobham Ave and Andrew St Melrose Park.

    Why? This is a suburban area with many families. Based on the history of other tattoo parlours in the area, eg Pretty in Ink on Victoria Rd at West Ryde, tattoo parlours can attract gang style activities. Case in evidence is the shooting and murder that occurred at Pretty in Ink.

    As a resident and owner in this area, I do not want this business in my community space, I cannot see how it will benefit our community.

  8. Stephen Brown commented

    As a local resident, I am opposed to this development application. A tattoo parlour is not in keeping with the character of Melrose Park. Melrose Park is quiet residential suburb with a local primary school and numerous parks and sporting fields all within walking distance of the proposed location.

    I believe this business should be located in a commercial precinct where it is not directly adjacent to residences.

  9. Robert Rao commented

    I am a local resident with two young children.

    I strongly oppose this application.

    It’s a disaster to have a tattoo parlour locating in the middle of the beautiful quiet residential area. It will change significantly the characters of the area and decrease the value of the property in this area.

  10. Andrew Brennan commented

    I support the proposal. I would much rather see a tattoo parlour here than another "massage" parlour. So long the operators respect the local community and operate to the strict current and future rules & regulations I don't see why it would not work for the area.

  11. R Lane commented

    I object to the proposed development of a Tattoo Parlour at 31 Cobham Ave, Melrose Park.
    I have lived in Melrose Park for 25 years, and was drawn to the suburb for its village like environment, surrounded by parks, sporting fields, local school, golf course, river access, access to work, and a small corner shop for the local residents. The location of the small corner shop is now the subject of this proposed Tattoo Parlour. The traffic intersection at this proposed development application, is a cross roads for local residents to access all the facilities listed above. Many of these residents are young children walking past or using the bus service just outside the door of the proposed development. A Tattoo Parlour is not a simple micro business that is merely a place of office administration, internet sales, or where someone runs their micro trades services business from, it is a business that can only survive on patronage from outside of the Melrose Park catchment. After the few residents of Melrose Park get their tattoos, the patronage will involve a movement of random people, from random demographics, with random moral compasses, in and out of a location frequented by our most vulnerable residents, our children. There is a place for this type of business, in larger shopping or commercial precincts, with better security for our vulnerable members of our community. This is not an appropriate development for our village suburb.

  12. John Hanley commented

    I have lived in Cobham Avenue for over 40 years and enjoyed the neighbourhood as it is a family oriented community. I feel that this type of business would be more suited to a Main Street. I strongly oppose this application.

  13. S and D de Vos commented

    I strongly object to this development application.

    I live on Cobham Avenue, which is a quiet suburban street with many young families and retirees. 31 Cobham Avenue (which is at the corner with Andrew St) is a very visible corner in our neighbourhood. Many families regularly walk passed this corner on the way to walking their children to the local primary school and local parks, using the zebra crossing on Andrew St which is directly adjacent to the premises. Using the premises in the manner proposed would have a significant adverse impact on neighbourhood amenity and drastically lower the tone of the neighbourhood.

    This premises (with the exception of four other similarly zoned premises grouped together on Cobham Ave) is entirely surrounded by low density residential zoning. Any proposed use of these premises therefore needs to be compatible with the homes in the immediate vicinity and add to rather than detract from its safe, friendly character.

    Further, there is no dedicated parking for any customers of this premises. Street parking directly adjacent to the premises is significantly limited by the fact that this corner where the premises is located is next to a bus zone on one side, and the zebra crossing on the other. Due to the nature of the business, it can be assumed that the majority of customers would travel by car and passing foot traffic or custom within walking distance would be very minimal.The proposal is therefore likely to lead to a significant increase in traffic parking outside nearby residents' homes (including the homes of mainly families with young children, such as my own) to frequent the tattoo parlour.

    Whilst the application states that approval for signage is not sought as part of the application, business premises can install a range of signage without the need for Council approval (exempt and complying development). Of course this premises would seek to install at least some signage to advertise its business, and this would occur in a very prominent position in our neighbourhood.

  14. billy bob citizen commented

    i find it funny how closed minded the people opposing this app are. its like you are all the cunninghams from happy days thinking that tattoo shops have degenerates and criminals and drug dealers hanging around them. just last weekend there was a international tattoo convention at the icc in darling harbour. if tattoo shops bring criminals about then we should shut down the financial sector because of the well known and widespread illegal drug usage and the fact drug dealers hang around the cbd

  15. J fisher commented

    We already have a tattoo parlour in the west Ryde area. I don’t think it is appropriate to have this one in a residential area.

  16. William Jones commented

    I Vehemently Condemn, Object & Oppose this Proposed Development Application.

    There is always a large number of unattended young children walking past this address on their way to & from School, and also on weekends, due to Melrose Park being a very safe and relatively quiet area.

    I guess the cold comfort that we neighbours can all have, is that if it does get approved, the chances are it wont be round for too long, due to it being in the wrong area, as they have obviously not done their market research that well. Have a look around at your fellow Melrose Park/Meadowbank Residents and how many have tattoos? You could argue that they may have tattoos under their clothing, but you can usually tell the type of person who would get a tattoo & not many in the Melrose Park/Meadowbank area!

    Tattoo Parlours are not always - but usually - more prosperous in lower income areas, or Near major arterial routes, shopping centres or commercial areas.

    As someone who drives all around Sydney every day for work for the last 15 years it is amazing how many times you see Tattoo Parlours Start Up & Close Down in a very short space of time!

    The worst bit is the type of people that hang around them during their short duration - devaluing & degrading the area!

  17. Joanne Harrison commented

    The tattoo parlour should not be approved in Cobham ave as it and the neighbouring streets are full of families with school kids walking to and from school. Although most kids are aware of stranger danger, it may put some of them in difficult situations without a known adult to support them nearby. It would be better suited on a street like Constitution Rd near the railway station or on Victoria Rd which are busier and lots of adults around looking out for the kids. If Council approves this tattoo parlour and something does happens to a child, I (and I am sure others) will hold Council responsible.

  18. Paul Farac commented

    This has to be a joke ,it would be like opening up a surf shop in Bourke .Wake up Ryde council.

  19. Christina B commented

    Wasn't there a fatal shooting at the tattoo parlour in West Ryde? In fact, aren't there a lot of shootings at tattoo parlours? Google it. Just what a quiet residential family oriented street needs eh. Stop prostituting the area, overdevelopment, tattoo parlours in residential streets, what next? Keep it in the commercial area.

  20. Common Sense commented

    Get with the times!
    So many people have tattoos these days, from all walks of life. Millions of perfectly normal upstanding citizens across the country have tattoos. I have tattoos and I work in a lab which makes the cytotoxic and antibiotic medicines that will treat you, and your friends and family if god forbid any of you suffer from any number of diseases or cancers. Tattoos are not associated with drugs or criminal activity and the opening of this tattoo parlour won’t put your kids at risk (of what you fear, I don’t know), or ruin your ‘family orientated neighbourhood’. The objections here are ridiculous and should be disregarded as the ramblings of a generation past.

  21. Chris Rudolph commented

    I have read all of the objections to this application and found that most of them aren't supported as what they are stating are just not true. Firstly, the comments on this area being a quiet residential street are dillusional and inaccurate. It is in fact a very busy main street through melrose park. I play Oztag at the meadowbank fields multiple times a week and there are constant revheads going through the streets and people speeding, why do you think there are always HWP in this area?

    Another factor was the lack of parking there already is. I'm not sure if any of these people have been to a tattoo parlour before but people getting tattoos often take public transport. Also, at most there is like 3 people in the parlour getting tattoos, so this whole problem of a sudden influx of parking requirements is just plain wrong.

    Comments on the location for a tattoo shop being unsuitable is a bit of a reach as well, what depicts where a tattoo shop should be? They don't always have huge neons lights buzzing all night long, in fact sometimes, it's possible for a tattoo shop to just be in someones home, tucked away in their spare room. Apparently the prices of the houses will go down as well, because a tattoo shop is in the neighbourhood? Well, The people buying your houses are young people that want or accept tattoos, so I'm not sure where the logic in that is.

    Gangs. GANGS. Come on people, you don't have to be in a gang or affiliated with gangs to own a BUSINESS. I wonder if the applicants opened a mechanic shop the opposers would think they are in a gang because they watched Fast and Furious.

    So, Tattoo shop is no different to opening a corner shop business, in fact it would have less traffic and noise pollution than a convenience store.

  22. Christina B commented

    Delusional and inaccurate is describing Cobham Ave as a "very busy main road with rev heads speeding". I live on Andrew Street of which Cobham Ave comes off. I could have a nap on the street during the day and not get run over. It is Quiet. And Cobham even quieter. Only busy peak times by inconsiderate drivers trying to bypass Victoria Rd. In fact trying to get out of your driveway to drop your kids at school is met with tooting horns and annoyance. But that's another issue. All the people thinking its a great idea, approach the applicant and tell them to open up at - or next door - to your house. Melrose Park is a quiet suburb of very few streets and that's why people purchased here. Playing oztag at Meadowbank park once a week doesn't make you an expert on the area.

  23. William Jones commented

    Must Read Intersting Link!;-


    Then form your own judgements if you think Melrose Park needs a Tattoo Parlour!

  24. Karen C commented

    I object to the DA.

    My parents have lived here over 40 years, I grew up here as did my siblings and attended the local primary school. My siblings and I all evertually moved back here not just because of our parents but also what the suburbs offers... a quiet and family oriented village atmosphere, with lots of parks to bring our family up.

    Whilst generally people who get a tattoo are law-abiding citizens, the consideration of entertaining a tattoo parlour in Melrose Park is quite ludicrious as it does not conform to the asthetics of what the suburb is known for.

    Council - hope common sense prevails.

  25. John C commented

    Object to DA for Tattoo Parlour.

    West Ryde already have a tattoo parlour, why is there a need to be one in a majority residential neighbourhood?

    Has no place in Melrose Park and does not conform to what the residents of Melrose Park want in their suburb.

  26. CC commented

    I object to the DA application.

    I have been a resident of Melrose for over 40yrs and live on Cobham. Many children who attend the local primary and high schools walk past the property and am sure many would feel this to be inappropriate location.

    Notwithstanding the small handful of shops located on Cobham are zoned "commercial", business such as these, should be located in more "commercial" rather then "residential" locations.

  27. Peter C commented

    I object & oppose this proposed development application.

    There is no place for a tattoo parlour in the quiet leafy residential streets of Melrose. For those that agree, concur with Christina B - if you think it is a great idea, approach the applicant & have them open up next door or near you.

    Ryde Council - please apply some common sense and keep it in the true commercial areas of Ryde.

  28. Ursula commented

    I agree with the comments here. West Ryde already has a tattoo parlour. There is absolutely no need for another one in Melrose park, what more in a residential area. Is there any zoning or master plan framework that guides work being done by the council here?

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