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13 Eden Street, North Sydney NSW 2060

First Use of 11 non residential - tenancies Amended condtion I1 to allow for 24 hour operation for 3 cottages

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: North Sydney Council, reference DA 301/16/5)


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  1. Philip Newnham commented

    Once again,could the Council explain to the ratepayers what is a 24 hour business other than a convenience store or a Bordello or a Massage Parlour.

  2. Tayla (A Lynch) commented

    What an absurd request. This neighbourhood is not the right place for 24 hour operation. It's on a street full of families and right by a school. This will end up being a seedy Crow's Nest Massage location 2.0 once you open it up to 24 hours. Totally unnecessary. Plenty of marketing/design studios/small businesses that are in keeping with the area that could lease this.

  3. Bronwyn Wilson commented

    We request that this DA be denied. This area is now predominantly residential- there are more residents and families here than commercial offices, the balance has changed. Indeed, the applicant Modog has been instrumental in this change by converting redundant office blocks into apartments, as well as constructing new residential buildings. However Eden Street and Myrtle Streets are not their personal feifdom. Residents’ wishes and their right to enjoy their property should prevail over this application. It took many years to have a brothel closed down in this area. To allow 24 hour operation would seem to be an invitation to more dubious businesses.

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