5 Castlefield Street Bondi NSW 2026

Demolition of dwelling houses including change of use and alterations and additions including errection of new structures for a new residential flat building with basement parking, associated landscaping

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 11 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference DA-43/2019)


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  1. Sally charles commented

    I am strongly opposed to the demolition of 5 Castlefield street bondi

  2. Phil roy commented

    The demolition of 3 houses and their replacement with another big box unit project is a worty. I only hope council consider streetscape and height limitations and immediate neighbour considerations in this residential street. Dont let the developers push the limits all the time and i only hope council actually enforce the existing building codes around bulk and scale.

  3. Tina Matthews commented

    If the DA has been submitted why can't we see the plans? How can these two semis be demolished if they are within the Imperial Conservation precinct?

  4. Phil roy commented

    The plans are now visible on council website. Note they are only indicative to see if council would consider them. Great to see retention of semi 5 and 7 and that the height above sea level of new unit block is restricted to the roof height of existing semi number 5 and that the development is using the slope of the block to build scale downwards as versus going up. Would be huge disappointment if this indicative plan was just a baseline in which to add scale/ height once approved. I guess we can only have faith that council will look after the heritage precinct once indicative plans approved.

  5. Tina Matthews commented

    There's a confusing summary on first page of Architectural plans.
    It describes the site as a triangle of land between Cadman Crescent and Hughes Avenue and that existing dwellings will be demolished.

  6. Daniela Brajkovic commented

    I object to a unit block going up there, you need to consider people already in the area and how it will affect them. I also hope council consider streetscape and height limitations and immediate neighbour considerations in this residential street.

  7. Alicia McDonnell commented

    Castlefield street should be left as is, we don’t want a unit block! Residents appreciate our community and our streetscape as it is. Not to mention the parking situation and traffic in the precinct is already bad enough. Also - last time they did works on these houses (just over a year ago) it displaced rats in the area and caused all sorts of problems for residents and council.

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