43 - 47 Murray Farm Road Carlingford NSW 2118

Development Application - 43-47 Murray Farm Road and 13-19 Watton Road, CARLINGFORD NSW 2118 - Demolition of existing structures, tree removal, and construction of a three storey residential care facility (Seniors Housing) comprising 132 beds with basement parking accessed via Murray Farm Road. The application will be determined by the Sydney Central City Planning Panel.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 2 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference DA/85/2019)


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  1. Karen Andrews commented

    Parking on/around this area is a problem, given there is not adequate parking for M2 commuters. Planning for this facility should easily accommodate deliveries, staff & visitor parking given the surrounding road congestion.

  2. Tasneem AND Kaizer KANPURWALA commented

    Narrow roads, M2 commuters parking on both sides of Murray Farm road - from morning 6:30 AM to evening 7 PM; constant flow of traffic, short term parking at the Lejuene Medical Practice, schools and childcare in the area creating high impact on traffic during school times and after care hours, insufficient infrastructure of pedestrian ways and traffic lights - makes it impossible to exit Murray Farm road roundabout, even at this stage.

    I strongly disagree to the Transport Impact Assessment that mentions "NO Impact".

    With a facility this size and type, there will be catering, laundry, medical waste transport, commercial waste collection services, ambulances, family and visitors of the Aged AND supporting transportation services (LARGE VEHICLES) requirements on a daily basis that will definitely create high impact on the current traffic.
    There is also the danger of the ambulances NOT reaching the facility in time to provide the necessary services that may endanger the lives of the sick aged members living on premises.

    The development would also create additional noise impacts, from the associated traffic and at least 132 beds+27-32 staff on premises at all given times especially evident at my place 41 Murray Farm Road. This is due to the fact that my bedroom and hall are in direct view of the proposed development.

    The application states "Make use of a site which creates the potential for a streetscape that is complementary to the character of the surrounding Carlingford Precinct". I STRONLY DISAGREE to the statement as it is TOTALLY OUT OF CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT with the existing streetscape, aesthetics and amenity.

    I object and oppose the proposed development

  3. Neil Donovan commented

    Staff in the for-profit nursing homes run by Japara Healthcare have been ordered not to look in on residents overnight because making sure they are still breathing, or have not fallen out of bed, is "not a valid reason to check". (Newspaper Report 2018)

    This is the type of company making this application.

    More information is available on the public record. Am I right in thinking there is a Royal Commission currently into Aged Care in Australia currently?

    The streets involved are narrow. The proposed development does NOT match the residential footprint that currently exists. It is therefore by definition "out of character" with it. The significant increase in traffic in and out of the facility is a concern. The roundabout at Oakes Rd and Murray Farm Road cannot cope with current traffic in peak hours. By the way peak hours have increased in the past 10 years in this locality. The non-peak by definition is now 10am until 2pm. While the flood threat to the development is rated 1 in a 100 years, the impact of such flooding in the event of evacuation of residents AND staff is no small undertaking.

    I object to this development on the grounds listed above.

  4. Fiona Langridge commented

    I believe the current planning application is unsuitable for the site.
    1. Height for any development application should be restricted to 2 floors in keeping with the area.
    2. Traffic, access and parking are already overburdened in the area. Cars park both sides of the road in Murray Farm Road, Watton Road, and Sylvia Avenue Monday to Friday as well as on weekends, reducing access to one lane. Traffic regularly use Alkira Rd, Dryden Avenue, Tracey Avenue, Murray Farm Road, Watton Road and Carmen Drive to avoid the congested intersections of North Rocks Road with Oakes Road and North Rocks Road with Pennant Hills Road.
    3. Drainage from any building must be carefully managed as runoff from properties in Murray Farm Road regularly streams through properties in Watton Road to the low point in Watton Road. Properties here have flooded in the past and further development with hard surfaces such as pathways, driveways and rooftops, places them at risk.
    4. The loss of mature trees is an issue in any area and needs to be addressed. They provide wildlife habitat, soil stability and maintain the leafy nature of the area.
    If the development goes ahead these issues need to be addressed.

  5. Ben commented

    Ben Tung

    Strongly agree with Tasneem and Kraizer comment, we have moved to the area for over 15 years and seen the trafffic increased over years, ever since Lejuene medical centre was built and increas of parents picking up students from Murray Farm public school and child care centre nearby has already had big impact on the safety issues turning on north rocks Rd & Alkira Rd and from turning on Murray Farm Rd and Oakes Rd.
    So I object strongly to the development of Aged care centre to be built on the listed above

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