Sunnyholt Road Kings Langley NSW 2147

Development Application for tree removal, construction of 2 x 5 storey residential flat buildings with 178 residential apartments over 2 levels of basement car parking containing 256 car parking spaces. All vehicular access via Vardys Road only. The proposal is an Integrated Development under Section 4.46 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 requiring the concurrence of the Department of Industry - Water under the Water Management Act 2000. The application will be determined by the Sydney Central City Planning Panel.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them about 2 months earlier.

(Source: Blacktown City Council, reference SPP-18-01555)


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  1. Elle commented

    This development is not suitable for this area. The traffic is very congested as it is on this part of Sunnyholt road. It would be more suitable for a smaller development. Units would be more suitably built near the train station not in this location.

  2. Gdave commented

    This area is low density area and current traffic condition will be significantly impacted including level of service of the intersection lowered impacting local and state road traffic. We the local resident oppose this development at all cost. This addition will put extra pressure on local school and hospital and can impact life of local resident.

  3. Mel commented

    The current state of Sunnyholt Road won’t cope with a development of this size. The entrance and exit presumably will be on Vardys Road which is high risk for the traffic coming through the lights into that section. As it is only about 5 cars get through the light changes heading in that direction and this will impede traffic flow even more. We also have a very low crime rate at this end of Blacktown area and the increase of that many people will impede services and could increase crime. A development of a smaller size should be thoroughly considered.

  4. Jo Bloomfield commented

    This application is totally unsuitable for this area! There are no other unit blocks of this size in the area, and the local services (roads/public transport/shops/doctors) can’t even cope with the lower density buildings currently being crammed into the area.

  5. Jason Atkins commented

    The surrounding areas of Kings Langley and Lalor Park are low density, there's not even medium density in the general vicinity. It does not make sense to build something like this at this location. I'm sure someone in council can understand this.

  6. A Grant commented

    Kings Langley is low density housing. Property prices are a direct result of people seeking low density housing suburbs and land. Building these will change the dynamics of the suburb causing our property value to drop.
    Local schools will not cope with the drastic increase in student population as will local hospital services which are already struggling.
    Traffic on Sunnyholt rd and Vardys road is already an issue, increasing this traffic will greatly impact drivers in the area.
    Kings Langley is one of the few suburbs remaining that has a suburban low density community. People seek out these suburbs, it’s a Blacktown gem. The proposal is inappropriate for the suburb and will have detrimental effects on the community.

  7. Ryan Flood commented

    This development is total out of character to this area. This type of construction would be better off near the train station or similar areas.
    This section of sunnyholt road is busy at the best of times, adding this amount of units and the amount of trucks that will be about during the construction, is a recipe for disaster.
    The local schools are under pressure and this type of construction won’t help.
    I can only imagine the amount of cars that will get parked in and around the local sports fields, thus added frustration to the local residents on sports days.
    We have built a very much family orintated area, low crime and little vandalism or graffiti, this type of development will only become a blight on the area, not an improvement.
    I can see no positive to this type of development

  8. Tanya lindsay commented

    Please do not build this here . The police are overstretched to help us let alone hundreds more people , the roads cannot cope now with the cars / commuters and this is so bad for the environment . Why dont you plant some trees and put this development somewhere better suited . NO !!! We do not want it .

    No i have not bribed a councillor .

  9. Tim Chapman commented

    How can you go from single story residential straight to towering 5 story units in a suburban area, this is too big for Kings Langley and not in line with current community buildings, project needs to be drastically reduced to town houses more in line with rest of the suburb. Planning gone mad for profits only without any thought of residents whatsoever.

  10. June Havenaar commented

    Bad idea traffic is bad enough along Sunnyholt now so putting this building wil absolutely crazy .This area is a low density so why spoil it by put up a high rise crazy so please stop it Blacktown Council it’s a no brainer

  11. JUANA CHACANA commented

    We are pensioners in the area and oppose this development. It is very difficult to get out of our home, situated on the main road. There isn’t enough amenties to cater and to put high density living there. Look elsewhere to built, this is far too congested and emergency services already have problems getting to us. NO THANKS - HIGH DENSITY LIVING

  12. Estelle commented

    Kings Langley is not the location for a structure of this size. It already takes up to 30 mins just to get from the round about at Whitby road onto seven hills rd during peak traffic, and that is a road that should take no more than a few minutes and that is just exiting the suburb. To get onto Vardys road can be difficult as well. Kings Langley is not a suburb that has been designed to absorb an increase in population to this extent. The infrastructure is just not in place. The privacy of those surrounding houses and sports fields is a major issue for the area as well. Having people being able to watch the local children and families in their own homes and backyards or while participation in sporting activities will greatly impact the value of the area as well as the quality of life of those who live near or use the places close by. Kings Langley has always been a low density area and is near breaking point now, what will adding this structure to the suburb do? I have lived here for 20 years and have seen the area become inundated with extra traffic as it is used as a cut through, with each new apartment complex that is completed in surrounding suburbs. I myself can not even attempt to look for work on the other side of sunny holt road as the traffic is that bad that I would not be able to make it to the schools on time. Please do not allow this structure to take place, even local schools are going to struggle to absorb all the extra children. Kings Langley is just not the correct space for this development.

  13. Janae Yang commented

    I am horrified at the number of apartments they are planning to build. The area has always been a low density area. 'Vehicle access via vardys road only'- as if its not already congested enough.With 178 apartments nearly 10% of kings langley population will be living at this small corner of a busy road.This is totally a bad idea. Local shops will not cope with this amount of increase in population. Neither will the local school and hospital etc. I can already see cars parking in and around the oval thus frustrates local residents on sports days. Also the number of rubbish bins that will be out the front on collection day and the hygiene issues it will bring. Build it somewhere else more suitable please or a smaller size development should be considered.

  14. ershad chowdhury commented

    WE shouldn't consider high density housing near a choke point - serious disruption to traffic because vardy's road is heavily used already. I don't understand why every few years there is an initiative to have high rises in this area.

  15. ershad chowdhury commented

    I just wanted to add that I would disagree with the traffic assessment posted. It doesn't say how long the data was collected for - just a random day in Nov 2017? What would be more practical is something more like average wait time at that junction .. then throw in about a 150 cars waiting at the junction (because 178 apartments, lets assume some are out of peak and use public transport, bicycles, etc) and see how long the wait time increases. Take in to account slowing down to turn in, cars stuck in the intersection, etc.

    My personal experience during the peak hours is about 5 - 10 minutes (2 -3 red lights) at that junction already, heading north on sunnyholt in the evening. I don't want to see that increase to 15 minutes.

  16. KEVIN commented

    Unable to understand why such a project is allowed to be carried out. Not acceptable.
    The type of construction is unsuitable and does not fit in with the rest of the residential houses in the suburb and in the area.
    once approval has been given it will set a precedent and will encourage other developers to build more apartments in the area. I OBJECT TO THIS CONSTRUCTION

  17. Donna Thomas commented

    This is not the type of development required for this area. Our infrastructure is stretched and it’s medium density.
    How would you see this type of housing improve the area? It would not! It will put too much strain on our schools, roads and area. Considering all the development in surrounding suburbs, this is very short sighted for town planning.
    Town houses would be better suited.

  18. Daniel thomas commented

    This is totally inappropriate for the area. The road can cope with the current load on it and this will only make it a nightmare and even worse during the construction.

    The local area is family homes, with a family atmosphere. 5 story units is the opposite to this and would only degrade the area.

    Then there is the issue with public transport. It does not cope at the moment and again would only make it worse.

    Fix current issues before introducing more

  19. P HENDERSON commented

    This area is a parking lot morning and afternoons. It does not need any more congestion by putting up more housing! Ambulance, police & fire brigade response times are longer, as resources are stretched, as is , with the population in the area. Local shopping centres are also not built to cater that many people. Higher density living is not an option in this area proposed, as it is a major struggle as it is to commute in/out and conduct business.

  20. J Perrone Genova commented

    We kindly object and disapprove of this proposal. It’s unsuitable for the kings Langley area, we do not have the infrastructure to handle it as it’s a very small suburb. One of the reasons we bought a house here, there is no apartments and i am sure others will find this an incentive to buy real estate here too. Please don’t ruin our beautiful suburb!!!

  21. Victor Forero commented

    Please do not approve it, this proposal must be rejected, it is a monstrosity. Kings Langley it is not a high density area and the infrastructure would not cope with it. Also the proposed development would have a negative impact on the local environment, it could destroy Waller Creek's rehabilitation work that was finished not long ago and have negative impact on the rest of the reserve area. I am opposed to this proposal and object to this construction

  22. Tanya Camilleri commented

    I strongly appose this development. Kings Langley is low density housing. We have lived in Kings Langley for over 12 years, and have recently spent a considerable amount of money on building a new home on our block. This was after careful consideration, and based on the area remaining as low density. Property prices are a direct result of people seeking low density housing suburbs and land. Building these will change the dynamics of the suburb causing our property value to drop.

    Local schools will not cope with the drastic increase in student population. The police are overstretched to help us let alone hundreds of more people.

    Traffic on Sunnyholt rd and Vardys road is already an issue, increasing this traffic will greatly impact drivers in the area. It already takes up to 30 mins just to get from the round about at Whitby road onto seven hills rd during peak traffic, and that is a road that should take no more than a few minutes and that is just exiting the suburb

    Town houses would be better suited to this location. This type of construction would be better off near the train station or similar areas.

  23. Julie Anne McKenzie commented

    We moved to this area in 1980. We raised our children here, and now care for our grandchildren here but the area is becoming unliveable due to lack of local services and noise and air pollution.

    When we bought our house in Stephen St., the area had a mix of age groups and was family friendly. We had two shopping centres and several doctors within 10 min walking distance. They both closed down long ago - one was burned down and has never been rebuilt. One now only houses a coffee shop. No shopping.

    Blacktown North has become noisy, smelly, filthy & inclined to fires in the industrial estate which are, no doubt, highly toxic. There is a disgusting pollution problem that makes us close our windows on most days. The sound-walls are useless. I can hear a truck at night from the hill at Acacia Gardens. They don't bother to kill their incredibly noisy compression brakes, although this is a residential area.

    Peak- hour traffic progresses at walking speed. Cars sit and pump gases into the air whilst making no progress. This is not central Sydney. Why do we have this unnecessary congestion in an outer suburb?

    Is it now time to move industrial/commercial estates further from the Blacktown housing areas? I think it's long overdue. Get the pollution away from residential areas. While you are at it, reduce pollution. Make recycling less fake. Putting glass, plastic and metal in one bin - really? No-one believes that this is a practical method. Do you think we are stupid? Individual glass/metal/ plastic bins would be more effective.

    We pay council rates and expect results.

    Improve our local area. Don't make it a laughing stock. Make us proud to live in Blacktown.

  24. Julie Anne McKenzie commented

    This development would set a precedent in this area; at the moment, units on the north side of the railway are confined to around the Blacktown CBD. Houses on corner blocks in North Blacktown are already giving way to town-houses every time one is sold. That is bad enough, but it is NOT acceptable to have multi-storey hi-rise or low-rise amongst or adjacent to low-density individual dwellings.
    These units would be the thin edge of the wedge: Before long there would be units being built all along Sunnyholt Rd from both directions and the current infrastructure is not good enough to serve existing residents, let alone the hundreds of people units will bring! People live in this area because they like having the space, privacy and safe feeling of a neighbourhood of individual dwellings.
    Units do NOT belong 3 kms from the CBD. Don't approve this. Please.

  25. Dean Wilson commented

    I object to this development on the basis that Kings Langley is a low density area, and this is a high density development.I brought in this area 2 years ago, and moved out of a high density area, so we would have a better lifestyle.
    In this current climate there is an over supply of apartments. This is having a knock on effect to houses. Driving down the value and rental return on apartments and houses. The demand for these apartments is just not there.No resident in Kings Langley want this development. Only the developers and council want this building for what they think will be a financial gain.

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