256 Brooker Avenue North Hobart Tas 7000

Demolition and 4 new multiple dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Hobart City Council, reference 19-47)


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  1. Carolyn Wigston commented

    I’d like to know whether this application is in keeping with development for our suburb.

    There are only single dwellings situated in the area and this seems like a problematic step.

    4 multiple dwellings on the residential block would really change the neighborhood aesthetic.

  2. Linda Crispin commented

    Surely the council can not approve this? Is the intent really to demolish this beautiful historic property? How can this be permitted? I believe that it is important to retain a building that sits well architecturally with the buildings around it and to maintain the charm and character of the suburb. This is a travesty!

  3. Mat Ward commented

    To lose such a marker of residential architecture in the area would be a terrible loss. I do not understand why this house is not in a historical register.

    The gentrification of Hobart and particularly North Hobart is a short term gain for an investor and a long term loss of historical and cultural identity for the suburb.

  4. Tomas O'Meara commented

    This is a local landmark for me And I walk past it often. I will be greatly disappointed to see such an extraordinary residentual home destroyed in a rush to make a quick dollar.

  5. Ruth Malcolm commented

    I am concerned about the well being of Mr K Arkless who resides at 81 Letitia St. He is very old and has been unwell.
    I feel this unwanted development will be detrimental to his health. Has he been consulted?

  6. Alison Smith commented

    Demolition for financial gain resulting in the loss of such a characterful building would negatively impact on the local environment.

  7. Kier commented

    How have you considered the preservation of the heritage features by approving demolition? Where's the balance between in keeping with the area, preserving history and having new dwellings that won't be worth as much as ones with the heritage features.

  8. Di Elliffe commented

    I'm not sure whether the comments made here actually make it through into the Council's formal feedback system. Could someone from Council confirm that these comments go through and are recorded? Thankyou.

  9. Elisa K commented

    Four Multiple dwellings is quite an ambiguous description. Perhaps residents/home owners around this property should be consulted on the specifics of the planning permit.

  10. Kevin Arkless commented

    As the adjoining owner of this proposed destruction of this Historic property by Chines developers with a building height of three stories towering above my small North Hobart style residence .This property is not listed on trust register but Hobart residents who read these comments can inspect this one of a kind property and have your say demolishing this property is pure vanderlisum Council can stop this destruction it only needs Hobart residents support . Contact alderman for support and lodge objections this could happen to the house next door to you with over seas investors Thank you for your support Kev

  11. Ross Dale commented

    Too much of this type of development is being permitted in Hobart.
    The proposed development of 4 architectural non descript units is an affront to the neighbouring properties and will only demean their street scape, certainly not improve it.

    Hobartians need to strongly protest against this development which will result in the destruction of another North Hobart architectural heritage gem. It will be another loss for Hobart's heritage too, and another step towards Hobart becoming another non descript city of no architectural heritage significance. Just a featureless boring place of no interest to anyone like so many of the world's featureless cities.
    Wake up Hobart! Stop the demise.

  12. Leesa pettit wrote to local councillor Anna Reynolds

    Another classical and stunning piece of what makes Tasmania so unique, to be destroyed. Once it's gone it can never be recreated. I hope something can be done by the community

    Delivered to local councillor Anna Reynolds. They are yet to respond.

  13. Jonothan Davis wrote to local councillor Jeff Briscoe

    This is an heritage circa 1905 Arts and Crafts/ Edwardian building, it loss is part of the disappearing "heritage character' that the current tourist boom is coming in to admire. No one is going to give a second look to the architectural blandness that is intended to replace it. So this development needs to go before the alderman.

    Photo of Jeff Briscoe
    Jeff Briscoe local councillor for Hobart City Council
    replied to Jonothan Davis

    Will call it up

  14. Claire Gordon commented

    Please don’t demolish this beautiful old home. Hobart as such a rich history and buildings such as this are part of this history. Also the plans for the new structure do not seem in keeping with the other dwellings in this area. Surely this will not be approved?

  15. Mark Williams commented

    The current building is actually an eye sore and has no heritage value whatsoever. Demolition would in fact improve the area and also building new units would assist in the lack of supply in area. Move on people!

  16. Rosanna Cameron wrote to local councillor Anna Reynolds

    I am not in favour of this Development. But, my fundalmental objection is that the Developemnt being carried out by people who are not from Hobart or Tasmania. We should not be allowing overseas buyers (as I have been told these are) to buy up our properties. They have no feeling for, or interest in Local streetscape or history. Their only interest is in the money that can be made. These proffits are not for Tasmania or even Australia. Why do we allow overseas buyers to purchase in our country? It is very difficult for an Australian to purchase in many overseas countries.

    Delivered to local councillor Anna Reynolds. They are yet to respond.

  17. Alistair wrote to local councillor Jeff Briscoe

    I feel that the proposed demolition of this historical property and its replacement with four generic box apartments would be an absolute travesty. The proposed apartments will not be fitting in with the architecture of the surrounding properties and could potentially diminish the value of neighbouring properties as well.

    Photo of Jeff Briscoe
    Jeff Briscoe local councillor for Hobart City Council
    replied to Alistair

    Thanks for this

  18. Janina wrote to local councillor Anna Reynolds

    I believe this would be another loss to Hobart's Heritage (even though it isn't listed).
    It depicts the architecture of the time and is still a good example, just needs a coat of paint and some general maintenance.
    To allow this to be demolished would be following in the footsteps of the destruction of beautiful old buildings in Battery Point (look at the monstrosities filling their space – Prince of Wales Hotel is a classic example of a bad taste build with a quick financial return) and replaced with ugly eyesores of building with no character. This is typical of investors after a quick return on their money.
    Don’t allow North Hobart go the same way please! The Planning Scheme is too lax at present.

    Delivered to local councillor Anna Reynolds. They are yet to respond.

  19. Kevin G Arkless wrote to local councillor Anna Reynolds

    As the adjoining owner of this property I would like to add to my previous comments !
    This propose building is 9.45 meters high by oprox 29 meters long and 14.9 wide box towering over my modest 3 meter high house .
    The loss of this old Heritage house by the wreckers ball should not be allowed as developers continue to seek these large blocks of this type of house ,soon they will be a thing of the past .
    Submit a Representation to Council on their form download from the net they might listen and act ?

    Delivered to local councillor Anna Reynolds. They are yet to respond.

  20. Tomas O'Meara wrote to local councillor Helen Burnet

    256 Brooker Avenue has come before the HCC previously and was accepted that it is a historical place of significance. Im not sure if it can even be up for demolition?? As I recall the address was marked for the Local Historical Heritage Places Databank..

    Delivered to local councillor Helen Burnet. They are yet to respond.

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