16 Hamilton Street, Bardwell Valley NSW 2207

Change of use from outbuilding to secondary dwelling

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Bayside Council (Rockdale), reference DA-2019/21)


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  1. Nina E commented

    On Christmas day 25/12/2017, two double windows were put into an existing shed which runs very close along my fence line. The two windows they installed look into my back yard, and into my spa area.

    This was done without my knowledge, nor was I notified by the owner of 16 Hamilton Street, Bardwell Valley.
    The two double windows are an invasion of my privacy, an encroachment upon my rights and most important my security.
    If this outbuilding is approved, then the windows which were put in (without Councils approval) will also be approved.
    I am then at risk of different types of people renting the building and my belongings are also at risk.
    Noise Factor
    As this outbuilding is on my boundary line/ fence line, and is made from thin metal with no insulation, all noises from this building is now exacerbated from the changes made.
    Night is worst by the stillness, the noise travels into my house, causing me to keep my back door and windows closed. Before the changes, the noise level was bearable.
    The windows which were illegally installed, without Council approval to an existing building, need to be removed; a sliding door be installed on the other side of the building with an air conditioner installed.
    The way this building is at the present, I object to it becoming a secondary dwelling, as Council needs to look at what was done to this outbuilding without their permission, before approval is given.

  2. J commented

    I object to the change of use from outbuilding to secondary dwelling at property 16 Hamilton Street for these reasons:
    A secondary dwelling may increase the number of cars associated with people dwelling at 16 Hamllton street, ie tenants and visitors, therefore taking up car parking spaces on the road and outside neighbours houses. There is already problems with the limited number of car spaces available for the cars already using car spaces in Hamilton Street. Adding an extra dwelling without allocated parking will increase parking problems for neighbours.
    More people residing at 16 Hamilton may increase noise levels.
    16 Hamilton is currently a private rental property and therefore has no rental of tenancy agreement with a reputable real estate agency to manage the property. Without a rental agreement or tenancy agreement with a real estate agency problems with tenants may not be addressed adequately by the owner and problems may increase with an outbuilding becoming a legal secondary dwelling.

  3. N COE commented

    I would like to voice my objection to the proposed conversion of an existing out building to a secondary dwelling at 16 Hamilton St, BARDWELL VALLEY NSW 2207 (DA-2019/21) for the following reasons.

    The property is currently occupied by 6-7 people with associated cars and trucks. Parking for neighbouring residents/owners is already limited as many of the driveways in the street are too narrow to allow off street parking. Approving this DA would potentially increase the number of residents and associated vehicles at 16 Hamilton St at the address and therefore increase noise and further reduce available parking to nearby residents.

    The property is currently a private rental and has had some problematic tenants over the years who have shown little regard for the surrounding residents/owners with frequent excessive noise and other antisocial behaviours. As there is no real estate management involved, and the owner has showed little concern over complaints, nearby residents have no recourse when problems occur. Approving this DA would allow for even more tenants to be installed with the possibility of further disruptions to what was once a peaceful and tranquil street.

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