12 - 22 Langston Place Epping NSW 2121

Development Application - 12-22 Langston Place and Part of 10 Pembroke Street, EPPING - Section 4.55(1A) modification to approved 3-tower mixed use development, specifically reduction in basement car park footprint and reduction in car parking provision from 529 to 459 spaces.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 6 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference DA/468/2016/C)


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  1. Neil Donovan commented

    Council, be prepared for Epping Library's visitor statistics to fall dramatically while this development happens, with Station Link using valuable parking areas near the Library, one has to be an extremely fit person to walk from Epping West to use the facilities, particularly in the heat, dust and traffic congestion that will follow. I have been frustrated on several recent occasions, so I will have to go elsewhere, due to my physical restrictions.

  2. Lizzie commented

    How does this alteration to a DA make sense? How can council even consider approving it? Building yet more ‘mixed use’ towers, presumably apartments, offices and shops and reducing the number of car spaces. It’s laughable. There is little parking space in the area around Langston Place/Pembroke Street now and the only exclusively designated parking area is at Coles, on the other side of the line. This is madness. If we must have more development in the area, then at least let the DA stand as it is and keep the approved number of parking spaces. Council, please be responsible and consider your residents.

  3. Kate commented

    This is the way developers operate. They get approval and then alter plans to save money and they keep getting away with it. Parramatta Council have just approved a bizarre new planning law where they will require less parking in some new developments. The traffic on Saturdays feels like an all-day peak hour - so many extra cars come out of garages on weekends. Council says people will be able to pay less for a unit if it doesn't have parking - these people will park on the streets which will intensify the traffic as they trawl around searching for a spot. It is not possible to ask people buying such units whether they have cars or not. It would be impossible for investors to ask tenants whether they have cars or not. The world has gone mad and Epping is the epicentre of this developer madness. The Council has deduced, after an intensive traffic study, that Epping traffic is "stuffed" and nothing can be done. If this alteration to this development goes through, you'd really have to wonder.

  4. Pam commented

    This 70 car space reduction doesn't make any sense. Epping has such restricted parking at present this will just turn people away from this side of Epping. It's hard enough now trying to find a park to go to the dentist or doctor and for elderly people who can't walk far it is near impossible.
    Will any of the car spaces be designated for people other than the tower residents? If these are mixed use towers then one assumes retail/restaurants are on the bottom floors - where are their customers supposed to park?
    Do council and developers really think people who live in these units won't have cars? How do they think people get their kids to sport on Saturday? They don't catch public transport.
    I don't understand why developers are allowed to amend their DA once it has been approved. It is always to their benefit to increase profit , not to the communities benefit.
    This change should not be approved.

  5. Jason Chung commented

    I am disappointed to see that a number of trees have been removed on Chambers Ct, which provided much needed shade near Epping library and softened the impact of adjacent buildings.

  6. Angela Lindstad commented

    All the trees have been removed around Epping library. Not a shade anywhere ! How do you think this will end ?? We will have to wait until the towers throw some shade- unless they burn or crumble.
    Angela Lindstad

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