59 - 59A Belmore Street Oatlands NSW 2117

Development Application - Tree removal, construction of a 24 hour (7 days a week) gymnasium (Snap Fitness) and a two-storey child care centre to accommodate 112 children (32 x 0-2 year olds, 30 x 2-3 year olds & 50 x 3-5 year olds) with basement car parking for 47 vehicles and associated fit out for each use, earthworks, landscaping and signage.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference DA/18/2019)


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  1. Allen Chan commented

    Hi I'm a resident in the local area and would like to highlight that there is a high pressure liquid petroleum pipeline owned by Caltex that runs through the property, with regards to this development, the 47 underground parking and the associated earthworks, the developer must fully comply to all safety requirements while working in the vicinity. A Caltex inspector will need to be present at all times during construction. Safety with working around the pipeline is of the utmost importance as this area is next to the local primary school and close proximity to local residents. Please ensure the developer adheres to the rules and regulations regarding the pipeline.

    Another concern is the entry/exist of the underground carpark, as again there are kids going to and from school and the design of the driveway will need to be able to achieve adequate site distance to ensure the safety of small children walking to school. The driveway should be left in left out only (no right turns) to eliminate vehicle movements in an already congested area. This also applies during construction with heavy construction vehicles on site, a proper Traffic Management Plan needs to be designed and implemented. Note parking is already an issue along Belmore St east (especially under the James Ruse Drive overpass, sometimes vehicles park on both sides of the road and we can barely fit one car through let alone a bus), Council will need to address these issues in it's evaluation of the development, thanks.

  2. harkirat commented

    I endorse Allen

  3. Bruce Crawford commented

    I have submitted a detailed objection to the development on the grounds of Safety and Traffic Management which reflect the concerns expressed by Allen.

  4. DB commented

    I fully agree to all points made by Allen Chen. Additionally as a parent of a child who attends Oatland Public School, I can say that there are aleady significant safety issue surrounding children
    pedestrians where they are already difficult to see by drivers. Students at Oatland Public School already have to cross (on foot) multiple driveways on their journey to the front gate and adding another large commercial driveway to the vicinity of the School will only increase the risk to the safety of students making their way to and from school, as well as to any children enrolled at the proposed child care centre whos parents park on the street due to limited under ground parking spaces. This risk will also extend to children who attend the already existing child care centre on Belmore St. This proposer business would also create unnecessary competition with the smaller community child care centre on Belmore St and take away from their security and longevity as a local business within the Oatlands community.

    The under ground works also pose a real threat to the students and staff of Oatlands public school and local residents if not conducted in adherance to strick code regulations in regard to the under ground Caltex petroleum pipeline that runs through the property.

    Last of all, as with many area within the Parramatta City Council jurisdiction, the Belmore St road infrastructure was not designed to service the traffic volume that can be expected with a development such as this and will.suffer as a consequence.

    I am fully apposed to this development application.

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