2 / 426 Canterbury Road Surrey Hills VIC 3127

Construction of a six storey commercial building comprising of a gym, cafe, conference room and serviced apartments

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 years ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Boroondara City Council, reference PP18/01279)


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  1. Lynette commented

    When did the building of a six storey building become an option for developers in Surrey Hills, Vic? That is way over-development in the Surrey Hills Canterbury Rd. corridor.
    My second point is that it’s height and bulk would look over-bearing on the elevated site it’s planned for.

  2. Alida Reggars commented

    Canterbury road traffic is unbearable now! Building more high occupancy buildings is
    Not in the interest of good planning and safety to local taxpayers

  3. Marc P wrote to local councillor Garry Thompson

    Six storeys is far too high for Canterbury Rd Surrey Hills. Surely this is not within planning guidelines? Just because a developer submits such an application doesn’t mean it should go any further. Council do your job please and save or community.

    Delivered to local councillor Garry Thompson. They are yet to respond.

  4. Rita commented

    This application for a six storey commercial building on the site encompassing 426-430 Canterbury road must surely be an ambit claim. I note an earlier application in 2015 was for 4 storey building. In addition to the unprecedented and highly inappropriate bulk and footprint for this suburb, the intersection of Warrigal and Canterbury road is already a choke point. This development would worsen congestion. Perhaps VicRoads will also oppose it.

  5. Claire Bielski commented

    Canterbury road traffic is hectic now, even out of peak hours. There is always construction along the street now with lanes closed off which makes it worse. 6 stories will affect the light into a wide area of surrounding properties. There needs to be a careful study made of the Canterbury Road and properties fronting onto it or it will become another Punt Road.

  6. Clare Buckley commented

    Hold on to your hats folks!
    This is just the beginning of uncontrolled high rise multi dwelling buildings which will make living and working in Boroondara unbearable.
    Anyone who voted for the State Labor Party in the recent elections with Richard Wynne as the planning minister who is hell bent on destroying the leafy eastern suburbs, only has himself/herself to blame.
    This State government is undoing the residential zoning which Boroondara Council hitherto applied to our streets in order to preserve neighbourhood character and limit building heights.
    What can be done to stop this madness ?

  7. Georgie Napier commented

    On this part of Canterbury Road a development of this size is outrageous!!
    This should not have even been allowed an application!
    This is the suburbs, keep Surrey Hills that way! Build the new Melbourne City in Box Hill NOT Surrey Hills!

  8. Peter Kidman commented

    Don't usually comment on developments in Surrey Hills, as most are well guided by either Boroondara or Whitehorse councils. Are these people on drugs, building a six storey building on the most gridlocked and congested though fare, within a 5 kilometre radius. (And just wait until the drain works on Warrigal road, are completed and the traffic will get heavier)Just totally inappropriate the area can't handle any additional traffic, that this development will invite. If I'm reading this right a café & Gym, but with reduced onsite parking. Total madness, even Snap Gyms 200 metres on the other side provides parking for their patrons, and that's never enough, plus there's a café. There isn't any off street parking at all!

  9. Bridget Larkin commented

    Local development is out of control. This application should have been refused at the onset, it’s footprint and impact in this location is nothing but deangerous and ill thought. CANTERBURY Rd/Union Rd is already gridlock & dangerous. The Planning Department need to consider a plan rather than this endless change driven by developers greed/profits. Impact on these developments is destroying our neighbourhood. Provision of parking needs to be increased (not decreased).....roads are constantly being made narrower by parking, bus lanes, bicycle lanes etc.....residents must be able to park off street at all developments (including massive houses) and the spaces large enough to accommodate a family car (Coles Union/Croydon Rds) provided some parking but many spaces too small and difficult to negotiate so bigger cars are regularly parked illegally on the streets and nature strips......enough is enough. Infrastructure needs upgrading before any more huge bulk apartments in Surrey Hills.

  10. Deb best wrote to local councillor Garry Thompson

    Agree with these comments totally..getting in and out of this development will be nightmare and make a dangerous and busy corner worse...can't believe it would be even considered...but it seems anything goes as shown by the permit granted for the massive tower to be built on cnr of Whitehorse and Elgar rds...Vcat will allow anything

    Delivered to local councillor Garry Thompson. They are yet to respond.

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