111 Snell Grove, Oak Park VIC 3046

Construction of a part 3 / part 4 storey building, comprising of 5 shops and 18 dwellings and a full reduction in the residential car-parking requirements

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 9 months earlier.

(Source: Moreland City Council, reference MPS/2017/1000)


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  1. Tom Nutting commented

    Catering for only 5 car parking spaces with this development is absurd.
    The local streets cannot absorb an additional 25+ cars parked in addition to all the other commuter cars parked for using the train on waterloo road.
    Suggest they need to consider a basement car park arrangement with the development

  2. vince veca wrote to local councillor Oscar Yildiz

    Why is this happening explain ? These builders are destroying this area !

    Photo of Oscar Yildiz
    Oscar Yildiz local councillor for Moreland City Council
    replied to vince veca

    I agree with you Vince,

    Where do I start?


    Cr. Oscar Yildiz JP
    Councillor Moreland City Council
    Responsible for Recreation & Leisure
    Moreland City Council
    Tel: 9240 1193
    Mob: 0413 850 357
    Facebook: Oscar Yildiz
    Twitter: @oscaryildiz70
    Instagram: oscar_yildiz

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  3. Disappointed resident commented

    Will the council take on the responsibility to automatically reject any planning application that proposes a reduction in car parks. Cars are an inevitable part of life today unless and until an alternate system of travel is invented. The residents of this council have had enough of these planning applications.

  4. Lyn commented

    It is getting ridiculous having triple storey or higher dwellings built in this area, especially next to single storey dwellings.
    Would the Councillors be as quick to approve such a proposal if it was next to their home - I think not.
    Parking is already an issue in side streets near the train station and reduced parking for these developments is a joke.
    The developers need to be stopped.

  5. Oak Park Resident wrote to local councillor John Kavanagh

    As there's is now a huge increase to the number of residents, you need to look at widening Snell Grove.

    Snell Grove is a mess at most times of the day, only 1 car can get through and it's the main road to the shops, train as well as schools in the area. The nature strip is wide and the road can be widened if you're going to continue to allow car parking.

    You need a plan to do this, you can't keep approving developments with no infrastructure plans to support them. There will be more developments to come in this street. Look at Rhodes parade as an example, cars are not impeaded.

    Photo of John Kavanagh
    John Kavanagh local councillor for Moreland City Council
    replied to Oak Park Resident

    Dear Resident

    Thank you for your email addressed to the Mayor, the Mayor has sent it to the relevant business unit to investigate, your reference number for correspondence relating to this matter is CRS 768194.

    Kind Regards

    Jen Besim
    Executive Assistant to Mayor

    Moreland City Council | 90 Bell Street Coburg VIC 3058 | Locked Bag 10 Moreland VIC 3058
    Ph: (03) 9240 1222 | Mobile: 0466 327 965 Fax: (03) 9240 1223

     Please consider the environment before printing this email

  6. Alex commented

    I think this is a fantastic development. With the increased need for high to medium density housing closer to the city, it is developments like this that suit the needs of people who require direct access to public transport.

    The time of multiple car households or even a car at all is starting to end.

    The demographics of Moreland and Oak Park are changing and it's these types of developments that create access to public transport, bike paths (the inclusion of bike storage in the plans is great) and local shops.

    This development will see an uplift to the patronage and economic growth to the area.

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