360 Windsor Road, Baulkham Hills

Bull and Bush Hotel Site (200 dwellings)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 12 months ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: NSW Joint Regional Planning Panels, reference 2018SWC076 RPA)


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  1. Andy Chow commented

    The proposed development of 200 dwellings is unacceptable and it should not be approved on the ground of incapable of the current infrastructure which would not be improved in next 5-10 years for that area. Currently the traffic is already very heavy. As there are hundreds of units that have been approved and they are already under construction at the Baulkham Junction, once they complete, the traffic at that area would be become very very heavy and cause serious traffic problems. Therefore if the proposed development of 200 dwellings is approved, the infrastructure would not be able to cope with and it causes further serious traffic problems. The proposed development should not be approved.

  2. Rodney Wills commented

    What are the surrounding infrastructure improvements?

  3. J Murphy commented

    I object to this development due to the number of units suggested.
    Currently Seven Hills Rd and Windsor Roads are over utilized making traffic flow poor and impacting the local area. Without infrastructure upgrades including widening of local roads and increase in bus services and he provision of 1 car space per bedroom per unit plus 1 visitors space per 2 apartments to reduce cars parking on the side of the road this development is not acceptable. This issue also impacts the units being developed across the road.

  4. Dianne Toner commented

    If the Baulkham Hills Council are TOTALLY AGAINST this development and all the residents in the area already know the traffic congestion problems at the moment.
    Note opposite the Bull & Bush is a development in progress so it’s impact has yet to hit Baulkham Hills roads. So to then be even considering such a monstrous development is simply ludicrous.!!
    Clearly the decision makers at the NSW JRPP don’t live in the area, have no idea of the existing problems, and don’t care.
    An independent investigation needs to be held as it can ONLY BE PRESUMED A LARGE SUM OF MONEY (or similar benefits) has been offered or received by members of the panel.
    If these large developments are being built in this area on the “supposed” basis everyone will take buses and not be using cars - if this was true and really believed by the panel, then these large developments should be built without car spaces !!! And I wonder then how many of the units will be sold - none.
    Baulkham Hills is a wonderful family area, we like our space, we don’t want overcrowding.
    There is already a glut of units on the market, unit prices are going to crash in the next year, and now with the recent “Opal Building” fiasco in Homebush where inferior products, shortcuts, no council certification etc have led to the buildings potential collapse.
    We do not need something like that in our area.
    The owner of the property Dyldam knew the zoning of the property at the time of purchase, and the current infrastructure in the area. The over size and design is not acceptable to the council- that should be case closed.

    As mentioned it should be investigated if there has been any “incentives” provided to the NSW JRPP as the approval IS NOT IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF BAULKHAM HILLS RESIDENTS. The only best interests is the developer.

    A very concerned resident.

  5. Andy Chow commented

    I completely agreed with the comments from Dianne Toner. For the best interest of Baulkham Hills residents, this proposed project should not be approved. For this proposed project, the Baulkham Hills residents would be the victims to suffer the traffic congestion forever but the Developer takes instant benefits and The Hills Shire Council also takes instant benefits (Section 94 Contributions ) and the huge continuous and never-ending benefits ( quarterly council rates from 200 units from completion date to forever instead of a single quarterly council rates from the existing property). If the project is approved, the current traffic congestion upon its completion becomes more and more serious and cannot be fixed. NSW JRPP should please put the Baulkham Hills residents’ interests first and disapprove the proposed project. Thanks.

  6. L Kimber commented

    We state our objection to the significant re-development of the Bull and Bush site, 360 Windsor Road, Baulkham Hills for the following reasons:

    1. Traffic at the intersection and along Seven Hills Road is already exceeding capacity especially during morning, afternoon and evening peak times where traffic often queues back to Jasper Road. The impact of traffic from the existing re-development opposite the referenced site is yet to impact, however it will further exacerbate the current traffic issues in the area.

    2. Access to the current site is already complex with difficult access from Windsor Road (towards Parramatta), Seven Hills Road and Old Northern Road (via Seven Hills Road). Access via all 3 is further hindered during the above-mentioned peak times. It is our understanding that RMS have no plans in place to improve for this intersection to meet current, future or proposed demand.

    3. Transport links. Whilst the junction offers excellent bus links in all directions, it is not in proximity to the new railway line and the future of City bus routes following the opening of the railway are yet to be advised. The current City route is already in high demand and the related impact of current developments yet to be tested.

    4. Local schools. The redevelopment will reside in the Jasper Road and Model Farms school precincts, along with several other new developments in the area including the development opposite the referenced site. Many students from these schools already come from the existing new developments and it could reasonably be expected this trend will continue in the new developments, placing further strain on these schools.

    Both schools are already at significant capacity with ongoing requirements for additional demountables to accommodate increasing numbers with Jasper Road Primary already having a large portion of its play areas. Planned new schools in the Hills area will not impact the current catchment.

    5. Sporting facilities. Local sporting clubs and fields are also operating at high capacity and struggling to accommodate those from the existing developments. For many well documented reasons it is imperative that children have access to local sporting facilities.

    Given that Council has already raised significant concerns over the development and has highlighted errors in the Planning Proposal via their minutes dated 11 December 2018, this development should not proceed.

    Any future development must incorporate significant infrastructure improvements including a major upgrade to the existing intersection by RMS (including but not limited to a pedestrian overbridge); a commitment from the NSW Government to provide new permanent buildings at the local primary and high schools to free up green space; and funding from government bodies to improve surrounding sporting facilities.

  7. K Ewer commented

    I object to the proposed building. The infrastructure and roads around this intersection are already running at capacity if not overloaded. The residential tower on the opposite corner is yet to be opened and will create even more traffic.
    The existing building, is of historical significance to the area as well and should not be compromised in any way.
    The schools are running at capacity already, any more demand on already overloaded schools will be of detriment to our next generations futures.
    Sporting facilities cannot cope with the demand of users already, any influx of families will again cause a strain in the existing fields and facilities.
    Visually the changes to the Shire have already had an impact. The hills Shire was known as the Garden Shire, it’s now becoming the high rise Shire and it is not for the better.

  8. Greg Poole commented

    The Windsor, Old Northern, & Seven Hills Roads junction represents the most significant road intersection in the Hills Shire. As such it sets the scene both as the pre-eminent & recognisable gateway to the various wards of the shire as well as a known aesthetically pleasing reference point for delineating location & direction to all who pass through.

    In the past such community gateways typically embodied open space such as vegetated open space; parks & gardens with seating, facilities for community relaxation, casual meetings & memorials.

    It is unfortunate that such valuable spaces are vulnerable to opportunistic exploitation. It is notable that the only significant example of this landuse, located on a major thoroughfare in close proximity to high density residential & commercial landuses in the Greater Hills District - The historic Castle Hill Park, has been recently consumed by a railway station.

    The repurposing of the Bull & Busj site is a valuable opportunity lost to redress the lost balance where the commercial priorites of a few overpower the needs & wants of tje many.

    Utilising lands adjacent to major throughfares & intersections for the purposes of simply more nebulous unit block development not only results in a permanent loss of public amenity & identity but also crowds the surrounding streets with the unavoidable overflow of vehicles belonging to unit occupiers that invariably utilise more cars than can be accommodated on site due to the pitifully low minimum car space requirement of current planning requirements. These notably & grossly understate the typical number of cars associated with each unit - particularly those not located in walking proximity of a railway station - which in itself often does not reduce cars per residential unit.

    In the context context of appropriate planning, there needs to be a mix of landuses that meets the needs of those living & working in the area that serves the social, cultural & inherent greenspace requirements of the population.

    There is no such balance in removing the current public hotel facility with extensive car parking where various motoring & sporting groups regularly utilise as a convenient staging/meeting point prior to setting off on a trip, or as a social venue with parking for unwinding enroute home after a day's work.

    Replacing the existing facility with residential towers does nothing to cater for the social & amenity fabric of the area & upsets the balance a mix of landuses traditionally provided to suit the needs of the people.

    The development of this site for high density residential use in adjacent proximity to same development sets the scene as a high density residential unit precinct with associated traffic congestion, noise, & vehicular emissions impacts which are compounded due to the needs of, & close proximity to, pedestrians.

    My objection is not to defend or maintain the existing hotel building or carpark in it's current form, given it's existing commercial viability but more of a concern for social function & practical landuse diversity in consideration of the needs of both residents & travellers.

  9. Belinda Thurston commented

    Is our suburb going to become a ghetto of street after street of bland high rise apartments, blocked roads and lack of infrastructure?
    The Bull and Bush is a beautiful old building, a landmark full of character and history is the council going to allow it to be torn down?

  10. Chris Pierce commented

    I object to this proposal of a new residential building to be built at that site ( Bull n Bush) for 2 main reasons.
    Traffic at the intersection of Windsor Road, Old Northern Road and Seven Hills road is way overloaded and has become a bottle neck. During peak times it can be backed up down Seven Hills road almost to Jasper Road, this creates issues for parents and busses trying to drop of kids to the Public school.
    Windsor road can be backed up way back to Merindah Road, again this creates issues at Baulkham Hills School, not to mention traffic backing up in the side streets, this will already become worse with new developments currently being built throughout Kellyville and Bella Vista.
    Old Northern Road can get backed up to Castle Hill, and there are huge developments underway there as well. Traffic is already a major issue at that intersection, and is well undersized in every direction.
    Secondly, the Bull n Bush itself is part of The Hills past, even though it’s not thought to be Heritage listed, it’s a significant part of the history of the area. There have been a few Hotels and Inns at this site over the past 100 or so years and there would be significant structures , footings and artifactes all over the site.
    We continually dismiss the the revelance of our history in the need to develop and grow. Most other countries embrace their history and preserve it for future generations, but we seem to put developments first, its all about the money these days, and not for the better of the region.

  11. James Wand commented

    I wish to lodge my objection to the proposed construction of residential towers to be constructed at the Bull & Bush hotel site as well as the removal of the hotel, which was until recently, heritage listed. This construction of some 200 apartments will create havoc at the already overcrowded Seven Hills / Old Northern Rd / Windsor Road intersection. It must be noted that the Hills Council is against this development and therefore as they are an important voice for the community and its future, their opinion as well as those of the local residents must be accepted and adhered to without compromise. It must also be pointed out that there is no rail link at Baulkham Hills, only bus and motor vehicle transport, so one has to query the need for additional apartments which would create additional traffic congestion and people movement across this major intersection. I would also ask why is their a need to demolish the past heritage listed Bull & Bush hotel which has been a landmark in the area for many years. With a little refurbishment (it has not been looked after since Dyldam acquired the hotel around 2 years ago) it could again become a social hub for the local community. Surely the Sydney Central City Planning Panel, who are I understand reviewing this building application, need to consider the negative impact additional high rise apartments would have, not only at this location, but within the Baulkham Hills area.

  12. Mark Donaldson commented

    I live in Charles Street and are already being impacted by traffic "cutting" through to Windsor Road because the intersection of Arthur Street, Seven Hills and subsequently Windsor and Old Northern Roads is a nightmare. All roads in the immediate vicinity of the current and proposed Dyldam developments cannot cope now. How are they meant to cope with the additional traffic flow. The madness of development followed by barely adequate supporting infrastructure must stop.
    Local Govt put their hands up saying we tried everything. State Govt put their hands up saying its a local issue or they meet their planning guidelines and targets.
    Time to start voting accordingly at all levels of Government people. We have both a state and federal election coming up in the next few months. Good place to start I reckon!

  13. Peter Kelly commented

    The traffic overload on Seven Hills Rd -as noted by every other objector - has long been evident; there can be no argument that the proposed development of the Bull & Bush site will not exacerbate the traffic/parking chaos in central Baulkham Hills. Residents were assured that traffic lights at Arthur St would be provided with contributions from the developments already completed on Seven Hills Rd; five years later and not one piece of infrastructure or traffic management!
    Elderly or disabled residents or mothers with prams will not walk along the eastern side of Seven Hills Rd because Arthur St has no safe crossing (and the footpath is treacherous). People must cross Seven Hills Rd -again no safe crossing point - to avoid the Arthur St debacle. Pedestrian safety is greatly compromised by the dangerous exits at Centrelink and the new apartment complex; since Seven Hills Rd provides the only pedestrian access to central Baulkham Hills, traffic management infrastructure must be implemented (not merely promised) before another of these 'instant slums' is built.

  14. Richard Eden commented

    I agree with Peter Kellys comments.

    I avoid exiting from Arthur Street onto Seven Hills Road like the plague. Just wait until the Dyldam complex opens spewing forth vehicles into Yattenden Crescent.

    Surely the role of NSW Joint Regional Planning Panels (who I know have to read this) is to plan. Yes - I am having a dig at you. :-)

    Not simply approve developments and pump more vehicles in and around an area that is already highly congested.

    Please plan for further high rise developments to be near train lines.

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