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  1. In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

    Dan Kra commented

    I object to the demolition of the Alexandria Hotel building for the following reasons.

    1: the council zoning of this site allows for a maximum of 2 stories and a maximum height of 9 metres. The application is for 4 stories and up to 17 metres at the highest point! This is a massive increase over the allowance.
    2: the significant heritage value of the hotel. The development application’s Heritage Impact Statement mentions 6 other similar hotels in Sydney, all of which are heritage listed. I believe that it is an oversight that the Alexandria Hotel isn’t already listed and are requesting council grant an interim heritage order to stop any damage being done to the hotel while a formal application is undertaken.
    3: the enormous social & community importance of the hotel as an open meeting space in an increasingly population-dense area.
    4: the complete lack of parking included for new residents.

  2. In Canterbury VIC on “Subdivision of land into...” at 29 Mangarra Road Canterbury VIC 3126:

    PHILIP & JUNE STAHLE commented


  3. In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

    Nathan Hage commented

    I object to this planning application on a number of points.
    1) Loss of amenity – a social hub that has been in the area for 80 years
    2) Loss of Community
    3) Loss of heritage and history in a cultural sensitive area.
    4) Too much density of small apartments
    5) Not enough ratio of different size apartments.

  4. In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

    Katie Hage commented

    I object to the demolition of a historically significant building in this important region of Sydney's inner city.

  5. In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

    Vikki Hanson commented

    I believe that there is enough units going up in this area that the planned block of units is not going to make a significant gain to the community where as leaving this wonderful place of gathering will.

  6. In Waterloo NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 895-899 Bourke Street Waterloo NSW 2017:

    Polina Oussova commented

    I strongly object to the demolition of this building.

    It is important that as the community grows and population grows that the primary focus shift from trying to cram more people into the suburb, and rather providing a neighbourhood and community for the residents to enjoy. We cannot tear down every pub and venue to cram in more apartments, this is short-sighted.

  7. In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

    Justine commented

    I think small compacted homes in this area will cause massive issues with car spaces and traffic in and out if the area.
    Justine Harris

  8. In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

    Nicholas Langley commented

    Firstly, I will disclose that I've made no gifts or donations to any Councilor or Council Employee any time in the past. Now on to the main event:

    Creating medium to high density residences makes total sense in a highly desirable location, close to the centre of one of the world's most fancied and livable cities - this is no secret. What seems to slip through the Cracks of Consideration is that all of the inhabitants of these newly built developments need amenities and infrastructure surrounding them. These people are going to find themselves without carparks, congested by both foot and vehicular traffic, and few places to shop or enjoy the outdoors. Most importantly for the average Australian, these people will find themselves without a reputable drinking hole, where their innumerable burning woes, conceived by the aforementioned lack of supportive infrastructure, can be dulled to an alcohol-assisted ache.

    The Alexandria Hotel is a beautiful space, both from the inside and out, steeped with history of a time well before any of ours. It fosters community, belonging, and the great game of Australian Rules Football. Having seen the proposed plans for the residential development, the residence will be soulless and squashed. The developer isn't interested in community or belonging. That's not lefty rhetoric, as I'm happy to acknowledge that plenty of residential developments are well considered for their inhabitants and are contextually appropriate to their environments. This is not one of those developments.

    City of Sydney, you've been championing the community - the little guys who just need a bone thrown at them - and I beseech (1870's speak) you to continue to do so. Surely you can see the graveyard that will be the proposed development doesn't need any more bones.

  9. In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

    Kennie Ward commented

    This precinct is one that is developing rapidly and although the there may be a need for housing to meet this growth, it is so often the case that construction takes place quickly before much forethought is given to the future of the community, in terms of its use, it's design and what will make it an interesting and valuable part of our city going forward.
    Alexandria/Redfern is already a cultural hub with a sense of diversity and history, with a close proximity to the city - this is part of what makes it so attractive to visitors and residents. It would be a shame to fill the area with new developments if these come at the cost of losing historic buildings. Any precinct can be developed with the new - but there are few that have the ability to preserve a sense of history, while remaining current. By all means allow the area to grow, but I ask that we do this by integrating old and new. We need to plan ahead to keep this area a vibrant and interesting one, for the future of our city and its visitors, or it will become just another over-developed suburb.

  10. In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

    Dave commented

    I object for the same reasons everyone has written above.

  11. In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

    Jon commented

    I object, you greedy people. Stop raping and pillaging the city's heritage architecture/facilities all for the financial gain of a few greedy ones.

  12. In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

    Rosie commented

    I object to the demolition of this beautiful hotel. Please do not allow this wonderful building and yet another piece of Sydney's history be replaced by yet another concrete complex. It is visited by patrons from near and far and a great meeting place because of it's historic charm. Should be preserved forever and anything else that is built around it should have to blend in ! This one building being demolished will not solve the housing shortfall and the area will lose one of it's last charms.

  13. In Canterbury VIC on “Subdivision of land into...” at 29 Mangarra Road Canterbury VIC 3126:

    Joanne Marchese commented

    I agree. What is the point of having heritage overlays if they are so effortlessly overturned and challenged?

    If the City of Boroondara is not going to visibly fight harder to maintain the integrity and history of the streets and heritage housing which it has inherited then what will the council or its resident have in 10 to 20 years time? Nothing.

    None of it's character and history that it currently has which contributes in making Boroondara such a sought after, liveable area and one in which the council is so proud. Pockets throughout Boroondara might be more suitable to subdivide, but there is no need in such a historic street as Mangarra Road.

    Come on council... lend some serious support in assisting the maintenance and protection of our historical housing in Boroondara, and stop putting it back on the residents to carry the load in the fighting this constant development.

    This subdivision should not go ahead.

  14. In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

    James Singline commented

    As a resident within 800 metres of this site, I strongly oppose this development of the Alexandria Hotel site because of the loss to the community of a great historical gathering place. Development of apartments in the area needs to be balanced with preservation of social sites and the heritage of the building and its use as a hotel should be protected and continued.

  15. In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

    Chris Zajko commented

    One of the last remaining bastions of community and charm left in Alexandria. It would be absolutely devastating to see this iconic building go.
    I can't think of another family friendly community hub in the area.

    I STRONGLY oppose this development.

    - Chris Z

  16. In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

    ADAM YEE commented

    As a small business owner who has been based in the immediate area for the past decade, I strongly object to the demolition of the Alexandria Hotel. The need for progress and development in a highly desirable commercial area is understandable. However as the case of the Carriageworks precinct has displayed, it can be done without destroying iconic buildings.
    Alexandria/Redfern is quickly becoming a soulless, vertical suburb with much of its character being scrubbed out of existence. The Alexandria is an oasis that is becoming a beacon for the fast-multiplying population. Rightly so. It has been there since the 1870's and retains its heritage and charm. In addition, its a family friendly venue. To destroy this local icon would be criminal. Once its gone, it is gone for good. Replaced by high-density housing that will create further traffic and congestion in the area.
    I call upon the City Of Sydney to decline this application to demolish The Alexandria Hotel.

  17. In Dulwich Hill NSW on “To demolish existing...” at 843 New Canterbury Road Dulwich Hill NSW 2203:

    LV commented

    I see after refusal, this is going for review again.
    The area already has many empty shops languishing for months and not enough customer parking to support more retail. Also there is a lot of apartment building already happening in the area which will substantially impact the area which has not had corresponding infrastructure improvements.
    The medical Center carpark next door is already misused by visitors to the area, and with shops and residencies planned without extra public parking, this will only get worse denying people with limited mobility from parking at the medical Center.
    The building will block out morning sun to a number of dwellings across the road, block out the city view and therefore reduce the enjoyment of the residents significantly. It also will cause financial harm to those residents.
    Finally the existing property has a distinctive and historic facade which should be preserved if at all possible.

  18. In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

    Jason Hooker commented

    Regarding "Application Number D/2015/772":

    I strongly object to this application because:

    1. I believe the current building has local historical and heritage significance.
    2. The lack of parking provided by the new building will lead to more cars being parked in the already overcrowded local streets.
    3. The local community will lose a popular meeting place.
    4. The suburb is already saturated with soul-less apartment buildings.
    5. The new building provides no affordable housing.
    6. The current building already provides long-term affordable housing that will be lost if demolished.

  19. In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

    Andrew Bailey commented

    I am totally against the proposed development. These are not houses but eyesores that not only destroy the environment but also lower the standard of our beautiful area.
    These so called 'houses' back on to our family home. We will have absolutely no privacy, noise will be unbearable (squashing families in so close together just over our fence) and the northern aspect sun will be blocked out.
    One of the highlights of elermore vale is the beautiful leafy environment we have. I can't believe a development like this could even be considered.
    Traffic and parking will become a major issue and where children would be play is a mystery. This development would cause major social issues.
    Surely less houses of quality with yards and trees left for screening and would be a much better option for all.

  20. In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

    Ludmilla Sneesby commented

    I am strongly against this proposed development for various reasons.
    For a start the proposed buildings are MONSTROSITIES, complete eyesores, an assault on the environment, an assault on our suburb. Environmentally, there are many species of native animals living in the area and this insult is threatening their very existence.

    Its extremely inappropriate to develop high density housing in this area which already has traffic problems, parking issues, garbage collection problems, access to emergency vehicles and so on

    As a resident of Elermore Vale for over 50 years it saddens me to see our beautiful, leafy suburb turn into a concrete jungle. Where are the planners? do they not look into the future and the preservation of our beautiful world for generations to come? Do we as residents have a voice?

  21. In Yengarie QLD on “Combined Impact Assessment...” at 45 Watson Road, Yengarie, QLD:

    Justin Laughton commented

    I am a resident of Maryborough-Biggenden road who will be directly affected by the proposed Air Park, I wish to advise that following the flight demonstrations held on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 July, I strongly oppose the development of the Air Park, I found the noise of the aircraft loud with noise recordings exceeding 70dba and was constant and very disruptive to family and pets and livestock, it completely ruins peaceful country style living, I also have concerns for the safety of people and property with these low flying aircraft, there are sure to be accidents with the intended high number of aircraft using the park, this will also increase local vehicle traffic to unwanted levels.

  22. In Darlinghurst NSW on “Construction of a five...” at 117-119 Flinders Street Surry Hills NSW 2010:

    Josh Patience commented

    This ill considered and myopic development should

    1. The proposed development does not recongnise the storey height of the adjacent historical buildings
    2. The proposed development does not recognise the setback patterns alignment with adjacent buildings (front and rear)
    3. Solar access into Hutchinson Street apartments will be significantly reduced in breach of minimum impacts and and shadow impact diagrams in the development have not been carried out on an hourly basis by developer
    4. The development has been built beyond maximum allowable height of 18m and thermal gain to Hutchinson St apartments will be impacted
    5. Visual privacy will be reduced with windows facing directly into Hutchinson St apartments with minimal (less than 7 metres) of distance; privacy of children is a concern with views directly into bedrooms (given floorplans of Hutchinson St apartments);
    6. Proximity of development will also impact acoustic privacy and industrial components (traffic / waste management) will take place within the 7 metre proximity zone mentioned in point 5

    In summary, existing property holder rights are being unfairly impinged by this development - the disregard of setback requirements, height and proximity will adversely impact the quality of life for property owners and their children in the adjacent streets.

    All property holders agree that a smaller and more sincerely thought out development is required and are willing to lobby vocally should our council not understand its ratespayers' interests in this regard.


  23. In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

    josie bailey commented

    We are formally objecting to the development proposal for the construction of 25 two story dwellings at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore Vale. I am a resident of Robina Close Elermore Vale (which backs onto the development) and I strongly object to this new proposal. On the council website it outlines the reasons for objections and we feel the proposal does in fact breech all the areas outlined including:

    1. Obstruction of Views, Privacy, Noise and Sun issues
    My back fence will be only a few metres from these new dwellings (with absolutely no trees left in between). This will totally destroy the aspect we now have. We of course knew there was the possibility of buildings going up in this area but always thought council would ensure the homes would be aesthetically in line with current properties and with integrity for the environment. These do not even look like homes but more like ‘storage boxes.’ We are also outranged by the number of dwellings planned in such a small area and the fact they will be double storey- basically peering over our back fence, into the back of my home (which is all glass) and blocking the northerly sun. Our privacy will be greatly invaded and noise a major issue with so many houses so close together and adjacent to the back of my home.

    Looking at other local developments (around the corner at Paddock Close for example) many trees have been left as screening and for wildlife, between existing homes and new dwellings. I would have expected the same considerations for this development. Also all homes being built locally are quality homes fitting in with the integrity and character of our area.

    2. Environmental Issues
    I am also devastated at the prospects of the impact on the beautiful environment, home to many types of wildlife including the rare eastern bandicoot and black cockatoos. We also have an abundance of other native birds as well as lizards, goannas and possums. I am also concerned about the size of the development in such a confined space to
    accommodate so many residents.

    3. Parking Issues
    There is lack lack of adequate garaging and parking. Two/Three-bedroom housing with only a single garage is going to lead to parking problems in local streets. Most families these days have at least 2 cars or in many cases they don't garage the car and use it for storage. In addition, if this housing is rented and there are three or more people sharing a house, then there could be up to 3 cars. This could potentially lead to 1‐2 cars per dwelling parked on the neighbouring streets.

    4. Traffic Issues
    With the proposed development adjoining onto Nerigai Close, this will created more traffic in an already congested street, without an added 50 extra car movements. I suggest council look in peak hours to assess what the traffic is like before approving this development. Council really need to re-think where the access road comes from as Nerigai Close and Melinda Avenue are already overloaded with cars.

    5. Development Damage
    We are also very concerned at the potential damage caused by the development with large machinery so close to our home. I have already had two large windows broken during initial clearing for recent surveying. My son sitting next to one of the windows was very lucky not to be seriously hurt.

    I am also very disappointed at the lack of community consultation regarding this development to residents in Robina Close and Nerigai Close and surrounding streets is appealing considering how the proposed development would impact on this community significantly. From our family point of view it would be totally unacceptable to continue living in this area if the proposal is to go ahead. We would appreciate any consideration in this matter and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the development at a forum with you.

  24. In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

    Nicola Perry commented

    I absolutely object to this proposal. As urban areas undergo renewal, it's vital to keep the balance between the amenity needs of the population and the diverse cultural heritage of the area, as represented in its buildings and their functions. This is a historic building that allows for people to come together in a way that is different from other places and is special. The Alexandria Hotel is about local people, local community, local jobs and local history. It's an important place and an important structure.

    On a more economic note, the preservation of the Alexandria Hotel is vital in maintaining the sort of vibe that attracts people to the area to live, work, play and spend their money. Demolishing it would be demolishing an irreplaceable asset.

    The negative effects of approving this development proposal would be much greater, both socially and economically, than any gain yet another block of apartments could possibly bring to the area.

  25. In Canterbury VIC on “Subdivision of land into...” at 29 Mangarra Road Canterbury VIC 3126:

    KDangerfield commented

    This permit should NOT be approved.

    As this dwelling is in a Heritage Overlay area is it not protected from demolition?

    Has a permit for demolition been applied for? Dividing the the property into three lots would require demolition to be done. How can it be divided without demolition?

    I feel that this 110 year old building which has been immaculately maintained with period features which contribute to the overall area should be protected by the Heritage Overlay Laws of Victoria.

    "The primary purpose of the Heritage Overlay is to protect the heritage significance of a building, place or area. If the heritage place is significant, or if it contributes to the significance of an area, a permit for demolition may be refused".

    A sub-division of this property would be an insult to the significance of this area.

  26. In Yengarie QLD on “Combined Impact Assessment...” at 45 Watson Road, Yengarie, QLD:

    Laughton family commented

    I have concerns about the increase in traffic in the area entering and leaving watsons rd if this project were to go ahead. Being a close neighbour not only will the continued noise be frustrating, but so will the constant and increased number of vehicles to and from the park. The planners have underestimated the noise to local residents from both planes and traffic. Watkins road is cal so access to state forestry where our family walks, horse rides, mountain bikes and increased traffic will increase the dangers and affect our quality of lifestyle. I strongly oppose the development.

  27. In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

    Sonia Tourany commented

    I strongly object to this proposal for the following reasons:
    This is a historic building with orinigal features that cannot be replicated.
    It is a gathering place for the community where people come to meet and socialise.
    There is already enough residential development being constructed or already constructed in a 2km radius.
    Units which are normally developed on small corner sites like this one are normally built so quickly and are so visually diaspealing, they are normally housed by renters which tend to change every six months and leave their rubbish on the street when they move. AND the buildings look so UGLY in 5 years because of the lack of quality in the building process as the developers just build them so quickly to make a quick profit.

  28. In Yengarie QLD on “Combined Impact Assessment...” at 45 Watson Road, Yengarie, QLD:

    Kate laughton commented

    I live directly across the road from this proposed air park development and listened to the test flights run on Saturday to demonstrate how loud the noise would be to neighbours. I moved here 7 years ago and run a business from home. I have horses. The noise on Saturday reached over 70decibals and spooked my horses whilst I was working with them. I strongly oppose this development as I do not want to listen to planes constantly circling around my property, and although their proposal stated they would not fly over properties, they flew over my home and horse paddocks. There was a constant annoying noise whilst they flew and it destroyed the peace and tranquility that was why I purchased my property. I do not support their application and want to be kept informed of any further progress of this application.

  29. In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

    Russell mason commented

    As the saying goes the whole is made up of many parts. By destroying a significant part of Alexandria you take away a place that is not only bricks and mortar but heart and soul.

    I strongly object to the proposed demolition of the Alexandria Hotel. I believe the City of Sydney should do it's utmost to ensure the Alexandria Hotel remains as a pulsating, living, heritage, community oasis in this vibrant area of Sydney.

  30. In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

    Steve Harris commented

    The news that the Alexandria Hotel could be demolished and replaced with an apartment block is very sad indeed. Heritage listing of this historic hotel building should be the priority of City of Sydney. This building has served the local community and others as a meeting place for many generations now. If this piece of history is destroyed, it is lost forever.
    Please stop this application from going ahead City of Sydney.
    You have the power to veto!

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