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  1. In Mc Graths Hill NSW on “Place of Public Worship” at 10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW:

    heather commented

    We have just moved into Pitt Town. We chose this area for its heritage and its charm. There were many rules that we had to follow so that we blended in with our beautiful surroundings and in keeping with the Hawkesburys charater and charm. We were more than happy to comply with council on all of these matters because at the end of the day we are specifically moving out this way for that country atmosphere that the Hawkesbury still manages to provide. We are confused and dissapointed however that the same council who seemed to place great importance on keeping this area of ours beautiful has now decided that it would be ok to build an enormous building in colours that would contrast with the local environment and not blend in and compliment it. Not to mention the impact it would have on the local roads. Our vote is NO and quite frankly if we had known this earlier we would not have moved out this way. Very disappointing council.

  2. In Mc Graths Hill NSW on “Place of Public Worship” at 10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW:

    Elizabeth Grady commented

    I think we have enough places of worship in the Hawkesbury. Our roads are congested now and nothing is done to improve them. What have we to gain by building this? Is it going to be used only as a temple or used as a meeting place/hall/education centre??? How many more will be allowed in the Hawkesbury? Will there be noise restrictions? Will it be bigger than any other building in the Hawkesbury?
    Councillors are voted in by the people to represent the people and do the best for their community. Are you really doing what's best for us or just lining your pockets in money paid under the table.
    Would you like this to be built next to your homes?

  3. In Mc Graths Hill NSW on “Place of Public Worship” at 10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW:

    robert timbs commented

    This is disgraceful the way this temple or whatever has been quickly pushed through council without consulting residents ..This is a very important issue as the Hawkesbury district is a noted historic site in Australia..Imagine coming to see Windsor etc. from the city and as you approach the first thing you see is a large temple..That is ridiculous planning..It would not fit into the scheme of things--And mcgraths hill has always been a bottleneck for Hawkesbury traffic so im sure this will only be the start of more problems there..Council needs to consult the residents and think more on this issue not just give the ok .Cant turn back the clock once its built..

  4. In Mc Graths Hill NSW on “Place of Public Worship” at 10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW:

    casey Thompson commented

    please do not approve this application. The Hawkesbury is not the appropriate place to house such a place of worship.
    Vote No to this application, it is not suited or wanted here

  5. In Mc Graths Hill NSW on “Place of Public Worship” at 10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW:

    Lauren Leay commented

    With the recent flooding and constant traffic across Windsor road and the bypass bridge, building this structure in such a small area which is already heavily impacted by traffic would negatively impact further on McGraths Hill.
    The Windsor, McGraths Hill and Pitt Town area is one with strong and long historical ties. It is a rural, country town. This building would be out of place and take away from the sleepy, scenic, film worthy (and often is used for television and films) area. I strongly believe that allowing this structure to be built would TAKE more than it would ADD to McGraths Hill. Please do not approve this structure.

  6. In Mc Graths Hill NSW on “Place of Public Worship” at 10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW:

    Shannon commented

    As a home owner of the McGraths Hill area I am gravely concerned what the application (if approved) will do to the property prices. I pay rates, partly for the council to govern the area in which I live in the best interest of the community. Clearly, this application is not in the best interests of our council/community.
    As a member of the wider community, I am alarmed at the potential impact this could have on the area. The existing infastructure is not adequate. The building is visually unattractive, and as a result of the monstrosity the sky line of the district as a whole will be effected.
    The Hawkesbury doesn't have the volume of community members from this religious nomination to justify the dwelling being constructed in the Council area.

  7. In Mc Graths Hill NSW on “Place of Public Worship” at 10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW:

    Nathan commented

    The Hawkesbury is an area overflowing with examples of rich Australian history. As such, residents in relative areas must preserve the historic appearance of the area in their residential development.
    The Hawkesbury attracts a large number of tourists to the area to observe this history.
    Why should this application be any different? Surely council can see that a 10m high tower will devalue the visual appearance of the area?
    My objection is not religiously based, but rather based on the community preservation.
    We, as a community, can not, and will not stand for this.

  8. In Mc Graths Hill NSW on “Place of Public Worship” at 10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW:

    Stephanie commented

    Without further development of the roads this should not be built in Mcgraths hill. Traffic there is already ridiculous in peak hour. The roads in the Hawkesbury are not equipped for extra traffic

  9. In Elizabeth Bay NSW on “Installation of a fabric...” at 64-68 Macleay Street Elizabeth Bay NSW 2011:

    Peter Young commented

    Sad the Council didn't give the community the choice- which it was given by the designer - of having natural shade trees or erecting an artificial structure made of plastic materials. So sad the Council choose the plastic option, rather than the natural option. Not only do trees provide shade, but they convert carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into oxygen which is then released back into the atmosphere and carbon which is stored (locked away). Opting for the artificial plastic option is very short sighted. It's not in keeping with the natural Fitzroy Gardens.

    The application should be refused and the trees for shade option adopted.

  10. In Marrickville NSW on “To demolish part of the...” at 4 Osgood Avenue Marrickville NSW 2204:

    Rebecca commented

    I walk past this almost every day and I can tell you that the work is pretty much complete already! What happens if it's not approved?

  11. In Brunswick East VIC on “Use and development of site...” at 240 Lygon Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057:

    Rhonda Bavington commented

    Whilst this is a warehouse space being converted, there should be a limit to the height and number of apartments permitted per block. Already there is an 8 storey development going in at 272 and on the other side of the street a 6 storey development. The congestion in this area is already causing danger to the pedestrians, cyclists and road users.

    Parking should not be restricted, and the shadowing of the area is becoming an issue also. 1 and 2 bedroom apartments do not lead to long term residents. The suburbs loses on building a culture based around community involvement.

    I am not opposed to development, but would like it to contribute to the community as opposed to destroying it.

  12. In Mc Graths Hill NSW on “Place of Public Worship” at 10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW:

    Carly commented

    I believe this is an inappropriate area for such a building. I have no problems the culture it will bring, however the Hawkesbury is already struggling to house the local population- for example, houses are selling before a sign is even put up. I think HCC needs to be looking after our current community first before bringing any more people to our town. Our roads are already congested and dangerous. Over 4000 homes are being built in box hill + more in Pitt Town. Add in a temple and people will come from far and wide.. Our town will not cope.

  13. In Mc Graths Hill NSW on “Place of Public Worship” at 10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW:

    Vicki Durrant commented

    The Hawkesbury is an Historical Town in which we should be proud of.
    McGraths Hill is the gateway to beautiful Australian Historical Buildings, Business have been built on our heritage so to have a place of worship that does not reflect our History as the first thing you see coming to Windsor does not make logic.
    Please help them find and area that suits there needs for there place of worship, one with parking space and away from main stream traffic.
    As far as there being other places of worship with parking and traffic problems in the Hawkesbury these buildings are mainly Historical and can not be moved so why build another building that will have the same problems?

  14. In Mc Graths Hill NSW on “Place of Public Worship” at 10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW:

    Greg commented

    I have a little planning experience so: -

    Forgetting any cultural/religious considerations.......Inappropriate visual imposition, shadowing and excessive traffic generation not in accordance with the road infrastructure to support any type of development that results in these outcomes - are valid reasons for opposing/denying such development.

    If you feel that strongly about ANY development, then exercise your right to contact your local Councillours and formally lodge objection with Hawkesbury City Council - but base your comment on facts that support your objection/s rather than just giving opinion.

  15. In Heathcote NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 11 Veno St Heathcote 2233:

    Wayne Greene commented

    I don't think 80 units opposite a primary schools is real bright. Traffic is bad around Rosebury and Veno Streets at 9.00am and 3.00pm the best of times. You can not get two cars past each other on Rosebury Street now as there is only enough room for one car at a time. Can you imagine what it will be like with another 80 units there? When you consider that each unit would have at least two people in them and they both have a car, that's 160 extra cars around Heathcote Primary School. Yeah, not to bright at all.

  16. In Marrickville NSW on “To install a bus shelter...” at 363 Enmore Road Marrickville NSW 2204:

    sue commented

    do we really need more advertising?
    there is a perfectly good shop awning metres away from this bus stop that provides adequate shelter from rain & sun, i don't think we need an ugly bus shelter complete with advertising at this spot.

  17. In Annandale NSW on “Requesting the larger limbs...” at 40 Collins Street Annandale NSW 2038:

    Prue Cook commented

    As residents and owners at 42 Collins Street, we are very much in favour of the lopping of this very large tree as there are huge limbs overhanging our roof too.
    Prue and Ian Cook.

  18. In Mc Graths Hill NSW on “Place of Public Worship” at 10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW:

    Steve davison commented

    Please don't build this here in this location the affects it will have on local residence will be massive , the traffic is already at a stand still in the mornings and afternoons this will only make things worse, it is also going to cause havoc with parking it has only 50 odd car parking spaces where the hell are the rest of these people attending going to park on the tiny one way streets surrounding the place also I'd love to know how something like this actually gets passed through council when it will 100 % not fit in with the current heritage surrounding the Hawkesbury it's set to stand 10mtrs high this will be seen from far and look straight down into the backyards of the houses adjacent to the site, it's not fair and definitely not wanted it seems like Hawkesbury council are just lining there pockets and has no local interest at hand do not build this monstrosity in our beautiful part of Australia !

  19. In Narara NSW on “Subdivision One Lot Into...” at 67 - 69 Deane Street, Narara NSW 2250:

    Chris Smith commented

    We would love for this to be approved as it would give my family and I an option to build and remain local to 2250 in particular Narara / Wyoming etc.

  20. In Brunswick East VIC on “Use and development of site...” at 240 Lygon Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057:

    D Birrell commented

    I thoroughly agree with L. Baxter's comments about the destruction of the inner (and not only the inner) suburbs being destroyed by developers. Every developer's application calls for reduction in car parking spaces. Contrary to this, developers should be made to provide extra car parking for visitors to the oversize complexes they build. We face the same problem visiting family in Brunswick where in the space of 4 years it has gone from being easy to a find car park when visiting, to impossible.

    Overlooking and overshadowing is also a major factor in the ruination of the once pleasant ambience of all residential suburbs, not to mention the loss of gardens and trees which are essential to the environmental health of the city.

    I agree with the demand for reduction in size and no reduction in car parking.

    Dinny Birrell

  21. In Abbotsford VIC on “Development of the land for...” at 184 Vere St Abbotsford VIC 3067:

    Peter Falke commented

    The house is old and tired. It would bring fresh life to the street

  22. In Mc Graths Hill NSW on “Place of Public Worship” at 10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW:

    Bridget English commented

    Just 1 question - is this place of worship for all in the community or just Muslims? If it isn't helpful for the entire community then it shouldn't be built.

  23. In Mc Graths Hill NSW on “Place of Public Worship” at 10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW:

    Gary commented

    Wow a lots of subtle "racist" comments here. It's Hindu Temple, not a Mosque, as if that should matter.
    Would there be such an outcry for another Christian place of worship?
    Windsor has heaps of Christian Churches on small aerial roads. Stop using your own personal religious beliefs to dampen other peoples enjoyment.
    By the way I'm an atheist, just believe in equality for all.
    Hawkesbury seems to be stuck in White Christians only policy.

    List of current Churches around Windsor -
    Anyone complaining about the traffic to close them down ???

    St Matthews - Moses St, Windsor
    St Johns - Tebbutt St, Windsor
    Christian Pentecostal - Cnr Macquarie & Brabyn St, Windsor
    Hawkesbury City Salvation Army - Church 290 George Street Windsor
    Church Of Christ - 504 George St, Windsor
    Baptist Church -739 George St, Sth Windsor
    Jehovah's Witness - Cox St, Windsor
    Uniting Church Windsor - Macquarie Street, Windsor
    Seventh Day Adventist Church - Macquarie Street, Windsor
    Potters House Christian Church - Bligh Park Neighbourhood Centre, 4 Sirius Road, Bligh Park.

  24. In Mc Graths Hill NSW on “Place of Public Worship” at 10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW:

    Lauren Klippert commented

    Why here when there are so many other places with plenty of land....
    -traffic is already an issue in this spot
    -it's a flood zone
    -it will not fit in with the beautiful history of the area rather stick out like a sore thumb
    -create noise in an otherwise peaceful suburb
    -may force locals out of the area, some whom have been there from the start
    Please please vote against this!

  25. In Cromer NSW on “(insert details)” at 18 Grover Avenue, Cromer NSW 2099:

    Kerry Stringer commented

    I honestly believe that this is a completely inappropriate place for this development.
    Not only is this a residential area which is entirely the wrong area for such a proposal, this is a very short distance from my daughter's school. My strongest concern is that my daughter, who is very trusting of strangers, will be exposed to a transient population who have absolutely no ties to the community and therefore have a much lower regard for the people in the area and the level of safety we have all worked hard to establish. There are a large number of children who will be affected by this negative addition to our area. The well being of our families is most pertinent in my mind.
    Furthermore, what need is there for this type of accommodation in Cromer? There are no sites to visit for tourists, no adequate public transport, no services in the area such as doctors or shops. This entire project seems unsafe and unnecessary.

    Please refuse this application.

  26. In Mc Graths Hill NSW on “Place of Public Worship” at 10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW:

    Leanne Hurst commented

    Where do I start? -Traffic issues, roadworks due to heavy traffic will be is a constant struggle to get even a pothole in McGraths Hill filled let alone have more cars etc putting pressure on an already under-maintained road system. And lets not forget how hard it is to enter or exit the area in question due to the already heavy traffic.
    Hey maybe a ridulously small roundabout (just like the one outside Arndell) will be put in place to hinder the already choked system. ..or probably everyone will speed down Old Hawkesbury Rd which is a residential street to get away from the chaos in said area! Please say NO!

  27. In Black Head NSW on “Single New Dwelling” at 19 Meadows Close, Black Head NSW 2430:

    Clare Taylor commented

    We own the land at 15 Meadows Close, Black Head and plans were approved by Taree Council in May 2015. (DA 420/2015).
    We would like to view the plans for 19 Meadows Close, Black Head. We would have concerns about a two story dwelling which may well block our rural views.
    Please advise if you can email plans to us.
    Thanks and regards,
    Clare Taylor

  28. In Mc Graths Hill NSW on “Place of Public Worship” at 10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW:

    Trish commented

    I don't believe that this development should be approved - my objection isn't based on the fact that it is for a mosque. It is based solely on the fact that the area can not cope with the heavy growth that has happened already in the area due to the Pitt Town development. The roads are already congested enough in this area - I live near Pitt Town and the drive to Windsor is an absolute nightmare already.
    Perhaps you should widely advertise the fact that this application is before council and let the community decide if it is right for them.

  29. In Surry Hills NSW on “Alterations and additions...” at 52-54 Albion Street Surry Hills NSW 2010:

    lee commented

    This DA should not be approved due to

    - smoke will enter next door

    - how are we going to control the smoke and smell next to my unit

    - no elevation drawings of the smoke vent stack.

    - smoke may enter to neighbouring streets.

    - need proper design drawings and certification.

    doesn't deserve approval.

    we have already too much problems in the area with restaurants smoke haze and smell.

  30. In Marrickville NSW on “To demolish existing...” at 2 Station Street Marrickville NSW 2204:

    Mark commented

    UPDATE: DA Withdrawn > council went back to the developer to negotiate design changes to the application, the applicant/developer refused to make any changes to the submitted application and the whole DA was withdrawn.

    This happened on 19 August, which means that the DA is no longer live/current in council and if this developer wants to submit a revision to the design, it will have to be a brand new application.

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