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  1. In Brunswick West VIC on “Development of the land to...” at 10 Centennial Avenue, Brunswick West VIC 3055:

    Ssaman commented

    I would like to understand under what precedence, five, 3 story dwelling have been approved when there are no other 3 storey dwelling in the street.
    Under local planning policy clause 22.10, the dwelling should not exceed 2 stories as there are no surrounding biuldings greater than this height.

    I would also like to see the shadow diagrams that have been used to demonstrate that the sunlight to the neighbouring dwellings is not reduced at the equinox. This needs to be in compliance to the res code.

  2. In Darwin NT on “59 motel suites (including...” at 13 Shepherd St, Darwin City, NT:

    David Jeffery Norton commented

    13 Shepard Street excavation next to 82, Woods Street, Darwin 0886

    Dear Sir,
    I am the Chairman of the 82 Woods Street, Darwin, 0800
    Next door at 13 Shepard Street the builder has dug a three story hole under the boundary fence . He is building a 10 story building right up to the boundary line and wants to put his scaffolding on our property blocking the car parks and destroying our garden.

    We have received no notice that he was building on our boundary line until the hole was dug and we were covered in a thick coat of dust.

    He expects us to come up with a solution. He has totally removed all the land on his block.

    Can he do this without communicating with us first?
    What planning and building protections do we have.

    Our garden is being destroyed, parks are under threat of falling into a three story hole and our buildings foundations maybe at risk,

    I have intrusted the Body Corporate Managers (Whittles) to inform the builder that we will put forward a formal resolution to a special meeting of the Body Corporate after taking professional advice. And that he is welcome to submit his scaffolding plans and his proposals to the general meeting for their consideration. You can also advise him that his proposals will be accepted for consideration constructively and without prejudice.

    It is extraordinary that an experienced builder does not know due process or building regulations are. He has made no detailed reference to the building code and expects us as private citizens to know what the development process is . Expecting the neighbouring property, us to come up with a solution to a situation he has created. He has not presented any notice of his intent to remove 13 Shepard Street from the landscape and replace it with a three story hole. He decided where the boundary is and removed the fence supports.
    The only communication with the builder has been oral over the telephone, with no formal plans to make an informed decision.
    As the Chairman of the body Corp it is my roll to voice and sign off on the behalf of the Body Corporate in line with existing policy, the budget or formal resolution within the Unit Titles Act. In this case policy is silent and no recommendations have been put to the Body Corporation via the Body Corporate Managers (Whittles) as of yet, as the consultation process, be it oral has only began after the excavations commenced and have all but been completed. We are being asked to play catch up with our property on the edge of a precipice that once was 13, Shepard Street.
    No resolution has been made. Myself as Chairman and a committee member Amanda Lingwood are at the assessing the situation stage.
    Not knowing what the process was through Whittles we have instructed the relevant Authorities to be advised of what has happened so that we can inform the Body Corporate of the situation with regard the risks to the Body Corporate with regard to Health and Safety, Structural Risk, inconvenience and loss of amenity, before a recommendation to a special general meeting of the body corporate.
    A letter has been sent to all owners advising them of the situation.

    As the Chairman of the 82 Woods Street, Darwin, 0800 I have instructed Whittles to attain quotes on attaining legal advice as to the legality of what the builder has done and our rites and responsibilities in dealing with this situation. Including how much the committee can spend in regard to the Unit Titles Act in obtaining legal advice without calling a Special General Meeting.
    Also the amount the committee can spend in regard to the Unit Titles Act in obtaining the services of a surveyor without calling a Special General Meeting.

    As Chairman of the 82, Woods Street Darwin Body Corporate I have formally instructed Whittles Body Corporate Managers not to permit access to the Builders and his representatives onto our property without formal consent from the committee. And to advise the Builder that we expect to him make safe the boundary fence and the land on our side of the boundary.

    Also to inform the builder to conduct his construction of his building on his side of the boundary line and not to disturb or damage the garden and or any part of our property.
    The trees have ropes tied around them supporting the boundary fence which is damaging the trees and putting the boundary safety in question and the sprinkler system has screed coated over it. This was done without consent. The builder has to rectify this damage.

    Please advise.

    Yours sincerely

    David Jeffery Norton
    Chairman 82, Woods Street, Darwin Body Corporate.

  3. In Forster NSW on “Little Lucifer -...” at 4/58 Wharf St, Forster 2428:

    Tracey Borwick commented

    Hi Guys,We Luv the "Melbourne/Surry Hills" cosy and classy feel you have created with the new space.Looking forward to a few winter red wines over dinner and a bubbly or two with lake views for lunch this summer.Happy Days and Cheers,Tony & Tracey.

  4. In Newtown NSW on “Review request under...” at 1 Bedford Street Newtown NSW 2042:

    G. Blunden commented

    I've been a visitor to Newtown for many years and chose, two and half years ago, to move into the area. My decision was driven to a great extent by the vibrant life of King Street, in particular the markets, festivals and alternative offerings for which Newtown in famous.

    The markets in question sit at the very heart of King Street, contribute enormously to the life of the area and to Newtown's reputation as weekend destination for people all over Sydney and beyond.

    I give my full support for the bedford street markets in Newtown to continue.

  5. In Perth WA on “Proposed Demolition of...” at 159 Claisebrook Road, Perth, WA, 6000:

    Matthew Price commented

    To whom it may concern:

    Whilst I am not directly opposed to the redevelopment, as the Director of PerthWeb Pty Ltd which owns the block/building next door at 5 Coolgardie Terrace I do have some concerns that the developer and the Council need to consider.

    During construction of the new commercial & residential development on the corner of Coolgardie Tce & Lord St, access to Coolgardie Terrace has been a major problem. Frequently the builders hinder access to the Terrace (also blocking Summers St with deliveries frequently) and there is usually no street parking to be found for at least 200m around our property, affecting us and other businesses nearby. The levels of dust and waste have also frequently been quite high, with littering even by builders eating their lunches having been an issue. I did let the Council know about this last issue however, and that seems to have improved.

    Obviously with another development in the same Terrace, the Council will need to address traffic and parking issues to avoid further disruption to businesses in the area.

    There are also some issues in relation to the construction itself I am concerned about. The current building sits right on the shared property border with our property, meaning one wall is right next to our car parking area and emergency exit lane, and this wall also sits within centimetres of our building wall elsewhere. Hence I am concerned about possible lack of access to our emergency exit lane, and damage due to problems like vibration and subsidence issues along this border. The building also has an asbestos roof which will require careful management in removal. Finally given the proximity of development, dust and noise are likely to be an issue and I would like to know what plans are in place to manage this issue.

    Thankyou for your time.

    Matt Price

  6. In Newtown NSW on “Review request under...” at 1 Bedford Street Newtown NSW 2042:

    Peter McGee commented

    I think the markets add a vibrancy to the shopping strip. I'm not convinced that the stallholders pose a threat to established businesses in the area, if there is a correlation between the markets and the established shops it would be that the markets attract visitors to the area who will go on to shop at other venues in the precinct.

    The market are eclectic, eccentric and part of the village life at Newtown.

  7. In Newtown NSW on “Review request under...” at 1 Bedford Street Newtown NSW 2042:

    Molly Furzer commented

    Newtown Neighbourhood centre's market is true to the historical character of Newtown - second-hand wares, affordable snacks, alternative handmade clothing and jewellery. As a local, I visit the market in addition to shopping at the retailers on King St. The market provides a personal ambience to Newtown that is taken away by the intense traffic on King St. The market actually makes it a pleasure to linger in a public space in Newtown, rather than rush by.
    I teach yoga in two locations on King St within a block of the Neighbourhood Centre. At night there is often a band set up on the footpath playing music while at day there is a market stall or the larger Saturday markets. All of this adds to the character of Newtown - where else do you see a fully amplified band playing on a footpath?
    As more chain retailers open on King St, and the quirky shops disappear due to rising rent, we must at least retain some of the arty/alternative nature that has brought residents and visitors to this area for the past few decades. Newtown is at risk of becoming a boring version of inner-city suburbia without the individuality it has become famous for.
    I would also like to suggest that the markets are providing a more affordable service for people on low incomes.
    It seems that council members regard King St as purely a business district and not a community centre. I implore council to approve this DA and ensure that the markets can proceed into the future.

  8. In Canterbury VIC on “Demolition of an existing...” at 87 Maling Road Canterbury VIC 3126:

    Lisa Roberts commented

    Wow, four storeys! Joking aren't they? This is not a main road location and all other buildings in the area are single or double storey.
    Maling Road is very narrow, always having to squeeze or wait for oncoming cars when driving down this street. Imagine the increased traffic.

  9. In Newtown NSW on “Review request under...” at 1 Bedford Street Newtown NSW 2042:

    Rebecca Ames commented

    As a resident of Newtown, I believe that this market adds a lovely feeling to King Street and can only bring in more customers for the area as a whol;e. I often frequent it to buy bread and candles, then amble up the road and into shops I had not thought of going into. Thus, I am the perfect incidental buyer that the area is trying to attract.

    I agree with other posters that the market keeps out some of the less salubrious inhabitants of that part of King St and contributes positively overall. I would like to see it expanded with more emphasis on quality food and produce but only to a max of 30 or so stalls, anymore and it becomes too large.

  10. In Canterbury VIC on “Demolition of an existing...” at 87 Maling Road Canterbury VIC 3126:

    Joanne Marchese commented

    I am wondering how a four storey building and such high density living would fit within the heritage area of the historic Maling Road precinct? Given that ALL the buildings in this strip and surrounding residential areas are only two storeys high, how will this contribute to the streetscape, open space greening and heritage, not to mention the increased traffic flow to an already saturated popular and heavy traffic flow?

  11. In Newtown NSW on “Review request under...” at 1 Bedford Street Newtown NSW 2042:

    RL commented

    Please allow the market to keep going. I do not understand how it takes any business away from any other businesses in the area - it is a completely different kind of thing and appeals to old Newtowners and new. It is a vital part of the area - I used to come to the Newtown Market when I would visit from Melbourne. Now I live in St Peters and will look in every few weeks or so.

    I can't help but feel this is coming from somewhere else. Do incoming newer locals dislike the market because it is bric-a-brac and secondhand wares? is it too down at heel for the "new" Newtown? Do Liberal counsellors want it gone???

    There is room for all in Newtown. You should remember that before trying to change it.

  12. In Newtown NSW on “Review request under...” at 1 Bedford Street Newtown NSW 2042:

    Nicola Perrry commented

    Closing the markets was a ridiculous idea.

    The stalls did not compete with local businesses. They encouraged people to come out into the area, look at the bric a brac on offer (and maybe buy something from enterprising locals) and then go spend their money at a cafe or bookshop down the road.

    The markets are a tremendous asset to Newtown and the surrounding area and removing them would be detrimental to the wider community.

  13. In Newtown NSW on “Review request under...” at 1 Bedford Street Newtown NSW 2042:

    Joe Ortenzi commented

    I do not understand how this beautiful market was refused. It supplies interest trade and character to this wonderful but otherwise empty space.
    This market has been a regular and wonderful spot for me and my friends and I see no valid reason, having read all the council statements, why it was refused. They obviously didn't consult with local residents, all of whom love it.

    In particular the space at the lower end is under utilised and would be a great addition.

    Please reverse the decision and allow the market to continue with supervision.

    Thank you!

  14. In Newtown NSW on “Review request under...” at 1 Bedford Street Newtown NSW 2042:

    M Waring commented

    The little weekend market creates a nice little social centre for locals and does not draw custom away from the local shops. Having people at a market is a lot nicer way to use the square than abandoning it to the tables of a single restaurant that is based there and people who gather there to drink alcohol at other times.

    Most of the stuff that is for sale is just bric a brac of the sort sold in garage sales and does not compete with local shops. I agree that the Turkish Gozleme that used to be there probably drew custom from some of the local takeaways but the other stands do not create a genuine threat to other businesses.

  15. In Marsden QLD on “Domestic - Aboveground Pool” at 707 Browns Plains Road Marsden QLD 4132:

    Jason Doak commented

    We have no objections PROVIDING the pool is properly maintained, the fences (boundary and pool) are to standard.

    Unfortunately, history of this property proves that this may be an issue with the pool spending most, if not all of the past 4-5 years as a breeding ground for mosquitoes and stagnant water stench.

    If the upkeep and fencing cannot be guaranteed we do object to the development application.

  16. In Forster NSW on “Little Lucifer -...” at 4/58 Wharf St, Forster 2428:

    sean chapman commented

    Top friendly bloke and awsome feed. will be good to be able to have a nice quiet beer with a meal whilst also looking over the lake. Good luck shannon

  17. In Kulnura NSW on “Extension to existing...” at 351 Greta Road Kulnura NSW 2250:

    Andrew and Chrissi Nicholas commented

    Dear Julie Garratley
    Our response to the DA at 351 Greta Rd Kulnura is that it is a cynical re-application to increase the capacity of this Poultry Farm. It has already been considered and refused, so why bother going through the whole process again?
    Will this DA rear its ugly head every 2 years? We bought our property late last year at 344 Greta Rd for a tranquil rural coexistence and have to accept the existing stinking enterprise. Does anyone ever inspect the place to see if it's compliant now? I would have thought that’s the first stage of consideration – to see if the current operation complies with its Environmental Management Plan. I hope that's the case, because it's a major factor in the initial stages of considering an extension/enlargement. I guarantee there will be some close monitoring from now on.
    This area is agricultural, not heavy industrial. Greta Rd (a minor road, not wide nor strong enough) cannot safely handle more trucks; neither can the residents, nor the many walkers on the Great North Walk. The existing stink of rotting carcasses hopefully is only that and does not carry airborne germs etc. I hope Council has inspected/audited the Plan requirements. The applicants and representative themselves refer to their interest as an “industrial activity”. Since when was this area zoned as “industrial? What a flagrant distortion of land use with residential homes situated only about 20 meters away? There are now far more residential uses of land in this area than industrial/commercial’ uses. The orchards and horse studs make no noise or acrid smells.
    Their land, 9+ hectares is too small for this industry. Ingham’s guidelines for anyone joining are 45 hectares being the minimum desired size. “Role of the producer or investor: Provide the land. The land generally needs to be at least 45ha in size and located so as to comply with local council bylaws and regulations for broiler chicken production (which may, among other requirements, increase the size of land necessary).” Source:
    It’s hard to believe that the existing operation has no water licence. I presume the proposed over development will also not include a commercial water licence. “A water licence or other approval from the NSW Office of Water is generally required to extract water from rivers or aquifers to use for commercial purposes.” Source

    Everyone has a right to enjoy and have their amenity in this area. The only canker around here is the poultry enterprise at 351. Nothing has occurred to improve the chances of this repeated DA being approved. Indeed some things have deteriorated. Greta Rd has worn badly and been repaired - damage mostly due to heavy vehicles and rain.
    When considering the proposed extension one must ponder: what if by increasing the movements of so many huge trucks two meet head on or one wipes out a resident pulling out of their driveway? These will become distinct possibilities. There is already a great deal of legitimate early morning traffic on Greta Rd, mostly "tradies" doing 80kph on their way to work. The location of the business is on a bend narrow road. Add many more huge trucks and you can imagine what will happen. I believe someone has analysed and supplied you with the actual truck movements. The width of Greta Road in the area of the subject poultry farm was about 17ft wide - cold bitumen laid upon only graded clay. Does RMS support oversize vehicles frequently using narrow, sub-standard country roads that have never been properly engineered with no centre lines marked?
    Now to the EIS. It is nothing but a massive smoke screen of generic statements designed to wear down the poor person who has to try to delve through its mass of nonsense and deceptive misleading statements. It's a case of quantity over quality and who in Council possesses the skills, resolve and experience to decipher the facts from the subterfuge.
    People come to this delightful area to live, picnic, walk, drive and an increasing number of tourists enjoy Kulnura and its beautiful surrounds. As Council has previously determined, this is an over development of an existing risky enterprise.
    We most strongly urge you to again, for the same reasons to refuse this DA. This response is a work in progress and I respectfully request some more time to supply more information on this very important issue.
    Thank you,
    Andrew Nicholas

  18. In Rydalmere NSW on “66” at 66 Park Road Rydalmere NSW 2116:

    Grant Peaty commented

    This application should not be approved.
    This type of development is not only completely out of keeping with the surrounding neighbourhood, especially given that the entire area has been undergoing a cyclical regeneration over the last few years, but takes no consideration of the impact to the surrounding properties, and residents who have invested in the area:
    > St Marys Rydalmere - Increased traffic is a very real threat to the young school students
    > Neighbouring properties - The significant devaluation of the properties of those long term constituents of the area in favour of developers wishing to make a quick profit
    As a guide, the town houses on the opposite side of Park Road should be considered as the benchmark for property density in the Dundas/Rydalmere area.

  19. In Kulnura NSW on “Extension to existing...” at 351 Greta Road Kulnura NSW 2250:

    Christina Nicholas commented


    My name is Christina Nicholas; my parents are the owners of the property at 344, Greta Road, Kulnura - 2250.

    I am presently writing this email from Seoul, Korea, where I am studying abroad, completing my final month of 6 months study - very much looking forward to returning to Australia, and our beautiful home in Kulnura.

    I am writing in regards to the proposed extension to & plans to further develop the poultry farm, located at 351 Greta Road.

    Although I am currently overseas, upon hearing about the plans to develop the poultry farm, I felt it was a matter of sincere urgency that I pose some form of objection.

    My reasons for doing so are related directly to my own personal experiences of the poultry farm, which I have personally never visited, but have had the unfortunate experience of SMELLING - whilst on our own property, blocks away- more times than I would care to recall.

    Even mentioned to us by the previous owners, who obviously noted it as a pertinent enough detail to disclose during the purchase of the property - several times a month, if not week - a thick, rancid, sour odour permeates our property, often forcing everyone outside, to rush inside, & close windows, doors, and so on.

    Most notably, this occurred on my 21st birthday (18.01.13). A group of approximately 10 girl-friends, all enchanted by the location and natural beauty within Kulnura, simultaneously - upon the changing of the breeze and infection of the property with the smell from the poultry farm - ran indoors, secured doors and windows, and quizzed me about the origin of the demon-smell that was permeating my property.

    To sum up, I understand the poultry farm serves a purpose, but when the side-effects of fulfilling that purpose cross the line into becoming, what I would classify as more-than unpleasant; and an inescapable nuisance to the senses (lasting, on some occasions, for more than several hours), then perhaps, a little more consideration to the comfort and well-being of other residents is in order - and most certainly, no further development of such a place should be undertaken.

    Thank you very much, and I hope you will consider some of the opinions I have expressed.

  20. In Toormina NSW on “ALDI Toormina - Packaged...” at 52 Minorie Drive, Toormina 2452:

    Timothy Colley. commented

    I am in favour of granting a licence for retailing packaged liquor in the Aldi Toormina store.

    Competition improves pricing and range for shoppers: the other Aldi outlets selling liquor I have inspected in NSW and other states have provided excellent value at a good range of price levels consistent with the requirements of their shoppers.

    To deny such a licence would allow the current major supermarket operators to continue their market dominance and deny the community the choice and pricing Aldi can provide.

    Any argument suggesting that Toormina has already enough outlets for retailing liquor is null and void, based on the current population numbers in that district in relation to Coffs Harbour itself, where the relative number of outlets per head of population is far higher.

    I am a member of the general public with no connection to Aldi: I have never made a donation or gift to any Councillor or Council employee.

  21. In Forster NSW on “Little Lucifer -...” at 4/58 Wharf St, Forster 2428:

    Rhonda Whelan commented

    This is a must for the area. Will be great to have a intimate place to go for meal and drink some where to chillax without the hussel of the local pubs. Looking forward to going there for a quite drink.

  22. In Forster NSW on “Little Lucifer -...” at 4/58 Wharf St, Forster 2428:

    Jo Edwards commented

    Would love to catch up my girlfriends at a gorgeous place like this over a couple champas & beautiful outlook!

  23. In Forster NSW on “Little Lucifer -...” at 4/58 Wharf St, Forster 2428:

    Forster/Tuncurry and surrounding areas have never seen some-thing like this before..A1 dining and service.. commented

    Please do you're self a favour and go and see shannon & Louise's new shop * Little Lucifer *..Taste their to die for food !!..So many different choice's and nothing like you have ever seen before in Forster/Tuncurry..Eat in or out and see the amazing view's of Wallis lake and if you're lucky enough you will spot the occasional Dolphin or 2..Top placce to dine with family and friend's and the shop just look's gorgeous..
    Well done Shannon & Louise all the best and wish you luck...
    P.S. Some how i don't think you need me to wish you luck well done it's awesome..
    A big shout out from lisa Pittman & family...

  24. In Forster NSW on “Little Lucifer -...” at 4/58 Wharf St, Forster 2428:

    Michael King commented

    Quiet wine and an enjoyable meal in pleasant surroundings. Looking forward to it. Plenty of friends to invite along as well.

  25. In Parrearra QLD on “24 Hour Fitness Centre” at 6 / 26 Nicklin Way, Parrearra, QLD:

    Anthony Provenza commented

    I would just like to add an opinion to this discussion. I was under the belief that a Town planner/ council department was given guidelines and information prepared by numerous official government departments (e.g Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)) for the approval process of town planning and or permits and permissions.

    With this in mind I thought we were all paying to the council to ensure that we were not just legally permitted to build and meeting all requirements but also within the guidelines of Acts such as "Purpose of the Fair Trading Act 1989 (Qld)" where I would imagine recommendations on fair trade would be legally binding.

    The point I'm building to here is that I believe there must be a requirement to look into statistics released from the ABS on what is feasible within the general population and if those figures would show a disadvantage to already operating local businesses then the responsibility and duty of care should rest with the appropriate authorities on whether similar business models can enter the area.

    With this in mind there has been released figures showing that as an industry standard we know that we can effect serviceability to 16-18% of a population within a 8-12 minute drive of our locations.

    Would this not be a factor in the town planning?

    Should I give up on my dreams of owning a Health club as an owner operator because a company with more money then me can afford to setup beside me and wait out my eventual collapse?

    I know the points I'm raising here are best suited for the office of fair trading but I would just like anyone from council whom may be reading this to know a concerned - born and breed - local business owners opinion.

  26. In Forster NSW on “Little Lucifer -...” at 4/58 Wharf St, Forster 2428:

    Kate Arp commented

    A family run place for a family meal and a quite wine, fabulous!! Looking forward to relaxing in a friendly restaurant instead of a pub or club. Always keen for alternatives to larger venues.

  27. In Forster NSW on “Little Lucifer -...” at 4/58 Wharf St, Forster 2428:

    Beverly Fitzpatrick commented

    As an older single woman I find a venue such this less intimidating than a large pub or club, where I would never go alone.This would be somewhere I could sit and enjoy a quiet meal and drink by myself or with friends.

  28. In Forster NSW on “Little Lucifer -...” at 4/58 Wharf St, Forster 2428:

    Arnia Whelan commented

    This is exactly what this area needs. Looking forward to being able to go somewhere nice to have a good meal and a drink without having to go to the Pubs.

  29. In Forster NSW on “Little Lucifer -...” at 4/58 Wharf St, Forster 2428:

    James Sanders commented

    Just what the area needs, great spot come summer for some food and a few drinks.

  30. In Potts Point NSW on “Section 96 (2) to amend...” at 87 Macleay Street Potts Point NSW 2011:

    Rebecca Wright commented

    Sounds good to me! These are the sorts of places/venues which enhance the area. They offer a good service and make no intrusion on the residential community.

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