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  1. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Soozie Pinder commented

    This venue is a credit to the owners. Extensive renovations have created a stylish venue for mature adults to enjoy a night out wine and dine in safety, and enjoy some local live music. We need many more venues such as this where we can enjoy a night out.I hope the City of Kingston are wise enough to value this vital contribution to the local economy. I travel from the Eastern suburbs to frequent this venue; a rare place a woman can go on her own and know she will be safe.

  2. In St Peters NSW on “To demolish the existing...” at 68 Silver Street St Peters NSW 2044:

    Jennifer commented

    These houses are part of our heritage. We will all be poorer if the owner is allowed to demolish them.

  3. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Steve Morris commented

    As a residence of Gnotuk Avenue I am very familiar with childish behaviour and excessive noise and after hours hooning that the city of Kingston has to try and control, One Fourteen is a different story this NOW this would have to be one of the most professionally run and operated by the book venues I have seen in action. The outside red lined area provides a space were mature minded adults can sit down have a meal, then later in the evening sit back and relax with friends while having a drink and a smoke at the same like isn't this the Australian way . In a world that has gone mental with rules and regulations thr must be some things left and this is one I believe must never change... As your aware our beautiful bay after hours isn't really all that safe now and like we need outlets in our are to be able to unwind

  4. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Kristen Davies commented

    I wish to add my support for the owners, management and venue that is OneFourteen regarding their Planning application for an extended area in which to serve alcohol.

    I was introduced to this venue by my Bayside dwelling friends and via Southern FM radio promotions. I live in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne and actually travel across town to visit this quality venue. It is professionally run, caters for the more mature age patron and as a woman I feel comfortable and safe visiting this venue. The management and security staff attempt to minimise the noise impact on the surrounding residential area by quickly dispersing patrons homeward once the venue has closed of an evening.

    As many of Melbourne's live music venues are under threat from both increased population density through property development and the installation of the dreaded pokie machine, I was thrilled to find this venue that supports the local music industry.

    I hope the City of Kingston will recognise OneFourteen's economic and cultural contribution to the Mentone area by approving the Planning application.

  5. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Michele O'hanlon commented

    I am a regular patron of 114 and as a single woman,enjoy the atmosphere, the security and the professionalism this venue has to offer.

    Since it's conversion with the new owners, it has become a safe haven for us mature, music loving folk who enjoy to catch up with friends, share some chat and a dance or three!
    There has never been any violence since I've been going, and i am particularly secure in the knowledge that as I vacate the premises that the staff and security have my best interests at heart,offering often to escort me to my car if I am on my own. I now reside in Seaford and am happy to travel to Mentone weekly to see live music.

    I also like the decor and the fact that there is a designated area for those who wish to smoke outside and also that the venue has been overly courteous to the neighbors in ensuring tight closing times to eliminate noise. It is clean, vibrant the food is fantastic.

    I have made some great friends by going here and would hate to see any change to its format. It has supported local musicians, staff and patrons alike, and definately adds value to the Kingston area when it is open.

    Please consider all these facts when making decisions about a venue like 114, and not listen to a disgruntled minority who have a grudge to bear.
    If you are not sure, why not visit for yourself as I'm sure you too will experience the magic that is 114.

  6. In Collingwood VIC on “Use of part of the land for...” at 35 Johnston St Collingwood VIC 3066:

    Chris Goodman commented

    Is this for circus OZ
    What is to be demolished?

  7. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Ann and James Rodis commented

    My husband and I are middle aged residents in the City of Kingston. We work hard and so look forward to social outings where we can relax and have fun. Sadly, there are not many venues where we feel comfortable and safe. We discovered 114 about a year ago and we are now regular patrons. 114 provides that atmosphere where we can simply relax and have good clean fun with other people of our age and maturity. 114 provides an entire package. If we choose we can enjoy a fabulous meal, a variety of music and dancing applicable to our age group, a few drinks and conversation with friends. I have many single friends (many female) that go there too because they feel safe. Even as a couple, it is important for us to feel safe. 114 is a very friendly, peaceful environment as everyone is there for the same reason. The age group of the patrons tends to attract people of maturity and respect.
    I believe 114 is a huge assett to the City of Kingston and its rate payers. I can't think of any negatives. No food or drink is allowed out of the premesis and I have never seen litter inside or out. The owners are quite conscientious about abiding by rules and regulations and respectful of safety, cleanliness and neighbours.
    I have had situations where I have chosen to catch a cab home as well as times when I drive. I have always found parking easy and when I do catch a cab there has never been more than a few minutes so I have never seen many people waiting outside at the end of the night. The staff of 114 play a controlling role in ensuring all patrons leave their venue quietly, safely and efficiently.
    I believe that the hard work and respect shown by the owners of 114 should be supported and embraced for the wonderful service they provide to the residents of the City of Kingston.
    To approve this application would further enhance not only this venue but the facilities available in the City of Kingston.

  8. In Ferntree Gully VIC on “Construction of three...” at 14 Clyde Street, Ferntree Gully VIC 3156:

    Anthony Barnes commented

    Residents will get to enjoy the aroma from the nearby Mc Arteries,how wonderful.

  9. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    John Clapton commented

    I have been going to One Fourteen for over one year now.
    Before i live in whittlesea, over 1 and half a hour away.
    And now i have moved back into the area.
    I go to One Fourteen alot now and enjoy dinner there as well.

    Its a place i feel safe in, and no violence ever at this venue.

    Its a great place and this local community should be proud of
    having a place like One Fourteen.

    I think the owners Lou and family have done a great job
    improving the venue for ratepayer of the council the City of Kingston.
    I am now a member of City of Kingston

  10. In Eleebana NSW on “Dwelling House” at 616A Macquarie Drive, Eleebana NSW 2282:

    Peter Authers commented

    To Lake Macquarie Council , Assesing Officer, Mr Peter A Fredericks. RE -Proposed dwelling at 616a Macquarie Drive, Eleebana, 2282, Lot 52 DP 1182955. Dear Sir, Following our phone conversation on 21/2/2014,I am forwarding this submission of concern. By my calculation of measurements taken from plans of proposed dwelling,the height of building is in excess of 8 metres. ie 8.135 metres floor level to top of ridge plus a further 700mm to natural ground level,bringing the overall height to 8.835 metres.Please correct me if I am wrong,but as I understand it,this is 835mm higher than is permitted in a Residential 2(1) Zone.I urge you to consider this apparent breach in your assessment of this Development Application. Yours Faithfully Peter Authers.

  11. In Marsfield NSW on “The Ranch - Liquor licence...” at 108 Herring Rd, Marsfield 2122:

    Jeanette roslyn Yakalis commented

    With the new laws in NSW concerning liquor licences I thought no more would be approved even transfers. There are too many places to buy liquor now, we do not need any more.

  12. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    elizabeth trapani commented

    I have moved back to Melbourne after over twenty years living all over Australia and the world. My concerned family informed me that Melbourne night life was far too dangerous for a single woman to be safe. After six months of not going anywhere a friend took me to 114.

    I have become a regular customer since that night. I not only feel safe but enjoy the music and the people who patronise this venue. Lou and his family have created a wonderful nights entertainment that is both enjoyable and relaxing. Unlike many other venues I have had the misfortune to visit 114 holds a very special charm. The restaurant produces wonderfully sublime meals that melt on the pallet and the clientele, the majority middle class working, local homeowners and rate payers come to relax and socialise in a genuinely refreshing environment.

    There has never been an incident of an unsavory nature at anytime that I have been there. At the end of the evening security have arranged more than enough cabs to transport patrons and rarely is there a long wait.

    Never have I seen litter or the like around the venue as it is always kept extremely presentable. In fact the question of litter is a mute point as there is a council bin outside the premises and by licencing regulations nothing of that nature can leave the premises.

    I strongly appeal that this proposal be granted as it would be a blow to your rate payers who frequent the venue to loose it as there is nothing like it in the city of Kingston that I have found that is a safe and enjoyable as Club 114.

  13. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Katrina English commented

    One Fourteen is an awesome venue for the mature aged who go to enjoy great food great people and great bands.

    It's a new clean renovated venue owned and run by Lou, Frank and their families. Security are friendly polite and professional and treat each patron with respect. I have attended this venue every weekend since opening 18 months ago and It is free of trouble and violence.

    As a single female along with other single female friends it's a safe place for women.

    No food or drink can be taken outside the venue therefore no loitering of the street and immediately the night concludes security arrange cabs for all patrons so the area is cleared in a quiet and speedy manner.

    It is one of very few venues in the area serving the local community well. One fourteen has a great reputation giving Mentone and the city of Kingston something they should be proud of.

    We hope consideration to extend the red line area would be a high priority to please all patrons who enjoy a drink chat and meal in the outdoors. One Fourteen is a safe and friendly venue

  14. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Suzie and Brian Llewellyn commented

    This is such an iconic venue and such a bonus for the City of Kingston. There is really nothing like it in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, where mature middle aged people can enjoy each others company and listen to live bands, have a dance, dinner and a quiet drink. It is definitely the best meeting place in the area.

    My husband and I meet at these premises 14 years ago and we have meet a lot of lovely people there and always enjoy catching up with friend there.

    It is a modern, funky and quirky place for singles and couples to meet. Such an improvement from the Armadillo days or Nighthawk days. No more dark dingy hallways and rooms. It is very very classy now. Everyone just loves it. There has never been any violence or trouble there. Everyone is very courteous and respectful of each other.

    The premises have taken on such an amazing transformation since Lou and staff took ownership. Owners and staff take such good care of their patrons in such a polite manner. They obviously enjoy their work. It is clean, comfortable and safe.

    Since it's last renovation the vibe of the place has really lifted. The Patrons are friendly, everyone enjoys the live music and it is such a happy place for all to enjoy. The age of patrons range from 30-70. Your able to have a quiet drink, or not if you so desire, and dinner, if you choose to. Mostly, the enjoyment comes from the music, and most people that go there like to have a dance (and join in with the singing from time to time, which is a lot of fun).

    It is very safe. A group of my girlfriends meet there all the time. They would not go there if it were not safe. Parking is not an issue because many of the Patrons don't drive. They are sensible and catch a cab. There is always a staff member outside to assign cabs to patrons. Patrons don't loiter. There are many cabs that stop there. From our experience, people leave the venue quietly. Patrons never leave the premises with food or drink, as it is not permitted. We have never seen that happen.

    We are regular patrons of this establishment and would not hesitate in letting other mature minded people know, how wonderful a place it is to go, and meet people.

    There should be more places like OneFourteen in the South Eastern suburbs.

  15. In Glenwood NSW on “Demolition of dwellings and...” at 92 Meurants Lane Glenwood 2768, NSW:

    Robert Smyth commented

    The area is too built up enough already. We don't want the area to be worse with more cars and less parking. It looks like blacktown council will try and cram as many rate payers as they can into the area.
    Please leave the building to stand as the landmark it is. We don't want Meurants lane to all be a row of townhouses like the last lot that were approved.

  16. In Ultimo NSW on “The Q on Harris -...” at 597 Harris St, Ultimo 2007:

    Adam Russell commented

    To whom it may concern

    Dear Sir / Madam
    As a local property owner and small business director I support this application.

    The scale and nature of the business is appropriate to the area and, once approved, it will be an even greater asset to both visitors and residents than it currently is.

    I request you consider the application favourably.

    Yours sincerely

    Adam Russell
    Director, RAW Architects

  17. In Balwyn North VIC on “Construction of nine (9)...” at 2 Sylvander Street Balwyn North VIC 3104:

    BS commented

    Ridiculous…this is turning the area into a potential slum. Crowded residential housing presents many social and psychological problems….particularly if and when the properties become rental.

    Re Name …..I am not putting my full name because last time I received a number of silent rather frightening phone calls !

  18. In Ballarat East VIC on “Demolition of dwelling” at 17 King Street South, Ballarat East:

    Lorraine Huddle commented

    The house has not been maintained for many years, so it does require a lot of work to make it usable. It sits on one corner of a large allotment in a very intact heritage streetscape, so demolition should be a last resort and be, at least, part of a permit for an appropriate new development. Otherwise the demolition should not be approved as it will remove an authentic Victorian era heritage house in a very intact part of King St South, and leave a large vacant site.

  19. In Eleebana NSW on “Dwelling House” at 616A Macquarie Drive, Eleebana NSW 2282:

    Peter Authers commented

    This development should not be allowed to proceed as I am an adjoining property owner (ie directly behind the proposed development ) and have not been informed by council of this proposal. I believe I am supposed to receive such notification so as to have the option of objection or acceptance.

  20. In Whitebridge NSW on “Temporary fencing” at 142 Dudley Road, Whitebridge NSW 2290:

    Michelle Burdekin commented

    Dear Ellin,

    I am assuming this application is a retrospective application for the same temporary fencing which is currently surrounding the site. In which case I refer to DA 1774/2013 and the document link dated 7/11/13 'Access Restrictions' which gives the date and reason for erection of the current temporary fence on this site. I note the reasons in this current DA are slightly different than in the former document.

    Also noteworthy in regard to the question of denial of public access across the site is a response from Council's Public Lands assessor in the documents for DA 1774/2013. Part of his response follows,
    "2.6.4 – Pedestrian and Cycle Paths
    The development does not ensure the provision of an integrated pedestrian and cycle path network.
    The Fernleigh Track is an off-road shared pathway located along the SE boundary of the site...
    This proposed development provides no public access and no cycleway linkage to this major regional facility, effectively severing the existing linkages and turning its back on the Fernleigh Track, by means including the provision of an 1800 mm high fence." Also noted in this document are references to a discussion held between Council and the developer prior to sale over the provision of public space. I am not sure of the nature of this 'agreement' but assume someone in Council will be.

    There does seem to be some question about the entitlement of the historic and public interest in the permeability of this land. Many residents offered submissions requesting this consideration in their response to the development application and a number of response from Council speak to the desirability of this. What the legal requirement is remains less clear.

    Rather than fence the area while the decision is pending, I request Council negotiate with the developer to retain the pedestrian and cycle access through the land and also allow for a reinstatement of the use of the site [as formerly given] to overflow parking at the neighbourhood shopping area. Considering that there was no former issue of vandalism or personal injury prior to the fencing, I doubt the concerns of the developer are warranted. The only vandalism since the fencing appeared seems to be adolescent style graffiti both anti and pro the proposed development.

    I note too some concern regarding inappropriate signage being placed on the fence and a plan to remove it should it be attached. With no fence, there would be no need.

    The decision regarding the development may be pending for some time and a gesture of community mindedness, in effect costing nothing, would be appreciated for the duration.

    Michelle Burdekin

  21. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    Rebecca Carlei commented

    A friend who lives locally to One Fourteen introduced me to this wonderful venue quite some time ago. A friendly atmosphere to catch up with friends and enjoy the talent that our city has to offer. The premises are clean, and the staff and management are professional to assist my needs to ensure I have a fantastic night out with my friends and family.

    Upon reading the letter of concern from another member of the community about the changes about to be made at One Fourteen, I have spoken to management who were nothing but delightful in explaining their plans regarding the planning permit.

    A couple of notes to be mentioned, which management has assured me will not happen:
    1. No individual are allowed to leave the premises with food or drink of any kind, which will ensure no rubbish will be entering the streets from this venue.
    2. No live music will be performed outside to create any extra noise. (There in doors set up stage is fantastic!)

    As a young female, I feel very safe being at this venue, the security and the staff always treat my guests and I with respect and it would be a real shame to lose what One Fourteen has to offer.

  22. In Rangeville QLD on “Request For Negotiated...” at 19 Crown Street Rangeville QLD 4350:

    Judy Clanchy commented

    Infill, within reason and context, not accepting all and sundry. Needs to be vigilance and control over the density of unit infill allowed within an area.

  23. In Stanmore NSW on “To fitout and use the...” at 174 Parramatta Road Stanmore NSW 2048:

    joe commented

    Yes Dolores, you can read more about this by using the link on the same page you replied on, above, where it says: "Read more information about this application" and I reproduced the link for you here:$P1.WEBGUEST&f=$P1.ESB.PUBNOT.VIW&ApplicationId=DA201400033

    If the signage affects more than you, it would also be useful for you to ask other people who would be affected by it to share their opinion as well. The best course of action is to read the advice from the council very carefully so your opinions are clear and address the issue directly.

  24. In Stanmore NSW on “To fitout and use the...” at 174 Parramatta Road Stanmore NSW 2048:

    Dolores Morcillo commented

    We are residents that live above this proposed Dog Grooming premises. With regards to the signage, we want to know excatly where it is going to be placed?

    We don't want any signs that may in affect block any light on our premises ie. NO SIGNAGE ANYWHERE NEAR OUR BALCONY.....

    Where can we view plans for this????

  25. In Marrickville NSW on “To demolish the existing...” at 24 Illawarra Road Marrickville NSW 2204:

    Jasmine Andrews commented

    I am a resident in this section of Illawarra Rd. Parking is a issue here and I would not support this application if it does not provide parking.

  26. In Rangeville QLD on “Request For Negotiated...” at 19 Crown Street Rangeville QLD 4350:

    Andrew mchugj commented

    Too many units on too small block of land. ...poor town my Toowoomba ...

  27. In Mentone VIC on “To Amend The Ground Floor...” at 114 Nepean Highway, Mentone, VIC:

    John Wajda commented

    A gold mine for the over 30's in the bayside locale, great food, great music and meeting place, and what my wife and i would call a safe place for single women, which is what we hear from single women as it is a comfortable environ to chat to anyone without fear of challenge or confrontation.

    Management are very professional as well as all staff.

    Security are friendly and courteous without the machismo.

    Very few of these places around, so lucky to have a venue of this calibre without "young drunken louts".

  28. In Canterbury VIC on “Demolition of an existing...” at 87 Maling Road Canterbury VIC 3126:

    Mary Healy commented

    As a local resident and daily user of beautiful historic Maling Road, I cannot believe a four storey development has been suggested for this site. That is completely out of character with the area and as others have said, it will cause a lot of traffic congestion, it is busy enough as it is. To develop the site is fine, but no more than two storey please. I assume most locals would feel the same way and I do hope that the council will heed the rate payers.

  29. In Ettalong Beach NSW on “Demolition, Alterations to...” at 302 Ocean View Rd, Ettalong Beach, NSW:

    Johanna Kingma commented

    A 30 room low income accomodation in Ettalong is asking for problems in the area.
    After spending so much money on the waterfront, and improving the area, how can this be a good idea.
    Why not a nice hotel and draw more tourists to this beautifull place.
    Low income accomadation is needed,but will be out of charcater in this area.

  30. In Lennox Head NSW on “Alterations/Additions to...” at 19 Montwood Drive Lennox Head NSW 2478:

    Mary Dorahy commented

    Is there information about the material, colour and a site plan where the screen is exactly?

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