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  1. In West Gosford NSW on “INTEGRATED Stage 1 - Hungry...” at 269 Brisbane Water Drive, West Gosford NSW 2250:

    Warwick commented

    Whilst i agree that another Hungry Jacks is not needed, you can't just have lots kf coffee shps, and fresh food outlets. You need a draw card to pull the people in and then they will stop for coffee, shop atr fresh food outlets. Look at The 2 Ewes, the impression i get is they are struggling (sales, buy one get one half price efc). A new complex means rents/leases will cost more, so sma business will struggle even more. You only have to look at the businesses that have closed over the last 5 years.

  2. In Mitchelton QLD on “Multiple Dwelling, Office,...” at 19 University Rd Mitchelton QLD 4053:

    Roy Clark commented

    Thank you for allowing my comment. I would like to paint a picture worth a thousand words. I would love to see development especially when council force it to include off street parking for EVERY tenant plus visitors. My reason is clogged roads and I include three photos of University road to show my point. 1. Only way street!! 2. No passing in street!. 3. plenty of width to widen road!. Please note this occurs every weekday and every Mitchelton Sunday market day.
    Please copy and paste the link to see (or print) the pictures.

  3. In Glenunga SA on “The removal of one...” at 2 Myola Avenue Glenunga SA 5064:

    PA McMichael commented

    Please provide information on the basis on which this application warrants consideration. The Acts (Native Veg, Development) and Regulations are specifically very clear on willow myrtles. To my knowledge the Council has not sought independent advice based on tree inspection. Being a plant pathologist, I trust they must (to be legally protected) before a decision is made.

  4. In Katoomba NSW on “The temporary use of land...” at Katoomba Primary School 6-22 Merriwa Street Katoomba NSW 2780:

    Chris Caines commented

    I'm a long time attendee of the Festival and support it in it's current site. Not everyone in the neighbourhood surrounding the Festival however wants to or can afford to attend. These people (the majority or residents) are treated poorly by the Festival. Without even notification of the event, 4 days of blocked driveways and very high noise levels. The Festival once primarily featured acoustic and traditional music and now runs heavily amplified and bass heavy acts from sometimes five PA systems simultaneously on the small site in a medium density residential area. I'd ask that the Council in weighing up this application to consider the impact on local residents and ensure the Festival cease the practice of riding roughshod over local concerns, peace and amenity.

  5. In on “Subdivision - Torrens Title” at 2 A West Street Balgowlah NSW 2093:

    Joanne Slip commented

    I wish to submit an objection to Application DA 2019/0191. I live in the adjacent property at 6/4 West St, Balgowlah. My concerns for the proposed foot print for the dwelling is it will impact my privacy due to the close proximity of the structure to the southern boundary of my property. I have further concerns about the orientation of their entertaining area and the associated noise. I am aware that the wash of their lights from this proposed dwelling will also impact me. Even though the placement of the drive way may be obscured regarding headlights being directed into my property the associated noise from vehicles will be significant.

  6. In Sapphire Beach NSW on “Centre-based childcare...” at 2 Beach Way, Sapphire Beach NSW 2450:

    Cindy commented

    The beach stone cafe is such a beautiful place for the community to enjoy and was a draw card for many to Saphire beach , we have attended special occasions at the cafe weddings , family outings, it would be such a shame if it were to change, A preschool is not suited to this area , limited parking, increased traffic to the area, isolated area is just not suitable, I strongly disagree

  7. In Saint Lucia QLD on “Food and Drink Outlet” at 264 Swann Rd St Lucia QLD 4067:

    michael yeates commented

    Sadly, this proposal is yet another (one of many) that is desirable but the likely victim of the management of traffic in this case by Council although probably based on blind acceptance of TMR "rules" that prevent priority for pedestrians at situations such as this.
    Much traffic in Brisbane is simply because, as here, it is thought to be safer to use the car and more convenient to drive than use public transport, walking and/or cycling.
    So rather than provide "zebra" crossings so pedestrians (and cyclists) can carefully assert priority, the "rules" allowing or preventing "zebras" are based on numbers of people crossing. So if it is seen as too difficult or "dangerous", then fewer people do, and "zebras" are not then required.
    It may be that motorists fear "zebras" would add to the congestion if forced to "give way" to more pedestrians hence decision-makers are reluctant to provide for the public transport users, cyclists and pedestrians.
    Interesting too that Swann Road over recent times has had a 60km/h speed limit then sometimes it is posted as 50km/h now 60km/h again. This despite the various yellow advisory speed signs suggesting much slower speeds.
    And despite the number of buses and cyclists, and pedestrians inclding more older residents plus school students, Council continues to favour through traffic.
    And that is why the Taringa Fiveways is a sad situation - loved and very difficult to get to other than by more and more cars.
    Put in the "zebras" would be a good start whether this project goes ahead or not.
    The alternative might be traffic lights, again irrespective of this DA outcome, or we could eventually lose the shopping centre if the intersection and the roads are re-engineered for more traffic making shopping increasingly less viable.

  8. In Sapphire Beach NSW on “Centre-based childcare...” at 2 Beach Way, Sapphire Beach NSW 2450:

    Scott Keith commented

    This is a great spot that encourages the community to get together
    We frequently holiday in this area and this is definitely our favourite location to meet our friends I feel this would detrimental and strongly

  9. In Surrey Hills VIC on “SLO9 tree removal” at 28 Russell Street, Surrey Hills VIC 3127:

    Bridget Larkin commented

    Dangerous trees!...says who?
    For what reason are they dangerous?
    Who conducted the tree assessment?
    Where are the results of this report?
    Too many trees are being removed in the Surrey Hills area....our beautiful green belt has been destroyed by greed.

  10. In Sapphire Beach NSW on “Centre-based childcare...” at 2 Beach Way, Sapphire Beach NSW 2450:

    Kelly Keith commented

    A child care facility would detract from this beautiful community space that is unique and available to everyone. Many families gather here regularly it’s a very special place. As a teacher I know child care services have rigorous requirements with parking and access for parking for staff and families to safely drop off and pickup children. These childcare facilities operate 52 weeks of the year. This would impact during peak seasons for tourism and local access , the school holidays all would impact on the local community. Increased infrastructure and traffic in these quiet residential areas makes no sense. Childcare service are better positioned closer to other facilities and services and centrally located for improved access by those that need it most. Just like when we position schools and shops. I’ve stayed here often, enjoyed weddings, family gatherings it’s a beautiful natural place. This area is a very popular family playspace and gathering for locals and tourists alike. It would be a shame if this unique community space was lost.

  11. In Palm Beach QLD on “Material Change of Use Code...” at 1101 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach QLD 4221:

    Jeff Hall commented

    I object to this planning application.
    There is not the infrastructure eg public transport to cope with the hundreds of new residents to the area. There is not enough parking at the moment let alone hundreds and hundreds more cars in our streets.
    I Strongly object.

  12. In Sapphire Beach NSW on “Centre-based childcare...” at 2 Beach Way, Sapphire Beach NSW 2450:

    Karen Wright commented

    I am very disappointed and object to the proposal that the Beachstone Cafe may be replaced by a child care centre. The area is used by residents and visitors to relax and enjoy the open space and access the unique cafe. I was involved in a community... yes community.. '.opera by the sea' music concert held at the cafe and surrounding grounds a few years ago. This area should be for all people not just one group. Please do not allow this application to proceed.

  13. In Palm Beach QLD on “Material Change of Use Code...” at 1101 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach QLD 4221:

    Annette McCormick commented

    I strongly object to this application.
    Please stop with the over development of Palm Beach. Our little suburb has become a city favourite with all its new eateries/restaurants, however it is already becoming harder and harder to park in Palm Beach as it is. You are turning into a concrete jungle, and regardless of parking you provide for residents in these buildings, it will not be enough. By all means, encourage Visitors, tourists and day trippers, let them enjoy the restaurants and the beaches etc., but please stop with this madness of high rises.
    I have lived in Palm Beach since I was born, and I have never ever wanted to move....until now.

  14. In Wentworthville NSW on “Development Application -...” at 7 Yarbon Street Wentworthville NSW 2145:

    Neil Alexander commented

    Over development is obvious. Greed over common sense. Future residents will be caged in. Its like a 19th century slum of inner Sydney come beck to be a slum of the future.
    Dual occupancy on any block is maxium that should be allowed by Council.

  15. In Sapphire Beach NSW on “Centre-based childcare...” at 2 Beach Way, Sapphire Beach NSW 2450:

    Patrick commented

    The cafe is a social hub for the community every day and especially on weekends this development application for a childcare centre should be refused. As a holiday destination this DA is limiting destinations for holiday makers such as me.

  16. In Sapphire Beach NSW on “Centre-based childcare...” at 2 Beach Way, Sapphire Beach NSW 2450:

    Kirra commented

    Beachstone Cafe and parkland was the selling point for us building our home and after selling, buying another house within the same estate and paying premium prices due to the facilities advertised upon purchase.

    Although we are a young family ourselves, majority of North sapphire beach estate residents consist of retirees who will not utilise the proposed centre, not to mention the area being extremely unsuitable for a childcare centre.

  17. In Sapphire Beach NSW on “Centre-based childcare...” at 2 Beach Way, Sapphire Beach NSW 2450:

    Timothy Lisciotto commented

    I strongly object to the da application proposed to build a childcare center. This cafe was a major selling point when we bought our land. The loss of the cafe and what it currently offers the local community and visitors would be a real shame.
    A childcare center so close to a dangerous unpatrolled beach doesn't make much sense.

  18. In Palm Beach QLD on “Material Change of Use Code...” at 1101 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach QLD 4221:

    Karen Rowles commented

    Mayor Tate and Cr Caldwell have approved so many High Rises in Palm Beach already that are drastically outside the City Plan Guidelines.
    You have no right to destroy a coastal community and its residents by ignoring setbacks and densities. This high rise does not fit in with the amenity or character of Palm Beach. I STRONGLY OBJECT.

  19. In Bellbird Park QLD on “Superseded Planning Scheme...” at 228-230 Jones Road Bellbird Park QLD 4300:

    S. Bourne commented

    I wish to express my objection to this application. The original application for the development indicates 13 of the then 25 lots that were earmarked for auxiliary units. To ask for 21 out of 21 now is disingenuous and makes a mockery of the entire planning scheme process. The initial development application was in negotiations for 9 months and the auxiliary unit issue was one of the things highlighted in the limited negotiation documents available online. To think that the council did not negotiate on this is despicable. The council is well aware that these auxiliary units are not being used as the planning scheme intends and have nothing at all to do with intergenerational housing but is all about double rent for investors. We also have these auxiliary unit dwelling being again divided and rented out as 2 units effectively putting 4 families per dwelling – the developers showing absolute contempt for the scheme and its intentions. They add nothing to the amenity or livability of the suburb but add to parking, traffic and noise issues. And to suggest that these allow for a variety of living options for the area is also insincere as there are literally hundreds of these units that have been approved for the suburb in in the last 2 years, there is no shortage of then in the area. Sneaking this application in a week before the super seceded planning scheme is due to expires is infuriating for residents. These developers have had plenty of time to adjust to the new scheme and ensure that they maximize their profit without having to use these and create yet another street where there is insufficient parking so residents end up parking on footpaths and all over the street. This type of destruction of Bellbird Park needs to stop.

  20. In Woolgoolga NSW on “Development Application...” at 14 Newmans Road, Woolgoolga NSW 2456:

    Ingrid Hughes commented

    I am very concerned about access for proposed dwellings - Newman’s Road is particularly dangerous with the bends close to this property, I have had a number of near misses here and it is also very difficult at times to access Solitary Islands way, this will be exacerbated by the Plantations development. School buses also drop children off in this area - I fear there will be accidents

  21. In Saint Lucia QLD on “Food and Drink Outlet” at 264 Swann Rd St Lucia QLD 4067:

    Patricia Anne Hammond commented

    The traffic in these specific areas during the morning and afternoon is dangerous and to have people crossing a very busy road where there is no designated crossing is more than dangerous. To cross to the Fveways from the Bonvale Lane bus stop sometimes takes 5-10 minutes to get halfway. The afternoon school traffic is banked up along Indooroopilly Road, down past the Roundabout at the Lambert Road turnoff. The traffic coming from St Lucia down Swann Road to the Fiveways is bumper to bumper from Ironside State School. Indooroopilly Road is a narrow road and if anyone parks on Indooroopilly Road it is reduced to a single lane.
    I am of the opinion that parking will be taken at or under the Gailey Road Fiveways building and it is very difficult if you are a customer of the shops there to get a park at present.
    This proposition for a food and drink licence is not viable, due to the strains on the current infrastructure.

  22. In Palm Beach QLD on “Material Change of Use Code...” at 1101 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach QLD 4221:

    Lorelle Holmes commented

    When is this madness of over development at Palm Beach going to end - what a shocking legacy our current Councillor for (Division 13) & supposed spokesperson for our community will leave for the next generation - should be ashamed.

  23. In West Gosford NSW on “INTEGRATED Stage 1 - Hungry...” at 269 Brisbane Water Drive, West Gosford NSW 2250:

    Kim Wilson commented

    We do not need a fast food outlet, we need a Harris Farm or something similar, good choice of wholesome and premium food outlets, not junk food. There is a new gym just up the road, so does this development proposal ruin their business model? There is already a child care Centre near McDonalds. We need a good food shopping centre, personally we are now traveling from Somersby to Erina Fair as there is better quality and choice and a Harris Farm. Coles West Gosford used to be good but it has slowly been getting worse and organic choices are very limited. West Gosford is the closest Coles for Somersby residents. A lot of people shop at the Sunday markets for fruit and veg now. We definitely need a flat car park with plenty of parking, especially in peak times.

  24. In Palm Beach QLD on “Material Change of Use Code...” at 1101 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach QLD 4221:

    Janelle Punch commented

    Stop NOW, there are too many highrise in Palm Beach now. The streets will fill with residents cars and then there is nowhere for visitors or tourists or even other Gold Coasters who wish to go there. More and more people are avoiding the restaurants and cafes because it is too busy and no parking.

  25. In Bardwell Park NSW on “Construction of semi...” at 10 Lambert Road, Bardwell Park NSW 2207:

    Brian Costelloe commented

    I don't support the development proposal's amended plans. This property is too big for the suburb. The property next door (12 Lambert) had to comply with Council's height restrictions, and is only 3 stories, so this property should not be exempt from those laws.

  26. In Brighton-Le-Sands NSW on “Conversion of existing...” at 41 O'Neill Street, Brighton Le Sands NSW 2216:

    suzanne o'connor commented

    Boarding houses can be very problematic for neighbours .
    There are plenty of illegal ones already .
    The Council should deny consent and residents nearby should band together and go to Council to object .
    A boarding house with five rooms could have ten occupants OR MANY MANY MORE . Who will supervise and check the way it will be run ?

  27. In Ryde NSW on “Consolidation of two lots...” at 176 Quarry Rd Ryde NSW 2112:

    Lorraine Russo commented

    I oppose this development of a child care centre on Quarry Rd. Quarry Rd is already operating at full capacity with peak hours in the morning and afternoon horrendous. Often the queue of vehicles to Lane Cove Rd intersection reaches Gardiner Ave (south side) and Aeolus St (north side) at school opening and closing hours. How could such a street accomodate further traffic caused by vehicles entering and leaving a child care centre. Quarry Rd is a narrow road with double centre lines so overtaking a queue of cars slowing down to enter the child care centre is not possible. There would be a further bank up of traffic in both directions of Quarry Road. This is a ludicrous development and Council, if they are serious about overdevelopment in the area, should refuse this application. There is already going to be a major influx of traffic during school pick up times by the construction of the new school in nearby Smalls Road.

  28. In Redland Bay QLD on “Redland Bay Childcare” at 100 - 102 Collins Street, Redland Bay QLD 4165:

    Lynn Adams commented

    Could you please advise how this new DA differs from the previously rejected plan?

  29. In Saint Lucia QLD on “Food and Drink Outlet” at 264 Swann Rd St Lucia QLD 4067:

    Stewart commented

    The proposed parking on the Swann Road site near the outbound Bonvale Lane bus stop is already the subject of an application to council to have the number of car parks reduced. This was put forward by residents of Shea Residences development as it is dangerous to exit from Lamont Street at the crest of the hill due to the obstructed view down Swann Road as a result of the parked cars in front of the bus stop. The council made Bonvale Lane a one way street, so there is not an option to exit there instead.This needs urgent council attention due to the risk of a serious motor vehicle accident at this blind site at Lamont/Swann Road corner. Whilst I support the opening of a licenced food outlet in the proposed location, the crossing options at the Gailey Fiveways roundabout need to be urgently upgraded as I suspect parking will have to be down Indooroopilly Road instead.

  30. In Palm Beach QLD on “Material Change of Use Code...” at 1101 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach QLD 4221:

    Matilda edwards commented

    The congestion in palm beach is poor currently and likely to become far worse with additional proposed high rises. Another high rise building is likely to add further strain to the area and is unlikely to add any further benefits. Current infrastructure cannot support any further development without ruining the beautiful place that palm beach is.

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