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  1. In Werribee VIC on “Construction of Four (4)...” at 28 Tarneit Road Werribee VIC 3030:

    Concerned resident commented

    Second the comments above. This beautiful part of Werribee is quickly becoming a ghetto with subdivisions being furiously approved left, right and centre by the Council without regard for congestion.

  2. In Marrickville NSW on “To demolish existing...” at 315-317 Illawarra Road Marrickville NSW 2204:

    AL commented

    This is a dreadful proposal. Will add nothing to the area and will have a significant negative impact on surrounding private properties. It is totally inaporopriate for this site. And it's UGLY!!!! Strongly opposed.

  3. In Marrickville NSW on “To demolish existing...” at 315-317 Illawarra Road Marrickville NSW 2204:

    Luke Adams commented

    Too big, too ugly, would not fit with the current culture and would ruin the current vibe and flow of this eclectic hub.
    Strongly oppose.

  4. In Artarmon NSW on “Chnage of use from light...” at 47 Hotham Parade Artarmon NSW 2064.:

    Robert Newman commented

    My understanding is that the Artarmon Industrial Area remains an industrial area in order to provide employment and provide local services. Self storage centres don’t actually employ many people beyond the building/fitout stage.

  5. In Meadowbank NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 1 Railway Rd Meadowbank NSW 2114:

    Kev.N commented

    Dear City of Ryde,

    As an owner and resident of Meadowbank I strongly object to the proposal. As aligned to comments above in addition to all the existing new residential developments occurring i.e. around 102 Bowden St close to the Constitutional Road round about.

    There really is no needs for more residential complex introduced as the existing infrastructure already doesn't support the amount of ever increasing daily traffic. Currently the rental vacancies are already very high so we do not know the full magnitude of the traffic/congestions.

    The upgrading of the retail area around the station could be a nice touch however I really oppose the notion of more residential units and boarding houses as it is not aligned with education precinct being built nearby and for the safety of the students. Meadowbank used to be a very pleasant area and really do wish the council of Ryde hears the voice of the residents and not let this happen.

    The area could definitely do with more improvements to the road like installation of more pedestrian crossing and speed camera/bumps especially around Bowden and Nancarrow Roads similar Walker St at Rhodes.

  6. In Plumpton NSW on “Construction of a single...” at Rooty Hill Road North Plumpton NSW 2761:

    Kim Osman commented

    There isn't a proper address for this DA. We would like an address to be able to determine if this will effect us. Thank you

  7. In Rostrevor SA on “To erect a single storey...” at 17 Jury Avenue Rostrevor SA 5073:

    Deb commented

    What will the single storey building erected by SA housing authority be used for? Will it be for public housing? Or staff accommodation?

  8. In Brunswick East VIC on “Demolition of existing...” at 495-497 Lygon Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057:

    Tania Lovell commented

    Way to high. Will block all the nature afternoon sun and close in the street. Lygon st is such an iconic Melbourne street scape - need to keep some of it charm and not create a concrete jungle void of sunlight.

  9. In Werribee VIC on “Construction of Four (4)...” at 28 Tarneit Road Werribee VIC 3030:

    Dee commented

    Wyndham city council, please no more units .. Please. Just consider the congestion, the impact on nearby residents lively hood, we can't have neighbors literally in our backyards, packed so close like sardines. It's just insane. Please no more units. There is still plenty of land where houses can be built.. This already a developed area, please don't congest it. Please.

  10. In Brunswick East VIC on “Demolition of existing...” at 495-497 Lygon Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057:

    Barbara Ray commented

    Way too much development in Lygon St. There won't be enough parking for shoppers.

  11. In Brunswick East VIC on “Demolition of existing...” at 495-497 Lygon Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057:

    Tania Lovell commented

    Way to high. Will block all the nature afternoon sun and close in the street. Lygon st is such an iconic Melbourne street scape - need to keep some of it charm and not create a concrete jungle void of sunlight.

  12. In Westmeadows VIC on “Development of land for a...” at 11-17 Ardlie St Westmeadows VIC 3049:

    Melissa Spano commented

    Westmeadows has a beautiful village atmosphere.
    The beautiful building needs to be preserved and used for a function centre for small gatherings weddings etc this would not inhibit all the other business in the area and complement the area as well as create jobs.
    Please think outside the box,think about the beautiful homes in Essendon and Moonee Ponds like Ascot House that are sucessful businesses and beautify the area.
    Also being so close to the airport it could be used for conferences and seminars.
    Our Area has so much potential and the value is only going to increase due to all the commercial developments proposed near the airport.
    Please no more developments which tear away our history.
    Town houses with no period features and just rendered boxes are destroying the area.
    I am all for development but any buildings, town homes,hotels etc must have guidelines that fit in with the areas history and surroundings and essentially increase the areas profile and create local jobs as well as preserve our unique village.

  13. In Denistone NSW on “New two storey dwelling and...” at 14 Anzac Ave Denistone NSW 2114:

    Christine Sellers commented

    Hi there,
    We enquire to the new residential dwelling construction at 14 Anzac Avenue, Denistone.
    We live near the back of the property at the bottom of the hill that leads down from this property at Villa 10/22-26 Anzac Avenue, Denistone.
    We notice construction has started and we did not receive any alert/notification of this property application. We are concerned at how this property development will affect us in the event of heavy rains.
    Can information on this application be sent to us please.
    Thank you
    Christine Sellers

  14. In Cronulla NSW on “On Thursday, 17/09/2020, a...” at 61 Nicholson Parade Cronulla NSW 2230:

    Tom Grant commented

    Surely Council needs to send out a trained arborist to assess the health of these trees and to decide whether or not there is a community safety issue here, and to consider whether any such safety issue can be sorted by actions other than complete removal of these trees. Council has a commitment to 'Greening the Shire' and so should be responsible for any decision that would result in the removal of mature trees, the replacement of which will take decades to become mature, providing much needed shade, habitat for birds and possums and general amenity for the community. A decision to remove these trees should be a well considered decision relying on expert knowledge, not just possible inconvenience to individuals.

  15. In Edwardstown SA on “Tree Removal” at 30 Towers Tce, Edwardstown 5039 SA:

    Darren Oates commented

    This tree should not be allowed to be removed. As others have commented the new purchasers would have been aware it was there. What will happen is it will not doubt be approved to be removed in contradiction of the Marion Councils views on greenery and then they will approve the site for subdivision which seems the norm for any block in this area at the moment which is already causing issues with streets becoming blocked with cars. The council needs to consider this application very carefully as we are losing too many large trees in the area which act as a heat sink in the hotter weather. No more concrete jungles and reflective glass ghettos should be allowed to be built and no more approvals for 2 storey dwellings which are also out of character in the area.

  16. In Marrickville NSW on “To demolish existing...” at 315-317 Illawarra Road Marrickville NSW 2204:

    Matt O commented



  17. In Kingsford NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 273 Anzac Parade Kingsford NSW 2032:

    Natalia Laban commented

    Kingsford already has more than enough boarding houses. International students do not even want to live in those boarding houses, they arrive and stay for a few weeks and realise they're being ripped off by these type of accommodations, then they're off to find better, more affordable shared accommodation with their friends.

    Students don't need to live in a student accommodation building, they can live anywhere that's affordable, and that doesn't have to be in Kingsford/ Kensington.

    Key workers need affordable housing and they can't live in a student accommodation. So what's the point of approving all these "affordable housing" proposals when it only caters to one type of renters? Student accommodations should exist only on campus and be abolished everywhere else to provide affordable housing for all. Student accommodations are discriminatory.

    Last year there were 23 DAs for boarding houses, and this year there are 14 and it's only September. Perhaps Randwick Council should change their slogan from "a sense of community" to "boarding house city" since that's what the area feels like now.

  18. In Marrickville NSW on “To demolish existing...” at 315-317 Illawarra Road Marrickville NSW 2204:

    Daniel Cheers commented

    Opposed. 5 stories unnecessary on main Street in Marrickville.

  19. In Bondi Junction NSW on “Modification to correct...” at 23 Bon Accord Avenue Bondi Junction NSW 2022:

    jimmy commented

    Please ensure there will be privacy screens on all windows facing south - facing the laneway.

  20. In Aberfoyle Park SA on “Demolition of existing...” at 7 Park Avenue, Aberfoyle Park SA 5159:

    Lyn Harvey commented

    Hungry Jacks yes maybe, but another petrol station no way. It belongs on a main Rd not a suburban street.

  21. In Bardwell Park NSW on “Change of use to a...” at 5 Hartill-Law Avenue, Bardwell Park NSW 2207:

    david samhoun commented

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  22. In Surrey Hills VIC on “Construction of one double...” at 4 Edyvean Street, Surrey Hills VIC 3127:

    Bridget Larkin commented

    No more tree removals, our once beautiful leafy streets are becoming cement jungles....massive bulk builds, enormous negative impact on neighbours, neighbourhoods and the streetscape, not to mention the environment.
    Enough is enough!

  23. In Edwardstown SA on “Tree Removal” at 30 Towers Tce, Edwardstown 5039 SA:

    Susan A commented

    Such a hue and cry over one very troublesome tree.
    Perhaps all this energy could focussed on the Marion Council's propensity for approving the demoliton of so many family homes and building of multiple dwellings on the site.
    This is what adds to urban heat, congestion and overuse of amenties.

  24. In Epping NSW on “Development Application -...” at 242 - 244 Beecroft Road Epping NSW 2121:

    Ken commented

    It is terrible to have so many residential buildings in Epping, we should have a shopping mall instead!

  25. In Griffin QLD on “Material Change of Use -...” at 287 Brays Road, Griffin QLD 4503:

    Gareth Dickens commented

    I strongly object to this development. Griffin is already heavily congested. Parking is an issue. The entrance to the proposed development is on a blind corner and would increase vehicles crossing a busy and popular pedestrian walkway. It is absolutely ridiculous to even propose allowing 11 units in such a limited space.

  26. In Upper Ferntree Gully VIC on “Development of a Medical...” at 1 Mount View Road, Upper Ferntree Gully VIC 3156:

    Barrett Jagger commented

    The bigger the bricks critics throw at it the bigger the palace that is going to be built.
    But she'll be apples.

  27. In Kirrawee NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 165-171 Oak Road Kirrawee NSW 2232:

    Hugo Genoni commented

    You have to be kidding! Boarding houses do not belong in shopping centres. There already is a proposed unit development for Fauna Pl and another boarding house development very close by on President Ave. The current traffic conditions can hardly cope now. The traffic on Oak Rd is becoming a joke. What will the traffic situation be like when these developments are built? Where as the new residents going to park? Doesn't any body have any consideration for the current residents who go to Kirrawee shops or have to drive through there to get home or go somewhere

  28. In Kialla VIC on “Two dwellings on a lot in...” at 20 Forest Drive Kialla VIC 3631:

    Toni Leader commented

    I believe this is a fantastic idea, and a positive opportunity to create independent living with companionship. Whether it be to house and ‘watch over’ elderly parents or siblings it is an innovative step away from the need to enter nursing homes etc early for safety or companionship. It could keep families together but independent in twilight years.
    It is also a forward step in creating modern independent safe lifestyles amongst the ever increasing population of single women wanting to have their own safe place with company close by whilst still in a family home type concept.
    Great idea there should be more of it. !!!

  29. In Cambridge Park NSW on “Demolition of Existing...” at 43 College Street Cambridge Park NSW 2747:

    Rami Abbas commented

    Love the concept idea, time to change up the atmosphere in Cambridge Park...I've lived hear all my life. 36 years lol... I'd love to see positive roundabouts at major intersections, like Cam and Cambridge street....speed humps to deter maniac drivers, especially in the middle of the night and during the day. Foot paths on both sides of Cambridge Street would be nice and shelters at every bus stop would be convenient, should there be wet weather events and hot days.

  30. In Taperoo SA on “Torrens Title Land Division...” at 9 Ventura Ave Taperoo SA 5017:

    Grant Webb commented

    I live next door to this allotment & I believe the plans aren't being followed as per submitted ie. Retaining wall, fencing, finished floor level etc. Our fencing doesn't correlate to the plans submitted. Was just wondering if someone from council could please investigate.
    Cheers Grant

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