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  1. In Marrickville NSW on “To demolish existing...” at 2 Arthur Street Marrickville NSW 2204:

    Denise Moss commented

    This is a ridiculously tall building for the space and the street.
    What a huge disappointment! I'm totally against this.

  2. In Prahran VIC on “Part demolition and...” at 36 Pridham Street, Prahran, VIC:

    Tom Armour commented

    Where do I find out information about the building plans for this application?

  3. In Rangeville QLD on “Earthworks” at 19 Crown Street Rangeville QLD 4350:

    andrew mchugh commented

    A total insult to everyone who lives in this street - an abomination of a design - tCC should really be ashamed of allowing this development to have proceeded at all and now at the end of the building a new application is made for earthworks ? Why was this not taken into account at the beginning of the slum development ?

  4. In Brunswick VIC on “Construction of a four...” at 2 Union Street, Brunswick VIC 3056:

    steve hyde commented

    I am writing to object to the proposed building of the units at 2 Union St Brunswick West.
    My objections are as follows:
    (i) development is inappropriate for the area , 4 storey will shadow cast, suggest no more than 2 storey with u/g car parking
    (ii) development is out of character with the majority of houses in the street (Fowler system)
    (iii) there is not adequate off street parking, for units of 2 bedroom, if there are two cars per unit the overflow will be in the street. The street is already overparked due to other flats in the area.
    (iv) No thought has been given to the amenity of the area considering that there are several heritage houses in the area. Are these heritage houses to be swallowed up by multistory developments.
    (v) is there consideration presented for a suitable fascade to compliment the heritage of the street?
    (vi) suggest the site be purchased by Moreland city and turned into parkland

  5. In Chippendale NSW on “Section 96(2) modification...” at 21-21A Shepherd Street Chippendale NSW 2008:

    Aaron Ballentyne commented

    It is so good to see the area of Chippendale progressing and livening up. Knox St Bar is one example of this. It is a amazing bar with great service and community driven intentions. It is so good to see a variety of regulars at this bar from young to old this is a bar for everyone.
    I am all for this Bar extending their hours and think would benefit the community

  6. In Chippendale NSW on “Section 96(2) modification...” at 21-21A Shepherd Street Chippendale NSW 2008:

    Pete AVARD commented

    As a resident of the area I spend a lot of time enjoying Knox St Bar from movie nights, comedy shows and of course listening to the smooth sounds of vinyl records. This bar has a great vibe with great staff and it would be so good to see the approval of the application put forth to extend their hours.

  7. In Chippendale NSW on “Section 96(2) modification...” at 21-21A Shepherd Street Chippendale NSW 2008:

    Josh Piltz commented

    Knox St Bar is a relaxed community driven bar that caters for all ages. From comedy nights to poetry nights to disco nights Knox St Bar has a really positive atmosphere with a great food menu, great drink menu and great service. I think extending the hours of this bar would benefit the Chippendale area as it is a great bar. The only unfortunate thing is that it shuts to early. I and many others support Knox St Bar and the growth of this bar. We all would love to see this bar get extended hours.

  8. In Kellyville NSW on “An Attached Two Storey Dual...” at 5 Harrison Close, Kellyville NSW 2155:

    Tanya commented

    How is it ok to put in duplexes in a low density area. Isn't the whole point to reduce the number of occupants per square metre?

  9. In Waitara NSW on “Section 96 (1) -...” at 40 Edgeworth David Avenue Waitara NSW 2077, NSW:

    J preston commented

    Concerned that more Westfield shopping trolleys will litter Hornbsy.

  10. In Windsor VIC on “Application for 2 Lot...” at 66 Lewisham Road, Windsor, VIC:

    Con Fakos commented

    What is the 2 lot subdivision & certification PS 734794 P going to be used for?
    What buildings and how many buildings are they going to build on this sub division?
    This information is necessary before we determine whether we feel this application should be approved or not, please advise.

    Kind Regards,


  11. In Rangeville QLD on “Multiple Dwelling Units 4 x...” at 52 Crown Street Rangeville QLD 4350:

    Paul Herbert commented

    I thought Council had rebooked at the coverage laws on blocks.
    Even so another example of appalling design that seems to signify appropriate development in this city.

  12. In North Ryde NSW on “Whiteside Development” at 5 Whiteside Street & 14-16 David Avenue, North Ryde:

    Jennie Minifie for Ryde Community Alliance commented

    This development should be refused for the following reasons:
    - No strategic land use studies have supported high-rise residential in excess of established planning controls south of Epping Road.
    - Property owners were bought out by speculative developers who then gained major up-zoning from State Government resulting in windfall profits denied to owners.
    - Traffic congestion is a serious issue with no benefits foreseeable from NWRL for this area.
    - NSW Government ad-hoc planning approvals are not in the long-term interest of the Macquarie Park Business Park.

    Jennie Minifie
    Ryde Community Alliance.

  13. In Rangeville QLD on “Multiple Dwelling Units 4 x...” at 52 Crown Street Rangeville QLD 4350:

    andrew mchugh commented

    what happen to the new laws passed by TCC that are supposed to stop this atrocity ?

  14. In Worrowing Heights NSW on “BWS-Beer Wine Spirits -...” at Cnr Jervic Bay Rd & Moona Creek Rd, Vincentia 2540:

    Trish Broome commented

    Dear Sir or madam,

    I strongly appose a liquor outlet in this location. This location is within a short distance to both a public & secondary School.

    We currently have 7 liquor outlets in a 10km radius. Tomerong Post office, Basin View, Two in Vincentia, Huskisson, Sanctuary Point & St Georges Basin.

  15. In Blayney NSW on “Blayney Export Meats...” at 137 Newbridge Road, Blayney, NSW:

    Alexandra Wiseman commented

    Although I would like to see additional employment opportunities in the Blayney Shire, object to the proposal on the ground of the transport route proposed for livestock carriers.

    As I understand it, currently the plan is for trucks carrying feral goats (with potential parasites, viruses etc) through Millthorpe. Similarly, via that route, they would have to go through the middle of Blayney, too.

    Evidence of disease: "Feral goats are susceptible to devastating exotic livestock diseases including foot-and-mouth disease, scrapie, rinderpest, Rift Valley fever, rabies and blue tongue. Unchecked, wild herds could play a major role in the spread of infection and act as a reservoir if these diseases are introduced to Australia. Feral goats are prone to a number of diseases currently in Australia including Q fever, tetanus, leptospirosis, brucella melitensis, hydatids, pulpy kidney, blackleg, and various
    parasitic worms of the gastro-intestinal tract." (Source:

    Millthorpe in particular involves a lot of pedestrian activity. People walk to school, to the GP and chemist, to the variety of small businesses, to the park and oval. It is a pedestrian village, and also a tourist village. The heritage of the village is very much a draw card and as well as historic buildings, the village has bluestone kerb and guttering and other heritage features. Obviously, large numbers of heavy vehicles could impact on the heritage features of the village.

    The route would take this large number of trucks past Millthorpe Public School, as well as Blayney Public School and Blayney High School, during the period when children are leaving school - this is a health hazard and a safety issue. While the law may say drivers are to observe a 40km speed limit during this period, in my experience, truck drivers are often the worst offenders at speeding through school zones and even if they observe the speed limit, the risk of injury or death is increased as trucks take longer to stop and are heavier - creating a greater impact.

    As well as general safety and the safety of children, there is also the safety of the aged population to consider, as there is a SEPP 55 aged residential facility with direct access to Park St/Orange Road/Millthorpe Road. Older people are at greater risk of falls, disorientation, poor eye sight etc. This presents an additional safety risk as they need to cross Park St in front of the school to get to the GP and chemist.

    If a condition was included in an approval that stipulated a particular truck route that avoided Park St, Millthorpe and the entire Millthorpe village (for example, the developer to improve Guyong Rd and the route to be Millthorpe-Vittoria Rd, Guyong Rd then the Mid-Western Hwy - thus the increased traffic impact would be on a handful of farms rather than an entire village and three schools) then I would be in favour of this application.

    Until or unless the truck route is changed, then I object on the grounds of health and safety, as well as the impact on the amenity of the village of Millthorpe.

    I am a rate payer in Millthorpe (Blayney Shire), we have chosen to build our home there because it is a quiet, safe village with a wonderful school for our children.

    Please do not change that.

  16. In Beaconsfield NSW on “Use public footway for...” at 446 Botany Road Beaconsfield NSW 2015:

    Julia commented

    They are already using the outside of the Café on Botany Road and in the adjacent laneway and have been doing so ever since they opened. I assumed that they already had permission. The laneway is now very difficult to walk down as they have also laid some sort of outdoor carpet, so it is embarrassing to take the dog for a walk down there, and on Botany Road the patrons move the seating around to suit themselves and the Pavement is not wide enough. This should definitely not be approved as it could be a very big safety issue.

    Also, they have commissioned a Painting (Graffiti) on the Wall on the outside of the laneway Wall, It is very large and disgusting. We now have unsolicited Graffiti on the Roller Doors of the shops on Botany Road which we never had before they put it on the wall. I would ask that the Council ask them to remove it, and also that the Council take some action about the Graffiti it has encouraged in the area. I have been here for more than 30 years and have never seen Graffiti around here before.

    I asked the Council not to permit these Gyms/Cafes to open around here as there is absolutely no parking at all even on Saturday and Sunday. The argument was that the Members of these Gyms/Cafes would use Public Transport. What a joke.

    It will be interesting to see if this Council is actually interested in the residents of Beaconsfield or are we just the forgotten suburb.

  17. In Waterloo NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 15-17 Lachlan Street Waterloo NSW 2017:

    Julia commented

    they are already using the front of the Café on Botany Road and also the adjacent Laneway for Seating and have been doing so ever since they opened. People use this all the time and the Laneway is now almost a no go area particularly if you are walking with a dog, or even on your own. Botany Road is also clogged up as people move the seating around to suit themselves and the footpath is not wide enough.

    I would also like to comment on the Artwork (Graffiti?) they commissioned for the Wall of the Café in the Laneway. It is very large and disgusting. We had no Graffiti around here, and now since they have organised their own, we now have Graffiti on the Roller Doors of businesses on Botany Road which is a terrible eyesore. I have lived here for more than 30 years and never have I seen Graffiti around here before.

    I would ask that the Council not allow the outside Seating, and also ask them to remove the Graffiti they have on the Wall. Also can the Council organise for the unsolicited Graffiti to be removed.

    This used to be a very nice Suburb in which to live, but now that the Council has allowed all these Gyms and Café Attached to flourish in the area, it has become a nightmare to go out, because you are never sure if you can park when you come back home. This also now applies to Saturdays and Sundays.

  18. In Marrickville NSW on “To fit out and use a...” at 1/391-393 Enmore Road Marrickville NSW 2204:

    Matt Costain commented

    The culture springing up around Sydney's microbreweries and craft beer in general is a very welcome change to the beer-barn/pokie dens we've had to endure over the past 20 years.

    I encourage this development, and if their local counterparts are any example, will be strong contributors to the local fabric across everything from food/drink, arts, music and community at large.

  19. In Kurri Kurri NSW on “Weston Aluminium Dross...” at 129 Mitchell Avenue, Weston, NSW:

    Col Maybury commented

    This application should not be approved. As a resident of Kurri Kurri and a retired Industrial Instrument Technician with wide process control experience I am well aware Weston Aluminium is too close to residential areas and has in the past polluted those areas. Their application to burn in furnaces, designed to reduce dross, drugs and pharmaceuticals is in my opinion incorrect and could be dangerous to residents. However it must be done somewhere and Weston Aluminium have indicated the sharing of pollution recordings with residents and locals which is an appreciated move. Weston Aluminium state they are proposing this function because of a downturn in their core dross treatment business and the question must be asked what next, the disposal of hospital waste and body parts? As I stated in the beginning this plant is too close to residential areas and would be much better sited at the now redundant smelter site where their equipment and plant could be used to treat the hundred of thousands of contaminated and poisonous smelter wastes including Spent Pot Lining on that site.

  20. In Marrickville NSW on “To fit out and use a...” at 1/391-393 Enmore Road Marrickville NSW 2204:

    Jennifer Killen commented

    Where will the customers park?
    If it is just a tasting facility, and not a bar, what measures will be put in place to limit the consumption of alcohol on the premises?

  21. In Malvern VIC on “Amendment to approved...” at 10 Coonil Crescent, Malvern, VIC:

    Julie Smith commented

    Just walked past this fence under construction. Looking good so far. Can't wait to see the finished product

  22. In Marrickville NSW on “To fit out and use a...” at 1/391-393 Enmore Road Marrickville NSW 2204:

    tim groombridge commented

    this sounds like a great idea, really happy about it

  23. In South Yarra VIC on “Construction of a...” at 14 Ellis Street, South Yarra, VIC:

    John Cole commented

    I totally again with Paul re parking and traffic in the area. It will be too late to do anything about it once all local people will start to complain about traffic and parking. The idea of bike parking is ridiculous because most people will have a car or visitors.



  24. In Wiley Park NSW on “Construction of three...” at 34 Denman Avenue, Wiley Park NSW:

    Simon Goldstein commented

    Three storeys is too high. The apartments in 36 Denman Ave will have their views cut off and be surrounded.

    Please consider restricting the height to fit in with neighbouring buildings.

  25. In South Yarra VIC on “Construction of a...” at 14 Ellis Street, South Yarra, VIC:

    Paul commented

    Another apartment building permit for an apartment block without enough parking for all the proposed apartments?

    When are the local council going to step in on behalf of their residents and reject these permits for apartment blocks that are taking away from the quality of life of the local residents? Ellis Street and Wilson Street are totally congested and im very concerned as the streets cannot handle this amount of construction and apartments being approved that take away from the area and make it less habitable.

    In 5 years time the decisions that are made now will not be seen in a good light.

  26. In North Toowoomba QLD on “Multiple Dwelling 6 x 2...” at 4 Waverley Street North Toowoomba QLD 4350:

    North Toowoomba Resident commented

    "One of the changes includes a reduction of the maximum site coverage allowed in developments.

    Previously up to 75% of site coverage had been allowed but the amendment will reduce that to 50%.

    A council report stated that 75% site coverage had resulted in developments with inappropriate visual impacts."

    I note this set of plans is 75% based. Watching this with interest.

  27. In Glen Iris VIC on “Construction ot two...” at 15 Martin Road Glen Iris VIC 3146:

    Justin Mellett commented

    Given other developments on the road one needs to he concerned with the need to ensure there is appropriate off street parking because parking is horrible on the street. It should be noted that on the corner of Martin Rd a huge development has been approved and it appears council has overlooked that at the top end of Martin Rd there are cars not from locals parked all day such that locals cannot park.
    Finally with particular reference to the current development the build needs to be of a standard in keeping with the Street. It is unlikely that a $750k spend will be sufficient.

  28. In Petersham NSW on “Under Section 96 of the...” at 49A New Canterbury Road Petersham NSW 2049:

    Merrick Webb commented

    Great stuff - green light as far as I'm concerned. I think this is reflective of what the community is looking for

  29. In Byron Bay NSW on “ALDI Byron Bay - Packaged...” at Fletcher Street, Byron Bay 2481:

    Liette Snow commented

    The ALDI application for a liquor licence in my opinion is a bad idea for Byron Bay. Aldi stores only carry a small range of the cheapest of the cheap alcohol. It is located directly under the Byron Bay Nomads backpackers, that accommodates large numbers of "financial constrained" young people, that are the most at risk from a development like this.
    As a mother of teenage boys,I have serious concerns about secondary supply of alcohol to under 18’s. Local teenagers know that backpackers will buy alcohol for them as they are unaware of Australia’s liquor laws. Alcohol is the most commonly used and most damaging drug among young people. We live in a town that is saturated with alcohol. To add yet liquor licence in a town where there is already an alcohol outlet, pub and nightclub venue on every corner just seems ridiculous to me.

    The ALDI supermarket is also located 25M away from Railway Park where many of Byron Bay’s homeless and people with mental and/or social issues congregate and start drinking from when the bottleshops open. How is it that ALDI will open to sell super cheap 4L casks, an hour earlier than the existing bottleshops do? The hospital and local police are already under pressure with alcohol related injuries and/or episodes.

    How will ALDI’s super-fast checkout process work during schoolies when every second customer will be 18 years old +/- a year, looking to buy alcohol, especially in a store where there is no visibility to outside so that staff are alerted to secondary supply?

    Byron Bay does not need another liquor outlet.


    Liette Snow

  30. In Glen Iris VIC on “Development of the land for...” at 1693 - 1695 & 1697 - 1699 Malvern Road, Glen Iris, VIC:

    Craig jendra commented

    The number of dwellings is inappropriate for the space. Strongly disagree with reducing the required car parks. The road is too narrow for cars parked on each side and for cars to pass each other. Also parking is required for sporting events at Ferndale park. There needs to be the appropriate amount of car parking allowed for the number of dwellings.

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