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  1. In Marrickville NSW on “To demolish existing...” at 10 Arthur Street Marrickville NSW 2204:

    Petra Jones commented

    Has there been any traffic impacts conducted? How many car park spots are included in the basement parking?

  2. In Sydney NSW on “Use of the Existing...” at Inaburra School 75-79 Billa Rd Bangor 2234:

    Eric and Lorraine Leach commented

    As residents of Menai for 25 years, during which time we have attended Menai Baptist Church, we would strongly support the application of the church to be entitled to use the Performing Arts Centre for its services. As the members of Menai Baptist are now some 25 years older that when we first began attending, it would be of great benefit to the older members of the church to be able to use a facility which has direct access from the street, with no stairs or sloping pathways to manoeuvre. The church has provided a safe place for our children as they were growing up in Menai and, to have a facility on street level, with easy access for parents, would enhance the scope of the Sunday programs of the church. As there is ample parking at the church with no need to use street parking, traffic flow should not be a major concern.

    Eric and Lorraine Leach

  3. In Jannali NSW on “Fitout and Use of Shop 6 as...” at 557-559 Box Road Jannali 2226:

    Jenny Larkin commented

    There are already over 6 cafés in Jannali. It is an area that is well serviced with places to drink coffee. There are 2 cafés less than 100 metres of this proposed one. It is in an area that does not have a lot of walk through traffic.
    I agree that the place needs some TLC, but in that arcade, it's very difficult.

  4. In Jannali NSW on “Fitout and Use of Existing...” at 3 Jannali Ave Jannali 2226:

    Jenny Larkin commented

    As the manager of the longest running cafe in Jannali, I am dumbfounded as to why people would decide to open a cafe here. There are already over 6 cafés in Jannali. Surely that is enough? Some days it's a real struggle, especially during school holidays when the car park is empty and there are no people around. How can these new businesses be sustained?

  5. In Stanmore NSW on “To fitout and use level 2...” at 152-156 Parramatta Road Stanmore NSW 2048:

    Katie-Louise Ford commented

    Nauti studios is a fantastic melting pot of creativity. I am new to the scene and am so impressed that such a brilliant cultural hub exists and am so thrilled to be a part of it. There is a lack of creative spaces like this in Sydney and it would be an awful shame to lose such an inspirational shared space.

  6. In Marrickville NSW on “To demolish existing...” at 10 Arthur Street Marrickville NSW 2204:

    Rachel commented

    This sort of development will further devalue the community feel of the area. We do not want more over sized unit blocks dominating the Marrickville skyline and imposing onto neighbouring houses. Arthur St and surrounding areas would be ruined with this sort of multi storey development.

  7. In Jannali NSW on “Fitout and Use of Shop 6 as...” at 557-559 Box Road Jannali 2226:

    Jenny Johnston commented

    Personally I think there are enough cafes in Jannali already. The area mentioned seems like a ridiculous place for another one. And if people are sitting outside it could even be a hazard with traffic coming down the laneway into the parking area. Fencing would need to be added to ensure safety.

    I agree that there should be an overhaul of the shopping centre, and the rundown look done away with.

    More restaurants would be good, as would other retail outlets.

  8. In Stanmore NSW on “To fitout and use level 2...” at 152-156 Parramatta Road Stanmore NSW 2048:

    Sara Valentina Ferreira Freitas commented

    Nauti Studios is a fantastic space! This mixed use space is currently utilised by fabric and textile artists, florists, and traditional art mediums and is evolving constantly within the artistic field.
    As a costume/prop maker its perfect in providing a space to quietly work in and store garments.
    Its especially affordable and accommodates all sorts of creatives in where they can all express themselves and continue to work on their art.
    It provides a space which is adequate and well equipped to help all artists grow and also mingle with other creatives to inspire and contribute to the artistic industry in Australia.
    We need more spaces like Nauti Studios as there doesn't seem to be enough of them around.

  9. In Jannali NSW on “Fitout and Use of Shop 6 as...” at 557-559 Box Road Jannali 2226:

    Guy McIntosh commented

    Let's hope that the local "cafe mafia" don't prevent this development by using the argument that there are too many cafes in Jannali.

    Demographics in the area are changing and we need some innovative restaurants & businesses so that everyone can benefit.

    Jannali neeeds a re-fit and a competitive environment is much better for the entire shopping strip, rather than closed shopfronts.

  10. In Stanmore NSW on “To fitout and use level 2...” at 152-156 Parramatta Road Stanmore NSW 2048:

    Nicholas Bucholtz commented

    I recently occupied a space at Nauti Studios and am thoroughly impressed with the space and creative atmosphere it provides. Having a mixture of artists, dress makers and photographers makes this space a positive addition to area and fantastic contributor to the Sydney Art scene. More Spaces like this should be open in Sydney and I am a huge supporter of the approval of this application. Nicholas Bucholtz

  11. In Stanmore NSW on “To fitout and use level 2...” at 152-156 Parramatta Road Stanmore NSW 2048:

    Jamie commented

    Splendid idea. Providing affordable space away from home to work and create in a social environment is a plus for the area and brings good carma.

  12. In Stanmore NSW on “To fitout and use level 2...” at 152-156 Parramatta Road Stanmore NSW 2048:

    David Sayer commented

    I am a professional Artist of over 20 years experience who is represented both nationally and internationally. I recently occupied a studio in this residence and are thoroughly impressed at the quality of spaces provided and the level of cultural engagements between all involved. The space is clean friendly and professionally maintained. It has amazing potential for a cultural precinct and given the opportunity should be encouraged as a dynamic art space that encourages all forms of expression from the dramatic arts to the fine arts. David Sayer MA. Bed.(Fine Arts) G.D.P.A.S UNSW.

  13. In Stanmore NSW on “To fitout and use level 2...” at 152-156 Parramatta Road Stanmore NSW 2048:

    Tanya commented

    Nauti studios is a great creative space, it gives people a place to work on there on projects and creativity as well as collaborating with like minded people.

    With such a small amount of spaces like Nauti Studios in Sydney it would be a shame to see it discontinued.

  14. In Hawthorn East VIC on “Construction of a three (3)...” at 309 Riversdale Road Hawthorn East VIC 3123:

    Ron Lubensky commented

    1. As with the previous proposal on this site, which was rejected by both Council and VCAT, car stackers are proposed to satisfy the parking requirements. There is no enforceable guarantee that these devices will remain operational, only that IF they operate they must be maintained according to regulation. Evidence from other LGAs shows that residents avoid using the stacker, especially when parking for short periods. The proposal states incorrectly that the driveway design will afford parking on Riversdale Road, but clearway restrictions and the major intersection contradict this claim. It is inevitable that visitors and residents will park on Loch Street, especially at the south end where I live. At present, due to the lack of off-street parking for most residents, we are at maximum capacity on Loch St--I often need to park on an adjacent street. If the development proceeds as proposed, I will rarely be able to park near my house.
    2. The proposal fails to specify that the waste and recycle bins located in the basement will need to be rolled out along the short laneway to Loch St for collection. There is insufficient space on the nature strips for the bins, which will end up in the street blocking traffic. The noise and chaos of collection will occur early on a Monday morning (usually before 7 am), directly outside my bedroom window.

    The applicant should resubmit the proposal such that:
    a. The scale of the development is reduced to no more than six (6) units.
    b. The design should allow for waste bin storage and collection on Riversdale Road.
    c. Car stackers should NOT be used to satisfy parking bay requirements--this is hardly a 'luxury', inner-city development.
    d. Parking permits for residents of the completed development should NOT be given for Loch St.
    e. No reduction in visitor parking spots should be granted.

  15. In Shoal Point QLD on “Request for Extension of...” at 268 Shoal Point Road Shoal Point QLD 4750 270-294 Shoal Point Road Shoal Point QLD 4750:

    Glenn Fridey commented

    To Whom it may concern,

    As i own a neigbouring property should i have been notifyed of this proposed change,
    an could i find out more please.aspecally about zone 21

    Glenn Fridey

  16. In Byron Bay NSW on “THE LAZY ITALIAN -...” at Shop 2, 9 Bay Lane, Byron Bay 2481:

    Teresa Heal commented

    I do not want any more Liquor Licences in Byron Bay.

    Byron Bay already has too many Liquor Licences and obviously, Byron Bay also has a huge problem of Violence AND anti-social behaviour, vandalism and waking residents with loud drunken voices is nightly!

    There is already over 70 Liquor Liceces.

    Selling Liquor is Just an expedient way for business to make money and the Community to suffer the consequences.
    Liquor Licences are just Legal drug selling & money making for sellers & Government.
    For this there are many, many, sad consequences.
    Teresa Heal.

  17. In Stanmore NSW on “To fitout and use level 2...” at 152-156 Parramatta Road Stanmore NSW 2048:

    Chris commented

    Nauti Studios is already such an awesome artistic space and it hasn't even had an official opening. People have committed to using it for their respective creative endeavours and it would be a shame to send them packing. Please approve this development application.

  18. In Southbank VIC on “-Building and works...” at 68-70 Dorcas Street Southbank VIC 3006:

    Alan Forsyth commented

    Agree. Why should it be allowed to construct a building totally overshadowing all other buildings in the street? Ask Matthew if he would like the building next door to his house.

  19. In Petersham NSW on “Under Section 96 of the...” at 230 Albany Road Petersham NSW 2049:

    Scott James MacArthur commented

    The Marrickville Heritage Society is concerned that the current proposal will detrimentally impact on the heritage values of the house and the Conservation Area, and does not think that the application should be approved by Council in its current form.

    The Society notes that previous schemes for additions and alterations to this interesting house in a Conservation Area took more care to retain important features of the original house, including the second (rear) chimney, and sought to reduce the height of the roof ridge of the extension below the highest point of the existing roof. These design conditions were agreed after discussion with Council's Heritage Officer, Kate Napier, and should be respected in the current design. There also appears to be some discrepancies in the floor plans comparing what is currently proposed to what has previously been approved by Council, that while not a heritage issue, casts doubt on the proponents claims that the changes proposed are minimal.

    The height and proximity of the extension to the neighbouring properties would appear to compromise their privacy and access to natural light. While these are not direct heritage issues, they could reduce the amenity and attactiveness of the adjoining properties for current and future owners, which is not a desirable outcome for any property, but particularly in a Conservation Area, where Council and the community are encouraging home owners to appreciate and preserve their properties.

    Scott MacArthur
    m. 0416 152 501
    Marrickville Heritage Society
    PO Box 415

  20. In Southbank VIC on “-Building and works...” at 68-70 Dorcas Street Southbank VIC 3006:

    Christine commented

    Due to the east west nature of this street and kings way at the southern end another very very tall tower in this street will create a dark cold windy street with no appeal.

    Please keep the side facing Dorcas st low rise and set back so that some
    Sunlight can enter this street. If cafes are placed in that street who will want to frequent the street if they are all bathed in shade.

    The end of the street closest to st Kilda road is completely in the shade and creating a block of apartments this high in the next and only other block in this very small street will just create a very unappealing environment for all residents of the street.

    This street is also directly opposite the shrine of Rememberance and this area needs to create an entry to the shrine which is not just dark alleyways.

    A tall building as high as this one will also creat a solid block
    Of shade all the way to bank st - another viewing entry to the shrine from South Melbourne.

    Build but please use some restraint with height.

  21. In Lennox Head NSW on “Alterations/Additions to...” at 35 Allens Parade Lennox Head NSW 2478:

    Anne & John Graham commented

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this development application (DA 2014/465, 35 Allens Parade, Lennox Head). Our interest in this renovation is that we reside at 28 Dress Circle Drive which is immediately adjacent to this property.

    Our first objection relates to the proposed top story windows on the east elevation. As they appear on the plan, it is apparent these windows will result in significant loss of privacy to our rear deck area (which is our main living and meals area for approximately 9 months of the year). Moreover, these windows will also look directly into our pool area which further impacts on our privacy.

    Our second objection relates to the request for a 400mm variation to the building height plane in 3 locations. Without height profiles in place it is difficult to assess the impact of overshadowing on our property.

    Given the existing residential density of the Allen's Parade/Dress Circle Drive precinct it is critically important this development application doesn't further impact on residents' privacy given potential implications for wellbeing and quality of life.

    We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our concerns and identify solutions with the architect and applicant.

  22. In Sydney NSW on “Use of the Existing...” at Inaburra School 75-79 Billa Rd Bangor 2234:

    Janet Legge commented

    Menai Baptist Church has been involved in providing services to the Menai community for over thirty years including:

    Playgroups for 0-3 year old children, including those with special needs
    A Preschool, including a class for children with special needs
    A primary and high school
    After school kid’s clubs
    School holiday kid’s clubs
    Weekly church services and children’s activities

    Over the past 16 years, I found these services invaluable, for myself and my family.

    Many of my fellow attenders are elderly and find access to the current media centre difficult. I whole-heartedly support a move of Sunday services to the Performing Arts Centre, with it's improved accessibility.

  23. In Schofields NSW on “Residential Flat Buildings” at Lot 16 Dp 31797, Pelican Road, Schofields:

    Carolyn & Denis Webber commented

    Why Why??? would any high rise be even considered in a residential area as
    Schofields or even surrounding suburbs Riverstone and Quakers Hill
    It's such a nice area why ruin it with 5 storey units.
    We are totally against this application and hope the planning panel take our
    view into consideration.

  24. In Southbank VIC on “Construction of a...” at 248-250 Sturt Street Southbank VIC 3006:

    Mr Rod Lukey commented

    I write to you regarding the proposed development at 248 Sturt St. Southbank.

    The height of the proposed development ( 42 storeys) is totally out of keeping with any existing buildings – there are no comparable height buildings anywhere near this site and it will totally dominate Sturt Street and surrounds.
    I notice it will have just 1 and 2 bedroom lots, this will just encourage Students who will move on regularly and will not contribute to the local community as would more permanent residents

    The proposed access off Sturt Street will exacerbate an already congested street, which regularly banks up due to the road width and lights controlling crossing across the Kingsway – try driving down Sturt St any evening…There is often up to 3 number 1 trams held up due to traffic, which will obviously worsen with a development of this scale.

    An additional 256 units in this area will put even more stress on already overworked infrastructure ( parking , public transport etc. etc.), and the size and access to natural light etc indicated in the plans do not suggest they will be adding any diversity into a community already containing a number of standard type and smaller units.

    I continue to wonder why we feel the need to fill every available space with yet another High Rise. It would make sense to have pockets of lower development such as we have now.
    We should perhaps develop the concept of an area for the Arts, as has already been started, instead of cramming it full of Apartments.

  25. In Cooranbong NSW on “Utility Infrastructure...” at 60 Avondale Road, Cooranbong NSW 2265:

    David M Potts commented

    This treatment plant must not be constructed with this proximity to residential properties.

    I have six of my family living with 75 metres of this proposed site. This thoughtless heavy handedness by council and developers in partnership is wrong.

  26. In Eltham VIC on “Development of 3 storey...” at 33 Arthur Street, Eltham VIC 3095:

    Michaela Danby commented

    Once again, another insensitive development that whiteants Eltham's character and will blend Eltham into the monolithic flat packed housing "styles" of Templestowe and Doncaster. It's the character homes and rambling yards such as these that make Eltham one of the most unique and attractive suburbs of Melbourne. Once Eltham's character is gone, it's gone.
    Not only will the existing residents have to look at this development but deal with the sudden influx of residents crammed into a small area and the daily activities of the two business spaces.
    The development of offices - is that really necessary when just below this block are plenty of offices and shop fronts that are up for lease and over the years have proven to be unsuccessful locations for business? Why do offices need to be up on the ridge encroaching into residential areas?
    Arthur and Bible streets can barely cope with the traffic at its current level.
    If you care about Eltham and everything that makes Eltham one of the most unique suburbs of Melbourne, and a place that people love to live in, don't vote for this. If you want to fill the pockets of self interested developers and don't care about Eltham or it's residents, vote for this application.

  27. In Fitzroy North VIC on “Development of the land for...” at 496-500 Brunswick St Fitzroy North VIC 3068:

    Lou Baxter commented

    There are so many high rise developments going up I consider it is time the council started looking at the impacts of greatly increasing the population in Yarra overall (access to open space, sporting and library facilities etc). These developments are approved on a one-by-one basis and this is not leading to a sustainable future for the shire into the future.
    Moreover many of the developments request a reduction in the parking requirements and I object to any increase in the parking problems already present in Yarra.

  28. In South Toowoomba QLD on “Multiple Dwelling 4x2...” at 97 Long Street South Toowoomba QLD 4350:

    andrew mchugh commented

    more inappropriate development in the Duplex city - toowoomba - will this ever end ?

  29. In Rozelle NSW on “Change of use; to use as a...” at 693-695 Darling Street Rozelle NSW 2039:

    andrew barber commented

    There is a permanent thai massage shop(SANGS) across the road. This habit of dropping in on established businesses should be discouraged as it has a negative effect on the ability of the established business to maintain existing clients and future growth. Down the road would be more honest less reprehensibly. I would compare this to the dominos pizza effect. Move in next door to the local pizza shop.Under cut there price by selling cheap and nasty pizza's drive the local out of business when the customers wake up and seek out a better pizza shop they move in on another established business. Even handed and fair and evenly spaced competition please council.

  30. In Jan Juc VIC on “7 Lot Staged Subdivision” at 124 Strathmore Drive, Jan Juc, VIC:

    Daniel Farrar commented

    Does this court subdivision have a pathway from Harkin Cl, through to Strathmore Drive? I would hope it has, as this would allow for the natural flow of foot traffic that links the eastern side of Jan Juc, (Inveray to Marner to Seaview etc)through to the pending Christian College at the corner of Great Ocean Road/Strathmore Drive. If not, why? Now you will have to construct an unsightly footpath along the Great Ocean Road to provide a safe access for locals to school.

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