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  1. In Sydney NSW on “Use of the Existing...” at Inaburra School 75-79 Billa Rd Bangor 2234:

    Leslie Draper commented

    We wish to strongly support the application by Menai Baptist Church to use the Inaburra School building on Billa Road (Performing Arts Centre) for Sunday church services.

    We have been residents and home owners in Menai for 18 years and during that time have been regular attenders at Menai Baptist Church where Sunday services are currently held in a lower hall on the same site (Media Centre) as the PAC. We are among the older members of the congregation and attendance at the services plays a very significant part in our lives.The Media Centre is far from ideal in terms of comfort and convenience.

    Approval to conduct services in the PAC would have significant benefits for us and the congregation as a whole. As far as we can see, if the application is approved, there would be no impact on local residents as there would be no change to current traffic and parking arrangements.

    We look forward to your positive response to the application.

    Pat & Les Draper

  2. In Cooranbong NSW on “Utility Installation” at 617 Freemans Drive, Cooranbong NSW 2265:

    Lisa Nicole Pratt commented

    I am concerned about and object to the intention of Johnson Property Group to install a sewerage plant in Cooranbong for the following reasons:

    1. It is proposed that this plant be installed in the middle of an existing residential area. This is unfair to the existing residents because of noise, increased traffic and potential odour problems. The new development is creating enough noise and extra traffic without a sewerage plant being added to the mix.

    2. The plant, although above flood levels, could potentially be an environmental hazard if there were leaks or overflow problems. Potentially leaks could allow biological hazards such as e-coli and Hepatitis A into the environment and then into the water table where they potentially could infect the local wetlands, ponds, lagoons, streams and potentially end up in Dora Creek and Lake Macquarie. I believe that a sewerage plant has no place so close to wetlands that are frequented by the local residents.

    3. A sewerage plant in the middle of an old, pre-existing community is not acceptable as it will not benefit these residents. A new development needs to fit in with the ethos of the community it is being created in, not force the community to accept something that they have no desire for and that disturbs the function of the existing community which this proposed plant does.

    4. Sewerage plants are ugly. The only place for these is in an area that is not heavily developed such as at the back of the Watagan Park Estate.

    5. The Marconi Road Sewerage plant is capable of dealing with the sewerage form the Watagan Park Estate. The proposed sewerage plant is simply Johnson Property Group trying to cut costs with no guarantee of the long term future of the proposed sewerage plant.

    6. Experts such as Hunter Water should be managing sewerage treatment, not a private company with no or limited transparency as to their operations in our community.

    7. The proposed plant is too close to the community centre and to the shopping centre in our Village and potentially could prevent appropriate retail development in the future.

    8. The proposed sewerage plant will undoubtedly make the properties around it worth less than they are currently valued at. This is not fair to residents who have lived in Cooranbong for a significant period of time such as my family who have lived in this area since the late 1890s and have owned the property I now own since 1926.

    9. There has been no genuine community consultation. Genuine consultation would simply show that no one in Cooranbong wants a sewerage plant locally and that JPG should show respect to the residents whose quality of life, property values and ease of access to facilities in our village are being affected by the Watagan Park Development with no positive spinoffs to existing residents.

  3. In Sydney NSW on “Use of the Existing...” at Inaburra School 75-79 Billa Rd Bangor 2234:

    Greg and Nicole Smith commented

    We support the application for the Performing Arts Centre within Inaburra school to be used as a place of public worship by Menai Baptist Church as it is simply a change of building on an existing site. We note that it is a very common and economically sensible approach for churches to meet in school facilities and utilise existing resources.

  4. In Sydney NSW on “Use of the Existing...” at Inaburra School 75-79 Billa Rd Bangor 2234:

    Vivian and Rhonda Grice commented

    As a residents of Bangor and also members of Menai Baptist Church, we support the application to allow the church to once again use the Inabuura School Performing Arts Centre for public worship services on Sundays.

    The facility is specifically designed acoustically to prevent noise impact outside the building.

    Parking is off street, with minimal impact on local traffic flow, which is relatively slight on Sunday mornings.

    The church serves people of a wide range of ages, and the entry to the PAC is much better suited to persons of limited mobility due to age or disability, as opposed to the difficult access afforded by the current venue used by the church in the centre of the school facilities.

    It appears to us that there is no rational reason for preventing usage of a different portion of the Inaburra site by a group that has been meeting in the school for over twenty five years.

    We support the development application for usage of the PAC by Menai Baptist Church, and encourage the Council to give it positive consideration.

  5. In Cooranbong NSW on “Utility Installation” at 617 Freemans Drive, Cooranbong NSW 2265:

    J. McManus commented

    As a regular visitor to the Coorangbong area I strongly object to the proposal of a water sewerage plant on Freemans Drive . I could not imagine wanting to visit this area with a sewerage plant in the middle of the little village we have come to know and love . What about the health of visitors and of course the home owners of the area and a preschool in the middle of it totally UNACCEPTABLE . Think of the natural wildlife of the area where will they end up . . Please do not let the action of GREED destroy the this quaint little village EVER .

  6. In Balmain East NSW on “Alterations and additions...” at Development Lot 24 Pearson Street Balmain East NSW 2041:

    Kathy Thane and Geoff Tasker commented

    Dear Leichhardt Planners and Councillors,

    We are writing in strong support of the proposed development at 24 Pearson Street, Balmain East.

    We are very pleased that the new owners are committed to restoring and improving this beautiful heritage property to its former glory. As you are probably aware the property is currently in an extremely dilapidated condition and has been in this condition for some time.

    We are in favour of the alterations and additions proposed and believe that they will be of great of benefit to the entire street.

    Yours sincerely
    Kathy Thane and Geoff Tasker
    owners of 8 Pearson Street

  7. In on “Caravan Parks - demolition...” at <strong>66 Wattle Crescent, GLOSSODIA</strong>:

    We don't that caravan park,it's not a holiday destination. commented

    I must agree with all comments above.

    My young family and I love glossy.

    We should not allow this.

    It is not a holiday destination.

    It is a nice quite place lets keep it that way.
    Please vote no !!!

    Matthew Dominello

  8. In Sydney NSW on “Use of the Existing...” at Inaburra School 75-79 Billa Rd Bangor 2234:

    Margaret Gibb commented

    I write in support of this application on the grounds of common sense.
    As the PAC is a purpose built facility, the movement of weekly worship to this building will allow for easier access for all visitors, improved acoustics for those attending and minimising of external sound disturbance.
    The church has made strenuous efforts to accommodate the comfort of neighbours, especially in respect of parking whereby use of off-street parking facilities is urged of attenders. This practice would be continued with a move to the PAC.
    It make sense for this change in venue within the Inaburra site to be allowed, especially in light of many other such worship services being held in facilities all over the Sutherland Shire and beyond.
    I eagerly await a favourable outcome to this application.

  9. In Cooranbong NSW on “Utility Installation” at 617 Freemans Drive, Cooranbong NSW 2265:

    Amanda Legge commented

    It is a great shame on Johnson and the SDA church, as the developers in this situation, that the community in which they have prospered is now the very community in which they plan to poop. Shame on them, and shame on you council if you approve this unnecessary sewage works.

    The works proposed here are unnecessary, as there is already a facility at Marconi Road to deal with this waste. One which in fact the developer agreed to use, but now sees a cheaper option. Shame on them for valuing money over the health & well-being of the very community in which they have prospered. Shame on you council if you approve these works.

    Besides this is also the effect these works would have in the tourist dollar of the area. Cooranbong is currently a charming village, with a country atmosphere and the natural bliss of being nestled near The Watagans National Park. People visit from far and wide to soak this up, and escape from their busy city lifestyles. Can you imagine ruining that charm with the unmistakable smell of sewage works? What a shame.

    As a new mother, and as someone who has already watched Johnson Property Development in action, I have no confidence in the health & safety of the area for my family if this works were to go ahead. After watching the Alton Road development unfold, it is clear that environment and community health are not top priorities for these developers and their workers. More of this would be a terrible shame.

    This development can not be approved due to the fact that they are unnecessary, would ruin the natural charm of the area, and would be detrimental to the health & safety of the community in which the developers have profited.

  10. In Cooranbong NSW on “Utility Installation” at 617 Freemans Drive, Cooranbong NSW 2265:

    Sandor Agafonoff commented

    It is my understanding there are plans to create a sewage treatment facility within the Cooranbong area. I am 100% unhappy for such a development to go ahead. My family has been in Cooranbong for well over 50 years and as a new father who is planning to raise their kids in the area, I would be appalled if such a proposal were to go ahead.

    I currently live directly across from a Johnson Property Group development at 51 Alton rd Cooranbong, and having seen the developer in action, I have absolutely zero confidence that any further development would benefit the area. The disruption level was high and the environmental practices were pathetic. I cleaned up a large amount of building signage/general waste from my property for a number of weeks after completion, so I hazard to guess what types of disruption this Utility installation development will cause. I cannot believe that any such development will be of economic benefit to the area. Any amount of income received directly or indirectly from the development needs to be offset against a lifetime of reduced growth as many who would otherwise move to the area will be put off, and many who are here may in fact be unable to bear it and leave! The long term growth of Cooranbong will be severely impacted if this development is approved.

  11. In Kew VIC on “Construction of a seven (7)...” at 56 Cotham Road Kew VIC 3101:

    Helen commented

    There is NOT enough parking in the Kew area now, let alone allowing another high rise building with residential and commercial activity and not ensuring that they have underground car parking. Residents cannot even park in their own streets because of the allowances that have been granted previously for the increase in commercial shops/restaurants in this area.

    Apart from that, this building is on the corner opposite the Alexandra Gardens - these gardens are used every day by the local community and a high rise building will cast shadows over the park.

    Kew junction already has problems with traffic flow and adding more high rise residential activity to the area will only increase the traffic problems.

    The City of Boroondara should consider the arguments put forward in the objection to the Camberwell Station development. I believe that Kew junction is at capacity for retail, commercial and residential and that the existing infrastructure, traffic etc will not cope with a 7 storey addition to this area.

    Having spoken with alot of local residents it is very clear that they want a low scale, small footprint building on this site - eg: the same size / height as what is currently there. If residents wanted to live in high rise/high density areas they would not have chosen to live in Gellibrand Street, Queen Street and surrounding areas. The local residents do not want this development!

    This permit should not be allowed as it will adversely affect the neighbouring properties that are behind the site (in Gellibrand Street) and will enclose their back gardens and they will have the shadow of the building and not get sunlight into their properties, the building will "dwarf" these houses (and these houses are not small houses).

    The council need to consider the needs of the residents, why the residents have purchased properties in this area in the first place and not allow commercial greed to adversely affect long standing local residents.

    If this site is granted permission for development it should be limited to the same height as the current building and under cover car parking should have to be provided in the build design.

  12. In Sydney NSW on “Use of the Existing...” at Inaburra School 75-79 Billa Rd Bangor 2234:

    Garry Gawthorne commented

    My wife and I have lived in Bangor and attended Menai Baptist Church for 23 years. We have found the church to be a caring community, both internally and externally. As a church, we are seeking to relocate from the current Media Centre to the Performing Arts Centre (PAC) on the same site. We believe this will not only help the elderly in our church, but also the elderly in the community, when we have special services and meetings for them. It will also make it easier for mothers with prams and people in wheelchairs.

    Therefore, we wholeheartedly support this application.
    Garry and Alison Gawthorne

  13. In Cooranbong NSW on “Utility Installation” at 617 Freemans Drive, Cooranbong NSW 2265:

    Catherine & Greg Nuttall commented

    As Cooranbong residents, we object to this proposal for many reasons. There may be negative environmental impact on the Avondale Springs area, there would be increased heavy traffic, its proposed placement is a poor choice in the middle of a 'village' in a rural area and given its close proximity to a preschool, community centre and shopping centre, plus it is simply unfair to inconvenience existing long term residents with noise, odour etc. to accommodate a new development. Please do what is best for the community as a whole and the township of Cooranbong and utilise the Marconi Road facility. Surely it is unusual to suggest building a SWRF in the centre of a small town?

  14. In Sydney NSW on “Use of the Existing...” at Inaburra School 75-79 Billa Rd Bangor 2234:

    Lynette Milne commented

    I write in support of the proposal by Menai Baptist Church to move to the Performing Arts Centre for their Sunday worship services. I have only been attending the church for about 18 months but one thing that has impressed me is the concern everyone has to ensure that neighbours are not adversely affected by church activities, especially in regard to parking and noise. I was quickly made aware to avoid parking in the street out of respect for those who live near the church.

    My understanding is that the acoustics in the Performing Arts Centre are far superior to the current building used and that it is specifically designed to reduce noise carrying outside.
    The PAC is a much better venue for services and it would certainly make access far easier for many of the elderly members and be easier for visitors to find.

  15. In Sydney NSW on “Use of the Existing...” at Inaburra School 75-79 Billa Rd Bangor 2234:

    Sandra du Toit commented

    I've attended Menai Baptist Church for more than 26 years and believe that in all this time the church has always done it's best to accommodate neighbours requests, particularly those relating to noise and traffic.

    To move from one building to another on the same premises, will be just that. The move will not impact on the current flow of traffic or increase noise levels. It certainly will afford the attendees, a meeting place that allows ease of movement and access to the premises.

    I would hope that the Council will look favourably on our proposal as it essentially is just moving from one building to another with no impact on our neighbours.

    Sandra du Toit

  16. In Cooranbong NSW on “Utility Installation” at 617 Freemans Drive, Cooranbong NSW 2265:

    Terrina Mesaric commented

    Please do not let this proposal go ahead - for all the same reason we didnt want it on avondale rd (smell, too close to homes, etc) make them spend the money and pipe it to marconi rd plant that is already set up and running.

  17. In Cooranbong NSW on “Utility Installation” at 617 Freemans Drive, Cooranbong NSW 2265:

    M D Nash commented

    As a property owner in the immediate vicinity of the proposed sewerage treatment plant, I strongly object to the building of such a structure which undoubtedly will have a negative impact on Cooranbong.
    Hunter Water already has a sewerage plant in operation which should have sufficient capacity to cater for the Watagan Park development.
    It would appear that this planned construction is to maximize profits for JPG and the SDA Church and does not appear to take into account the feelings and wishes of other residents in Cooranbong.
    I have grave doubts about the safety of the proposed construction. If there happened to be a failure within the plant and the sewerage escapes - especially into the Avondale Springs lake - there will be a huge cost to the environment. The lake has already been affected by mud overflow from Watagan Park when the land was cleared and heavy rain washed soil down into the lake.
    We DO NOT need such a construction in Cooranbong!

  18. In Cooranbong NSW on “Utility Installation” at 617 Freemans Drive, Cooranbong NSW 2265:

    jeanine bliss commented

    I understand the developer wishes to make money ... but to allow a whole community to suffer is just wrong ..this development has no benefit to cooranbong and is only going to destroy our rural lifestyle ..... i also cannot fathom how this could possibly be allowed to go ahead when it will affect a local preschool just across the road and shopping a few doors up .... a busy but poorly maintained road will become a danger with excessive traffic that will contribute to noise and other pollution ..... why why why would it be allowed for so many to suffer for the benefit of one

  19. In Whitebridge NSW on “Multiple dwelling housing,...” at 142 Dudley Road, Whitebridge NSW 2290:

    D. Naszka Ballardie commented

    Dear General Manager,
    I wish to express my objection of the updated proposal at Whitebridge, DA1774/2013.
    142 Dudley Road, Whitebridge NSW 2290
    I am a resident of the area, my 15 month old child has been on a wait-list at every Childcare centre between Adamstown Heights and Gateshead since I was pregnant and we are still waiting for childcare. With over a 2 year wait list on average the size of this development will severely impact the already limited resources which are available to the community. I am also concerned that the social impacts of this development have been overlooked and as a result the local and ‘new estate’ communities will be left to clean up the mess once the developer is out and Department of Housing/ affordable living moves in.
    This development should be stopped because:
    1. Developer is guilty of donating to a political party in the area that this development is in- this should be a criminal case and not just something that gets swept under the carpet. This developer nor any affiliate should be able to build in the area for the term of the government.
    2. The type of buildings the developer wants are out of character with the surrounding houses and will detract from the area. The unnecessary removal of trees and vegetation and the use of public lands for the development should not per permitted. No other resident in the area could do this so why can this developer?
    3. The visual impact of 3-4 storeys above ground will be imposing and change the character of the suburb. The developer doesn’t use best practice in design of the new dwellings and puts profit before people.
    4. This type of over-development will degrade the community and the current way of life for locals with increase of traffic congestion, people, and the fight for limited resources such as parklands, car parking at our local shops, childcare and school places, queues at the local GP. No provisions have been made to ease such stresses.
    5. Traffic is already congested at Whitebridge roundabout this development will make it worse, not to mention the parking for the increased number of new residence and their visitors.
    6. Increase in traffic congestion put locals at risk –as it is children dodge the traffic to get to school, especially around the round-a about. Overcrowding leads to social problems and antisocial behaviour, increase crime, graffiti etc.
    7. Safety concern for possibility of anti-social behaviour- as seen in “Affordable living” areas eg the Ghetto at Glebe Road Adamstown and Darby Street, Cooks Hills, Windale and Belmont Areas, research shows that “affordable living’ developments create an ‘Us and them” mentality, and lead to increased antisocial behaviour. Developments like this is not best practice in providing for ‘affordable living” leading to negative social impacts.
    8. The developer arrogantly avoided addressing the concerns of the community which were raised in the initial application and now has further pushed the interpretation of the zoning intention.
    9. There has been no community consultation regarding the local traffic congestion and the development will exacerbate the issues.
    10.Council has not conducted a negative social impacts assessment for this development and as a result would not have a clear indication of the social impacts of this over development how it affects peoples way of life, how they work, play and interact with each other, social equality and personal property rights and fears for safety. Please consider how this development will impact this community.


  20. In Cooranbong NSW on “Utility Installation” at 617 Freemans Drive, Cooranbong NSW 2265:

    Robert Bliss commented

    I am struggling to believe that this proposal is even being considered. A pre-school, Community Centre and homes all next door or opposite the site should be of enough concern to all involved in the approval process. There is also aged care facilities and schools a short distance away and very poor roads with a history of accidents, including at least one fatality and the addition of heavy vehicle traffic to an area with so many vulnerable people and poor facilities seems a strange choice.
    There are other facilities nearby that have the capacity to process these materials with zero impact on the community. I believe Council should consider that the primary reason for this application is too avoid the cost of connecting to those facilities rather than genuine need for the extra capacity. Not because this is particularly their concern but because the impact on the character and also the detrimental affect on land values and associated health risks seems to be being overlooked.
    What dollar value would be sufficient to compensate the residents for all of the impacts this development would have? Can financial gain for the developer take precedence over the well being of the local community? Should that not be the priority of OUR local council? This application has ZERO benefit for the local community and DOES NOT process local waste. The only one who benefits from this is the developer but HUNDREDS of local residents, Seniors and Students are affected to their detriment.
    Please for the sake of all who call Cooranbong home refuse this application. If the developer wishes to save money let him/her build it amongst the houses it services not the homes of people who live in THIS community. At least there they are benefitting (albeit to increase the developers profits) and any detriments are to provide THEM a SERVICE that we have no need or desire for.

  21. In Cooranbong NSW on “Utility Installation” at 617 Freemans Drive, Cooranbong NSW 2265:

    Michael Hansen commented

    Once again, and disappointingly, I wish to formally object to this proposal on many of the same points of abject failure as the original submission for 60 Avondale Road. In essence, I still believe that this new proposal contravenes Government guidelines for buffer zones, and in doing so, significantly increases the risk to the health and safety of existing residents. In addition, the nature of this facility and proximity to major environmental regions (for example, Avondale Springs lake and associated waterways) demands the highest level of diligence and assurance and in it's current form this proposal (as per the original for 60 Avondale Road) is an obvious failure. Short of blatant commercial interests, there are NO broader benefits to the community within this proposal. In fact, the probable impact to the community of this proposal in it's current form is almost entirely negative. Thank you once again for your time and consideration.

  22. In Paradise Point QLD on “Description: PROPOSED...” at 46 Lindsay Parade Paradise Point 4216:

    Mick O'Halloran commented

    Need to see purpose plans to be able to comment

  23. In Marrickville NSW on “To demolish existing...” at 10 Arthur Street Marrickville NSW 2204:

    Rebecca commented

    It is unclear from the information given how 57 dwellings would fit into #10 Arthur St..

  24. In Sydney NSW on “Use of the Existing...” at Inaburra School 75-79 Billa Rd Bangor 2234:

    Fred & Jann Cook commented

    My wife and I strongly support the proposal for Menai Baptist Church to move to the Performing Arts Centre (PAC) for its Sunday Worship Services.
    As members of the church since 1981 and being very actively involved in its leadership and support through various ministries, including being a church elder, chairman and member of the Inaburra School Board, and many community activities, we have witnessed the church being a vital part of the Menai community.
    We would suggest the following considerations in support of the proposal:-
    1. It would necessitate an internal move within the site from the Media Centre to the PAC and not impinge on any external precinct.
    2. Parking would continue as is, within the current site.
    3. The Church congregation largely comprises Menai residents who readily appreciate the needs and concerns of neighbours in the district.
    4. While the church and school have very strong affiliation, the deletion of having weekly set up/set down of school furniture and effects each Sunday in the Media Centre, would greatly assist both parties by the church moving into the PAC.
    5. The PAC provides modern purpose-built facilities that enhance access for the elderly and infirm, and it is acoustically designed to assist hearing impaired and also reduces the impact of external noise emanating from the building.
    6. The entry to the PAC provides better access for the Church members and community visitors from the Billa Road, than does the present Media Centre.
    Jann & Fred Cook

  25. In Cooranbong NSW on “Utility Installation” at 617 Freemans Drive, Cooranbong NSW 2265:

    L Masters commented

    I believe that the reason for the treatment plant at Cooranbong is because it is cheaper to build the plant in Cooranbong than to connect to existing pipes and thus needing to upgrade Marconi Rd treatment plant.

    The proposed site is in a very close proximity to Childcare facility, community hall and commercial shops which are about to be upgraded themselves. I do not think it would be good for any business in the centre if there is a woft of sewerage drifting past the front doors and the noses of customers while they shop. Customers will go elsewhere to avoid the stench.

    Surely LMCC would have had to request a complete utilities plan from JPG all those years ago when the initial master plan was created for Watagan Park which included sewer. If the plan was to put it where its now proposed than why was it not disclosed to me (or anyone else) when I went to purchase the land in Watagan Park.

    Upgrade Marconi Rd now and be done with it. I am sure that was the original plan, so stick with it and stop trying to save a buck at the expense of local residents.

  26. In Sydney NSW on “Use of the Existing...” at Inaburra School 75-79 Billa Rd Bangor 2234:

    Alasdair Dougall commented

    I support Menai Baptist Church's DA for the use of the performing arts centre.

    The PAC is a purpose built building and it makes perfect sense for it to be utilised for Sunday worship services.

    I have been a resident of Menai for 14 years.

  27. In Cooranbong NSW on “Utility Installation” at 617 Freemans Drive, Cooranbong NSW 2265:

    Grace Andrews commented

    I strongly oppose the proposal for a sewage treatment plant on Freeman's Drive. The smell, noise and environmental concerns of this proposal make me worried for the future of our little village.

    Johnson Property Group has already shown its true colors and lack of community spirit by its handling of the relocation of the aviation school where Watagan Park is now being built.

    We have something wonderful here in Cooranbong and should not sell our piece of paradise to the highest bidder.

  28. In Sydney NSW on “Use of the Existing...” at Inaburra School 75-79 Billa Rd Bangor 2234:

    Owen Thomas commented

    I support this application.
    I am a nearby resident (across the valley in James Close) and have had 2 children attend Inaburra School.
    The Performing Arts Centre is ideally suited for use as a meeting place for the style of gathering proposed by Menai Baptist Church. The acoustic features of the Centre would limit any sound disruption to neighbours, parking is available on site, and the Centre offers the latest in safety engineering thereby managing any risk for those attending events.
    In preference to some of the modified commercial/industrial spaces being used by local churches and other community groups, it seems logical to use a purpose built facility.
    Owen Thomas

  29. In Cooranbong NSW on “Utility Installation” at 617 Freemans Drive, Cooranbong NSW 2265:

    Linda Stuart commented

    The various negative environmental impacts of the proposed sewerage treatment plant in Cooranbong have been outlined in the large number of submissions to the LMCC.

    As a resident of Avondale Springs, I would like to highlight the fact that there will always be potential run off and resultant negative impacts on waterway nutrients if the plant is located as proposed or within Watagan Park estate, as Avondale Springs is downstream from it. Connecting into an existing treatment plant like the one at Marconi Road is the safest solution for the community of Cooranbong at so many levels. A decision that does not consider all possible repercussions - one that is based on financial concerns alone, is environmentally and socially irresponsible.

    Connecting to the existing treatment plant is the most sensible proposal if we wish to achieve a high quality, long-term solution for Watagan Park sewage treatment that meets the needs of the community.

    Please consider connecting the Watagan Park effluent to the existing sewerage system which has none of the problems associated with the developer's current proposal, and has higher effluent processing standards.

    I would like to reiterate: A decision that does not consider all possible repercussions - one that is based on financial concerns alone, is environmentally and socially irresponsible.

  30. In on “Caravan Parks - demolition...” at <strong>66 Wattle Crescent, GLOSSODIA</strong>:

    Graham Whitehead commented

    They are calling it a caravan park but the site plan shows the true nature of the proposal - 150 'long term' cabins and not a single space for a caravan. This is a low cost housing proposal dressed up to look like a harmless tourist park.

    Developments like this invariably attract undesirables which results in increased crime in surrounding areas and a lowering of property values.

    If you live in Glossodia or surrounding areas, you need to let Hawkesbury Council know that you don't want this type of housing in your home town.

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